Global Antioch Commission Apostles Trinity Church
Team Antioch International
Apostles Roundtable
India Revival
AP Global Network
SIMO India
Apostles Roundtable is a global online ministry of Word Revelation, prophetic revelation, apostoilic revelation, hearing what the Holy Spirit is saying to apostles and prophets for the church and the earth, and coming apart of the coming movements of God.
SIMO Supplication International Ministries Outreach India is a branch of S.I.M. in America
India Revival is networking and fellowship of many believers throughout the nation of India, for the vision of covering India with revivals and glory.
APGLOBAL is a fathering and mentoring network of apostles, prophets, fivefold ministry, those called into ministry, and marketplace ministers.
Global Antioch is a New Apostolic Congregation; which is a network of home churches with a center.
Tyrannus Apostolic Council
A group of 26 seasonal and mature apostles Hearing what the Holy Spirit is saying unto the church A United Apostolic Voice for the 22nd Century 
Gray Hair Servants
a ministry of senior citizens in short term missionaries
Enoch Company Brand of Servants a Groups of believers flowing in the bliss gifts and the path of Enoch