Suffering Grace

By Elvis Iverson

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1.God's School
2.Suffering & The Anointing
3.Understanding Suffering
4.Why Me Lord?
5.Suffering God's Will
6.Dark Cloud Fellowship
7.Testing Times
8.Pathway to Humiliation
9.Do You Have Faith?
10.Divine Rejection
11.Prison of Revelation
12.Understanding Waiting
13.Test of Time
14.The Last Trial
15.Burden of Faith
16.From Death Comes Life

1.God's School

We hear teaching about living a good life. Well at the same time we will go through many trials. Those teachers need to balance with trials that every Christian will have. Even those in the world will have hard times, however, they are not in God's good favor. In addition, every trial is not from God. We should not blame God for every thing, and if our heart is right, you should not blame God at all. Those who have an angry toward God will open a door to evil spirits. One reason is that people get angry at God, is these reason, they don't know God's Word, the Bible and are in misunderstanding. (1 Cor. 2:6-16)

Trials are a part of spiritual warfare. They are spiritual battles that can only won through spiritual means. If you are not in prayer and the Word, it will be hard for you to understand the spiritual battles you go through. Moreover, there are battles that you have begun, trials that you open up, and now you must deal with them. (2 Cor. 10:3-6)

Trials are God's school for ministry. The Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit teaches us through his Word, God's servants, and those around us. However, God wills us trials to train us for ministry and to rule and reign with Christ. You have to surrender to God's process or it could take longer. Yes God gives us Spiritual Fathers and Mothers, but also he gives us tests and trials. (Rom. 9:21)

However, every trial is not from God. Satan is at war with the Body of Christ, there is some who don't believe this, well they are deceive. God does not bring us evil. God is not evil. God is not darkness. God is good, God is full of light. God does not temp us with sin, not at all. It is the kingdom of darkness that puts this kind of pressure upon us. To find our weakness, to use them against our children and us. Anyways, if we will turn to God in those times, He will cleans us from those weakness, and make us strong, blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life. (Jam. 1:1-18)

Not only that kingdom of darkness bring temptation but also other kinds of attacks. However, we can over come all of them, and we must. How to you overcome? The word overcome means to conquer, we conquer by the Blood of Christ, the Word of God, Prayer, the word of your testimony, and loving not your life. (Rev. 12:11)

Apart from that, God brings his rebuke, chastening, and scourges to every son he receives. First comes the rebuke, if you don't turn from your own ways, then comes his chastening, and after that if you don't turn from your own ways, then comes his scourge. This is all God's discipline upon every child of God. This is why we need to hear the Holy Spirit, and hear those around us, all of his discipline is for our profit, and for us to be partakers of his holiness, and that you will yield the peaceable fruit of righteousness. (Heb. 12:3-11)

Beside, God will test you before he promotes you to your destiny. Promotion comes after you have been testing it through his tests for your life. Every person does not get same tests, for each one has his own purpose. In addition even beyond that he will put us through certain tests, and if we don't pass them, we will be put through those tests over and over again. (Gen. 22:1-19)

What I do in my life, is pray that God will give me revelation from pass actions, and trials so that I learn not to do them again. This is wisdom, once you learn, once you see your own mistakes, you then can more on. Christ calls each on of us to become wise among this world today. (Psa. 26:2, 139:23)

In addition, the Bible talks about being purified seven times, so this could mean, that a person goes through seven tests to get ready. Even if you fall seven times you will arise again. During all that, you need to praise God for each test you go through. You can't run away from God's School, it's everywhere. All this will take you from strength to strength, faith to faith, grace to grace, and glory to glory. (Psa. 12:6)

Beyond that, every person who desires to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. Anyone who wants to more forth in their destiny should know that they would suffer persecution. In addition, there are Nations that have no freedom for those who love Christ, and they are suffering persecution, is this from God? No!!!!! satan and his kingdom of darkness are behind all of this. This is why you need to pray for those who are suffering for Christ, and those Nations who are obeying satan, in the persecution of those who believe in the one true God! (2 Tim. 3:12)

Here are some guidelines to help you go through your trials of life:

1. Ask God for wisdom, in how deal with you trials. (Jam. 1:5)
2. Ask God to give you insight in what you have to learn and overcome. (Eph. 1:17-18)
3. During those times pray more, and study the Bible more. (Jam. 4:7-10)
4. Keep your faith and what you believe for from God. (Jam. 1:6-8)
5. Rejoice in the Lord, and count it all joy as go through your trials. (Jam. 1:2)
6. Ask for prayers from your brothers and sister in Christ to pray for you during those times. (Eph. 6:18)
7. Learn to rest and walk in the peace of God in the Lord during your trials. (Rom. 16:20)

Furthermore, trials are not for life or for long. It is God's will for you to have his goodness in the land of the living. We will still have trials, but not the same trial all the time. Each trial has a time limit place upon it by God, it will not last, and it is only for a time. Look at the life of Joseph and Job once when they were promotes it, they never again had those trails that they came out from. (Psa. 31:19)

2.Suffering & The Anointing

What is the sign of the anointing upon a person? One of the signs of the anointing is suffering. Suffering is one of the keys to the anointing. The greater the gift and call the more suffering you will go through. In order to have true power you will partake in true sufferings.

Apart from that, anointing means to rub or smear. Oil was used to anointed kings, priests, apostles, and other. The anointing separated a person for a holy purposes and use. The anointing is what enables an individual to execute the duties of a particular office. Eckhardt, John. Dictionary of the Apostolic. Chicago: Crusaders Ministries, 2003.

