.Unity of the Faith

By Elvis Iverson

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1.Birth Pangs Of Unity
2.Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church
3.John 17
4.Pearl Of The Great Price
5.Persecution and Unity
6.City Unity Impact
7.Common Faith
9.Sevenfold Reconciliation
10.Giving For Unity
11.Understanding unity
12.Unity Far Away
13.Vision for Christian Unity
14.For Unity Sake
15.Apostolic Unity
16.Forgive The Other Group
17.Kingdom Unity
18.One Another
19.Are you for peace or war?
20.Trying Times of Unity
21.Biblical Unity
22.From Unity Comes The City Church
23.Skins of Unity
24.Unity Around The Holy Spirit
25.The Body of Christ
26.Coming Threefold Unity
27.Unity of the Spirit
28.Unity of the Faith
29.Unity of the Godhead
30.First Steps to the Coming Unity
31.The Goal is the City Church
32.Unity in Ephesians
33.Reformation, Revival, and Unity
34.Pure and Undefiled Religion

1.Birth Pangs Of Unity

The Holy Spirit is moving within many rivers; many movements we need not put God in a box. The Bible is God's Word and his word is alive to us every day. There are rivers of the Spirit that make more rivers of the Spirit. Each move of God has a purpose and a time and a divine work that is brought forth in the Church and the world. What are the overview purposes of these moves of God?

1. Every move of God is a restoration to the Church.
2. Every move of God adds to the Church.
3. Every move of God builds up the Church.
4. Every move of God is another level that God is bringing us to.
5. Every move of God is preparing for future moves God to come.
6. Every move of God will bring birth pangs of unity to the Body of Christ.
7. Every move of God is the advance of the Kingdom of God.

I am going to give you some examples of past moves of God. To open your eyes to the birth pangs of unity that God is bringing unity in many waves to bring a whole unity in the Body of Christ.

The charismatic movement was not a movement of the charismatic, but of Lutherans' and Catholics, etc. The Holy Spirit moves among different denominations during the Charismatic movement.

The Promise Keepers was a movement to bring men back to God and back to their families. This movement brought men from many groups in Christ and bring down of division among us. During this movement there are much reconciliation among the believers.

Then there was 'the march for Jesus Movement', which brought many Christians together from many groups in Christ in their Cities to march for Jesus.

The Reconciliation movement was to repent of sins that one group did to other over time in order to bring down walls of hatred and open the doors to Christ.

The Light House Prayer Movement is a movement that brings Christian within a City from many groups to pray for their Cities. This movement is to bring much unity and fruits.

I have only listed a few that come to my mind. These are the birth pangs of unity to bring forth the coming unity of the faith. I believe we will have such a Unity as Jesus prayed in John 17th that we would all be one as the Father and the Son is one.

2.Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church

The Nicene Creed and the Apostle's Creed is common ground that every true Christian can stand upon. Every Christian who is born again is born of the Spirit and by one Spirit. We were all baptized into one body. Saints we were born into one Church, not one group. You may be joined to a group or Local Church but you must be a part of the Body of Christ only through the blood of Christ. The Church is holy meaning set apart from the World. The Church is Holy Catholic Church means that we are the Holy Universal Church. The Body of Christ is the corporate body of our Lord, which he is the head of his body and no any other, man on earth or in heaven. The Church of the Body of Christ is not inside the four walls of any one denomination, but those who are born again of such organizations are born into the body of Christ and those organizations are a part of the Church. The Body of Christ, the Church is an Apostolic Church.. Jesus' first disciples were Apostles, and the first leaders of the Church were Apostles and you can't do the Acts of the Apostles without the Apostles. Jesus Christ is called the Apostle and the High Priest of our confession.

The Body of Christ, the Church cannot be kept in a body, or within the four walls of any church. Jesus Christ is the head of the Church and every believer. The Church is not one denomination but every one who is born again are living stones and are being built up as a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. The spiritual house that are being built up is the Body of Christ, the Church not any one group or denomination on earth. Every born again Christian is a priest and is a part of the holy royal priesthood. The Body of Christ, the Church is a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, and a special people. Therefore the Body of Christ, the Church is not any religion of any man on earth.

The general assembly of the Church and the church of the first-born are registered in heaven not on earth, not any religion of any man. Not with any one denomination of men, for there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus. Praise God! Amen

Every one who is born again in Christ is a part of the Body of Christ and to each member of the Church, not a denomination or a group in Christ but the Body of Christ. Every member has received a gift and is to minister to one another, not just in your Local Church but also to every Christian in Christ. Saints we must be good stewards of the manifold grace of God but ministering to one another. Don't let your four walls stop you from reaching out to the Body of Christ with love.

It's God's will for each member to be a part of a Local Church, But not God is calling us to the City Church Vision. The City Church is made up of every Christian and local Church in the city. God is calling our little groups and little denominations to be corporate to the Body of Christ.

3.John 17

In John 17 Jesus prays in the garden of Gethsemane before the darkest hour of his life comes. While we will think about ourselves, Jesus was thinking about us. This is the greatest test for every one of us and this test we have failed many times. God is calling us to follow Jesus. It is easy to be said than done. In your dark hour, do you think about yourself or others? What was on his mind we should also have the same mindset. The mind of Christ--- let this mind be in you, which was in Christ. On His mind was the will of God and mankind and his disciples. What is on your mind in you darkest times?

Throughout His ministry, he will take time out of his day to pray to his Father. Jesus was a person of prayer and intimacy. Do you know God when you pray? Jesus' prayer time was a time of fellowship, not just asking from his Father. God the Father will talk to him and the Holy Spirit will talk to Him. This is the wonder why Jesus loves to pray. Don't you think it is time to follow his steps?

Out of all times that Jesus prayed, this only prayer that was made known to us. This prayer was a prophetic prayer, a revelation from God in prayer. This is also telling us what Jesus cares about, for the last prayer says the most important things are His will for us.

The Prayer of John 17 is a prophecy that must be fulfilled when Jesus comes back. The second coming of Christ will not happen without the full restoration of the Church---- the Church which is a glorious church and that have true and real unity from Christ. Restoration to the Church means the whole Church. Glorious Church means the whole Church which is full of the Glory of the Lord. Unity in the Church means the whole Church. All this comes to pass before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ! Amen.

1. Those who will believe in me: Jesus prayed not only for those with him but those who shall believe in him. That means we should praise God. This prayer covers all of us. And this prayer will be continuing heard before the Father until it is all fulfilled.
2. That they may be one: Jesus prays for as all to be one. Oneness that the Father and Jesus have we also shall have before the coming of the Lord. Unity will come in the Body of Christ. This unity is true and real from the Lord Jesus Himself.
3. Made perfect in one: We shall have true maturity and at the same time we should have true unity. They shall be a part for each other. Unity and Maturity go hand on hand.
4. Behold the Glory: God's will is for us to be full of the Glory of the Lord, and that Glory of the Lord will rest upon us. The whole Church will be full of Glory.
5. Love that Father love Jesus with: God the Father shall love us with the same love as He love the Son of God. This Jesus prayed about and asks his father love them as you love me. Wow, Wow. Wow what person would ever want their father love another person with the same love. Well, Jesus' will is that.

Jesus prayed for us be one, for us to have unity, why did He prayed this? This will be the greatest problem in the Church throughout history. This is the will of the Father and the Son. That is the greatest war that the Church will fight, not against Satan. That Unity will come no matter what happens. Praise God for John 17! Amen.

4.Pearl Of The Great Price

In the time of prayer through the Bible, God's Holy Word, God has revealed to me and that which I have did faithful to teach and preach on spiritual things such as unity. But it seems that many don't have a vision for Christian Unity. So what Christ gave me is for the future and that which spoke of is prophetic.

Unity is like a pearl of great Price and there are many beautiful pearls in the Body of Christ that one must seek for and unity is one of those beautiful pearls. But just like other pearls, it costs us great price. And many Christians are still not ready to make the costs for many pearls. Certain ministers may be rejected for the cost they have personally paid. But until the whole Church is willing to pay the prices, ministers should only speak to those who have hearing ears.

Why is Christian unity a pearl that no one is willing to pay the price for? I will try to give a few reasons to help you but I don't know all the answers and you don't know either.

