Burden of Prophecy

By Elvis Iverson

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1.The Cyrus Anointing
2.Demonstration Days
4.The Hour of Esther
5.Apostolic Church Arising
6.Great Changes
7.Fire Line
8.Spirit Of Humility
10.Silent War
11.Christianity Shift
12.Touch of God
13.Foxhole Company
14.Revival Life
15.End of Christendom
16.Embrace the Current Moves of God
17.Times of the Divine Wedding Feasts
18.Coming Deliverance Anointing
19.All Men Will Cry
20.Restoration of the Ministry of Jesus
21.Global Apostolic Unity
22.End of the Road
23.Restore The Order
24.Great Communicators
25.Deliverance Revival
26.Extreme Anointings
27.Fires of Patience
28.Parts of a Global Vision
29.A New Balance in the Spirit

1.The Cyrus Anointing

The Lord would say this is the month when Cyrus anointing will be release. Even this week the Cyrus anointing shall be release. Not more waiting on God for those who have been waiting before the Lord. And God will no longer wait on those who don't seek God. For I take those who have waiting on me by the right hand and move them forth in destiny.

It is time for businessmen and kings of the earth, and those who I have anointed to be king in the business world. And the Apostles and the Prophets to come together to build my kingdom.

Yes the anointing of kingship will release upon my appoint servants. Who will rule in the kingdoms of men on earth? They shall be Kings in my Church to aid my apostles and prophets. Even Apostles will have the Cyrus anointing to carry forth the Kingdom of God. I the Lord will do this for only one reason that I have called them by their names to carry out those kingdom works on earth.

I will open the gates of wealth of the sinner that I have stored up for righteous and the gates of the wealth of the Gentiles shall be open and not close. For my blessing shall come, my blessings shall pursue and my blessing shall overtake you.

Waves and Waves shall come. Each wave will bring fruit that remains. Waves of finances shall come, peruse and overtake you. The waves will not stop. For river of life never stops. I will give you grace to harness each wave. With each wave there be a grace and empowerment in your life.

The Cyrus anointing will increase year after year and its increase shall have no end, only a beginning but no end. A prophetic word they keep on being fulfilled throughout you lifetime. And I shall be with in all of this and all you shall do. And my peace will be with you in all things and all you shall do. My Holy Spirit will guide you hearts and mind in the right path for you.

2.Demonstration Days

We are entering in new day in time. We are going see within the Body of Christ great, strong and mighty demonstrations of the Holy Spirit. The days of powerless Christians are over. To be a Christian you must be like Christ.

1 Corinthians 2:4-5 :: New King James Version (NKJV)

1 Corinthians 2
4And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human[1] wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, 5that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.

1 Corinthians 2:4-6 :: Amplified Bible (AMP)

1 Corinthians 2
4And my language and my message were not set forth in persuasive (enticing and plausible) words of wisdom, but they were in demonstration of the [Holy] Spirit and power [[1] a proof by the Spirit and power of God, operating on me and stirring in the minds of my hearers the most holy emotions and thus persuading them],
5So that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men (human philosophy), but in the power of God.

1 Thessalonians 1:5-6 :: New King James Version (NKJV)

1 Thessalonians 1
5For our gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Spirit and in much assurance, as you know what kind of men we were among you for your sake.
6And you became followers of us and of the Lord, having received the word in much affliction, with joy of the Holy Spirit,

1 Thessalonians 1:5-6 :: Amplified Bible (AMP)

1 Thessalonians 1
5For our [preaching of the] glad tidings (the Gospel) came to you not only in word, but also in [its own inherent] power and in the Holy Spirit and with great conviction and absolute certainty [on our part]. You know what kind of men we proved [ourselves] to be among you for your good.
6And you [set yourselves to] become imitators of us and [through us] of the Lord Himself, for you welcomed our message in [spite of] much persecution, with joy [inspired] by the Holy Spirit;

1 Corinthians 4:20 :: New King James Version (NKJV)

1 Corinthians 4
20For the kingdom of God is not in word but in power.

1 Corinthians 4:20 :: Amplified Bible (AMP)

1 Corinthians 4
20For the kingdom of God consists of and is based on not talk but power ([1] moral power and excellence of soul).