In addition, Oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. One of the names of the Holy Spirit is anointing. The Holy Spirit is the key to the anointing. Each believer has a measure of faith, grace, anointing according to his or her gifts. These three measures can be increase.

Apart from that, the more the anointing increase in your life the more suffering you will partake. What ever your call, gifts and vision can tell you what kind of suffering you will go through before your release in ministry and after.

In addition, there are some who teach and forget that suffering a part of being a Christian. Some of us don't understand or have eyes of comfort for those suffering in their calling.

Besides, the more revelation and more prophetic you flow in the more trials. One reason for this is to keep us humble, the other reason for this is satan hates those who have revelation or flow in the prophetic.

However, if God calls you, he will give you grace and will protect you. He will give you people to stand by your side. Yes He will give you faithful people. Yes He will give you intercessors to be a shield of prayer for you, your ministry and vision.

Furthermore, we can't be move by suffering, trials, hurts or rejections. We can't take time to fear others. We can't take time to take it personal. We can't take time to worry who is against and who is for us. We only need to move by one thing that we may finish our race with joy.

3.Understanding Suffering

Many are saying why me Lord? Understanding suffering will help us see our own purpose in order to have endurance during those times. Most suffering is not from God. God does no evil. God is a father and a father cares and loves his children. At the same there are some who are not teaching Christians in how to deal with suffering. In this article I will try to help you understand suffering.

Besides, there is more then one form of suffering that Christians will go through. You must say why do you go through this kind of suffering, then think about what your doing for the Kingdom and this will tell you why.

The Word says; "Jesus Christ learned obedience by the things which He suffered." Heb. 5:8. When we are going to live a life of obedience we will suffer at certain times. Suffering comes to see if we will stand in our obedience to the Lord.

The Word say; "Yes, and all who desire to live in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution." 2 Tim. 3:12. When you desire to follow the ways of the Lord and to be lead by the Holy Spirit there will be attacks of suffering that come against you. Don't listen to them and don't be move by them, and don't court your life dear to yourself.

The Word says; "There is a blessing upon those that are persecuted for righteousness sake." Matt. 5:10. God will bless those in this life and the next that willing goes through suffering for the Gospel sake. The Word says we suffer for righteousness sake.

The Word says; "That we should rejoice to the extent that you partake of Christ's sufferings, that when His glory is revealed, you may also be glad with exceeding joy. " 1 Pet. 4:13. We are to rejoice and believe God for exceeding joy to come from God. The Word says we are to partake in Christ's suffering. There are rewards that come through partaking in His suffering.

In addition, we are to fellowship in his sufferings with the saints. What we suffer we gain with Christ. When we conformed to His death we will partake with the power of His resurrection. We are to know Him in His sufferings and in His power. Phil. 3:10-11.

The Word says; "If you are reproached for the name of Christ, blessed are you, for the Spirit of glory and of God will rest upon you." 1 Pet. 4:14. When we go through suffering we are blessed and the Spirit of glory and of God will rest upon you.

Apart from that, the Word says; "about Apostle Paul that he rejoice in his suffering for the church of Colossians, he said he was fill up in his flesh what was lacking in the afflictions of Christ, for the sake of His body, which is the Church." Col. 1:24. This shows us that apostles will go through suffering on the behalf of the churches that they care for, and if they suffer shall not other Christians suffer with them. Christians will suffer for the church to come forth in victory.

Nevertheless, the Word says; "about those who don't have any root in themselves, and so endure only for a time. Afterward, when tribulation or persecution arises for the Word's sake, immediately they stumble." Mk. 4:17. Not every one can go through such suffering for Christ. Some Christians don't have good roots in Christ yet. The Word says that tribulation and persecution arise for the Word's sake. Suffering comes for the Word sake. This is why Christians must ground in the Word and in Love before suffering comes.

Furthermore, the Word says; " in Acts eight that great persecution arose against the church and what do we see when we read this that the Word spread everywhere. In Acts eleventh that after persecution arose that church of Antioch was birth. Wow this tells us that no matter what happen the Church will move forth. It says that through many tribulations we enter into the Kingdom of God. Acts 14:22.

4.Why Me Lord?

We are not to be move by anything such as suffering or tribulation. We are not to count our life dear to ourselves. Our main task should be only to finish the race set before us with joy and the ministry that Christ has entrusted us with. Acts 20:24.

You may be the one who is going through suffering after suffering, battle after battle, trial after trail, test after test, hardship after hardship. It seem that people don't understand you. They think something is wrong with you. They give you wrong council and even give you wrong prophetic words. There are some in the Church that only wants to see the over comers and not those who go through for the moment. They want to give you comfort instead they add to your suffering. They are only looking from outside not inside where God is looking.

You may say, why Lord? How long Lord? What are you teaching me? Why so long? How humble can I get Lord? Just give me a normal life like everyone else has.

Now you must think of these things. What is your purpose, vision, plans and goals? What do you believe God for? What are you praying for? What is your calling? What kind of revelation and prophetic God is giving you?

If you desire to follow the ways of the Lord, to be lead by the Holy Spirit in your life and ministry in Christ Jesus you will suffer persecution. 2 Tim. 3:12. Don't for get that trials will come and go, the joy of Lord is here everyday. So you will overcome and walk in your destiny. God will give you rest in his will for you soon.

5.Suffering God's Will

There is suffering that comes from God's will, and there is suffering that comes for reason you are in the will of God. To obey God for real is to begin steps that lead to suffering to learn the ways and will of God for your life. Suffering comes to teach us to obey God. Sufferings come that we may have more of God. There are things that we can't see or know now unless we go through a time of suffering.

