Destiny of Omaha, Nebraska

By Elvis Iverson

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1.Omaha Phenomenon
2.1854 Omaha
3.Divine Road Map "Omaha"
4.Great Repentance
5.Heart of Omaha
6.Key To Omaha
7.Omaha Altar
8.Omaha Gates
9.Apostolic Hub City
10.Love God Omaha
11.Isaiah 32 a Prophetic Word for Omaha NE
13.The Beach of Omaha
14.The Lord's Prayer Prophecy About Omaha, NE
15.Clouds of the Holy Spirit
16.The Unnamed Prophets
17.Where are the Prophets Omaha
18.Light of Antioch
19.My Eyes is Upon Omaha
20.Fire & Glory In Omaha
21.Seven Years of the Nazirite Vow
22.The Next Stage In Omaha, NE
23.Third Stage Is Beginning
24.The Great Work of Omaha Nebraska
25.Pray for Omaha Nebraska USA
26.Nebraska Goodwill
27.Canopy Of Glory

1. Omaha Phenomenon

I would speak today about what God is doing in Omaha Nebraska U.S.A. God called me to Omaha; I never know that this city was here. God place this City into my heart. I have fasted and prayed for this City for years. In 2001 God led me to move here to begin a ministry here. I obeyed God and came here. Omaha is my home now. And Omaha is the territorial commitment that I am called too.

In 1991 while in prayer, at that time I was still in High School. While in prayer, God gave me vision of Omaha and called me to this City. Since then I obeyed the call to make intercession for Omaha. I am one of many who have been called here.

During my years of great prayer for Omaha, God give much prophetic word. One was the seven works of Omaha and the other one was stages of Omaha. Although He gave me more prophetic words and even since I have lived about a year, God has given more. The two the stand out is the prophecy about Seven Works of Omaha and the Stages of Omaha. In the prophecy about stages of Omaha, two of those stages have been fulfilled. The Churches in Omaha have obeyed the first two stages. And the three stages are about to begin. These stages are certain times, projects and expenses that must be fulfilled and levels the must be orapllyed and levels of maturity that must be be reached. Since I have obeyed the first two stages, the three is coming soon. And I will say it, 'Omaha obeys all these stages he will add more.'
In the first two stages, lager numbers of Churches have obeyed the call to pray for their city and a lager number of Churches have come into unity and have networks. This has been some time in prayer and unity that has been reached. Since then they continued to grow and new churches were being planted. The Churches are growing faster than the Cities and are growing year by year. I will say one thing to this; God has only just begun!

2. 1854 Omaha

In March 22nd 1991 God give me a heart for Omaha Nebraska USA. It is now going on the fourteen year since I have been making intercession for Omaha. During the fourteen years the Lord has showed me many things about the destiny of Omaha. Although he has revealed many things I only know a little part of his plans for Omaha.

In 1854 was the beginning of the city, which is named Omaha. I believe that God was at work in the foundation of this city. I believe that God himself has a divine destiny for Omaha. I believe that there is a holy call upon this city. I believe that He has kept this city for the days that are coming.

In September 1857 God lead a businessman named Jeremiah Lanphier in New York City to begin having noonday prayer meetings for the business communality. What happen during these prayer meetings a great awakening that touch a nation and touch others nations around the World. In addition, this business revival touched Omaha around the spring of 1858. When there was prayer meetings going on in Omaha.

God showed me back some years ago that there was a hidden godly history in Omaha. This was the prayer meetings of 1858. Just think in the beginning of Omaha. During it's foundation revival came to Omaha. While I read this history and prayed the Lord showed me that this anointing is still in Omaha. That this anointing is waiting to be re-discovered again. This revival anointing is waiting to be open up again. Someone or somebody who will open the holy seal upon this anointing to flow upon this city, nation and the world again.

Moreover, The Lord revealed that when there is two or three businessperson gathering together in prayer in His name, He would be in the midst of them. Beside, The key to Omaha is business. It is time build a bride between the Church and the marketplace. It is time for the Church to arise in the Marketplace. It is time for the Church to give proper place for kings in the marketplace. It is time to begin to take down the wall of division that is in between the church and the marketplace.

Apart from that, In the Church at Antioch there was not division of any kind. All walls of division came down. There was not wall of division between Sunday and Monday. There was no division between the Church and the marketplace in Antioch. God spoke and said that He will gather the Churches in Omaha unto an Antioch Age. Where there is division there is a lack of vision. Where there are no walls of division there is the release of vision. Vision replaces division and division replaces vision. In Antioch was the first place were the disciples where called Christians. To be a Christian is not to be one but many.

Furthermore, I believe that God is about to move in Omaha. I believe that we should pray more for Omaha. I believe even if you don't live here, I ask you to pray for Omaha.

3. Divine Road Map "Omaha"

God has a road map for revival. God has plan and steps toward true revival. God wants to bring lasting fruit and lasting revival fire to our cities. God wants you to believe that he has a planned to bring revival to your city. Not just one or another but your city.

In addition, my people and my servants. Do not grow weary in doing good, for in due season you shall reap. Do not lose heart, or be dismayed. It is time for my people and my servants to be strong and of good courage. Since my people and my servants have been faithful to pray there are many due seasons coming. We shall reap were we have not sown. The one who sows shall be overtake by the one who reaps.

Moreover, seek me and hear what the Spirit is saying. I am showing my prophets in part of my roadmap for revival. I am calling my people to know their part in this roadmap. I am calling my people to play key roles in the roadmap for revival. Not one prophet sees the full roadmap. I have giving even my apostles parts in this roadmap. I have not giving to one apostle everything, but giving parts to each apostle. This is not one apostle's roadmap.

Now I speak about Omaha, Nebraska. I have a plan for you. I have layed out my plan through my prophets. I have called my apostles to setup and wait to follow my command in their parts of my roadmap for revival in Omaha. You have come now to the due seasons. You have obey me in first works that I given to you. Now I shall give you more. Omaha you are a hub city for my overview plan what I am doing globally.

4.Great Repentance

For the Lord say great repentance will come in Omaha. For I will cause all, both small and great, rich and poor to come to repentance. Great repentance will come to all in Omaha and the areas around Omaha.