· Unity is not an end in itself. It is only a stepping-stone that we must come to. Unity is a level that Christians must reach.
· Sometimes when we reach unity that is all we do which good to a point. But rest there you will not see your city transformed.
· City Transformation will bring unity after it's transformed, for unity is a fruit of city transformation.
· Pastoral unity is good to a certain point but there are hidden costs, for pastoral unity is dysfunctional unity. Pastoral unity is mercy-motivated, relational, politically correct, compromising, polite, and peaceful. For the vision-driven pastors become restless when they have kept preserving the status quo of the old wineskins. For they are like task-oriented pastors and parachurch leaders. See, prioritizing unity at all costs will not help them accomplish their task. Influential minority leaders' presence without power is a form of tokenism. Pastors are of dynamic, growing megachurches. Their personal agendas are usually in a different solar system from 90% of Pastors, Charismatic pastors. They typically have checked their distinctives at the door in order to preserve the least common denominator. Apostles find themselves outside of their apostolic spheres, and consequently they cannot function as apostles within the pastoral-oriented group.
· Apostolic Unity is functional unity but can be done through bringing territorial commitment and the leadership of territorial apostles, which is persevering leadership, not like weakness of the pastoral approach. Apostolic unity is task-oriented, visionary, aggressive, uncompromising, warlike, and often abrasive.
· Common Ground is a must in the step of unity. Christians have most in common that can stand on this ground for Christian unity in their cities. Common Ground is from focusing on the absolutes of scripture and promoting Jesus Christ and his saving power above all else within a community. In addition, through prayer, vision and evangelism and compassion works.
· City Church concept is important that every person who is born again is a part of the body of Christ. Thus Local Churches need to work together at a city level. City Church Unity and the unity come through Common Ground can't be maintained without Apostolic Leadership.
· Unity is prophetic prophecy that Christ prayed for that will come to pass in God's due time. Unity of faith, and the unity that Father and Son have we shall have in the future.

In conclusion, unity will continue to burn in my heart and I will be faithful to teach and apply to my life and any Church I pastor. I just thank all those who stand with us in this time and those who are blessed and touched through this ministry. In my closing statement I say unto you and everyone who reads this article that Christ Jesus our Lord the Lamb of God has paid the great price of the beautiful pearl of unity!

5.Persecution and Unity

In Fox's book of martyrs, we see the kind of spirit that likes to persecute the saints. It is an antichrist spirit, and is also a religious spirit that likes to say it is the will of God that I do you harm. We saw this spirit comes from one group of religious people to the government and to another group of religious people. And even during the past century alone, more Christians have been killed for their faith than in all previous centuries combined. Now we come to a new century and governments are arising in European nations and even still in Asian nations there are persecution. And even in Muslim countries, they are responsible for most Christians who are killed for their faith.

We as Christian can only face the coming great persecution of the Church by walking in unity. And most these persecutions will come from religious groups in the Christian faith. This is why we must walk in love and forgive our brother and see us all in one boat. There will be many Christians in this hour and out time that will come into Christian unity. There are more unity in the Church than there are before the history of the Church.

In the future the antichrist spirit and spirit of this world will war against the saints. They come against everyone who believes that Christ is God. This belief in Christ will bring many Christians together. Only by unity and prayer we can stand up against such evil. Those have testimony of Jesus Christ and the Blood of Christ we overcome. But they're one more thing, "love not your life unto death." These are what all-Christians have in common and through these we can have unity in the midst of great persecution.

In addition when one of our brothers in Christ is being persecuted, we are to stand with him and to help and pray for him, even speak on his behalf. And when one Christian of another group is being persecuted and another one from another group is also being persecuted, we then need to learn to stand against this kind of evil, for together we will overcome, but divided they will have victory over all of us.

6.City Unity Impact

Every Pastor and Apostle needs to see the revelation of the City Church. The City Church is made up of every born again Christian within a city. The City Church is made of many Churches across many Christian Groups.

Each City Church needs to have a City presbytery. There could be more then one-city presbytery. These city presbyteries need to network among each other.

Among the City Presbyteries there is need for apostolic leadership. Apostolic leadership is visionary leadership. The apostolic leadership will come from territorial apostles. There could be several territorial apostles, however, all these territorial apostles need to network among each other.

We must form city networks with city presbyteries. These networks must be formed among those leaders that have passed the territorial commitment test. Without leaders who have territorial commitment, it will be hard to form a good foundation.

The City Church Presbyteries is not assuming that every pastor is co-pastor but the leaders need to work together under apostolic leadership. This apostolic leadership is territorial and horizontal on the city level.

The City presbyteries must be made up of Churches that have impact on their city. This means that the one that is not impacting their city will not be allowed to have a seat but will be allowed into fellowship of city church networks.

In order to impact your city in a greater way there needs to have unity among impact churches of your city. Each anointing from these impact churches will add to the city church networks. The leadership of the city presbyteries will make up of leaders from impact churches. In addition, these leaders of impact churches have territorial commitment.

Unity is a stone the each city church must lay but it is not end in itself but a process in city church maturity. True City Church unity is apostolic unity not pastoral unity. Pastoral unity is for the local church not for city church. Pastoral unity at a city level is dysfunctional unity. Apostolic unity is functional unity at a city level.

Each city presbytery is a horizontal city network of churches from many Christian groups who have reconciliation among each group. Each city presbytery needs to a set corporate vision. This vision will come from a set visionary. The set visionary will be a leading territorial apostle.

Among each city presbytery there could be more than one territorial apostle, which is joined territorial apostles that assist the set territorial apostle. In addition, there could be other apostles seated on a city presbytery that have other apostolic spheres.

Each city presbytery should have a center location, which sets aside for ministry----A place where intercessors gather to pray for the city---A place where prophets gather to share with each other----A place where worshipers gather to worship---a place where the churches of a city church network together for citywide worship---A place where guest ministers come to minister at a city wide level. This center is to be altar built for God to visit and dwell.

In conclusion, there could be several city presbyteries and city church networks. There could be several set visionary territorial apostles. There could be several territorial apostles. There could be several apostles with different apostolic spheres. Furthermore, God can do more than one thing in a city and we must remain humble in mind and not walk in only one mindset. Nevertheless, the primary purpose should be social transformation, and city transformation. After all, there only needs just few churches within a city that will reconcile and to have unity.

7.Common Faith

Among all Christians no matter what group you may be from we all have same common faith and upon this common faith is our common ground for fellowship and reconciliation between Christian groups under our Lord Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of God.

We all have interpretations and deductions of the Holy Scriptures. However, every true Christian agrees with the core of Christian faith, the absolutes of Holy Scriptures---which the absolutes are necessity and the essential for salvation and Christian unity.

We can find the core of the Christian in the Nicene Creed and the Apostle's Creed. They believe in the Christ and that our Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, begotten of His father before all worlds---Born of a virgin by the Holy Spirit and when suffered and was buried; and that on the third day he rose again according to the Scriptures.

We as Christians must come to the knowledge of truth that theology has absolute norms. The basic and essential doctrinal beliefs are the same or similar enough. My observation is that there are three generally agree theological absolutes. Moreover, if I were to select three of moral nonnegotiables they would be the following:

Three Absolutes of Scriptures:

1. The Bible is true and normative. It is the absolute authority for faith and practice.
2. Jesus Christ is God and Lord.
3. An individual's personal relationship with Jesus Christ makes the difference between heaven and hell.

Three Moral Nonnegotiables:

1. Human life begins at conception.
2. Homosexuality is sin against God.
3. Extramarital heterosexual relationships are also sin.

Furthermore, all true Christians agree that their group is not the only group. Beside, this all true Christians agree that every one who is Born of the Spirit is born into the Body of Christ and we as Christians are to love one another in order to show Christ's love toward the World.

Today I have laid a common ground, which I call this the common faith of the Christian faith and upon this ground we can have reconciliation and unity in Christ Jesus our Lord, the Head of the Church.


Ecumenical is a movement promoting unity among Christian churches and Christian denominations. In addition, it is a worldwide scope or applicability, which is universal. Christian unity is a work of Christian reconciliation among Christian Churches and denominations. We as Christians are being reconciled to show our love to each other's in order to show the love of Christ to the world.

Christian reconciliation is among the born again Christians. Only born again Christians is a part of the Body of Christ. If you are not born of the Spirit you not a part of the Body of Christ. If you're a member of one of these fine Christian groups but are not born of the Spirit you are not born again. Christian unity stand forth with truth of the Body of Christ  that is many members but one Body. We are many Christian groups but one body through Christ's oneness among many reconciliation Christian groups.

What is Christendom? It is the Christians collectively and it means the Christian world. Christendom is every one who names the name of Christ even though who are not born again, which is Christianity ---one of the religions of the World. Every person who is not born again will be a judge for his or her knowledge about Christ. We as Born again Christian should show love toward them and seek friendship in order to bring them to Christ. I believe we are one edge of the great reformation of the Church. Judgment must begin a house of God first. I believe God is going to judge the whole of Christianity. This will be manifest through this coming great reformation. This reformation is bringing the church in Christ's true order for his Church government and to bring the Church into unity through reconciliation and to bring the Church to place where God can fill it with glory. The Church which is Body of Christ will become a glorious church and beyond that the transitioning to last day church.