There is a calling to suffering. Suffering is a gift and calling form God. To obey this call is to enter into the deeps of God. Many are praying to know God more however; few are ready for the gift and calling of suffering. Although I am saying this is a gift it is only a gift for a short time. However, how short and how long is not up to us only to Him. Suffering is not a way of life only a steps toward a better life, and suffering is not for life. There is a timetable on each suffering although you will go other things in life.

God in His mercy sets those who lead in great ways in His Body and even in the World into suffering before times of suffering comes upon the church. Right now God has chosen certain leaders who will lead the Body of Christ in times of sufferings and days of suffering that will come upon the Body of Christ into suffering before the rest.

When you go through times of suffering you will understand those around you better. You will be meek and humble before God. Suffering opens your heart to have a pure heart for others. Do not trust those who have not been those the school of suffering.

In addition, you must eat the meat of suffering to grow faster and mature in short times. This is way to greater ministry and this is the fastest way into ministry. Yes in the world or in some thing calls its self-church you can get in ministry by others ways. However, if you want the anointing you need to go through the school of suffering.

Moreover, there are those who pray for the power of God and then much suffering comes into their lives. When you pray for power you will go through suffering to make you ready for the power.

Furthermore, there is more then one kind of suffering, and all suffering is not from God. The suffering that is from God or comes for the reason your in the will of God the glory of the Lord will rest upon you. This is the reward for godly suffering.

6.Dark Cloud Fellowship

In the Throne Room the most holy place where God the Father and God the Son dwells. God is surrounded with many clouds, which mean to us there are dimensions of fellowship, revelation, experiences, and glory that we can partake and enjoy, by the Blood of Christ.

Apart from that, God dwells in the third heaven, and dwells in the redeemed hearts, and whenever those who are redeemed gather together He is in their midst, and He dwells everywhere. Beside, the Father's Throne is in the third heaven and our Lord Jesus Christ's Throne is at His right hand, and the Holy Spirit's Throne is in the our redeemed hearts.

Apart from that, there are more then one cloud, for the Word says clouds and darkness surround Him, for an example there is the pillar cloud by day and pillar of fire, resting or covering cloud, the glory cloud, the dark cloud, the great cloud with raging fire, flashing clouds, and the cloud in the form of a man's hand. See Psa.97: 2, 18:11, Ex. 13:21-23,33:7-11,34:5, Ex. 24:15-18, Lev. 40:34-38, 1 K. 8:10-13, 2 Chron. 5:13-14,6:1, 7:1-3, Ezek. 1,10, Isa. 60, Zech. 10:1, 1 K. 18:41-46.

Nevertheless, The Lord dwells in the Dark Cloud. The Lord hides himself in this dark cloud. The Lord seeks us that we might seek Him in this dark cloud. This dark cloud is in the Throne Room. Through out mankind there has been always a divine pull, pulling all of mankind both redeemed and those who don't know Christ yet to the Dark Cloud. Those who don't know Christ can't see the kingdom or enter into the kingdom, and they can't see or enter into the dark cloud without knowing first Jesus. It is only by the blood of Christ, which is the veil to enter into the Throne Room, the most holy place; therefore we enter the holiest by the blood of Jesus.

There is open revelation and communication to the believer, and then there is hidden manna that we must seek out in order to partake. Therefore there is open revelation, inner revelation and then there is hidden revelation. The hidden revelation is in the Dark Cloud where God dwells. This is called Dark Cloud Revelation. See Isa. 45:15.

There are sufferings that come our way as we follow the Holy Spirit leading into the Dark Cloud. We cannot understand certain things without first the Holy Spirit and then without suffering. Beside, there are things that happen that we may not understand that only canned be understand by the Spirit. When trails and suffering comes our way and we choose to forgive those who hurt us and we choose not to be bitter then we are ready for the Dark Cloud Revelation, fellowship and to dwell with the Lord in this Dark Cloud. We will walk in the anointing and revelation that proceeds out from the Dark Cloud. See Lam. 3:38, Job. 2:10, 45:5, Isa. 45:7.

However, if you don't forgive and you choose bitterness you will not enter the Dark Cloud and there will be trails and suffering that keeps coming to get you to forgive and not to be bitter. Yes there will always be some kind of trails, etc. To love God we must love one another. To be right we must love God and love one another, and even love those who are not Christians.

In addition, we must be born of the Spirit to understand and receive that, which is of the Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that reveals spirit to spirit. When Jesus said; "the words that I speak to you are spirit and, they are life". We can be mistaken not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God. It is the Lord who opens our understanding that we might comprehend the Scriptures. We need to have the Sword of the Spirit, which is the rhema. The logos is the open revelation from God, and the rhema is the inner revelation from God, and then there is hidden revelation from God called Dark Cloud Revelation. Therefore we are being called to deep things to know and be with and apart with God. The deep calls unto deep by the Holy Spirit in us. See Psa. 42:7, Jn. 6:63, Matt. 22:29, LK. 24:45, Eph. 6:17, 1 Cor. 2:6-16.

Moreover, there is the fellowship of the Dark Cloud those who have been partakers of suffering and have the dwelled with the Lord in the Dark Cloud. These people are servants of the Dark Cloud; these people are ministers of the Dark Cloud. Called to mister to the Lord in the Dark Cloud and to minister the revelation of the Dark Cloud to God's people.

Beside, the Dark Cloud anointing is one of the Anointings that the Church will have in the end times. We need to know the end times Anointings for the church to grow and mature in them. Which one of them is the Dark Cloud Anointing that is the to the hiddeness of the Lord to His people.