When this time comes. I will pull down all strongholds and bring down kingdom of darkness. I will cast them down; trample them under your feet. I will break every yoke and destroy every yoke. I will lose the bonds of wickedness. I will undo the heavy burdens. And let the oppressed go free.

I will heal the broken heart. I will bring deliverance to the captives. I will recover the sight of the blind. I will bring restoration to all. For my kingdom is coming. I will establish my kingdom here. My kingdom, my power, and my glory shall come in Omaha. The kingdom of God is at hand.

5.Heart of Omaha

I will heal the heart of Omaha. I will heal the land of Omaha. I will visit and build an alter unto me in Omaha. Omaha the city itself is an altar unto God. I will place my eternal fire upon the alter "Omaha" it shall burn day and night.

I will heal the heart of Omaha. The heart of Omaha is the Marketplace. The Marketplace is business, government, education, and media. The Lord will heal them all. The heart of Omaha is in the hand of the Lord and no longer shall be in hand of the wicked.

Marketplace Christians I will empower with grace and power to rule and reign in the marketplace in Omaha. I will rise up more Parachurch Leaders and Local Churches and marketplace ministers. I will even rise up Marketplace Apostles that they shall be establishing in the marketplace.

The redemptive gift of Omaha is a hub city in America. The key to Omaha is business. I am taking Omaha to the next stage the level of repentance; shall come in the Church and to the City of Omaha. There shall be great repentance and this will be the beginning of many good things to come for Omaha. God is taking the Church from the pastoral dimension to Apostolic dimension in Omaha. As Kansas City is called City of Prophets Omaha shall be called the City of the Apostles.

6.Key To Omaha

Friends I had been in Omaha, since November of 2001 when God led a small group and I to Omaha. After moving here, I was in deep intercession for Omaha. And after a while, God opened my eyes. He showed me the purpose and destiny of Omaha. He gave me many prophetic words for Omaha. Beside, He revealed the ruling power of Omaha and how is the spiritual realm layout over Omaha. Also the Angel of Omaha visited me telling me the importance of the time we live in.

I had been praying for Omaha since March of 1991. When God gave me the vision for my life, a part of that vision is Omaha. At the same time our Lord Jesus Christ visited me and laid His hands upon me and said, "I have given you My power." From that day forth, I moved in a strong prophetic anointing.

During my time in prayer for Omaha before I was led to move here, He gave me certain prophetic words. He gave me more when I moved here. Out of what He gave me before I came, I shared a little on the Seven Works of Omaha and the Seven Stages of Omaha. Out of the Seven Stages of Omaha, two of them are always fulfilled. And the next one is upon us.

Today the Lord shows me the key to Omaha. And this key is Business. Metro Omaha receives much of its identity and direction from its Marketplace. The Marketplace carries a great deal of influence and can transform the city to reflect its interests. We can't have influence only with a Local Church or ministry but must be through Business.

7.Omaha Altar

The Angel of Omaha say from the LORD; Omaha is a altar unto God. Before the foundation of Omaha, Nebraska the Lord has set aside Omaha to be a last day altar unto the Lord. There are certain cities that God set aside to be last day altars. These cities will be power center in the Body of Christ.

Everything and everyone on this altar belongs to the Lord. Omaha is a altar. Omaha is livings altar. Everyone who lives in this city is upon this altar. Everyone who is in this city is a living sacrifice. God does not want any more dead sacrifices but living. What wants you not your money but your life.

Omaha is set aside to be a tabernacle of holiness. Omaha shall see God. Without holiness no man can see God. I will give Omaha a pure heart that they might see God. I calling for clean hands and a pure heart. I will clean your hands and they shall be clean I will purify your heart and your heart shall be pure. You shall receive blessings from the Lord, and righteousness from the God of your salvation. Yes salvation is coming; the whole of your salvation is coming. You shall the generation that seek the Lord, who seek His face. Omaha you shall not ascend to me but I shall come down to you and rest upon your city my holy altar. Omaha is a holy place; Omaha is one of mine holy places. Lift up your heads, O you gates! And be lifted up, you everlasting doors! I say to those in authority seek me. I say to the seats of power seek me. If that authority don't seek me and let me into my city I will replace you with those who do seek me.

Omaha is holy ground, take of your shoes, and take of your ministry. In Omaha I am the one who minister day and night. The whole City is full of Glory and all is mine. All of its fullness is mine and all those who dwell here are mine. But you minister unto me. Omaha is place where my ministers minister to me. I will wash you feet and they shall be clean. I shall anoint your feet and they shall be anointed. Then I will give your shoes back and you shall minister in power and with a pure heart.

I am calling you to live a holy life and be a living sacrifice unto me acceptable to God. If you are acceptable to me then you will not need man's praise and you will be free to minister where I have sent you. Where I send you will not seek their praises but you will do my will and glorify your Father in Heaven.

Omaha is called to be a city of the apostles. The seven eyes of the Lord are in Omaha moving from place to place. The full will of God for Omaha is being open unto my people. This time of fullness for many of prophetic words. The destiny of Omaha is upon her. Love Omaha and pray for her, for she will bring many to the Lord and shall be a star in the heavens.

8.Omaha Gates

You stand at the gate of Omaha. The Angel of Omaha stands next to this gate. Beside, this I see a roundtable with seats around the table. Each seat is another color or another metal. The Angel of Omaha say this is a roundtable of the Apostles that shall make there home here. Omaha is called to be the city of the Apostles. Then I see a company of prophets at the gate of Omaha. They stand next to the pillars who are at the center gate of Omaha. Then I see many angels camp around this center gate. And the Angel of Omaha say these angels come here by the prayers of saints. The prayers of saints have been heard! Then I see lights around the walls of Omaha. And the Angel of Omaha says these are the intercessors.

Moreover, I see the city as a bowl of mercy. And the Angel of Omaha says this is the Spirit of revival among God's people.

Addition, I see a gold ring around Omaha hovering over Omaha. The Angel of Omaha says this is the unity of the churches of Omaha.