The Body of Christ was never meant to become a world religion. Christ never wanted us to lower the Body of Christ to a world religion. We our Christians who are ambassadors of the Kingdom of God. The coming of the Kingdom of God will be through a process and not materialize suddenly. Moreover one of these process steps will be the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ who will come in like manner as he first ascend into Heaven.

The common ground and common faith of all Christian is revel in the Nicene Creed and the apostle's creed. We all have individual interpretations and deductions of Scriptures. However, all true Christian agree on the core absolutes of the Scripture and the Christian faith---Which is necessity for salvation. We as Christian from many Christian groups reconciliation in Christ's oneness in the Body of Christ need to promote Christ and ministry of Christ and his word above our own mission or methods. After we have obeyed to promote Christ over any of our many denominations so that our cities will see Christ is greater and Christian are not a small number, we then pray to raise the water level of the Holy Spirit's activity in our cities.

The concept of the City Church can be applied and discovered. In addition, the city church is made up of many Christian churches from many Christian groups within a city with a city presbytery. However, we then make the mistake to assume that all local church pastors were, ipso facto, "co-pastors" of the city church. This meant that the losers had as just as much to say about what to do as with the winners. It succeeded in stonewalling the recognition of true leadership. We can't have city unity among temporarily Christian leaders. City unity needs to have solid commit leaders to the certain geographic territory the city. Each Christian leader needs to pass the test of territorial commitment "one you say to God this city is my home" your anointing and influence will grow within your city. We need city unity with Christian leaders who have territorial commitment. Beside, this we need leaders on a city level from territorial apostles. They are apostles whose apostolic spheres are defined by a certain geographic territory. It is likewise important to recognize that every city, in all likelihood, will have several territorial apostles assigned to it, not just one. Through bona territorial apostle will come apostolic unity.

Pastoral unity cannot bring the true unity that Christ wants for every city church. Pastoral unity has its place and we Christian should not be against or pray against such unity. Pastoral unity is dysfunctional unity when come to city unity. Pastoral unity is mercy-motivated, relational, politically correct, compromising, polite, and peaceful unity. Apostolic unity is the kind of unity that city churches. True city unity is apostolic unity. Apostolic unity is functional unity when comes to city level church. Apostolic unity is task-oriented, visionary, aggressive, uncompromising, warlike, and often abrasive. The goal of this kind of unity is city transformation. One of the major differences between the two is that in the paradigm of pastoral unity, unity can, and frequently does, become an end in itself. In the paradigm of apostolic unity, unity is not a means toward a higher end, which is the task at hand.

The goal of any city apostle should be city transformation. Apostles will recognize that the perceived need for pastors to build personal relationships across unfamiliar social, racial, denominational, cultural, and church-size lines is good, but it should not be regarded as a prerequisite for social transformation. Apostles also know that a workable process of reaching the whole city does not require one hundred percent of the churches, nor in many cases even a majority. One the contrary, there can be apostle's asset to city unity and others' asset to other task and others' asset to social transformation. Along with each these city apostles there can be network of personal relationship among the city apostles. Unity is not an end in itself but a stepping store in the process of God's destiny for a city.

There is a corporate unity that the city church can walk in. Unity and the corporate anointing go hand on hand. The word corporate means: united; combined and shared by all members of a unified group; common; joint; as, corporate responsibility. The English word "corporate" was derived from the Latin word corpus, which means "body." Through the corporate anointing Christ will manifest in the fullness of His Body. According to Psalm 133 we can understand that there are blessings that come from unity and the corporate anointing.

Christ will bring unity as he prayed to his Father in John 17. His prayer was praying under the Holy Spirit in revelation and prophetic. True and final unity will come to all of the Body of Christ as prophecy in John 17. I personally believe we are in the beginning stages of the fulfillment of this prophetic prophecy for the Body of Christ.

9.Sevenfold Reconciliation

Without Christian Reconciliation, there will be no Christian Unity. Christian Unity is not one big group but many groups' reconciliation into Christ' oneness in the Body of Christ. Reconciliation among many Christian groups to create a holy oneness of many Christian groups includes loving one another, in order to show the World the love of Christ.

We are to be reestablished into a close relationship between Christian Groups. We are to settle and resolve in order to become compatible. The former President Jimmy Carter, Habitat World said, "Reconciliation is a matter of binding those who are different with the Love of Jesus Christ." Christian love is the demonstration of Christian reconciliation and Christian unity in order to show Christ's love toward the World.

The Great reformation is upon us. Christ stands at the door of every Christian group. Christ will reform every group who names the name of Christ. Moreover, Christ will reform every Born Again Christian group. However, the end result is a true reconciliation of Christian Groups into Christ' oneness of the Body of Christ.

We can't have true Christian Reconciliation without a true conscience of the Scripture. Every Christian group will have a holy conviction that division is a sin, therefore, in order to deal with such a sin, we must first change our mind and ask God to forgive us. We can go and be reconciled with our other Christian Groups. Also at this time, we should ask for forgiveness of any wrong doing against one another. Then we should pray to the Lord to restore Christian Unity.

Practical Reconciliation is in hands of each True Christian to go to his Brother of another group and be reconciled, only if each Christian will take the first steps. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. The question is whether or not you are going to take the first steps and move forth in true Christen love.

When there is division between Christian groups, walls are built and between those walls is not Christ love but demons in habitation building strongholds of darkness. Number one to keep Christian from becoming into Christ oneness of the Body Christ. Without oneness, the Church can't become a glorious church and establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. Number two through anti-Christian unity they establish their domain in cities and nations. Before we confront the rulers of darkness over this world we must bridge the gaps.

Sevenfold Reconciliation is found in the epistle of the Ephesians. These are seven social gaps that we as Christians need to bridge in order to see transformation and to dethrone ruling powers of darkness over our cities. The sevenfold reconciliations are spiritual reconciliation, ethnic reconciliation, denominational reconciliation, ministerial reconciliation, gender reconciliation, generational reconciliation and marketplace reconciliation.

Sevenfold Reconciliation

1. Reconciliation between God and Man through Christ Jesus. (Eph. 1:7)
2. Ethnic Reconciliation. (Eph. 2:13-22)
3. Denominational Reconciliation. (Eph. 3:16-21)
4. Ministerial Reconciliation. (Eph. 4:1-4)
5. Gender Reconciliation. (Eph. 6:1-4)
6. Generational Reconciliation. (Eph. 6:1-4)
7. Marketplace Reconciliation (Eph. 6:5-9)

10.Giving For Unity

We are to bless those who curse us. We are to overcome evil with good. "If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him a drink, for in so doing you will heap coals of fire on his head." (Rom. 12:14,21,20)

When Churches within a City have true unity there is much power of God release into the life of the Church that is greater than one local church or a Christian Group in Christ. However, many City Churches across a given nation is sleeping. With in a City if there no unity among Christian groups and no active between them the City Church is sleeping. Although many local churches may live and moving in God. Today God calling us to a Higher level in winning our cities and bring the Kingdom of God to our cities. This comes through true unity in the Body of Christ of a City Church.

Unity may not come to all Christian groups within a given city, however unity could come to few churches that have vision for their city and are willing to stand together throughout the good and bad days that may come.

When Churches come together within a City and begin to build a center for their City Church. A place where intercessors, prophetic and worshipers gather day and night to bring the presence of God to their cities, in addition this place is set aside to feed the poor of the city. Many Cities will begin to be healed when the Churches come together to feed the poor. In addition, the center will be a place where the recognize city apostles, equipping of the saints, and guest speakers will minister from. Moreover, the center place is for City Worship service at least once a month, and to deal with areas that deal with whole body at a city level. Beside, the City Church can work together to win the lost to Christ in their cities.

Each Local Church that is a part of a City Church Network can give freely to the work of Lord at a city level. Like to feed the poor. It is time for Churches to come together and to take care of those in the Body that are suffering and those in world that need our help. If our love is only in words then will our Lord actions towards us will be in word only too. Faith without words is dead. When we put works to our faith then God's words become action in our lives.

An example of giving for unity is a wonderful story of a word church with an old preacher whose church is build a while ago and it's ministry for some years. Then a new church came in town, a spirit church, with a younger preacher. And his church begun to grow fast and become very firm in this city. Well the Old preacher preaches against that new church and speaks evil things about the young preacher. After a while the old church begun to dry up, and a few members only whet to that church. The Church building begun to fall a part. And the church had many bills to pay, however, the Lord put upon the heart of the young preacher and his young church to help the old church and the old preacher, they paid all bills and build the old preachers in new church building in the place of old church was. After that the old preacher's heart was softening and he no longer preach against the new church or the young preacher.

Now during the days of the first apostles there was a great division between the Jewish Church and the Gentile Church this division was so bad that these Churches even separate the Body of Christ of that day. Paul being an apostle try's to network them together by a common bond, taking care of the poor among them. The saints in Judea and even the Saints at the city of Jerusalem were in much need of food. So Paul was moved upon to help them that through this act of love that the church would be network again. He took up collection among the Gentile Saints and took this blessing toward them. However, in Church History it not notes it that they receive these gifts since much bitterness between these two groups in Christ of that day.