It is nice to have good Bible Preaching and Teaching. But without God's power, it not line with will of God. God's will is Power + Preaching, or Preaching + Power, or Power + Teaching, or Teaching + Power. This is will of God. And this is what we will have very soon in the Church.

It is not God's will for us to go to Church on Sunday, and not have a ministry during the weekdays. Every Born Again Christ should have a Ministry. Although not every one is called to Five-Fold Ministry.

Ministry only needs faith, not training, but those called in five-fold ministry will need training. When ones get saved and is disciple they should allow to walk in their gifts, healing the sick, casting out demons, etc. Even those called into Five-fold ministry should walk in their gifts. But later on they will need over time training to step into their God given office in the Church. To walk in your gifts you need no training, but be in leadership you need training.

And for those go into training, like Bible College or Training Centers or Fathering and mentoring. Need first to know their gifts and walk in their gifts. And every one should at lest have one gifts of the Spirit. Before they learn to preach or teach. For it the anointing and gifts that will make people hear you more. Not you're preaching or teaching.

To those Churches that going in line with God. Teaching the Gifts and allow them flow among them. Soon and very soon I will fill the Church with all gifts. For not one gift will my church lack. At the same time I will fill the Church with fruits of Spirit and not one fruit will my church lack. For I baptism not only with fire and power of the Holy Spirit, but also with the Love that I have for my church.

We will see the demonstration gifts of Spirit in every Church and in every nation on earth. Gifts of healing will come forth, their healing ministries among the common believer. Gifts of miracles will come forth; there will miracle ministries among common believer. Gifts of faith will come forth; there will be faith ministries among common believer. We will see signs and wonders ministries not only in Five-Fold Ministry but also in common believer.

The Lord say not only we will see the Demonstration gifts of Spirit in the Local Church, but also Revelation gifts of the Spirit and the Utterance gifts of the Spirit.

The Lord says not only we will see gifts of Spirit but also we will see all the gifts of Spirit, of the Lord Jesus, and the Father and all gifts in Bible in the Local Church. All gifts are best gifts.

At the same time there is order and unity among the gifts of the Lord Jesus Christ, and Gifts of the Spirit and the Gifts of the Father. We walk in order and love. I calling forth a more excellent way among gifts that you walk in. Just for reason you can raise the dead does mean that you can't submit. They're those greater among us. But will must walk in humility and submissive to order of the Church.

We will see the signs of the Apostle come forth in the Apostles that are among us. We will see signs and wonders and mighty deeds of the Apostle. At same time we will also see their patience among us.

To those you say this not of God, this will not be among us. I the Lord will close your doors for good. At same time to those say this is of God and let this be among us I will open your doors and they will not shut.


The Lord is speaking to Church, the Body of Christ. He is standing at the Door of His Church. What going to say will sound like I am out of this world. The Lord changes timetable of the Church, the Lord has also change times we live in. In time past He allow Denomination to able in His Body. For reason we were not mature in those times, or ready. Now we come to time when we mature to certain place and we are ready for what is going to come. We are no longer in time of denomination, but a new time of the apostolic for Body of Christ.

1 Corinthians 1:10 :: New King James Version (NKJV)

1 Corinthians 1

10 Now I plead with you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.

Romans 16:17 :: New King James Version (NKJV)

Romans 16

17 Now I urge you, brethren, note those who cause divisions and offenses, contrary to the doctrine which you learned, and avoid them

1 Corinthians 1:10 :: Amplified Bible (AMP)

1 Corinthians 1
10But I urge and entreat you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you be in perfect harmony and full agreement in what you say, and that there be no dissensions or factions or divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in your common understanding and in your opinions and judgments.

Romans 16:17 :: Amplified Bible (AMP)

Romans 16
17I appeal to you, brethren, to be on your guard concerning those who create dissensions and difficulties and cause divisions, in opposition to the doctrine (the teaching) which you have been taught. [I warn you to turn aside from them, to] avoid them.