Then I see mansions build by the work of the Spirit all over Omaha. They were very glorious to see. They were full of the glory of God. I see God's pouring the river of life in them from above. The mansions are the wineskins that come through revelation. The Angel of Omaha says they are the churches of Omaha.

Beside, this I see a city in a city. With great influence and power given from above. The Angel of Omaha says this is the marketplace. Marketplace Christian is called to use the marketplace to establish the kingdom of God in the nations.

Apart from that, the angel of Omaha say possess the gates of Omaha. My people will possess the gates of Omaha. I will establish my people at gate of Omaha. Addition, I will seat my people at the gates of Omaha. All seats of power and authority of Omaha I have given to the Church.

9.Apostolic Hub City

We know in part and we prophesy in part. The Lord does nothing without first revealing his plans to his holy prophets. God is showing me many things about the destiny of Omaha, Nebraska U.S.A. I have fasted and prayed for Omaha since 1991 before even moving here in 2001. In addition, I heard of one of the prophetic councils who called what is happening in Omaha, "The Omaha Phenomenon." Today I will speak about certain prophetic words about Omaha; in order to help you understand the will of God for Omaha.

Omaha is called the city of the Apostles. When the Lord said this it was very powerful word; that this city will be home to many Apostles, and many Apostolic Companies. In addition, that the Bible belt in America will be center around Omaha.

Moreover, Omaha will be another business center around this world. This city will be corporations utopian. There is another world in Omaha it is the world of Business. This is world a dimension of life in Omaha. It is the real life of Omaha. The marketplace is the heart of Omaha, God is going to heal, and his church will grow and rule in the marketplace. God will use business as a key to many nations.

Omaha is called to be one of the culture centers in this world. This will bring many from many nations all over the world to live here. Noble men, and state men will visit and meet here alike.

Omaha is a hub city in the Midwest of America. Moreover, it is a center in America. It will be center for many things to come in America, the world, and the Body of Christ.

Furthermore, The next level/stage will be a shift from pastoral dimension to the apostolic dimension. This is a leadershift not only in the local church, but the city church of Omaha. In addition, there will be crossover from the church to the marketplace. God will rise up marketplace apostles for the marketplace, and the church will enter into the marketplace. Moreover, at the same time we will enter into a time of repentance which will last for at lest four years. This will be a grounding work of the Spirit for future reveals and moves of God in Omaha. The last word I give about Omaha, that Omaha is alter unto God, it will be a city of habitation for the Spirit of the living God. God speaks a habitation of God in the Spirit, a continue outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Which has no ends, for God lives here. Beside, there will be many visitations from God in Omaha. The next visitation will begin very soon.

10.Love God Omaha

Praise The Lord Jesus Christ; we have prayed for Omaha Nebraska USA since 1991. It is God who placed Omaha upon my heart to pray over these years for Omaha, before then I had no ideal of a city name Omaha. In 1991 God give me a vision of a center in America that center was Omaha. In this article I will share about three topics about Omaha.

This is the 150-year since Omaha was established. I believe this year marks a turned around and beginning of her divine destiny in Christ. The end is always better, and the end of a thing is a new beginning. I believe this is new beginning for Omaha and I believe we are entering into new time not just season but a new time for Omaha. This time is earmark by the purposes of God and the prophetic vision God has said to others and me.

Apart from that, God said to me this is a city of the Love of God. There shall be great love for God and for one another in this city. I also see coffee shops all over Omaha and people seating there talking and sharing about the Lord.

Moreover, Today the Lord places upon my heart to go anointed and pour out oil upon the gate of Omaha. As Samuel anointed David to be king over Israel, I was to do on Christ's behalf to anoint Omaha for her kingdom purposes and her divine destiny.

Furthermore, The Angel of Omaha spoke to me again at the gate of Omaha. You must know that this angel watch post is from this center gate. He said to me these are the signs that shall follow this day of anointing. 1. Repentance shall begin to come to Omaha. 2. There will be increase in prayer in Omaha. 3. There will be changes within heart of Churches in Omaha. 4. Apostles and Prophets will come to Omaha, and make their home here. 5. There will be increase of Anointed Servants visiting and ministering in Omaha. 6. There will be increase of visitation of angels all around Omaha. 7. There will be increase of Christian actions in the Marketplace. 8. There will be increase and new mindset toward the city church from a local church mindset. 9. God will begin to alien the city and church to their destiny. 10. There will be changes in city government toward Christ. 11. The kingdom of God will begin to be setup in Omaha. 12. An increase in Church growth.

11.Isaiah 32 a Prophetic Word for Omaha NE

The Holy Spirit will establish and rise up righteous leadership and authority they shall bring justice to Omaha. The Holy Spirit will heal men, heads of homes, and leaders to be a hiding place from the wind, a cover from the tempest, and they shall be rivers in a dry place, and they shall be the shadow of a great rock in a weary land. (Isa. 32:1-2)

This is the day of the Prophet's reward. The prophetic revelation will not go dim any longer. The Lord gives His people a hearing ear. The people will hear the Lord in the prophets. (Isa.32: 3)

The Holy Spirit will deliver us from all our fears and will heal us from all our fears. (Isa. 32:4)

The foolish and false giver will no longer be called generous and the miser will no longer be bountiful. The Lord will take out the spirits of greed in Omaha. Omaha will be free from greed. The churches of Omaha will be freed from greed. (Isa. 32:5-6)

The Lord will take out and remove the evil spirits that rule in those leaders and those in authority in Omaha and in the churches of Omaha. (Isa. 32:7)

The Lord raise up and establish a generous people, generous churches, generous Christians, generous businesspersons, and generous wealthy people. (Isa. 32:8)

This is a time for deep and great intercession in the church of Omaha and in Omaha. The Holy Spirit is calling us all to pray much, seek the face of the Lord much, and to make intercession for the lost. The Lord is releasing an anointing for deep and great prayer and intercession upon the Church and city of Omaha. (Isa. 32:9-14)

Until the Spirit is poured upon us from on high, and the wilderness becomes a faithful field, and the fruitful filed is counted as a forest. (Isa. 32:15)

Then justice will dwell in the wilderness, and righteousness remains in the fruitful field. The Word of righteousness will be peace, and the effect of righteousness, quietness and assurance forever. (Isa. 32:16-17)

My people will dwell in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places. (Isa. 32:18)

Through troubles and trials that will come upon this world, however Omaha will be a peaceful habitation, a secure dwelling, and a quit resting place. (Isa. 32:19)

Blessed are you who sow beside all waters, who send out freely the feet of the ox and the donkey. Omaha will be a blessed place to do business; the businesses in Omaha will be blessed. (Isa. 32:20)

Furthermore, Omaha will a faithful, righteous, and a city of justice. Omaha will be a generous people; Omaha will be a fruitful field, and a forest. Omaha will be a peaceful habitation, a secure dwelling, and a resting place.