I believe these were some of seeds that lead to the great apostasy, which was in their coming future. Today we here let's get back to the Book of Acts! Saints we need know where they made the mistakes so that we will not do same. Saints today God is bring times of restoration to the Church, let us learn and seek true unity among all believers in Christ.

11.Understanding unity

Every Christian should have heart for unity in the Body of Christ. Today I give some step in understanding Christian Unity.

1. First you must understand the truth that every Born Again Believer is member of the Body of Christ.

2. It is by our love for one another that world will know that we are his people. Christian unity is not without love, but love is heart of unity.

3. Jesus prayer for us all to be one. (Oneness)

4. Christian Unity is reconciliation between groups in Christ.

5. Christian unity is reconciliation not a conformed, but understanding of building a bride between those who are different then you.

6. Unity in the Body of Christ is the future image of the Church.

7. We can only reach the whole world when we are one in Christ. When we lack unity we will not fulfill the great commission.

12.Unity Far Away

Is Christian unity a far away dream? Is it only a dream? Will we ever have true Christian unity? It seems at times Christian unity is only a dream. It seem it will take some wonderful things to happen for they're to be unity. I have been to some prayer groups; however only in the past few years you hear people prayer for unity. What is happen? Why is unity upon our heart? The truth is the Holy Spirit is moving upon hearts of many in the Body of Christ planting seeds of unity. Filling many of our hearts with love for one another. Giving us a burning passion in our hearts to be reconciled with each other. It is time for each one of us to leave our gifts at the altar and first be reconciled to one another, and then only after reconciliation then go back to the alter.

I personal have reach out for some time for unity. It looks like there is a few of you who don't want to obey the call to unity. Yes this is a holy call to unity. Each one of us needs to obey this call. The blessings and the anointing that come through unity is better then we have in our little groups. Yes our groups are little. However, many groups in Christ's oneness in the Body of Christ through the Holy Spirit, in addition, you may ask what is Christian unity? Christian unity is the reconciliation between many groups in Christ through Christ's oneness in the Body of Christ. Christian unity is not one big group, but many groups in Christ loving one another.

Is unity a goal that has been set that can't be reach? The Holy Spirit is planting this goal in our hearts and filling our hearts with true love. Only through this love which is from the Holy Spirit we can have unity. This is not a goal of one person, or one group, however, it should be the goal of every Christian in Christ.

In the future or the near future the there will be unity in the whole body of Christ. How can you say such a thing? I believe in God's holy Word the Bible. Christ prays for us all to be one. This is a prophecy that before his return we will be one in Christ. It doesn't matter if you believe it or not. However, those Christians who don't obey will be judge by Christ for love is a command.

13.Vision for Christian Unity

The reason why some Christian ministers can't give even one sermon on unity is that they don't have a vision for Christian unity in their heart. In addition, the reason why they don't like hearing about Christian unity is that they don't have a vision for unity. Every Christian needs to have a heart for unity in the Body of Christ. If you don't have a vision for unity you will not be a part of the coming moves of God. They are the next leaves of restoration on the fig tree of the Body of Christ. Once when all the leaves are put forth the Church will go through transition from the restored Church to a glorious church the last day church. --Matt. 24:32-35

We must focus on the absolutes of Scripture. Promote the ministry of Christ and His word above our own mission or method. Pray to raise the water level of the Holy Spirit's activity in you're our cities. Appreciate one another's respected interpretations of Scripture. Moreover, practice supportive speech and actions toward others. These are the five primary principles from Ted Haggard book's Primary Purpose. --1 Tim. 3:14-16

In addition, appreciate one another's respected interpretations of Scripture by practice supportive speech and actions toward others. We should reconcile the truth in each Christian group. And see how God bless them for that kind of truth. A little truth is better then no truth. No Christian group has the full truth. Besides, we should thank God for each Christian group and the blessings they brought the Body of Christ and the World. --Eph. 4:14-15, Rom. 1:16-17

However, We have only begun to scratch the surface on Christian unity. We must remain humble in approaching any truth in God's holy word. Those who are young in any revelation could get prideful and even religious. Knowledge without love is carnal and puffs up. Knowledge can become an idol. Love with knowledge is spiritual mined. We need to learn to be accountability for our revelations to one another in love not in control or hated. Religious spirits all seek to disagree and to only to be right in there own eyes. They seek to give their opinions in such away that you can't speak your mind for reason of fear. Example, a preacher gives a sermon on Sunday morning and right after someone comes up to give their opinion. What should happen is an understanding of God's love appreciates toward a man of God for being faithful to minister the Word. Instead we think were right even through we have not study the Scripture for a better understanding. What ever we believe in our own Christian group if what we believe is without the fruits of the Spirit we will then misunderstand truth when it is preach or teach that we have not heard before but is in the Bible, God's holy word. --Eph. 5:21

Furthermore, Christian unity is Christian reconciliation among Christian groups establishing bridges between Christian groups for the purpose of Christ Love for relationship in order to establish God's Kingdom and Church on the Earth. --Eph. 2:21, 4:9, Col. 2:19

Conclusion: Unity in the Body of Christ will be fulfilled. As Jesus prayed for as all to be one. This is a prophecy about the Body of Christ. Before the end time Church, the glorious church comes the Body of Christ will have true unity. --Jn. 17

14.For Unity Sake

Why can't Christians love? Why can't Christians dwell in harmony among each other? Why can't Christians get together? Are you not born of the Spirit? Is not Jesus your Lord too? Is Heaven a place for those who believe in Christ Jesus our Lord?

Unity is as simplicity and within one word love! Reconciliation is as simplicity within one word love! However, where there is hate there is no love, where there is strife there is not love, where there is envy there is no love, where there is division there is no love! Unity and reconciliation is on God's top ten lists.

Why dose so many Christians say that Ecumenical is wrong! This is a lie from hell, and only from hell to keep us Christian groups from reconciliation so that there will be no true unity. Have we been deceive to think it is ok to have walls of division to be between each one of our Christian groups?

Jesus Christ our Lord, and head of the Church, the Body of Christ prayed at Gethsemane at the same time, he gives his life up for us. He prayed for oneness among his disciples. Christ oneness is reconciliation among Christian groups in Christ, that there will be true unity as it is in heaven. If you're his disciple, if He is your Lord, if you're under the head of the Church, you will obey.

Christian unity is not one big group, but many groups through reconciliation we have true unity and oneness. Any Christian you believe in the cross of Jesus and are born of the Spirit is called to gather in reconciliation and unity.

Furthermore, for unity sake, forgive and be reconciled. Love one another that Jesus may receive all the glory. Through love and unity Christ will be witness among us. In addition, unity is a door of opportunity standing before you, waiting for you to enter in. The word in opportunity is unity. Through unity we can open the doors of opportunity and enter into them, and take ground.

15.Apostolic Unity

We must be willing in our cities among the churches of the city Churches to change from pastoral unity to apostolic unity. You can't begin transformation through pastoral unity. Only through Apostolic Unity your cities can be change by God. Although even Apostolic Networks can't move forth with Pastoral Unity. In addition, any church, or group lead by an apostle can't move forth with pastoral unity. We must make the shift from the Pastoral dimension to the Apostolic dimension! Heb. 3:1

In addition, we need to see the local body, City Church, or a network is not a one-man ministry. Yes you have your ministries. However body ministry is not one-man team. We must learn to flow as a body, as a team, as a company. We must learn to able in the corporate anointing. Through Apostolic Unity and a set vision, yes there are set visionaries who are set men, but they will work as a team leaders. In a body, a company, and a network through it is a body ministry there is still a set man who is the set visionary that brings the set vision for the body. Apart from that, we need to learn how to flow as a corporate ministry in a Body and able in the corporate anointing. The corporate anointing brings blessing and grace upon each one of us. Each one of us has a part to fulfill in the corporate anointing. In addition, there are corporate blessings that will flow upon the group as a whole. Christ fullness and glory need corporate wine skins to pour and fill into. Psa. 133

Moreover, we must place with our corporate bodies intercession, worship and the prophetic to minister to the Lord at many times. This will open the heavens over the body. We must lay foundation and revelation and the set vision of a company, and after that work together in unity. Eph. 2:19-22

Nevertheless, Pastoral unity is for the local body, but not for a network or a city church. Pastoral unity is not bad it has its place in the body. But apostolic unity will move us forth in vision. A local Church needs more pastoral unity and apostolic unity working together for the one another. Apart from that, Pastoral unity is dysfunctional unity and has hidden costs when it comes to visionary bodies, networks and the city churches. Pastoral unity is mercy-motivated, relational, politically correct, compromising, polite, and peaceful. Eph. 6:6-7