Also, there is a certain kind of protection that comes to us if we dwell in the Dark Cloud with the Lord, which we began to partake the hiddeness of the Lord in our lives so we too are hidden as He is hidden.

Furthermore, we are being called and pulled by the Holy Spirit to the Throne Room and into the Dark Cloud. Sense the divine pulling of the Holy Spirit and began to obey by grace.

7.Testing Times

We sometimes go through seasons of various trials; these times are filled with fiery trials to try us. These times are times of joy and prayer, these are times to learn knowledge and wisdom, and these are the times when we mature and grow up. These are the times when boys become men and girls become women.

You may not have ask for these testing times, instead you hear the Holy Spirit, you know the will of the Lord for your life, your in the center of His will for you, you are in obedience to the Holy Spirit, you are obeying your calling and are active in stirring his gifts in your life to profit the body of Christ. Besides, you are being bold with the truth he gives to you and others don't like it.

These are the reasons for these testing times. Friends and brother alike will break their bounds with you. Friends will become enemies and the enemies of your enemies will become your friends. Churches will reject you. Prophets will misunderstand you. Fathers of last movements will speak against you. Some will even not know what they are doing. You are to forgive and learn from there reactions to the truth and leading of the Holy Spirit that was commission to you.

There will be those who are like Jonathan who will want to be your friend, to support the work of the Lord in your life. However, they want both worlds to support you and to support that which you do not stand for. They compromise and stand in the middle of road; they are of the flesh of Saul. Beware of Jonathan and do not place you totally trust in them.

During your testing times they will not only be few and little more that will give you their advice, wisdom and council but does what they say really help you or add to your burdens. Yes there will be prophets who will speak in their wisdom saying the Lord said this and that if you obey them there is never any fruit and there words change nothing. If you obey and don't listen nothing will change, if you obey it will add to your burdens.

Nevertheless if you are faithful in your holy commissions such as the Holy Spirit leading, his vision for you, the will of the Lord for you, and the truth that he give you to teach or preach with boldness and you will reap in the will of God, you will be rewarded for your faith and stand for truth. Others who you may not know or may not see will come and be joined to the holy cause that the Lord has giving you. You soon will not be alone, besides you were never alone Jesus and the Holy Spirit was with you always.

Furthermore, these testing times are only times. The Lord will give you his goodness and you will eat the good of the land. The Lord has not forgotten you and he remembers you and his prophetic words for your life. The Lord is faithful always, do not give up on Him, and trust always in Him.

8.Pathway to Humiliation

There is a difference between humility and humiliation. Humility is from the Lord, the Lord wants you to be humble, and he resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. Humiliation is from the devil, demons, and man it comes to bring disgrace, embarrassment and shame. (Jam. 4:6,10,1 Pet. 5:5-6)

Humility comes by two ways ether you humble yourself or the Lord will humble you. Humility is not listed as a fruit of the Spirit; instead self-control is a fruit of the Spirit. Prideful people do not walk in self-control when it comes to their words, actions, and to take a positions from another. Pride is a sin of the heart, an inward sin that makes it hard for you to see this sin and other sins. This sin comes with deception. This is sin is the beginning of sins. Man does not know his own pride. It is a work of the Holy Spirit that we can see our own pride; it is a work of the Holy Spirit that we can learn humility. Pride is an evil desire, and we put to death this evil desire, and we are to put on humility and meekness. (Matt. 23:11-12)

The meekness of wisdom comes from the wisdom from above, and bitter envy, and self-seeking comes from earthly, sensual and demonic wisdom. So humility is a fruit of the wisdom of God in our lives. (Jam. 3:13-18)

The Lord desires the sacrifices of a broken and contrite heart, he does not despise these; Humility is a work of the Holy Spirit in your life. Humility is a process every believer must go through. If we humble ourselves he will lift us up. (Psa. 51:17, Jam. 4:10)

The human flesh is prideful; pride is in our sinful flesh. It is only by the Holy Spirit a person can be humble. We need the Holy Spirit to live a humble life. The power and glory that is coming upon the church and each one of us, it is only the Holy Spirit that can keep a man humble. Humility is a state of mind, is a right mindset. The Holy Spirit has to adjust the temperance in our minds and souls that we don't take the glory for our self. The glory only belongs to Christ alone. The Lord takes all who are called to greatest in him into a time of temperament changing of mentality in order to endure the power of God in our lives.

However, there is a false humility that is much of the religious church. We think this is humility and that is prideful. You can be prideful with a little or with a lot. You can be prideful with no titles or with many titles. On the other hand you can have titles and a lot of stuff and be in very powerful positions and not be in pride at all.

Nevertheless, God humbles us with the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. This work of humility is a work of grace. Nebuchadnezzar was not a believer, this was not in the New Testament, and he was not born again, he was not a child of God. We need to interpret the Old Testament from the light of the New Testament. (Dan. 4)

On the contrary, the Lord's chastening, scourging and rebuking will first be done through anointed people and others that the Lord will place in our lives. Will there be any suffering? Yes there will suffering, instead not unto death, or any sickness. We can't blame God for everything; instead we need to know what God is doing, so that we can repent. Above all this, we need to turn to God no matter what happens to us. The Lord is always with us and for us. It is Satan, demons, and man you brings ungodly suffering, etc(Heb. 12:3-11)

Now patents we must be careful in how we raise our children and discipline them; for if we bring humiliation or humiliate them doing our correction. This will bring hurt, angry, and shame, etc. this will bring a backlash of disrespect, we must bring correction with proper respect, if you deal with them as dirt then others will do the same. This also goes for spiritual leaders and spiritual fathers. Above all this, the Lord and your Father in Heaven is better and know to do better. Your Heavenly Father will not humiliate you.