I see a vision of a wasteland, as I look upon this desert, I feel as unclean. No one thinks of moving here, no one thinks of living here, and those who come here are look down upon. Even those who are already here don't want to be here, and when someone moves here, they even look down on them, and the people shut their doors toward them.

I see some cities in this wasteland; only people pass through, not stop, nor setup their homesteads. I walk among these cities and look upon the faces of dwellers, and I see no hope upon them. Their heads or their backs are not walking tall. I see pastors and others ministers. They even look less hopeless then those around them.

Then The Holy Spirit said, look into the north, south, east, and the west. What do you see? I see railroads being build toward those cities in the wasteland. They are being built supernatural; the Holy Spirit says I am connecting the green and fertile areas with this wasteland. Many people will come from many cities and many nations to this wasteland. I see a city in the wasteland; it is central city of the wasteland. The Holy Spirit said, this city would grow in size more then most of the fertile cities of this world. Then I saw within this wasteland city a central gate. Then the Holy Spirit said I would establish my Apostles and Prophets at this gate. I will establish my Marketplace Apostles at this gate. I will place my glory upon this city; this city will be a resting place for my glory in today's world and in the end of days. I will protect this city, and it's people, and my people and even my apostles and prophets who live here.

Then the Holy Spirit give me a glass full of holy anointing oil from heaven. That has been set a part for this time. The time will come, when I will say to you, pour this glass upon this city. Once you have pour this glass upon this land, I will change this city forevermore, and bring forth lasting fruit the will bring glory to my Father in Heaven.

The City that the Lord is taking about is Omaha, Nebraska U.S.A. I pray that God would give you a burden for this city.

13.The Beach of Omaha

I see a vision of Omaha Nebraska, in this vision I see a divine fog upon the city hiding the people of God, that have not bow their knees, and have been made pure through fire of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

The foundations of Omaha that the Lord is laying before our very eyes, is a foundation of apostles and prophets. This is a work of he Spirit and a work of grace. The Lord has set aside this city for His coming resting glory. This is the city of the resting glory, this is the city of the Apostles, a city of the Joseph Anointing, a city of the marketplace army, and this is the city of revival.

Those who have prayed faithful over the years, there prayers are before the Lord. The bowl of incense has become filled with the prayers of the saints. Now this bowl will begin to overflow and flow upon Omaha in revivals. Omaha shall be known as a city of revivals, and of the resting glory of the Lord.

The Lord will raise and establish Apostles; the Lord will send Apostles to build and to live in this city. This city belongs to the apostles. God has giving this city to the apostles. They're many kinds of apostolic ministries and networks H.Q. in Omaha. This city will be a home to international ministries that are based here in Omaha. This city will impact the world many times. When you see apostles arise you will see the prophets, prayer ministers, worship ministers and business persons gather around them holing them up in prayer and support.

However, there seems to be misleading plans of human ideals and of the human will that wills to be rooted in this city. The Lord is establishing a pure foundation, and establishes pure foundations in this city. All other things will reap the fire of God. Right now the Lord is establish a beachhead in Omaha, although there are battles from human pride, human will, human strength against those who the Lord said establish this beachhead and prepare the way for my resting glory.

In 1854 was the beginning of this city, and in 1857 a move of prayer and an awaking begin through a noonday prayer meeting in New York and this movement came to Omaha in 1858, for there were business persons meeting for prayer. Now this well will begin to reestablish again in Omaha, this will be a working of the Holy Spirit. There will come a great awaking from this well of revival. This was the godly foundation that the Lord laid, and upon this He will build a mighty marketplace army in Omaha. The Lord will place upon the Church of this city the mantle of Jeremiah Lanphier, and we will see greater fruits that will come forth in this city.

Now the Lord will set all things in order, and deal with those things that are not in His order. He will place everything back into order and lead the churches to build this city into a holy alter for the resting glory to come.

Now the Lord shows me the seat of Satan in Omaha, this is the place where the ruling power of darkness rules from in this city. A former President dedicated this temple in August 22, 1869, which give this power of darkness authority over the city. The Lord takes me to this temple on 3114 Harney Street and I hear these words from above, this seat of satan shall be destroy and this Humanist religion shall be uprooted in this city, and this Humanist religious group in this nation, and around the world, will fall apart from the face of the earth. The city of Omaha and the church of Omaha will be set free from this ruling power of darkness, and the Lord will replace this with Himself.

Now I since the anointing of John and the anointing of Paul coming upon the apostles in the city of Omaha, to walk in the same anointing, ministries, signs as the Apostles John and Paul walk in.

The Lord will bring a Spirit of grace, a Spirit of Supplication, a Spirit of Repentance, a Spirit of Reformation, and a Spirit of Revival upon the church of this city and the city of Omaha. There will be massive repentance, many churches will come to an end, and many churches will be born. The Lord will change this city forever and this will only be the beginning of the blessings and revivals that are coming to this city, and above all the resting glory of God will rest here, this city will be the home of the resting glory of God.

Now the Lord shows me the gate of this city, and the gate of this city is business. I see there will be great meetings that will last for long times in these meeting places, people will come from all over the world, people will also come here to live here. In addition, at this gate He will build a city church center, and the Lord will establish a city church network.

14.The Lord's Prayer Prophecy About Omaha, NE

What is God doing in Omaha? The Lord said takes the Lord's Prayer as a prophecy over Omaha. Each part of the Lord's Prayer is another level and step toward what is coming.