Denomination is another word for division. There could be division in a Local Church, there could division in the City Church, there could division in company of Churches, and there could division in the Body Of Christ. The Truth is the Church division at City Church level is curse from Denomination mindset. And at the Global or National Church Level the reason for division is denomination mindset. The reason for division in Body of Christ is Denomination mindset.

Romans 16:20 :: New King James Version (NKJV)

Romans 16
20And the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.

Romans 16:20 :: Amplified Bible (AMP)

Romans 16
20And the God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah) be with you.

The new wineskin will be on four levels. Which are the Local Church, The City Church, and vertical network and horizontal network. The New wine Skins are the networking of all fore levels together. A network is made to network. A denomination is not made to network. There will not be networking among the denominations. But among networks there shall be networking. Apostles will replace Denominations. The denomination order will not make room for Apostle. For in the denominations are so-called Bishops and administers that oversee churches in their denomination world. That position only belongs to Apostles. An Apostle can only be a Bishop. If there Bishop and he not an Apostle. He is then a false Bishop. Apostles will rise up networks and their networks will network with other networks.

There fire that coming from Heaven upon the whole world. We have already entered in to this Fire. This Fire consuming fire, for our God is the consuming fire. For God judge all of Church, all of Christianity and Christendom. And anyone called them self a Christian, and anyone calls on name of the Lord. For God will bring Just Judgment, this a mercy judgment for God will burn up every thing that not of His will, nature, word or order. And that which is of his order, word, nature and his will they put through the fire. This Judgment upon church will manifest as the great reformation of the Church. And after we are judge the world will judge by his fire. And bring reformation to the World and it's nations.

4.The Hour of Esther

Esther is a type of Apostolic Intercession. In the movements of the Spirit there is always a need for higher degree of intercession to gear up and cover the move of God. It is such a time as this. God will raise an army of "Esthers" to stand in gap for the apostolic movements in the earth.

This is the hour of release of the apostolic intercession. God is raising up Apostolic Intercessors to connect to the modern day Apostles. God is calling forth the "Esthers" to take their place in the Church and the World. Even Nations will depend on apostolic intercession to escape from the evil that is coming on the Earth. God is taking the Church to another level of Intercession. All levels of intercession must be filled. And God will fill all levels. He is causing the level of prophetic intercession to be filled rapidly.

We will see within the time of seven years, much great deliverance will come to the Body of Christ and then we will enter a new time of liberty; for the Holy Spirit will be Lord in the Church.

We will see many apostolic waves come upon the Church and the Earth. They will come and build the Church for next wave of the Apostolic. I see an apostolic wave breaking forth and going to certain nations beginning in the month of November and will last for three to four years. For God is establishing Apostolic Authority through the Church and the World within this seven-year period.

5.Apostolic Church Arising

This is the year and this is the time for a new breed of church to emerge from it's various trials. It has been through the fire and become gold. The day of it's revealing is at hand. It seems has it will never be or it could take some time, others have mocked it but they were mocking God. The Evil one has tried to keep it back and to silence it in anyway. But God was behind his plan and using him to bring an end to many of his plans, while his time is over! The obedience vessels have been trying by strange fiery trials but now their time has come. It shall break forth in signs, wonders and mighty deeds. Mercies and Judgments shall be their friend.

The elements of this move of God will be foundation, mentoring, multiplies, gathering, and revelation. A great pull of the Spirit is coming to many, there will be a great move of God in the earth that go for three to four years. But will say this I have only begun!

I will raise up Joseph's, Moses', and David's and Nehemiah's in the Earth and the Church. This is not another religious movement but a Kingdom movement. It is time for changes to come to our mindsets, from religion to kingdom.

Truly, truly, truly you shall see restoration of miracles. The Gift of Faith, the Gifts of Healing and the working of miracles shall break forth and have no end before your eyes. Yes you shall see the dead raised, and this is common in my church. Yes you see the gift of trainson in the church in full manifestation. Yes visions and dreams and prophecy will be common. Yes the gifts of Spirit will no longer sit on the staff of human control.