However, The Lord in his divine plan will allow times of humiliation to come. These are trials and tests to try us. If you can pass the test of humiliation then you can do anything. You must know that the Lord is in control of everything. This is why we must turn to the Lord always in all times. No matter what happens to us. Let us never become bitter or angry with the Lord. If we are, this means we lack understanding or we have opened a door to an evil spirit that is making us against our Lord; bitterness, angry, and rebellion and disobedience will only add to the problem, you must surrender to the divine process of the Lord.

Joseph was called by the Lord to save his people, and be a witness to the nations around him. However, Joseph went through a time of humiliation in being sold into slavery, being put into prison, and then being promoted by the Lord. It says until the time that his word came to pass; the word of the Lord tested him. This does mean that humiliation is from the Lord, for it is not. This means that the Word tested him if we would believe the word of the Lord. Joseph first had to go through years of humiliation before the fulfillment of the prophetic word over his life. (Psa. 105:17-19)

Now above all this is our greatest example of humility and humiliation, which is our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus humbled himself and become obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross. His humility was that he allowed them to take his life. The God the Father and Jesus our Lord allowed them to take his life. It is the Lord that gives his life. They could do nothing if the Lord did not allowed them to do so. Humility is not using your authority and power when you can, and when God says allow them to do so. Now the humiliations that came from the devil, demons, and mislead people, this was his time of humiliation that he allowed himself to go through. When he allowed them to hang him the cross, naked this was a great humiliation. We are not greater then he is, we are his servants, disciples and we are to follow his example, follow his step in humility and humiliation. (Phil. 2:1-11)

Furthermore, humility is a work of grace and the Holly Spirit in our lives, and humiliation is a test that all believers must go through. If you can pass the test of humiliation you can do anything.

9.Do You Have Faith?

Many of us have faith to pray, faith in confession of the Word. Many of us have faith in good times, faith to our comfort zones, and we have faith to worship the Lord, faith to even give a little. We have faith to witness to others, faith to go church, and faith to believe this and that.

However, do you have faith when you go through trials after trials, do you have faith when you go through not a short time instead a few years of suffering? Do you have faith when friends and other believers in Christ walk away from you? Do you have faith when your world is turn upside down? Do you have faith to live outside of your comfort zones? Do you have faith to live on the edge?

In addition, we will go through times, seasons when our faith is tested not just for week or for a month instead for years. We look in the Bible and we can see example of faith and suffering it is now time for us to apply their examples to our lives.

Nevertheless, we have faith to pray, and faith to speak the Word into our lives yes this is faith, how about the other side of faith to have faith in suffering, hard times, and trials; If you do not have faith ask the Lord to help you to learn to have faith and trust in the Lord.

Furthermore, When Jesus returns will he find faith on the earth? When Jesus returns will you still be walking in faith? Will you today please him with your faith in him? The Lord is looking for those who will have faith in him. (LK 18:8)

10.Divine Rejection

Jesus Christ our Lord is our perfect example of divine rejection. The Word says; "Behold I lay in Zion a stone for a foundation, a tried stone, a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation. (Isa. 28:16)" Jesus Christ did this for the Body of Christ and he does this for each move that comes from him. Each true Move of God is adding to the growth and maturity of the body of Christ. There is restoration moves, reformation moves and revival moves all of these are lead from the Throne Room. In each move of God Jesus is a stone for the foundation, a tried stone, a precious stone, and a sure foundation. In 1 Peter 2:6-8 says; "therefore it is also contained in the Scripture, "behold, I lay in Zion a chief cornerstone, elect, precious, and he who believers on Him will by no means be put to shame." Therefore, to you who believe, He is precious; bit to those who are disobedient, "the stone which the builders rejected has become the Chief cornerstone," and a stone of stumbling and a Rock of offense." They stumble, being disobedient to the Word, to which they also were appointed." Jesus Christ was rejected and today he is still rejected, and through this divine rejection he has become the Chief cornerstone. I believe that each move of God that comes forth will have a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense.

Jesus Christ is leading the way before us from the beginning of the Church and throughout the history of the church. We are not greater then Jesus, if you want to be apart of any move of God you must be rejected. In those times rejoice that you are rejected. If you are rejected for the truth sake then you will be chosen to be apart of the coming great moves of God.

The old wineskins are not bad or evil; the old wines are not bad or evil. However, when the new wines and new wineskins come forth those who partake in the new say the new is better, and the same time through the old ways may not be open, some will be and some will obey. Then some will disobey and call you evil. They will call the new wine evil, and call the new wineskin evil. They will even call you a satan; if we don't keep moving with God we will die without the life flow of the river of God. Then we will become dead works, and then we will persecute the new works and those that are birth of the Spirit. We are to forgive, love and give them time to obey that do not obey the calling of the new. If they do not obey, and if they call us evil, then the Lord in heaven will deal and judge them according to their words and actions toward the new. (LK. 5:37-39)

I had a dream last night about the coming moves of God. I could see two classrooms, one, which is to end, and the other, which is to begin. These classrooms means moves of God. One was a class for babes. These was not babes in Christ, instead babes you are of the old and are not open to new. These babes had evil spirits around them trying to attack those who try to teach them the new or give them meat. We must be wise and move on to those who have a hearing ear. They who can hear the new ways we are to teach them, those that don't hear we are to leave them behind and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to them. May be in time they will come to the new classroom of the Spirit.