Matthew 6:9-13 :: New King James Version (NKJV)

9In this manner, therefore, pray:

Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name.
10Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.
11Give us this day our daily bread.
12And forgive us our debts,
As we forgive our debtors.
13And do not lead us into temptation,
But deliver us from the evil one.
For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.[1]

Luke 11:1-4 :: New King James Version (NKJV)

Jesus Teaches How to Pray
(1) 1 Now it came to pass, as He was praying in a certain place, when He ceased, that one of His disciples said to Him, "Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples."
2So He said to them, "When you pray, say:

Our Father in heaven,[1]
Hallowed be Your name.
Your kingdom come.[2]
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.
3Give us day by day our daily bread.
4And forgive us our sins,
For we also forgive everyone who is indebted to us.
And do not lead us into temptation,
But deliver us from the evil one." [3]

As see in the Lord's Prayer the needs of man are meet and the needs of God are meet Amen.
The Lord's prayer is also a prophecy that will come to pass in the Body of Christ. Both in the day of first fruits of the Church and in the end. God give me also this as prophecy for Omaha. All of God's Word the Bible is Prophetic not just the books of Prophets. Amen.

Level of Prophetic fulfillment:

1. Our Father in Heaven: relationship/connection
2. Hallowed be your name: Making room for God/Worship
3. Your Kingdom Come: God's kingdom come, we need to line up with his word, his plan not our plan.
4. You will be done: fulfillment of prophecy, walk in fulfillment of prophecy.
5. Give us this day our daily bread: Provision, God's preplanned provision.
6. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors: fogiveness, reconciling, inner healing, unity, fellwship.
7. And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one: protection, deliverance, spiritual warfare.
8. for yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Five-fold ministry, gifts of the Spirit, revival.

15.Clouds of the Holy Spirit

The Lord says signs and wonders will follow those who believe and move forth by faith. But also I say to you the blessings will come to you and the blessings will overtake you. Now is the appointed time. Get ready to run. For rains of the Holy Spirit are going to pour over and will not stop. The floodgates are going to open without you knowing it.

I see many clouds of the Holy Spirit over many cities. I see many clouds of the Holy Spirit over many churches in many cities. The Holy Spirit is not limited to one cloud. In the time of rains, we must ask the Holy Spirit for rains and clouds to form over us. This is time for rains.

I see certain clouds that are coming to Omaha, Nebraska USA. And these clouds are coming to many cities and nations. I see a cloud of blessings for the blessings of the Lord are coming now and fast. There is no time of waiting. Ezek. 24:26 says there shall be showers of blessings.

I see another cloud coming to Omaha in this time. It is the cloud of righteousness. For Hos. 10:12 says He comes and rains righteousness on you. This cloud will rain righteousness to bring about right order. God will bring his order to the church and city of Omaha.

I see another cloud coming to Omaha. This cloud is of the apostolic. For Ex. 13:21 says a pillar of cloud will lead the way. For the calling of the city of Omaha is to be the city of apostles. I see a cloud of grace and a cloud of prayer being poured out over Omaha. For Zech. 12:10 says that God will pour out the Spirit of grace and supplication. I see another cloud coming to Omaha. It is cloud of visions, dreams and prophecy. As it is said in Acts 2:17-18, so shall it happen here in Omaha.

And see another cloud coming to Omaha it is the cloud of glory. As in Ex. 40:34 so shall the glory of Lord fill Omaha. This is the time for rains, not for waiting, this is the time to go forth and fulfill the vision that God has given you. I see another cloud come to Omaha in this time; it is the cloud of restoration. As in I King 18:41, so shall it be in Omaha.

The Lord says this is time for rains, read the signs, open your eyes my people. Prophets discern the times you live in. For you too shall be pillars of fire to the nations. I say to all who ask for rains in this time, and I shall rain upon you, your cities and your local churches.

16.The Unnamed Prophets

Today while I was studying my Bible, the Lord spoke to me about a great number of unnamed prophets that are coming to Omaha Nebraska USA. We are living in the day of the great number of unnamed prophets.

In the Bible you see when prophets came, they are called as a prophet or the man of God. Then he would go and we could never hear about that again. And you also see that their names were never called, instead, they either called him prophet or man of God.

I believe that prophets will come out of no where to speak word that change your life; these prophets you don't know; they come just once to speak the word of the Lord and then they would go. This will happen many times in this day, for God is bringing forth this kind of Prophet.

Also the Lord says that an army of unnamed prophets is coming from four corners of the earth to minister the word of the Lord.

Let's open our eyes and do not keep God any longer in out own boxes. It is time to free our minds, so that we can move more in God and be more free in Him.

17.Where are the Prophets Omaha

It seems that there is a lack of the prophetic in Omaha Nebraska USA. I have been praying for some time to meet more prophetic people in this city. Well I've meet some and they have little revelation and most of them are household prophets. There is no widespread revelation in Omaha for the time being. After a while praying for God to lead me to other prophets God open a door for me in going to some fire meetings outside of this city were I meet a wonderful prophet from upstate New York. He gives me a name of a Prophet who once had their H.Q. here. I then contacted her by email. She emails me back and said that all the prophets moved out in the 90's

What could make the prophet to get up have leave this city behind them? The church of this city is full of religious spirits. I know there are more then just household prophets in this city. There are prophets here they just don't have proper place among this city church.

Omaha is called to be the city of the Apostles. I believe that this city will be the homestead of many apostolic ministries. I believe this is one of the centers of revival in the World.

However, how can you flow into the apostolic without first understanding the prophetic. There is a need for the prophetic in Omaha. Every city needs the Prophetic. Every City church needs prophets. God will not do things without speaking first through a prophet. If you want to see God move honor the prophets. Give them proper place. Hear what God says through them. Amos 3:7-8.

The Holy Spirit will not visit in a mighty way without first coming through the prophetic. If you receive the prophetic you will be open to the visitation of the Holy Spirit. Despise the prophetic quench the Spirit and there will be no visitation. What happens if the Lord visits and the church hinders and the city rejects him? God's judgment will come then. The city church is to prepare the city for his visitation 1 Thess. 5:19-20.