Truly you will see the signs of the Apostles. Great Apostles will emerge and people will gather. They are not like the most eminent Apostles. Hear wisdom say if man picks God's leadership there will never be power. God picks his leadership and if man is wise he will obey.

Revival and reformation and polemic preaching and teaching are the language of these Apostles. God is labeled dogmatic and non-ecumenical with the spirits compromise that has entered many churches. I will give these Apostles a mouth and wisdom which all not be able stand before them, for no be able to stand before My Word. All their opponents combined will not be able to resist and refute these Apostles. Yes I have marked them with my protection and no man may lay a hand upon him. Here it comes the Lion hearted apostles to do what it takes for breaking forth the Church into freedom and power.

The Apostolic Builders have come forth to build, gather and send out. The Nation and City takes will be born a short time. Yes this is a day of history making, but not the last day I have only begun! History Makers arise in the Church and the Earth now is time!

6.Great Changes

Look now North to South and East to West. Great Changes are coming. Did I not say "I will shake all nations" and everything that can be shaken shall be shaken. I am making room for my Kingdom; I am making room for my Church. The Spirit of repentance shall come upon the North to the South and to the East and to the west. God begin to move upon our days to bring His glory to the church and to the world. Fear not, but lay hold on your destiny in Christ.

I have heard your cries and prayers, the heart of God is moving for the sake of the righteous justice, is there not a cause? Shall not God repay? Position yourself to receive the blessings of the Lord for your redemmer will come. And the Lord will do staft work and swept through you life. Now I say prophecy to dry bones and they shall live. Not one of my words will fall to the ground!

You live in the day of reformation, when the Lord shall bring reform to the Church, and reform to the World. Not one places will remain untouched by the reformation from the Lord. Stand, my people, stand, my people. Lift up the staff for the Lord is coming with mighty wind to set you in high places. Yes He shall humble the pride in heart and promote the humble in heart! Now is the time says the Lord. This word is a said by the Lord's word. Peace and joy fill you soul, the days of your suffering is over and the day of blessing have come.

Sow in the prophetic, sow in the apostolic, you have come to the place of 100-fold return. I the Lord would say, 'look beyond the 100- fold blessing, for God is not limited by 100-fold blessing'.

I see great changes in the government, I see changes in our cities, I see changes that are beyond the great will come to the Church. It is now the time to grow roots deeply in the set places of the Lord!

7.Fire Line

I see a fire line, a line drawing of fire in the future not far away. This fire line represents a measuring line in our history. This represents a bloodline that without the blood of Jesus we can't pass by. This represents the shepherd's rod we must pass under and be counted. This represents the river of Jordan. This represents a coming into order and the sound of the trumpet.

Many will obey in that day; many will hear the Spirit says cross over the line; many will make the transitioning of history. Many will hear the Spirit and not obey; many will hear the Spirit and go in another way. Many will not obey in that day. But those who obey will be counted in the sky as stars for everyone will be known and remembered by their faith.

Those who don't obey and turn back from my command of the sound of the trumpet, I will chasten them; I will scourge them; and I will rebuke them. As many as I receive as sons I love them with everlasting love and with my everlasting kindness, I will draw them.

The Spirit and the Bride say come! If you don't obey the Spirit, whom then do you obey? If you don't obey the Bride then whom do you have fellowship with? Hear what the Spirit is saying unto the Churches! A hearing ear is an overcoming ear. He who crossovers the fire line shall overcome of that which is to come.

The flesh is strong and the works of flesh persecuted the works of the Spirit. The works of the flesh hinder the kingdom of God. The flesh cannot walk in the Spirit. The Spirit is grace, faith and truth. Those who walk in the Spirit cannot obey the desires of the flesh and can't be partakers with the works of the flesh. The flesh cannot pass the fire line. Your flesh may be strong but Greater is He who is in you than those in the world.