The divine rejection is the Lord's hand promotes us to new ways and new classrooms of the Spirit. In our hearing of the Holy Spirit and standing on the truth and the wine we will be rejected. This will in turn bring much blessing and promoting. Then in turn will birth a new company and new leaders. Let us now see other examples of the divine rejection.

The first example is the Ishmael, and the Isaac. One which old, of dead works, not according to the prophetic anointing and a work of the flesh. The other is of the new, is a new work, is according to the prophetic anointing and is a work of the Spirit. We can see that they will not mix, they will not be friends. They will have unity based on their father and so is it today. However, in their destiny they are apart. In the long run there will be blessings for both.

Then we come to Jacob and Esau, one was before and one came after. Jacob is the new move of God; there is favor and protection upon him. He will overcome all things, and he will overcome the Esau authority. The Lord has release the divine blessings and favor for a new move, and soon the new will be the head and other will have to follow the new. This is how it always been and will be. If Esau will submit to Israel then they will partake in their blessings and favor.

Then we come to Joseph, who is a sign to us today that the new move of God is not just a move, instead a reformation of all things. However the brothers of all past moves, and the body of Christ will reject the Joseph work of the Spirit. Thus the work of Joseph and then they will be great harvest among the nations, thus the brothers and the Body will come to bow their knee and be reformed. If you want the blessing of new you must bow your knee to the new. Every new move of God the old must bow their knee. The Lord is looking for humility from the old if there is pride he will deal with them. However, the Joseph must forgive and receive their brothers and give them provision with vision for them.

We see this in Samuel a type of a new move of God coming forth in the world they have more wisdom, more favor, more anointing, and more authority. The Eli move and their sons will be judge if they don't repent then they willed be removing to make way for the new. We must reform to the new and receive the leaders of the new.

Now Saul is a type of old moves that will rise up to against the new move. So far we saw the Saul work at work among us. Their works will come to their end and David will come forth by grace not by his own will. However, the Jonathan people in between must make up their mind in which one to partake with. No longer you can partake with both.

Moving forth we see Paul a type of a new move of God. The apostles before him were not obeying their calling. The Lord in his will rise up a new apostle, and so shall the Lord do today. Paul was not very like and only few like him. In the beginning the apostles follow the apostolic doctrine but then they turn to the gospel of circumcision which Christ never teach this teaching. They no longer walk in the apostle's doctrine. So the Lord raise up a new apostle with a new breed of apostles and apostolic people. Paul try to network and walk with them, he try to get these two moves of God to fellowship on common ground, instead the old move did not obey, and new move did obey. I hope that this does not happen today, and I know that the Lord will not allow this to happen, those who follow this old way will be dealt with. Nothing can stop us now. In those times he allows in order to teach the future generations of the church not to this. Peter is a type of those apostles in old wineskins and Paul is a type of those apostles in new wineskins.

Now again we can see that our perfect example is Christ. The old ways did not receive the John the Baptist or the Jesus move. One move was to prepare the way and the other move is was the reformation move. The Pharisees and Sadducees spirits are religious spirits sent by Satan to attack and kill the John the Baptist and Jesus move of God. These spirits are again moving through mislead servants and Christians to attack. They believe that they are right and are doing the will of the Lord. We must not allow these who attack to fellowship among us, instead to rebuke them and give time to repent. See they come among us to sow the seeds of evil spirits. It is time and we no longer listen, instead pray for them to be cut of. Let us learn from the examples in the Bible about the divine rejection.

Apart from that, with each move of Christ there are new leaders, the leaders of past moves do not listen to new leaders for the reason of pride. If the old leaders would submit to the new move of God then their wisdom would be receive. We have establish the zone of unity, which common ground let us keep coming and meeting together if we disagree, let us just come and love each other. If we are not obeying to truth, let us be open to love and in time we can speak truth with love. We must know there is the zone of unity and then there is the zone of reformation, let us know how to walk in both and how to partake with both. We are in a new day and time let us be meek and humble for we to can makes mistakes, and we make mistakes that we may learn from them and to teach others a more excellent ways.

Furthermore, in 2 Kings 13 tells us a story of a young man of God and old man of God; this story speaks much wisdom for us to apply today. We must obey the Holy Spirit and not the old man of God. If God said this then do that. If the old man of God brings a word that the Lord did not speak to you, yes respect and move on in obeying the Spirit. It is better to obey God today, instead of having old man of God's favor. In time all things will be clear and all things that are of God's will, will come together. The end will speak; trust the Lord in what He has said to you today. The Lord will give those who are likeminded who you can give account to, and he will give who those who listen and be apart of your life and ministry both leaders and people, just give it some time, and you will not be alone for long.

11.Prison of Revelation

Suffering from the trials of hindrances, delays, setbacks, and the wildernesses of endless waiting. You have been place into a prison not by your will, instead by the will of God for a certain amount of time where you cannot number those days of patience.

The four walls of your divine prison are hindrances, delays, setbacks, and endless waiting. You keep on praying and hitting your head up against these four back walls. You cry unto God and cry out to others from your heart and soul, however only God hears and this is the only comfort during the longest trials of your life.

People around don't seem to fit into your life, and your too don't fit into their life. It seems that most don't understand you, and it is hopeless to seek otherwise. Your trials in your divine prison are a trial of isolation not only from human beings, also from normal life.

You are not alone in your divine prison, also those who are called your love ones they to suffering along with you. Living on blind faith, blind hope and invisible vision, future and destiny. In addition, this includes those who believe in you and stand with you.