Apart from that, the city church has been faithful in prayer and I believe we will see changes coming. God does hear the prayers of his people.

Furthermore, I ask all those who hear this word today to pray for Omaha. If you would like to know more about God's will for Omaha visit

18.Light of Antioch

I see an angel stand before me. He said come with me I will show you a great light in a land. I then was standing in this land. I then looked around and I see prophet's prophesy day and night in this land. I then see many people praying day and night in this land. I was so beautiful and there was a sweet-smelling aroma.

I then saw this great light in this land. I then saw a few leaders standing that no one knows it. I looked within these leaders and I see grace. I then see angels talking to them and watching out for them in everything they do. I see God's favor upon them. I see his goodness giving to them daily.

I see upon the ground of this great light a foundation brings to be laid before my eyes. I then see a building bring build. I hear words from above. This is Antioch the church of the coming days. I will gather the churches in this land unto an Antioch age. The Churches in this Land will be an Antioch Church of love and power.

Moreover, this is a city church, which will be a modern day Antioch Church in this nation and World. I then see these leaders, and I hear these words from above these are the leaders of this city church.

In addition, I see my Lord among these chosen leaders. He says you are my apostles go now and build your churches in this land. Your churches are a room in my Church that I am building in this land. I will call my House Antioch.

Furthermore, I see many people groups come to the churches of this land. I see the Churches of this land grow in number and grow within. I see this land and city grow in number and grow within. I even see many people groups and many people come to this city and land.

19.My Eyes is Upon Omaha

Omaha my eyes is upon you. I see all and know all. Nothing is hidden from my eyes. I will purge and cleans Omaha from all uncleanness and unrighteousness. I will make you pure in everything. I will make you beautiful, attractive, gorgeous, brilliant, radiant, marvelous, and splendid and, I shall give you dainty. You shall be a glorious city not only in America but also in the World.

I will make you a city of light. Yes you will be a city of the light of Christ. I will place a mantle on you. A beacon of light will shine in every direction. Yes it will shine day and night. Their shall be 24 hours and 7 days of prayer, worship and prophetic. I have placed my angels at your gates to watch over you and to keep you in my ways.

Omaha I have giving certain tasks set forth. I have giving you works to do in you and outside of you. I will bless you with many people. I will grow you by number and grow you in side. I will fill your streets with my love and mercy. I will heal you from every hurt and bring full restoration in this generation. This generation is the generation called destiny.

I see an angel stand before me in this prophecy. He is the angel called destiny. He says, "I have lead and brought many here to this city for this hour. I have not brought you here to bring you down but bring you up in the life of this city". I see another angel, which is name the angel of Omaha. He says, I have been placed he along time age. This city is my mission and life. I've waited for this generation, which the Lord said in heaven before my holy commission. I have watch and waited for such as a people as now have come to Omaha". Then the angel of Omaha said, "now I have heard the prophetic words about this city and now I know that this is the time". Then the angel of Omaha said, "I hear these words from the Most High in Heaven say now come! Now come my divine times come! Now come my apostles come! Now come my marketplace Apostles come! Now come my marketplace Christians now come! Now come people from many nations, from many states come. Now come my power and glory come! Now come my Kingdom Come now"!

Furthermore, I hear these words from heaven " There should be delay no longer". I then hear a trumpet and the release of prophetic declarations over Omaha. I then see the breaking and opening of seals. I then see the release of woes upon the Scribes and Pharisees. I then see the release of bowls of prayer and wrath upon the powers of darkness in Omaha. I then see the saints in Omaha obtain supernatural protection in spiritual warfare. I then hear new songs from heaven. I hear songs of the Spirit, enthronement, harvest, and prophetic declaration and intercession, and songs of victory.

20.Fire & Glory In Omaha

Today while in prayer the Holy Spirit give me a vision of the future of Omaha Nebraska USA. In this future I see at least not limited then seven city church centers/ networks in Omaha. I see pillars of fire more then four in the city of Omaha. I see 98 percent saved and on fire for God. I see God brings unbelievers to Omaha all the time in order them to be saved moreover, I see people from all over the world coming to this city, and I see sick people coming to be healed in this city. I see the city growth grow three times of the growth we have now. I see wealth and many businesses in Omaha. I see the cloud of Glory hover over the city day and night and I see lighting and thunder between the cloud and the city ground. I see a host of angels around the cloud of glory. I hear these words; "this is one of the resting cities for My Glory." In addition, this city will be a center in the body of Christ and the kingdom of God in these days and in the end times.

I look among the city church centers and networks that they are all connect in the Spirit of unity that cannot image at this time what it will look like. I then look upon one of these city church centers I hear 24 hours and seven days prayer, worship and prophetic. I see that revivals will minister from these centers. I see that apostles are over these centers and networks of the city church.

I see other apostles and their ministries establish in Omaha at least 26 but not limited to this number apostolic ministries or networks.

21.Seven Years of the Nazirite Vow

The Lord has given Omaha seven stages each must be obeyed, each level must filled, and live on, and become our habitation, and each stage must be possess, and each time must come. This is the will of God in Christ Jesus our Lord for Omaha. The church of Omaha is responsible in aiding and doing their part that the city may enter into each of these divine times. The Church of Omaha has obeyed two of these stages, levels, periods, degrees, grades, planes, and steps. For this reason that the church of Omaha obeyed, the city enjoyed the fruits and blessings of these set times.

The third stage is coming. This is the stage of great repentance this will last at least four years or more. Now I believe this time will even last at least seven years.

Also, the church of Omaha is going from pastoral dimension to the apostolic dimension. Omaha is going from the pastoral unity to the apostolic unity.

In addition, the church of Omaha is going from a church being in the church going to be in the marketplace, and likewise the marketplace will be in the church. The Lord is building a divine bridge from the church to the marketplace, and from the marketplace to the church. The Lord is building a marketplace church in the marketplace.

Moreover, the heart of Omaha is the marketplace and business is the key to the marketplace. If you possess the marketplace you will have the heart of the church and have the city in your pocket. If we establish the Kingdom of God in the marketplace and workplace then we will have the city in our hands. The Lord is going to heal the city by healing the heart of the city, the marketplace.