8.Spirit Of Humility

The Spirit of Humility is upon the land. The Spirit of Humility will rest in the heart of men. The Spirit of Humility will be found again on the lips of my people. The Spirit of Humility will open doors that could not be open by strength and the wisdom of men. The Spirit of Humility will anoint your eyes to see. The Spirit of Humility will give you understanding to look into the hearts of men. The Spirit of Humility will bring a new divine protection to you.

The LORD will cover the land with humility. The land will be cloth in humility. I will cover the heavens with humility. I will cover the ground with humility. I will cover the bronze with humility. I will cover the iron with humility.

The inward pride and the hidden pride will no longer rob from my precious people. The pride and the haughty will no stand in this land. The Spirit of humility will bow the knees of my people unto greatness and glory.

The grace of humility will be wearing on your armor as you go out to battle in the coming days. You have learned humility now you shall learn honor. You shall have honor in the day of battle. The memory of the righteous shall be blessed.

False humility from self-imposed religion will not hide your true light from the world. This light will shine into the darkness around you and many will come to know the Lord. I will surround you with favor as a shield in these days and the ones to come. I will show you my glory. Moreover my glory shall rest upon you and the place of your tent.

You have baptized my people into water now you shall baptize Nations into my holy fire. You shall baptize Nations, Cities and People groups into my holy fire. This is not only unto the third and fourth generation but also unto generations to come.


Arise my prophets and go into your destiny. Run the race that is set before you. The prophetic word, the prophetic ministry will not die with you. Bring forth the redemption prophecies to my church. Bring my redemptive prophecies to the cities I send you. Bring my redemptive prophecies to the nations I send you. Stand in the gap for my body, cities and nations. Stand for them and not against them. Moreover, God for you and not against you as God has giving you such mercy I now command you to give my mercy to those whom I love. I love the whole World. Beside, I don't just love Israel and the Church but the whole world.

I am calling and raising nameless and the faceless ministries. That doesn't seek or have no thought for personal fame or glory. I am calling my prophets to become my servants again and stand before my people with my word and my love.

I am calling my sleeping prophets to wake up. This is your time. I am anointing you for this hour. You have gone to sleep for many reasons. Some of my prophets seek the glory of man and gone to sleep. Some of my prophets have become very religious in your thinking. Some of my prophets are full of opinions. Some of my prophets are in the wrong companies. Some of prophets are in other moves that I am no longer in. Some of my prophets have been rejected and hurt, which are many therefore for this reason they have gone to sleep.

This is why your wake up call has come. That may obey God's will for this season and time. That you may stand in the gap for my people in this hour. That you may stand in the gap for this generation. This generation is like no other in time before. This generation is a righteous generation that carries the ark of my glory. My glory shall rest upon this generation. If you don't obey your calling their blood will be on your hands!

I am bringing many storms today. Storms that will leave no doubt in their minds that I am behind them. Moreover, the storms that are coming only I can take credit for. I am going to do things in your day that has not been done before. That are greater then the red sea miracle. However, What I shall do is for your good and the salvation of mankind. This is harvest time for my Church and I need my prophets to be in their places when I move on the scene of history.

I am connecting my prophets to apostles. I am connecting my apostles to prophets. I am connecting my prophets to pastors. I am connecting my pastors to prophets. Nerveless there will be those prophets who stand in this day as Agabus did with proper relationships. Furthermore, this is no new thing for I am been doing this for a while in my Body with my servants not only with the prophets.

In this decade I am bring great impacts to many cities and nations whom I love, for I love the whole world. My prophets shall bring great impact like Jonah did to the great city of Nineveh in this decade.

Apart from that, I will bring healing and restoration to my prophets. I will heal you of your past sufferings. I will promote you in the midst of your sufferings. I will comfort you will great comfort. I will pour in my wine and oil. I will give you understanding to your suffering.

The way we do ministry will change. The way we do church will change. In addition, what we think is a successful ministry will change. What we think is big ministry will change. God intends to rise up nameless and faceless ministries across the board. The great names in current ministry today will fade to give way to ministries of the nameless and the faceless that seek not the glory of man and are in God's order for church government.