On the other hand, apostolic unity is task-oriented, visionary, aggressive, uncompromising, warlike, and often abrasive. 1 Cor. 12:27-28

1. Task-oriented: Apostolic unity is form around in reaching to fulfill and acting on certain agreed upon tasks many throughout life reacted to everything, God is bring us into a day of action. He wants to train us for action, not reaction. What the church needs, the world, and the cities is action, not reaction.
2. Visionary: Apostolic unity is form around a vision from a set visionary. Then moves upon and able within that vision. Seeing the future from God's point of view and trying to bring it in the now. Many wonder why things don't grow, do you have vision, are others agreeing with the vision. A group or a company is set upon this set vision, and those who disagree are asked to remove themselves from the company.
3. Aggressive: many don't like this kind of leadership style, but without this type how can we move forth. Many want to go play and wait however, those in apostolic unity will keep moving forth. Even if they hit the wall many times until they break through the wall.
4. Uncompromising: There will be those among a company that will take offence if you don't please their wishes. In addition, they will take offence if you don't pay tribute to their pet doctrines, cultural norms, subjective opinions, personal preferences, feeling, deductions, and interpretations. Well Apostolic Unity has not playtime for the feelings of a few or even the many.
5. Warlike: Apostolic unity is form and ready to go to war. Its nature is warlike. When an army goes to war they will not turn back until they have fulfilled their duty or their commander tell them so. In addition, they will war until they conqueror their enemies. They will not make peace with their enemies until the enemies have surrender.
6. Often abrasive: Apostolic unity is not friendly nature to those that oppose the vision and task at hand. We don't go around shaking hands with those who seek to destroy us by their religious spirits.

Unity to many can be ending in it self however; unity is being a stepping-stone toward transformation in our cities, and nations. Yes love those in other Christian groups, yes be meek and teachable, but don't sacrifice the vision and transformation for some false peace that keeps everyone happy and only those who have a heart for God are the unhappy ones.

Apostolic Unity is form with common ground, a set vision, a set visionary and body ministry flowing in the corporate anointing and blessing.

16.Forgive The Other Group

Throughout the history of the Church, Christian groups persecuted one another from every move of God from the last move of God before them they now persecute the new move of God before them. Why does this happen? Jesus Christ is the head of the Church he stands at the door to judge those who are attacking their brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Historic Protestant movement's churches persecuted the Anabaptist and Puritan movements. Later still, the Baptist and the holiness churches persecuted the Pentecostal movement. Then the Pentecostal denominations followed the same pattern of rejecting and persecuting the Latter Rain and Charismatic movements. In the days to come, the most recent movements  Charismatic, Faith, and Kingdom churches will have to take a stand against with regards to today's moves of God in the Church.

Why does this pattern continue from move to move of God? I believe one of the main reasons is that a group did not forgive those who persecuted them. From group to group persecution goes on. When you as a group don't forgive those who attacked you, you then will become like them in the same matter and when a new group arise you will then attack them.

Another reason is there is an evil spirit that moves from group to group through bitterness. One group moves in this evil spirit and attacks the other. The other group does not forgive thus this spirit is allow in through their own bitterness.

How can we stop this persecution pattern in the church?

1. Forgive personal.
2. Forgive as a group.
3. Do identification repentance as a group. This is a two-stage intercessory action that involves: 1) an acknowledge that a affinity group has been guilty of specific corporate sin before God and man, and 2) a prayerful petition that God will use personal repudiation of this sin as a redemptive beachhead from what to move into the lager community.
4. War and bind this evil spirit that wants persecution between Christians groups as a group.
5. Ask God to heal the hurts between two groups.
6. Pray for reconciliation between two groups.
7. Pray that your show love and respect toward the new moves of God.

Furthermore, Not only Jesus is standing at the door of the Church He is ready to judge a group of Christians for their acts of persecution of other groups in the Body. We are entering into times when this kind of stuff is coming to an end within the Church.

17.Kingdom Unity

Unity in the Body of Christ is coming. The Body of Christ will be in true unity before the Church becomes a glorious church. Christ will not come back before his church is in true Christ's oneness! Some of you may find that hard to believe however, Jesus prayed for us all to be one in Christ.

Christ's will for the Church is not to be a religion instead to be an extended kingdom of God on Earth. However, through the wisdom of man the Church, which Christ die and rose again has become one of the world religions. What are the Church to be if not a world religion? The Church is to be a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, and a special people moreover; the Church is a kingdom of kings and priests in Christ Jesus the Head of the Church.

We are no longer strangers and foreigners; we are follow citizens of the Kingdom of God, for our citizenship is in heaven where the general assembly and the church of the firstborn. Beside, the body has many members in one Body. There are many Christian groups who are born of the Spirit into the one Body of Christ.

If we are members of a kingdom church, let us walk in unity. If we are the entire same kingdom let us love another. Yes we are many Groups in Christ also; we are One Kingdom in Christ. Let us believe and abide in this Kingdom unity. There is no division in Heaven, why should there be division with his Church on the Earth?

It is the evil nature of religion that brings division not common vision. It is the self-imposed religion that keeps us from becoming true Christians. It is the evil spirits of religion that wills to stop unity and stop the coming glory. Religion is the means to hate and walk in a form of faith without the power of God. Religion is demoncray a house for evil spirits to keep us from loving one another.

On the contrary, there is a pure and undefiled religion a system of common faith and vision for the Body. This is the religion of the Body of Christ, not any one group in Christ. This is a common ground where every true Christian group can agree upon and love one another.

Furthermore, the nuclear Kingdom is in Haven and the extended Kingdom is on Earth, which is the Church. Thus this Kingdom on Earth prepares the way of the coming of the Kingdom of God, which is the nuclear Kingdom of God and if we are in one kingdom, let us be in kingdom unity.

18.One Another

One Another in the Church, One another in life, One Another a key to the bond of love, One Another in loving each other, and one another in thinking and mindsets. We are to love God number one in our life, and then we are to love another. In addition, we are to love those in the Church, those in our group and those in other groups in Christ and we are to love those in the World, for God so loved this world that He sent is only begotten Son to die for the world.

When you look through the Bible you can see in the New Testament the One Another's. Today I am going to talk about seven One Another's. What are the seven One Another's? They are; "Love One Another, Restore One Another, Bear With and Forgive One Another, Build Up One Another, Encourage to Believe and Protect From Deception, Stir One Another to Love and Good Works and Encourage Hope, and Confess Faults to One Another for Prayer and Healing."<br>
The Seven One Another's:

We are to Love One Another, this is the new commandment, as Jesus loved us we are to love One Another, and it is by this love for One Another that the World will know that we are Jesus disciples. Jn. 13:34-35.

We are to restore One Another with a spirit of gentleness and we are to bear One Another's burdens if we do so we will fulfill the law of Christ. Gal. 6:1-2.

We are to bear with One Another, and forgive One Another. To bear is to have longsuffering and to be patience in dealing with One Another, and to forgive One Another even as Christ has forgiven you. You are to be kind to One Another, and become tenderhearted. Col. 3:12-13, Eph. 4:32.

We are to edify and build One Another up. We are not to bring our brothers or sisters down. Love is an action that builds each one up. We are to comfort One Another not to cast one down. 1 Thess. 5:11.

We are to encourage One Another in Christ. We are to encourage One Another to steadfast in their faith toward God. Heb. 3:12-13.

We are to stir One Another to good works and we are to consider One Another in those good works, and we are to Exhort One Another in coming together. Heb. 10:24-25.

We are to pray for One Another. Pray for not against One Another. When a brother or sister in Christ is going through a hard time we are to hear them out and pray for them. Jam. 5:16.

Furthermore, there is more then the seven One Another's above this we are to have the One Another mind of Christ.

19.Are you for peace or war?

I have seen and I have heard more then once when pastors will come together and show love in front of everyone and say I am for peace. Then after those meeting act and even speak they are for war. Even when Christians gather they show love to their brothers and sister however, when they are behind them or outside of the spotlight there is no love.

We cannot have unity with out true love of God in our hearts for one another. We as Christians are to love one another. There are many groups in Christ with certain truths that they hold dear to their heart. Instead of walking in truth we walk in hate in the name of truth. You cannot walk in truth without love. You cannot win your brother with truth only, instead with truth and love.

We do not agree on everything however, there is a core of truths that we all agree this is called our common ground. Beside, this common ground is a common love for all Christians. If you do not love your brother you are not born again. Well you may say you believe you must be born again instead if you are not born of God you do not love.

We as Christians must put an end to the battleground in the church and begin to win the war in great commission. However, I do not believe that all will obey and sign a peace agreement, and they will be war in the church until one side wins. This side that wins will be the ones who come into the true unity with Christ the head of the church.