Nevertheless, The Lord is calling Omaha and the church of Omaha to the Nazirite vow. He is calling us to a seven year Nazirite vow. There is coming seven years of the Nazirite vow to Omaha and church of Omaha.

Besides, if the church wants Omaha to be free and break all strongholds, etc the Lord said they will have to do the Nazirite vow, and this Nazirite vow will perform this.

Furthermore, This is the stage of great repentance that is the seven years now is the seven years of the Nazirite vow. There is coming a seven years of the Nazirite vow to Omaha and the church of Omaha.

22.The Next Stage In Omaha, NE

Omaha and the Church in Omaha;

The Lord would his hand is upon you. You have mark out for his plan. For kingdom will come in Omaha. I bring unity between the Church and Omaha. For my blessing will flow from Omaha. Omaha you apple of my eye and I will not leave you nor forsake you by any means.

The next stage for Omaha is coming this year. For you been faithful in the first two stages of my plan for you. Each stage I bring you must be faithful in order to have promotion to the next stage. Each stage is level that I have called you to fulfill. If you fulfill I will grant to next level. If not I will come and deal with any who hinder my work in Omaha. I bring you from level to level.

I have given you seven stages. Seven is number competition. In each level there is work to be done and fulfilled. But each level there is greater work being done. We need to see the full picture of the full work I doing. That will take all seven stages into one work. I will not give you full picture it. If any one among says that have the full picture don't listen to him, but have mercy on him. But day will come when my prophets will obey me and gather around my apostles and have sweet fellowship together. Then I will open your eyes to the full picture of my plan.

If you are faithful in all that put before you, I give you more. After the seven works are fulfilled. So there will not be end to my love kindness. I love you Omaha and Love Church in Omaha.

You are living in the time of transitioning Omaha. You are between two stages. But will soon enter in the next stage. For you left one and you getting ready to enter the next stage. In this time of transitioning you see apostolic birthmarks, and they will be authentic birthmarks. Apostolic ministry will come forth and be establishing in Omaha. For I am birthing apostolic ministries in your city. But they are children in this kind of ministry as most of you are. Be tender toward them or else I will be angry toward you. Pray for them, for I will cause them and bless to mature and they will not fall or fail in their call. I will bring them into their rightful place the set place among Omaha. I will cover them and protect them for I am their covering. They will sake the equilibrium of the Church. The Apostles that I am raising up will be here to stay. Omaha is their home. This is their home base. We will see emerging Apostles in our city.

The next stage is coming soon. One of major aspect will be great repentance from great to small in Omaha. Both in the Church and the City there will great repentance that will bring lasting fruits. And my people will say this is revival and another this glory of the Lord. But I will say I have only just begun.

23.Third Stage Is Beginning

In 1991 the Lord Himself give be a holy burden for the city of Omaha in Nebraska USA. Since then He has giving me prophetic words about this appointed city. One of those words is called the seven stages of Omaha. Each stage means a level that must be keep, and also each stage means building to something greater. Which that is God adds to the next stage. In addition, each stage means a period of movement of God or activity in Omaha. Omaha is called to be a habitation of God in the Spirit. Moreover, Omaha has obeyed the first two stages and we are now in between the second and third stage of Omaha.

The Third stage of Omaha is great repentance. Great repentance will come upon the church first and then to the rest of the city of Omaha. This will be a continue spirit of repentance for some years.

The Key to Omaha is business however, the key to removing the darkness over Omaha and establish true light of Christ is repentance.

Last night while I was sleeping an angel of the Lord came to me and I woke up to this holy presence and it was revel to be the stage of repentance is beginning. It shall come like a hand. There will be drops, and we will taste of the spirit of repentance in some churches then this will soon cover all the churches. Then this will cover the whole city.

The fruits of the Spirit of Repentance:
1. Repent of sins.
2. Radical holiness.
3. True humility.
4. A hearing ear.
5. Revelation.
6. Love.
7. Deliverance.
8. Spiritual breakthrough.
9. Much prayer.
10. See the will of God for the City and the City Church.
11. God will heal the city and the church of the city.
12. Changes.

Apart from that, God will build a bridge between the Church and the Marketplace, an army of marketplace Christians, Marketplace Apostles, and the city church going from pastoral dimension to the apostolic dimension. There will be city apostles and city church networks. Moreover, you will see many apostles build their homestead in Omaha.

Furthermore, the heavens over Omaha are opening. Angels are going to work. There angels being place all over this city. There are angels out making plans and getting ready for what is going to happen not what if.

24.The Great Work of Omaha Nebraska

The Holy Spirit is saying to the church of Omaha, and the people of Omaha. Before my prophets have spoken my prophetic words about Omaha, I have spoken them in My Throne Room before time begun, before the foundations of Omaha.

Hear My vision that have for Omaha; hear My vision that I have for Omaha. Hear My prophetic words that I have for Omaha. Write them down, and pray for them to come to pass. What I have said, I will bring to pass in My own time, and in My own ways.

I am doing a great work in Omaha; I have been working upon Omaha for some time and even before My people heard of My vision and the prophetic words that I have said about Omaha. I am patience and I am longsuffering, I know all things in and around Omaha.

Wait upon Me in prayer, in worship, in fasting, and wait upon Me. Bring Me your plans and your destiny, and I will give you My plans for you, and My destiny for you. I am doing good work in the hearts of many in Omaha.

I will establish the Apostolic Church of Omaha. I will rise up and establish a holy company of Apostles; I will lead My prophets to Omaha to My house and to My people, to rest and to minister to the Lord. I will establish My tabernacle of prayer, worship and of the prophetic in the land. I will establish the city church of Omaha. I will rise up the Apostles of Omaha. I will establish apostolic churches and apostolic ministries, and apostolic networks in Omaha. I will reform the Church of Omaha, I will set My fire upon this city, and this fire will burn day and night. I will place My resting glory upon this city, and I will bring massive revivals to Omaha. I will establish the marketplace church in the marketplace of Omaha.