10.Silent War

After two prophetic dreams the Lord show unto me a silent war that has been going on between the Church and the chef religious spirit that is in change of religions on earth in the kingdom of darkness. This spirit is one of the high-ranking spirits among satan's top command. In one dream I saw the Body of Christ, and the others I saw this religious spirit. (Eph. 6:12)

It has been a silent night, o holy night for too long. They grow up right cross from each other. However, it is the time to rejoice holy apostles and prophets who have been persecute during most the church age. The time is coming soon when God will take vengeance upon this evil spirit. (Rev. 18:20)

This evil spirit is called the queen of heaven, diana of the Ephesians, the moon goddess, and the great harlot of many waters. This spirit rules over all religious spirits throughout the world. All religious are under this evil spirit's control. However, this spirit shall fall in our time, and a great number will come into the kingdom of God. In addition, the Bride of Christ will arise in the earth full of glory. (Jer. 7:16,18; 44:17,4,2-3)

This is a day of confronting the queen of heaven. This will be done through apostolic authority and the apostolic church. This battle will be done on upon many levels. This evil spirit rules over many cities, nations and when the apostles arise in that cities they can take this spirit's evil power away and win their city for Christ. (Acts 19)

Moreover, this will not be a work of the flesh, but a work of Spirit. We are to war not according to the flesh but according to the Spirit. We shall overcome the queen of heaven in our time. The Body of Christ will not fulfill her destiny until this spirit is taken out of the way. It stands in the way of destiny of the Body of Christ. Just think what will happen if religion was no longer in the way of the Gospel of Christ? (2 Cor. 4:3-6)

11.Christianity Shift

The Headless Horseman has been release on Earth against the evil within the Church. This is the divine time in history when the woes are being released against the modern day Scribes and Pharisees and the power of religious spirits will be broking over the Church. The Judge stands at the door of His Church. He has come to clean and purge his Body free from all uncleanness, those who resist will be no more. This is the divine time of spiritual conflict within the Church. This is the beginning of the end of Christendom. There will be no room for Christendom in his Body.

In addition, there will be a great shift in Christianity in the World and the Church. There will be a shift even at the heart of Christianity. All the rocks that have been laid that are not build upon the rock of Christ will be cast away. Along with the cast away of these so-called rocks of faith those leaders will be swept to the side too.

Moreover, I hear these words from Him who stands at the door of the Church. "I have not come to make peace with those who are not of me, but to make war". I see a great army before my eyes. I hear these words, "No longer shall the pastors, administers, presidents, and bishops will lead my holy army". I then saw those behind in back of all the ranks begun to move in a new directions and it was the opposite of those leading in front. These new leaders of this great army our Apostles and Prophets.

Nevertheless, what you think and what you hear, and what you see is not the reformation but only the beginning. This holy great reformation will reform all of Christianity to God's will, and true plan for His Church and Bride. This is not a reformation of any group in the Body, but a reformation of all of Christianity, and the raising of the time of the Apostolic Church, which shall birth the Kingdom Church.

Furthermore, it is time for you to be meek and humble. It is time for you to rediscover humility and to have a true passion for Christ, for I will put my holy fire in all who submit to my will. I will give you a new heart and a new mind. I will give you a new life in me. I will write your name in Heaven for all to see, for I love you with a holy zeal my Church and Bride.

12.Touch of God

Do not look around you with eyes of human and religious judgment. Do not judge my children. Do not seat in seats of false judgment to the world and to the church. Did I appoint you to judge my people or the world? Your judgment is not my judgment. Your judgment is not the judgment I allow for in the Bible. You judge from outside and according to your understanding. You judge and sin in your understanding. I see the hearts of my people. Did you die for them on the cross? Do not remove the mercy seat or you will be judge. What spirit are you of?

Do not call that which I call clean unclean. Do not call that which I call in order out of order. Do not call that which obeys me disobediences. Do not call that which I say is of me not of God.