Moreover, there are only two sides in this war for unity those who have come into unity with Christ and those who stand against the Spirit of truth. This war is called reformation. The whole of the body and everything that names the name of Christ has entered into the day of reformation. The groups that remain with have Christ's oneness among them and love one another.

Many do not understand what is unity and what is true unity. Unity is not unity with those who are not Christians or are of another faith. Unity is not allowing sin to be named among us. Unity is oneness with Christ and the Father from being formed into the image of Christ.

Furthermore, when I speak I am for peace and they are for war. When I speak I am for love and they are for hate. When I speak I am for truth and they are for sin, and when speak I am true unity and they are for division against the body of Christ.

20.Trying Times of Unity

Biblical Unity is God's will for the Church. It is God's will for churches in a city to have true unity. It is God's will for Christians in a nation to have united bond of unity. In the future the church will have the unity of the Godhead, in the future the church will have the unity of the Spirit, and in the future the church will have the unity of the faith.

Nevertheless, we will come through trying times of unity, as we have been in past times. These times are to create an opening for a holy desire for biblical unity to be planted in our hearts.

I believe that we will again enter into one of the most trying times of unity in the history of the church, this has to happen in order to make the way for the unity that Christ wants in His body.

You must see the purposes why God allows strife and divisions to arise in the church; you must see why these trying times come. One way is to make room for the house that the Lord will build in the soon future.

You can even see in your own churches and companies how unity is tested again and again. In times when unity is tested you can see the hearts of the leaders and the people. After those times of testing there need to be restoration and healing, which comes through love, forgiveness, understanding and truth.

We must pray for wisdom and learn how to overcome these tests of unity and trying times of unity in order to have a better and more rich unity in the church.

21.Biblical Unity

Unity in the church in biblical; Christ did the will of the Father He prayed a prophetic prophecy about the future of the Church, He pray the will of the Father, He pray one of His main heart desires for the church, which is true unity.

What unity am I talking about? I am taking about Biblical unity; those who don't want unity for the church they are walking in error when it comes to unity and the church. Let us begin to understand unity for the church, let us understand Biblical unity.

In the Lord's prayer He tells us first to pray our father which art in Heaven; He uses the words our father this speaks to our hearts that God's will for the Church is unity, and that unity is biblical. (Matt. 6:9)

Biblical unity is the unity that is between the Godhead. The unity that Jesus prayed and prophecy is biblical unity, which is the unity of the Godhead. (Jn. 17:20-23)

In the Book of Acts the beginning days of the church we can see Biblical unity that the Lord wants for us today. It says they were all in one accord in prayer and supplication. Biblical unity is the unity that is of one accord. (Acts 1:14,2:1)

The Christians in the beginning of the church had all things in common. Biblical unity is build upon common grounds. I believe that the Lord will restore and build common things in the church. I believe that He will bring the restoration of biblical unity to the church. (Acts 2:44)

What Christians should have in common?

· Their relationship with Jesus Christ.
· The Great Commission.
· The Great Commandment.
· Their life of prayer.
· Their life of worship.
· The Holy Spirit.
· The Word of God.
· Members of the Body of Christ.
· The Kingdom of God.
· Feeding the poor, etc.
· Moral Justice.
· A life of holiness.

Biblical unity is that we are perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment, and no divisions in the church. (1 Cor. 1:10)

Biblical unity is being a member of the Body of Christ, believes in the Body of Christ that every person who is Born Again is apart of the Body of Christ and biblical unity is unity in diversity. (1 Cor. 12)

Biblical unity is build upon biblical fellowship and biblical relationships with Christians in other Christian groups in Christ. (1 Jn. 1:1-10)

The Holy Spirit speaks unto the church of the city, instead of speaking to a local fellowship, biblical unity is to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking unto the city church. (Rev. 2:29)

Biblical Unity is the city church; Biblical unity is city church unity, Biblical unity is unity among the Christians and leaders in the Body of Christ in a city. (Eph. 2:19-22)

Biblical Unity is the unity of the Godhead, the unity of the Spirit and the Unity of the Faith.

Now we must begin somewhere and began to grow unto the fullness and maturity of Biblical unity in the Church, the Lord will restore unity before His return. The Church in the future, and the church in the end times is a church of biblical unity.

22.From Unity Comes The City Church

The Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about unity since 1997 and in 1999 I begun a online global ministry and fellowship called City Church International, and begin to teach about unity in the church, then the day came when the Holy Spirit give me revelation about the City Church.

In Ephesians 4:13-15 reveals that the church will come into unity before the Church is ready to receive Christ in His return. This unity is a restoration of the city church that once was in beginning. Yes the church in acts was not a perfect or a mature church; they did have principles that the church needs today in order to become the church in the future and the church full of glory and the end time church. They did have the apostles and prophets, gifts of the Spirit, city church, the power of the Holy Spirit, a team of elders, and the believer's ministry, etc. The city Church in the future will be more mature and more prefect City Church. The perfect church is the city church.

The foundations of the city church is the apostles and prophets, we need apostles and prophets to be the foundation of the city church today. The city church is a habitation of God in the Spirit. The city church is a home for habitation revival and the resting glory of God. (Eph. 2:19-22)

The Holy Spirit speaks unto the ears of the city church, instead of a local church. We must hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking unto the city church more then speaking unto our own local churches. (Eph. 2:29)

Jesus said that He would build His church; this church that He is talking about is the city church. The City Church is the house that the Lord will build, and city church is his house not mans house. (Matt. 16:18)

Unless the Lord builds the house, our labor will be in vain, unless the Lord guards the city, our watchmen stay awake in vain. We must have His vision for the city church, His vision for our city, we need to partner with Him, and follow His lead in building His house, which is the city church. (Psa 127:1)

Apostles and believers went planting not local churches; instead they planted city churches in each city. Today we have to see the vision of the city church, the vision of our city church and then begin to build the city church in our city.

We are to pray for unity in the Body of Christ in the city, this unity will open the doors for the anointing to come upon the city church of our city, and this anointing will release rivers and rains of blessings upon our city church. (Psa. 133)

23.Skins of Unity

The old wineskins are not evil or bad; they can only receive oil and water, and not new wine. The new wineskins can receive oil, water, old wines and new wines. The time of reformation of all things has begun and the old wineskins have entered in there beginning of their end. The old must die in order for the new to live.

What the old wineskins cannot do, that the real new wineskins should do.

· The old wineskins cannot have Biblical unity among them each other.
· The old wineskins cannot have unity with the new wineskins.
· The old wineskins cannot have unity within a city.
· The old wineskins are only pastoral unity that can only go so far.
· The old wineskins are more divided over culture, race, and ethnic then doctrinal issues.

In addition, this reveals that there cannot be true unity, last unity and Biblical unity among old wineskins.

True new wineskins are made to have connections with each other so that true unity, lasting unity, and biblical unity can be promoted in the Church.

Beyond this every born again Christian is a member of the Body of Christ no matter what wineskin you are in, and all wineskins have in common is Jesus Christ is Lord.

24.Unity Around The Holy Spirit

In the pass and even now and some years to come. We have many divisions on the workings of the Holy Spirit. I believe these divisions are coming to end in future of the Church. With divisions on the workings of the Holy Spirit have come many sins against the Holy Spirit. If we want the Holy Spirit to move in our life and ministry and the Local Church and we must repent of those sins in addition, we need to repent on the behalf of others who commit such sins against the Holy Spirit.

We need to pull down the wall that hinders the Holy Spirit. One of these first steps in tearing down walls is finding a common ground in the workings of the Holy Spirit and then allowing the Holy Spirit to flow. I pray in the name of Jesus as you read this may the floodwaters of the Holy Spirit come in your life.

God will give us the grace and truth to overcome these divisions. Out in the Church Land there are many groups with different teaches on the Holy Spirit. Such as one of these set of groups believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and another set of groups believe in being filled with the Spirit, and another set of these groups believe in the communion of the Holy Spirit, etc.

The key for common ground is the Holy Spirit. Do matter what you may believe in, we need to come down to the absolutes of the Holy Spirit. Knowing the Holy Spirit in a personal relationship, and He is the third person of the Godhead. Knowing Him is our common ground and knowing that He is the one who convicts of sins. This is a common ground for unity around the Holy Spirit, for Holy Spirit has come to do the will of Christ and to bring glory to Him, and this is the simplicity in the Holy Spirit.

While we now have common ground for the ministry of Holy Spirit in our Churches. No matter what group we are from. We are all to love the Holy Spirit. Now I say open your hearts and minds and let the Holy Spirit move upon you. Amen!