I will change Omaha for evermore, and I will give Omaha a new name that I have written in Heaven. Omaha shall be called Omega, for now I write a new history for Omaha, a new beginning and all old things will pass away, and I will establish the new things in Omaha in this new beginning of time.

25.Pray for Omaha Nebraska USA

First Prayer Outline:

1.Pray for great and massive true repentance.
2.Pray for habitation revival to be established.
3.Pray for visitation revivals to always come.
4.Pray for massive revivals.
5.Pray for massive reformation.
6.Pray that this city becomes the city of the apostles.
7.Pray that we become an altar unto God.
8.Pray for marketplace army to be rising up.
9. Pray for a Joseph anointing upon the city.
10. Pray for great missionary movements.
11. Pray that we become an Antioch city.
12.Pray for the true city church to be rise up.
13. Pray that a new foundation of apostles and prophets.
14.Pray for apostolic unity.
15.Pray that we become a city of the love of God.
16.Pray that no unclean thing can dwell here.
17.Pray for the glory of the Lord to rest and dwell here.
18.Pray for the Kingdom of God to be established.
19.Pray that we become an apostolic hub city.
20.Pray that we become a center in God's plans.

Second Prayer Outline:

1.Pray for massive revivals to come upon Omaha.
2.Pray for great outpourings of the Holy Spirit upon Omaha.
3.Pray for habitation revival to be established.
4.Pray for Omaha to be filled with the glory of the Lord.
5.Pray for great repentance to come upon Omaha.
6.Pray for the Apostolic Church to be established in Omaha.
7.Pray the local government of Omaha to be reformed to the Image of Christ.
8.Pray for many Christian businesses to be birth in Omaha.
9.Pray for many Christian global companies to be birth in Omaha.
10.Pray for a mighty marketplace Christian Army to be raised up.
11.Pray apostolic reformation to come upon the church of Omaha.
12.Pray for the Lord to rise up apostles and prophets in Omaha.
13.Pray for the Lord to send apostles and prophets to Omaha.
14.Pray for the Lord to rise up a company of Apostles in Omaha.
15.Pray for the Lord to rise up a company of prophets in Omaha.
16.Pray for city apostles and city prophets to be rising up in Omaha.
17.Pray for deep restoration and healing to come to all in Omaha.
18.Pray for Great Deliverance to come upon every person in Omaha.
19.Pray for Great Deliverances and Great Breakthroughs to come to Omaha.
20.Pray for Omaha to have true freedom, and to be set free from the kingdoms of darkness, and come under the Kingdom of Light.
21.Pray for unity among the Churches in Omaha.
22.Pray for Apostolic Unity for the church of Omaha.
23.Pray for the city church of Omaha to come forth.
24.Pray for apostolic churches, prophetic churches, prayer churches, worship churches, and marketplace churches to be established in Omaha.

26.Nebraska Goodwill

Nebraska you are a blessing to many around you. I have blessed you that you might be a blessing to others. Yes you are a resource state for others and for other nations. I will bless you even more now. Saints of Nebraska I've heard your prayers. I shall place my holy fire upon this sate. I will send my holy fire, the Holy Ghost fire from Heaven. Upon this state. I will set this state on fire and burn all unclean things and purge everything. This state shall become a gold state in this nation.

I am planting many seeds in this state. I will build this state up. I will build in every city and town in this city. I am building you up that you may build others up in the future. I will remove your trials and suffering. I will give you goodness and goodwill.

Many people in this Nation will move to the cities and towns in this state. I will increase this state number of residents. I will bring peaceful and law-abiding people to this state. I will keep out every unmerciful person and every unlawful-abiding person from this Sate. I will cleans, purge and remove all lawbreakers and breaker of peace from this State. I will improve this State in every town and in every city. I will make life better for everyone in every city and every town. I will protect and mark this Sate, that no plague or evil will touch this State.

I will make this State rich. I will make its residents rich. I will increase wealth and richest in this Sate. I will give grace and seed that this state and its residents will give to others.

Furthermore, I have called this State to be a resource state. I have made this State the Center of this Nation. As it is the center of this Nation it shall be a center of many things. As I made Omaha a center City in this Nation it shall also be a center in many things. I speak peace and goodwill to you Nebraska.

27.Canopy Of Glory

On January first, new year's day, a canopy of Glory began to cover the central and Midwest--heart land of America. Anything under this canopy will be blessed. There the Holy Spirit continues to rain upon that area and it is covered with glory---showers of blessings, righteousness, and Kairos. The Glory of the Lord is the goodness of the Lord. God wants each one of us to receive the goodness of the Lord. And it is time for us to know His goodness in our lives. The ten characteristics will be not only for those Christians but also for anyone living under this canopy of glory.

1. Open heavens.
2. Open hearts.
3. A continue rain of Spirit on the just and unjust.
4. Both the just and unjust can hear God with a hearing ear.
5. Prosperity for the just and the unjust,
6. Revival.
7. Gatherings.
8. Unity.
9. Order.
10.Demon free zone.

Isaiah 4:5 speaks about "in the glory there will be a covering". The Glory of the Lord shall cover us. A canopy of glory will cover the central, Midwest and the heartland of America. The shadow of the Almighty will cover us and under Him we shall take refuge.

God shall rain kairos moments down upon us. A rain of kairos moments is upon us. Kairos- (kiros) n. is a word in Greek which means 'time.' Specifically, a period of time characterized by good fortune, urgency, and favorable opportunity; a kairos moment is typically one short duration, which must be seized, or it will be lost.

We must also come under the canopy of glory by being willing to obey God, to have a willing heart and be ready to obey God.

How can we come under the canopy of glory?

1. Understanding that the Blood of Christ covers you: Heb. 13:20-21.
2. Develop and birth a passion and burning love for Jesus Christ. We need to birth of an extreme devotion to Christ.
3. Reverence and godly fear--- to tremble before Him.
4. God has created us for good works and we know them and do them unto the glory of Christ.

The Glory of the Lord will cover all in the Central, Midwest and Heartland of America. Ether come to the river or the river will come to you.

Above all I see a three or four Kairos Movement. This is not to limit us at all. More---do you want more? Keep asking God for more and give more. I should want more.