The hand of God has come to touch that which is unclean in your eyes and that which is not according to your likes. I have come to call those things that are unholy holy in my eyes. I have come to call those things that are unclean clean.

If I touch you; and you shall be made holy before my people and me. If I touch you I will make you holy. You may see those who are sinful among you, just watch and see I will touch them and they will be holy. However, what you call holy is not holy.

To those who are trying to overcome sin in your life, your battle is not alone. God is with you throughout your battle of faith. God will come and touch you and you shall not be attack by those sins anymore.

In this month I will do changes around you. Within these few months I will do changes around you and in your life. This is a time of change and harvest. I will turn your life around into my goodness and mercy. Believe for change and turn around. Believe for things to get and become better for you.

13.Foxhole Company

The Lord has called many to the ministry of the foxhole. They did not chose this ministry it is the Lord Himself who has chosen this ministry for them. However, many around them do not understand and even most of the body does not understand. Many cannot understand instead they point fingers at them in their foxholes. There are some who say I will help those in the foxholes instead they bring many troubles to them.

God has chosen many although compare to the body they are only few in number. The body does not love them, they may say they love them, since they are out of this world and out of church mindsets they do not love. Instead, God loves them with holy love for God see all things.

The foxhole company fined comfort in the fire of the heat of the battles. The foxhole company feels at homes in the times of suffering. The foxhole company eats the meat of suffering and rejoices. The foxhole company chose the path of suffering for the coming glory.

They go through continue battles. Fighting demons after demons. It seem that they are always going through hard times, for this reason the body misjudged them and speak words of judgement over them. They say something is wrong with them, I may not know it now but I will find out they have said.

However, the foxhole company will come forth in victory. They will be covered with glory. They will eat the best fruits of the kingdom and this world. They will come out of their foxholes and enter into the ministry of reigning on Earth in this time. The Lord is coming to visit those in the foxhole and with Him are the just rewards for what God has seen in secret shall be rewarded openly.

Furthermore, The Lord will bring the foxhole company before his whole people and kiss them and say you are my sons and give them honor.

14.Revival Life

We have come to a time that we will no longer live without revival. Revival will be a way of life. It will be normal and anything that is not revival will not be accepted. We will no longer be without power and glory. We will no longer know what it means to be without power and glory. We have come to the end of life without power and glory. Revival is the manifestation of the glory of the Lord.

This is a new age of the Holy Spirit. There will be many revivals. We will never be without revival. We will always hear of good news of revival. There will always be revivals. There will be revival to revival. The Church goes from revival to revival. There we are more then a few revivals at the same time. Revival will birth revival. Each revival that comes will be greater then the last. There will be habitation revival and there will be visitation revival. We must know the difference of them both. Visitation revival will always be greater then habitation revival and will add to the habitation revival. Habitation revival is continuing revival and growing revival.

We also must know the difference between corporate and personal revival. You are the temple of the Holy Spirit therefore you can have revival in and upon your life, and you can bring revival to those around you. For the Holy Spirit is in you, Heaven and the Kingdom of God are in you. When you gathering together there is more anointing since each one of you are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

You can have personal revival based on the truth that you are the temple of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is in you, Heaven is in you, and the Kingdom of God is in you!

Furthermore, The Lord will fill the Church with His glory and the glory will overflow into the nations and the whole world will be full of the Glory of the Lord.

15.End of Christendom

Our Lord Jesus Christ said He will build the Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her. The Church is the Body of Christ, the Beloved Bride of Christ. The church age will come to an end however; the church will not come to an end, for she is the Bride of Christ. The Church is not the Kingdom; instead the church is apart of the Kingdom. The Church is the ambassadors, and the priesthood of the Kingdom of God. Above this the Church is the Bride of King of Kings of the Kingdom of God.

Nevertheless, Christendom is not the church. Christendom is of man not of God. Christendom is dead works, and our Lord hates dead works. Christendom will come to end in a short time from now. The Church will not come to an end instead be free from the yoke of bondage that comes from Christendom and works of men.