25.The Body of Christ

Every one who is Born Again is a member of the Body of Christ. You cannot become a member of the body of Christ by joining a church or being born in a Christian family. You can only become a member of the Body of Christ through becoming Born Again. (1 Cor. 12:13)

It does not matter what color you are, what nation you are from, it does not matter how much money you make, when you are born again, you are a member of the Body of Christ, therefore you are to love those who are apart of the body of Christ and to fellowship and care for them. (1 Cor. 11:27,29)

The Church begun with Jesus Christ ascension, seated at the Right of the Father and the Holy Spirit coming in Acts Two upon the first generation of Christians, apostles, and the 12 apostles of the Lamb. (Acts 2)

Where is the H.Q. of the Church? The H.Q. of the Church is not on earth, instead it is in Heaven; the Body of Christ is made up of every person who is Born Again past and now! The general assembly and church of the firstborn are registered in Heaven. There is a great cloud of witnesses In Heaven, all those who gone before us are watching the fruits of their labors in us, by hear from the Lord of our good deeds. (Heb. 12:22-23, 12:1)

Who is the Head of the church? The Head of the Church is our Lord Jesus Christ; He is the head of the church, the Apostle and High Priest of our Confession, the Chief Shepard and Overseer of souls. (Col. 1:18)

What is the Church? The Church is the Priesthood of the Kingdom of God, The Bride of Christ and the Ambassadors of the Kingdom of God. (1 Pet. 2:9)

How does the Church work together? To each member they work together through the gifts giving to each member, who in turn sets them in a place so that the rest of the body may be edify through the gifts giving to them. You can understand how the church works together by understanding the gifts and functions, for each member has gifts and functions that others do not have, in order to benefit each other and the rest of the body of Christ. (Rom. 12:3-5, 1 Cor. 12:12-27)

Throughout the world you can see the body of Christ, which is the church at work through each of the city churches in each city, there is one city church, there may be many groups in Christ, instead there is only one city church per city. (Rev.1-4)

It is Jesus Christ who said that He would build His Church; it is the Lord to is guiding the church through the Holy Spirit in us and in the body of Christ, which is the church. In addition, He said He will build His Church upon the Rock, which is Christ, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church. (Matt. 16:18)

The future and destiny of the church in the end times will be a church of unity, a restored church, a mature church, and a church full of glory, the glorious church. Jesus prayed for His Church to be one in Him and the Father, this will come to pass and the church will walk in the oneness of Christ in the future. (Jn. 17:20-23)

26.Coming Threefold Unity

Jesus Christ prayed for the church, His bride to have unity, true unity, which is Christ oneness in the body of Christ. This was not just a prayer, it was a prophetic prayer, and it was a prophetic word about the end time church. We must believe in the words of Jesus, we must believe in His prophetic words about the church.

This unity He prophecy is biblical unity, for unity in the body of Christ is biblical. We must see that unity is biblical and have a desire for unity. If you look in the Bible and if look in the book of Acts we can see Biblical unity.

I am not talking of the unity of religion; religion is of human nature without God, the church is not a religion; the church is apart of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God. The unity that I am talking about is the unity of the church; this unity is of the Holy Ghost and is of the supernatural.

Can we have unity, can we have biblical unity, and can we have true unity in the body of Christ, yes we can by the work of grace, faith and of the Holy Spirit.

We must have a vision for Christian unity, which is kingdom unity for the church is the priesthood of the kingdom of God, and the church is apart of the kingdom of God. It is the spirit of the Antichrist that does not want the church to be in true unity, and it is the Spirit of God that wants and wills for the church to be in true unity.

False apostles, false prophets, and false teachers do not want the church to be in true unity. They attack the unity that Christ spoke of long ago. Those who hinder the true unity of the church, hinder the return of Christ, therefore they reap judgment for themselves, for God will not allow the prophetic times to be hinder.

The church will have true unity and walk in true unity before the return of Christ. Christ will not return for His bride unless She is in unity. The Lord is coming for a united Bride made ready and waiting for Him through faith and good deeds.

In the last days the church in the end time will be a church in unity and a church full of glory, a glorious church. The Church in the end times will be the church marked with unity and with glory. These are the two signs of end time church, unity and glory.

This unity that is coming is threefold, it is threefold unity; which is the unity of the Spirit, the unity of the faith, and the unity of the Godhead.

The unity of the Spirit is when the church is full of all gifts and everyone is walking in their functions and set places of ministry, and that there is divine order between each of them. (Eph. 4:3)

The unity of the faith is the maturity of the church, which is the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. (Eph. 4:13)

The unity of the Godhead is the same unity that is between each of the three Godhead members. We will have the unity that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit has, we will have too. (Jn. 17:20-23)

Can we believe for such unity to come in the church? Well Jesus believes and He is the one who said this kind of unity will come in the church. Therefore let us believe for such unity to come in the future and to come now.

27.Unity of the Spirit

The unity of the Spirit will come to the body of Christ from city to city; we will see the unity of the Spirit flowing and witness among us. The Unity of the Spirit is the church being full of the Holy Spirit and the gifts, and every gift in their function and set place in a divine order in Christ. (Eph. 4:3)

One-way was can understand the working of the God is in the diversity of spiritual gifts in the one body of Christ. From the gifts of Christ to the Gifts of the Father and then to the gifts of the Spirit all working together in relationship to the Godhead and one another in Christ. (1 Cor. 12:4-6)

The will of Christ for the church is that the church lacks no spiritual gifts, lacks no gifts giving from the Godhead for the church. We are not to come short or to lack in any gift; therefore the church is to be full of the gifts, of the fruits of the Spirit and of the Holy Spirit in the fullness of God and of Christ. (1 Cor. 1:7)

Let Christ dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with the fullness of God. (Eph. 3:17-19)

You must know the gifts giving to you, your functions, and your set places in the body of Christ and to know you're level of growth and maturely. Then to know those around you to see the gifts in them, their functions and their set places and to know how to relate and minister to one another in love and edification.

We are now coming to the end of restoration of the fivefold ministry and coming in the fullness of the fivefold ministries of Christ, the gifts of the grace of Christ and the ascension gifts. There main purpose is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. This will begin the coming of the unity of the Spirit. (Eph. 4:11)

We are coming to the end of the restoration of the ministry of the apostle and to the fullness of the ministry of the apostle, then the fivefold ministry will begin to form together into a divine order among themselves to fulfill the purpose of equipping the saints for the work of the ministry so that the body of Christ can be edify. True unity will not come until the saints are equip and release for the work of the ministry thus the church will begun to come into such edifying that will bring the coming threefold unity upon the body of Christ. (Eph. 4:12-13)

There come a liberty and the liberty of the Spirit into the church for the freedom and moving of the gifts of the Spirit. Every believer will walk in the gifts of the Spirit; every believer will have the gift of prophecy. The house of the Lord will be build around the moving of the gifts of the Spirit, that the church may excel, that the church may have edification. (1 Cor. 12:7-11)

No more we will have the one-man ministry, instead we will have an oneness among the ministry of priesthood of believers every one will walk in their functions and their place in the body of Christ. They will know their ministries in the gifts of the Father. (Rom. 12:3-8)

Unity is first unity with the Godhead then unity with one another and this is through the Spirit and through the gifts ministering to one another in love in the unity of the Spirit.

28.Unity of the Faith

The day will come that church will be in the unity of the faith. Jesus Christ will not return until that church comes into the unity of the faith, and true unity. We must understand that the unity of the faith is not talking about the unity of doctrine or of the earthly mind; instead it is talking about the unity of maturely and unity of the heart. (Eph. 4:13)

It says till will all come to the unity of the faith! We will come to the unity of the faith; this unity will come by the full restoration of the church and the maturing of the church. Smart bible teachers and end time bible teachers seem to overlook or misapply certain prophetic prophecy about the church that has to come to pass before Christ comes for His bride, which is the church.

The unity of the faith is; the knowledge of the Son of God, a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. One sign that we have come to this maturely in the church is that we are no longer are like children tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, in the cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting.

There is good and healthy doctrine that has been misapply by trickery, cunning craftiness of men that come long after that leader was raise up to bring a holy move to bless and restore the church; each level of restoration throughout the history of the restoration of the church has been met by divisions in the church. On one hand those in other works do not receive the moves of God and then they're those who come after a leader of a move of God to bring divisions. These are all religious spirits at work in the church to hinder the restoration process of the church. Both those in other works and those in the new works follow after the leader is dead are men of trickery, cunning craftiness and deceitful plotting men. (Eph. 4:14)

But now the time has come for us in the beginning of end of the restoration of the church and the time of fullness of the restoration of the church comes a great holy reformation of all things in the church unto the image of Christ.

This is reformation of the speaking the truth in love that we may grow in all things into Him who is the Head of the Church Christ. (Eph. 4:15)

One sign that will mark the end of restoration of the church is that we will come into the unity of the faith. The unity of the faith is the knowledge of the Son of God, the unity of the faith is a prefect man or a mature man, the church will be a mature church, and the unity of the faith is the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.

