The Vision of Supplication International Ministries
Statement of Faith
Vision of the Revival Life: Our vision is to see revival as a way of life for every Christian.
Vision of Revivals: Our vision is to see revival in every city and in every nation on earth.
Vision of Visitation Revivals and Habitation Revivals.
Vision of Massive Reformation Coming To All of the Church.
Vision of the restoration of the Glory of the Lord through the Five Great revivals; Wind of the Holy Spirit, Wine of the Holy Spirit, Water of the Holy Spirit, Fire of the Holy Spirit, and Oil of the Holy Spirit are the Five Great Revivals that are coming.
Vision of Many Outpourings and great outpourings of the Holy Spirit.
Vision of Outpourings of Prophecy, Visions and Dreams upon all believers in Christ.
Vision of Signs, wonders and Gifts of the Spirit is an everyday life for Christians.
Vision of the Restoration of the City Church.
Vision of the Global Mighty Marketplace Armies around the World coming from the Church.
Vision that the Lord will Heal the Nations through Revivals.
Our Seven-Fold purpose is Apostolic, Prophetic, Prayer, Worship, Marketplace Church, End Time Church, and Christian Unity.
To Plant Apostolic Networks, Churches,  and Training Centers, around the world in many nations.
Our Missionary Vision.
The Vision of Antioch is our Vision..
Our Vision is to plant New Apostolic Antioch Churches.
Our Vision is to Establish The Apostolic Church.
To equip the Saints for the Work of the Ministry.
To Father and Mentor Those Called into Ministry.
To Win Missive Numbers To Christ Around The World.
Go to the Nations and Major Cities Around the world with an Apostolic and Prophetic Mandate.
To Minister through the Internet for the purposes of communication to the Church and the World, for Global Prayer Ministry, Prophetic Ministry, and publishing articles, etc.
A Vision for the Transformation of the city of Omaha, NE USA.
Common Ground