In these times of suffering has brought death to your vision, to your ideals, and to your success. However, remember you are a prisoner of hope, in your prison of waiting will become a prison of revelation.

In the prison of afflictions of hindrances, delays, setbacks, and endless waiting, you are being rising up for the hope of your destiny. Turn your heart and mind back to hope again. Fill your heart again with hope and prophetic hope. Let those times be times of prayer, seeking the face of God, worshiping God in the Spirit, praising and thanksgiving.

Your prison of hindrances, delays, setbacks, and endless waiting shall become a prison of revelation, the Lord will make Himself know unto you, in visions, dreams, prophecy, Word Revelation and prophetic revelation. Your time in the prison of revelation will be a time of fellowship with the living God.

The mystery of the prison of revelation that it is like the great fish that has swallow you up, and talking you for a ride to your destiny and once you reach the time of destiny the great fish will vomited you up unto your destiny land. However, right now your in the belly of the great fish praying and seeking God day and night, day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year. Just as Jonah was taking into his type of prison the great fish, that during that time was a time of prayer and of thanksgivings.

Nevertheless, the Lord of your destiny will give restoration of your time, years and days that will spend in the prison of revelation. The Lord will put you ahead of your time, He will set you in high places, and He will give a name of honor.

Apart from that, let us learn from those examples of those who suffer in prison as types for the prison of revelation. Apostle Paul was put in prison and begun a new ministry of revelation, writing letters to the churches that he establish. Before that time Paul and Silas was imprisoned for a short time, during this time they prayed, and singing hymns to God and suddenly there was a great earthquake and immediately all the doors were open and everyone's chains were loosed. We can see how the times in prison can be times of revelation, and how it is times for praying and singing unto God.

Joseph was in prison and it was a time of prophetic ministry and a time of witnesses about the goodness of the Lord. His prison days brought him to a person that would connect him to his destiny and forever change his life.

Daniel and his friends lived in a type of a kind of prison however; they didn't give their hearts to sorrow instead to prayer and to being faithful to the Lord. These times became times of revelation, visions, dreams and prophecy.

David was put into a type of a kind of prison the cave of Adullam were there was men of distress, debt, and discontented gathered to him, and the anointing that was upon David came upon the four hundred men and they become his army and he became their captain.

Furthermore, your prison of hindrances, delays, setbacks, and the wildernesses of endless waiting, can become a prison of hope and revelation, the only thing you need to do is to change your heart.

12.Understanding Waiting

No one likes waiting however; this is the way of the kingdom and the way of God. I will try to give a little understanding about waiting, and the purpose of waiting. God is looking for those who will wait on the Lord.

First of all the word talks about those who wait upon the Lord, this mean the Lord will heal and renew your strength if you wait on Him. How do we wait on the Lord? Through prayer and humility in addition, to take a season out of your life to pray and to know him better. When we go through warfare and trials we need to take time out for rest and to wait upon the Lord. Isa. 40:27-31.

Apart from that, we are waiting on the Lord for our prayers to come to pass or for the prophetic words to come to pass. How do we do this? Through prayer and believing in what God said to you. Use those prophetic words in warfare and in prayer. What you believing in God for praise and thank Him for it while you wait upon Him. Mk. 11:24.

In addition, we have wait upon the Lord during the training and to wait for the day of release into ministry. This waiting is to mature your Christian walk and in you're gifting. Endless waiting is apart of your training into ministry.

Moreover, we wait upon the Lord for the wine to mature. The new wine that the Lord gives us has to go through time of seating in order to become mature. Yes only a certain number will receive or drink of this wine, which is in the new wine skins. And those who are of the old wine will only have a drop or two. As the new wine matures there will be more who will come and drink of it on the contrary, the old wine or the old wine skins are now bad or evil. Mk. 2:22.

Apart from that, there is the divine waiting when God is waiting upon His people. When God is waiting for certain things to be formed. We can understand God's time by understand the events that happen. There will be certain events leading up to prophetic fulfillment. 1 Pet. 1:11.

Furthermore, Those who wait upon the lord does not wait in vain. God is looking for those who will wait upon him. Those who wait upon Him, He will use mighty in coming days. Those who don't wait upon him will have to wait in coming days.

13.Test of Time

Many of us have a divine calling. God has given some of us visions for our lives and ministries, and God give some visions for their future businesses. Some of us have prophetic promises that we believe God for, and some of us have been praying for certain things for years now.

Today the Lord is speaking to those who have holdfast to the vision that was given to them years ago, Things you prayer, fasted, waited upon the Lord for years. At the same time those around you and those in leadership could not understand you or your vision.

There is a fire that every one who wants to be somebody must go through. This fire is called the test of time. God may have giving you a holy calling, purpose, vision, destiny years ago and you have waited and been faithful to the Lord throughout the test of time. You have lost friends and other relationships for your faith in God.

God is looking for a company of full of faith people who can holdfast through the test of time. Those are ones who are modern day Abrahams. God deals with every believer as He deals with Abraham and we are all people of purpose and destiny in Christ.

God is looking for those who are sound in mind when it comes to faith, purpose, and vision. God needs those who are discipline, and are not double-minded in their faith. God needs those who commit for the long journey. Through the test of time God disciples us for our purpose and destiny in Him.

Through the test of time we will become wise and learn to flow and apply the wisdom of the Lord, which is from above. The fruits of patience, perseverance, and endurance will be grown in your life and ministry. The Lord only wants sold rock faith to build His Kingdom upon. Through the test of time you will birth a strong confidence that will give you the grounds to stand on in the future.