The unity of the faith will be manifested in the rebirthing of the city church. The city church is the perfect church. This prophecy here will be fulfilled in the arising city church.

29.Unity of the Godhead

Jesus prayed, and prophecy the coming unity that come upon the body of Christ. This unity is the will of Christ and of the Father. When Jesus prayed in John 17 he prayed for unity, this unity is the same unity that the Godhead has, the unity between the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit we will have this kind of unity. This unity is Christ oneness in us and between each one of us. Now only that will unity, we will also have glory.

Before you understand the unity of the Godhead, you must understand that the church is the Bride of Christ and that the church is bring made ready for Himself to receive her at His return.

Understanding the unity of the Godhead is to understand that we are born of the Spirit into the bride of Christ that will be in the divine holy connection through the Holy Spirit and the holy marriage between Jesus Christ and the bride of Christ. Thus the church will have connection and relationship with the Godhead. (Col. 2:2-3)

God the Father sent the Holy Spirit to find a bride for His Son Jesus Christ our Lord. He not only found the bride of Christ, He is making her ready for the day of the holy wedding feast and when Christ comes to receive him to himself. (Gen. 24)

The church will come into this oneness and this unity between the Godhead members before the church begins to walk in the fullness of glory on the earth before the return of Christ. The church will walk in unity and in glory for a time before the return of Christ in the end times.

30.First Steps to the Coming Unity

The first steps to the coming threefold unity is to begin helping each church leader and each member in the body of Christ to begin to apply and follow these first steps to unity and the steps to the coming unity, the coming threefold unity.

We need to see the common ground, the common faith that all believers born of the Spirit have and we need to see those things we have in common. And begun to build in relationship and in vision with one another.

We must teach on the truth of the church and the body of Christ, teach about the truths of biblical unity so that we have a heart for Christian unity.

Teach and learn to love, establish relationships and fellowship with other believers in other Christian groups in your city and beyond.

Teach on the truths of the city church, and see the city church of today and begun to flow in the city church in your city today and see the arising and maturing of the city church in the future and the end times.

Let the elders, leaders of the churches come together on common ground, and common vision working together on a city level. Go from pastoral unity to apostolic unity; see the need for city church leading leadership of city apostles.

Let the churches come together for prayer, worship, meetings, and winning of souls and mercy works in their city.

There may be little fruits and little unity, but little is better then nothing, and from the little will come more in time. Above all be lead in the unity of churches of the city and the city church, the Lord will lead and guide you, be patience it could take a life time of work, and even beyond your life pass down to others to continue the labor for true unity in the church.

31.The Goal is the City Church

The two main signs of the end time church will be that the church will walk in unity and in glory. When the church comes into this threefold unity the city church will come forth. The goal of true unity is the city church.

We cannot see the fullness of unity without the city church. It says till we all come to the unity of the faith, saying in other words until we come to the city church. Unity in other words is the rebirthing of a greater city church then the one we had in the beginning.

We have now come to the beginning of end of the restoration of the church and we are coming to the fullness of the restoration bring pour out upon the church. The church will be a restored church and a glorious church as the days begun in the end times.

At the end of restoration of the church will come a great and holy reformation of the church, a reformation of all things in the church will come. The Lord will burn up all things that are not of his word, nature, will and order, and those things that are will be put through the fire to become more pure. The groups that remain after this holy reformation will have Christ oneness among them and between them. For by our love the world will know that we are His disciples if we love one another. (Jn. 13:34-35)

As this oneness grows and this unity grows to a certain point that the city church can be birth again. This city church will be greater and more mature then city church in the Bible.

Now we must see the city church of today and begin to be connected to the city church. Yes we are connect through being Born of the Spirit, but now let us are connected through relationship, and from this let us go from pastoral unity to apostolic unity. Thus we begin the maturing and the arising of the city church of now, and the one that is arising, and the one to come, and in the future and in the end times.

32.Unity in Ephesians

In the Church at Ephesus is an example for us to follow today. From Acts 19, to the Book of Ephesians, to 1 and 2 Timothy, and Revelation chapter 2, we can learn much about this church. Apostle Paul laid the foundation of this church; Apostle Timothy and the Apostle John were some of the overseers of this church.

In the Book of Ephesians, you can see this epistle is about Church Government, God's order, and unity. We can see the unity of the Spirit and the unity of the faith, and we can see the prophetic words that the church will come into the unity of the faith and that the church will become a glorious church, a church full of glory before Christ returns. This also shows that they already had the unity of the Spirit, and this means that we today can walk in unity, instead of just in the prophetic fulfillment of unity that is coming in the future and the end times. (Eph. 4:3,13, 5:27)

Here Paul talks about the oneness that should be among all believers; this oneness is Christ's oneness. Let us see the characteristics of Christ's oneness; one body, one Spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, and one God and Father of us all. So you see the seven characteristics of Christ's oneness. (Eph. 4:4-6)

Unity will come through much reconciliation brought through the working of the Holy Spirit in our hearts and among us, and around us. You can see the seven reconciliation's in the Epistle of Ephesians; I call this the sevenfold reconciliation!

Strongholds of Darkness are weaken and more easy to bring down the strongholds of spiritual darkness when there is true reconciliation in the city and in the church. It seem that darkness has more power when there is divisions and less power when there is reconciliation. Paul identifies six social gaps that needed to be bridged before the church can confront the rulers of the darkness over a city. However, for the church to do effective warfare, it first must take care of these gaps, and from these we get six reconciliation's and I've added another one, first we should work on the church and then the city. (Ref: "Anointed for Business" by Ed Silvoso)

The sevenfold reconciliation are; "first reconciliation between you and the Lord, or between us and the Lord. Then other six follow this one; Second reconciliation is ethnic reconciliation (Eph. 2:13-22), third reconciliation is denominational reconciliation (Eph. 3:16-21), fourth reconciliation is ministerial reconciliation (Eph. 4:1-6), fifth reconciliation is gender reconciliation (Eph. 5:21-33), sixth reconciliation is generational reconciliation (Eph. 6:1-4, and the seventh reconciliation is marketplace reconciliation (Eph. 6:5-9).

Furthermore, on the personal level, if your brother hurts you, forgive him and seek reconciliation. Let us not walk in hate, unforgiveness, and bitterness, instead let us walk in love. When you look at the Epistle of Ephesians you can see word love through this epistle. In one word or the other unity is love. (Eph. 5:2)

33.Reformation, Revival, and Unity

When reformation comes the community of the believers will be shaking, it will be trying times for unity. But again what kind of unity do we have, unity that can be shaking must be shaking so a more mature unity may come.

In reformation, we must teach that all those who are born again, are apart of the Body of Christ, and we should seek to fellowship with them and to love them. This must be retrained over and over in the coming moves of God, so that no walls of divisions arise between others and us in the church.

In reformation we must always give the right of fellowship to any believer or any minister in Christ, we must allow them to make up their own minds. We must keep the door open if they don't agree with us give them time. Reformation must not be without the love of God for the church.

When revival comes, they will be those who try to control, attack or try to destroy a revival. We must forgive them, and not war in the flesh, our battle is spiritual and there are demons working behind those who are mislead against revival. At the same time we should not hold the people who are apart of those leaders who are the leading the attack. We should seek to fellowship, to love, and give the right hand of fellowship. So that in long run we don't build new walls of divisions, instead plant seeds for unity and love.

There is unity that we can have that will not work in the favor of revival or city transformation. This is pastoral unity, this is the kind of unity that will always be shaking on certain levels, but this unity is needed on certain levels too. The unity that we need at the city level is apostolic unity; this kind of unity will lead to city transformation. Beside, when true city transformation comes, will then come true unity. We should always seek biblical unity in our cities and in the church.

34.Pure and Undefiled Religion

In James 1:27 it talks about a pure and undefiled religion; religion is a system of faith. Here the Word says there is a pure and undefiled religion. This means there is a pure and undefiled system of faith.

This is not talking about the little Christian's groups, and the so many walls of division establish by man's wisdom and Satan's delight. This is not talking about local churches, the churches of the four walls build against each other and the community around them. This is not talking about Christendom, or the religion of Christianity.

So what is the pure and undefiled religion then? The pure and undefiled religion is the Body of Christ, the Church, and the pure and undefiled religion is the city church!!! The Church is apart of the Kingdom of God. The Church is the Priesthood of the Kingdom of God, Ambassadors of the Kingdom of God, and the Bride of Christ.

The Bible talks about the unity of the faith, that the day will come, that the time will come that we will come into the Unity of the Faith, A Pure and Undefiled System of Faith, which is the Body of Christ, which is the Church and the City Church.

The day that we come to the Unity of the Faith will be the day when the Kingdom Church is birth, which is the City Church. The City Church is Pure and Undefiled before the Lord, the City Church is the Prefect Church.