The New testimony of Elvis Iverson

Elvis Iverson is a person of deep prayer, deep soaking, and loves the gospel of grace, His apostolic and prophetic call to the church first and then to the nations for the glory of Christ to raise up new apostolic wineskins, and partaking in the coming revivals and massive harvests of souls. His articles, teachings, ebooks, and books are touching many believers in many nations around the earth for the glory of Christ.

Elvis Iverson born and raise in Grand Forks, North Dakota USA at an early age he had the fear of the Lord in his heart and mind, he loves hearing bible stories, and always had a strong belief in God.

He was not raised in a Christian home, but he always had a faith in God and the Bible, although he did go to a tradition church for Sunday school, he was the only one in his home that went to church, in Sunday school he would ask the Sunday school teacher when are we going to study the Book of Acts and then the Book of Revelation, the person said our church has no teachings on those two books.

Elvis was born in a home with only a mother, but he always look to God has his father. To Elvis his mother was the best mother in the world, for she cared for him and loves him as a good mother. God give him a person to be a big brother and a role model to him this person was a believer at a tradition church. They would hang out every other weekend, and sometimes they go and help a tradition church with garden work. In addition Elvis loved Bible camp and hearing the Word at a tradition church.

When he was 10 years old, he felt the Lord upon his life and he give his life to Christ, at the same time the Holy Spirit came into his room and filled him, and Elvis begun to speak in the Holy Spirit, from that day forth God give Elvis dreams about the future and his destiny in Christ.

When Elvis was fourteen years old while walking home from school he heard a Voice say minister my Word, Minister my Word, minister my Word, he heard these words over and over, and he know from that day forth he was called to minister the Word of God.

However, he went through three years of temptation and spiritual oppression, during this time he cry out many times for deliverance and freedom. Then one day in march 13 1989, one of his older brothers came to the Lord and then want to Elvis asking him to visit a Holy Ghost Meeting where Elvis came on fire for the Lord, and decide to serve the Lord with his whole heart and to obey his called to preach and teach the Word of God. He begin ministering the Word of God at the age sixteen.

However, he went through three years of persecution from religious people, he call out to Lord in prayer and fasting, and continue to minister the Word of God. Then in March 1991 he had visitation from our Lord Jesus Christ; Jesus give Him a vision for his life and a vision for his ministry and laid His hands upon Elvis saying I have giving you power! From that day forth Elvis flow in Word Revelation, prophetic anointing, prophetic revelation, anointing and the power of God. God give Elvis a passion and anointing to pray and soak in the presence of God.

During the rest of his High School years he minister to others and met another person who has a passion for prayer, they would pray every night all night long for revival and harvest. After High School he went to Bible College were he learn nothing only that the Church needs reformation and revival. He was ordained in 1993 and entered into ministry with a Pentecost Group. He minister in North Dakota and Minnesota, spent years in prayer and fasting and Word Revelation.

During this time he found a small group of prayer warriors, and begun praying with them two times a week, these were times of prayer, prophetic prayer, and prophecy. Out of this came a revival center, where there were many prophetic manifestations, prayer, worship, and ministering to children and teenagers. However there was persecution from the spirits of religion, that God brought the Flood of 1997 upon Grand Forks, North Dakota and East Grand Forks, Minnesota. This work begun under the leadership of a mature prophet who was a farmer from a small town in North Dakota. He used his own money to minister to these two unthankful cities. What came out of this were a long lasting mentoring, wise council and friendship for Elvis Iverson.

However, these years of ministering among the Pentecost Group came to an end. These were not the best of years, but they were years of learning what not to do, these were years of persecution, fear, control, and mistreatment. 

In 1997 during a season of prayer, warfare prayer, prophetic prayer, apostolic prayer, was birth Supplication International Ministries, we begun holding home meeting of teaching and prayer, and we would minister as guest speakers at other churches in North Dakota and Minnesota.

In 2001 Elvis Iverson was led by the Lord to move to Omaha, Nebraska USA, and begin holding home meetings, during this time he wrote over 1000 articles that are read by many in many nations around the world, and wrote ebooks and books, begin to mentor and father other ministers in other nations around the world.

Elvis Iverson’s called is apostolic and prophetic to bring reformation and revival to the church, and bring revival and harvest to the nations, he is called to raise up new apostolic wineskins, planting churches, training centers, and apostolic networks in many nations, he has a vision to see the church mature and increase greatly in his generation, and to see the church become the city of God in every city and every nation, and to see the city church arise in every city of every nation, and to minister in signs and wonders to the church first then the earth around the world in many cities and in many nations for the glory of Christ.