Furthermore, the fire of the test of time will make you as gold and your vision too. Many teach on faith instead few teach on the need of the work of patience. When the work of patience is complete in us then we are ready for our destiny.

14.The Last Trial

As receive your holy calling by faith and grace. You will enter into time of training from The Holy Spirit. This will come from the Holy Spirit, fathers, mentors, experiences, sufferings, tests and trials. During the time when you were called and the time of full release you will walk in part of the grace and the anointing of your calling as a part of your spiritual training.

As heroes of faith had to go through their tests and trials to be train for there divine calling from above. Such as Joseph, Moses, and David, all had to go through certain kind of training from the Holy Spirit in order to enter into the full release of their destiny.

There is a difference between a pioneer and their seed that comes after them; the pioneer is the one who has to go through more training, and more years of waiting upon the Lord, they are the one that prepares and are the forerunners for their spiritual seed that will follow after them. Now for their seed it will not take long for them to be raised up, for they have spiritual fathers to aid them.

Apart from that, there are a set number of trials that a person who is called to do great things must go through before they are released into their full destiny. These trials could be suffering, and tests, etc. through each test or trial that they go through, they must learn from them, and learn how to pass the tests that are giving through those times. These are the tests of the heart.

In addition, as they go through tests after tests, and trials after trials they will grow and mature into the characteristics of the person who they are called to be. We are called to be servants of character with our holy calling and gifts.

The steps to greatest are through the steps of humility. The path of suffering, the hard path is the fastest path to success and honor.

Moreover, then there comes the grace factor that the Lord Himself adds His grace to the areas of weakness and even the areas of strength putting us over the top for the glory of the Lord.

Beside, then there is the favor factor, not only the grace factor comes in, then there is the favor factor. The Lord favors His people, and He favors those who He called, and He favors you. Both the grace factor and the favor factor put us over the top.

As we run the race of faith, patience and endurance in the holy quest and holy calling and our divine destiny. We will come to the last trial, the last lap that by grace we will finish this race, and run the race that is set before us in the steps that will lead us to the full release of our destiny.

However, I am not saying that we will not have suffering, tests and trials later on in our calling and the Christian life, instead it will not be the same trials, the same tests, and they will be for another reason.

But, once when finish the last trial you will enter into the fullness of your calling, gifts and destiny in Christ Jesus our Lord. The full release of your vision, and destiny will come forth in your life. Your waiting on the Lord is not in vain.

Furthermore, you have now come to the ending of your spiritual training for the destiny that the Lord has set before you. You are now running the last lap, in the last trial. Now the second wind will come upon you, the Holy Spirit giving you strength to finish the race. Don't give up; you're on the last trial.

15.Burden of Faith

When you receive a vision for your life, you receive a burden of faith. Yes faith can be a burden too. For our faith in the vision that the Lord giving us and in Him who has said He will do this for us, can become burden.

There is the burden of prophecy. There is one thing to carry around the prophetic word that you are to minister to body, that too is a burden. Then there are those prophetic words that the Lord gives to you that He one day will bring to pass; this too can become a burden. It is a burden to keep it, to believe it, to pray it, and to walk in out.

There is bad stress, and other stresses, and then there is good stress that comes from the burden of faith, when you wait upon the Lord, pray and you are faithful from season to season, year to year, and then still wait. Expecting the fulfillment of your faith, such has prophetic words can cause you stress.

We have to write down the vision, and run with the vision, and live the life of faith, for the just shall live by faith. This too is a burden, if you're always running, and still waiting for the day vision.

Now here comes patience, through faith and patience we inherit the prophetic promises over our life. Patience, the working of patience is a burden and stress too.

We are not to cast away our confidence, which has a great reward. For we have need of endurance, so after you have done the will of God, you may receive the prophetic promises. This need of endurance is a burden of faith.

We will be tested and you will go through trials to train you for your holy calling and destiny, this too is a burden of faith. We are to fight the good fight of faith, this burden of faith is a good fight, and is a good burden to bear.

Above of this, we are to come to Jesus, who is our burden bearer. Yes carry our Cross-in addition we have the Aid of Holy Spirit our helper and comfort to assist us in carrying our cross. You are never alone, allows Jesus to carry your burden of faith. It is by grace, do it by grace, surrender to Him and allow Him to work on your behalf. He give the prophetic words or the vision, He will fulfill it. Rest in the Lord and allow Him to work the prophetic words to come to pass by His ways and means, and in His time. Enjoy your time of waiting upon the Lord, minister to the Lord, and enjoy the Lord and the things that He puts before you to do. He knows your heart and pain; He has not overlooked or forgotten you, not at all.

16.From Death Comes Life

From death comes life, and through death we are reborn, life cannot comes without death, to live for Christ is to die to self, and to live the life of the Spirit, you must be died to the flesh.

Before life can come forth from the seed, the seed must be planted into the ground, a form of death, and from this death comes life. Likewise, we are seeds planted in holy ground, and through death we come forth in life.

There are certain things that must die or else that which has been prophecy before hand cannot be born, or cannot live. The old church must die, in order for the new church to be birth and to live. The life of religions hinders the life of the church; through the death of religion the church can live forth.

We must go through our wilderness, even the church must go through their wilderness, and there must be a death of vision, and a death of human strength and the ways of man for life to comes forth, and for vision to live as God has planed.

We all must go through a death process, and the time of this process goes as long as we fight against this process, we only need to surrender to the process, and the time of the process will be more better and lest time. After death comes, you will be raise again, from death comes life.