On the contrary, before Christ can build and plant He must root out, pull down, destroy, and throw down. This will be fulfilling in His time by His ways. What is this called? It is reformation! Reformation is coming to the whole of Christianity, Christendom, and the Church. When this work is done there will be no Christendom. In addition, the Church will be ready for her rightful predestine glory. Reformation is being reformed to the true Image of Christ, and every other image burned up, and the Image of Christ being revealed by the fire of the Holy Spirit. See Jer. 1:10.

By contrast, the seeds of reformation have been sown and the Holy Spirit is raining upon them. We already see seeds at work in the church, in the Body of Christ. Very soon we will see the follow ground broken up. Those things that have been laid that are not of the foundation, which Christ laid. See Hosea 10:12.

Apart from that, what I see is coming is three waves that will cause the end to Christendom. After the third wave of this reformation Christendom will not be able to stand by her self. The Body of Christ grows and replaces her. Christendom will decrease and as she decreases the Church will increase. One reason why this is tarrying is that the Church must be able to increase as Christendom decreases.

Furthermore, there is no end for the Church, which is the Body of Christ. There is no end to the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom is always increasing and within this the Church is also growing and maturing.

16.Embrace the Current Moves of God

Embrace the current moves of God. They are the seeds to coming moves of God. There may be things and fruits that are not of God in those current moves of God.

However, these not so good fruits are not from them it is already in the church. Now here wisdom from above. Each move of God is a restoration. A restoration of clean water coming upon the church to make her holy.

There has been and still is things that are unclean, that are dirty that must be clean. The current moves of God may not been giving that commission and purpose to clean that dirt away from the church. That part of the cleaning process may belong to a future water of restoration.

The current moves of God are seeds to what is coming. Embrace them for they are levels that you must step upon in order to go higher in the plans of God for the church.

Nevertheless, there may be certain things that you don't like. If you take some time think those thinks you don't like has already been there before the move came upon the body. Don't reject the current waters of the Spirit, which are to clean certain areas in your life.

In addition, the church will become holy without sin. The church will be without spot or wrinkle or any such thing. The church will be without blemish. The church will be a holy church. The church will be a glorious church.

On the contrary, we must point out the bad fruit in order to be clean. In order to set the standards for those who follow after us. We do this for ourselves and those who will follow after us not for those who are before us. Don't be the person with the pointing finger. Don't point your finger at the savants of God. God wills the point his finger at us when we do so. Yes put the light on the bad fruit, instead of cutting of the hand. We can't cut a body part for that is not our calling and we are not God. So we need wisdom. You point out the bad fruit by the light of Christ not the pointing of the finger of religion, or the flesh or of human reason.

Apart from that, there are greater moves of God coming. We are entering into new times of the supernatural. We will see apostles with great deeds and mighty deeds.

Moreover, we will also see the believer, in power and signs not just a few instead the many with God's power.

Furthermore, here sound wisdom today and learn that you may receive the seeds of today. The moves of God today are the seeds, and the moves of God coming are the trees of life.

17.Times of the Divine Wedding Feasts

Moves of God throughout the history of the Church are all like divine wedding feasts. We are now coming to a great wedding feast of the Spirit. This will be a move of reformation and revival together. This will be a move of the zone of unity and the zone of reformation coming together. This will be a move of new wineskin, with old wine and new wine coming together.

The old wine skins are never called bad or evil. The old wines are never rejected only the old wineskins are put aside, and likewise the old wines are never called bad or evil. Those who drink of the old wine say that the old wine is better. In addition, no one drinking the old wine says they desire the new wine. The new wine can't be put into the old wineskins instead only in the new wineskins why is this? For one reason this is the order and will of God, and the other reason that both the new wine and the old wine skins are preserved.

The move of God that has already begun will grow even faster. Those who feel that they have been waiting in the sidelines will no longer wait instead run with God in this move of God. The Holy Spirit is pouring out oil and water upon the body of Christ. Soon many Christians in other past moves will feel and know this oil. And soon this water that is be poured out on a certain groups in Christ this water will be turned into wine, and this wine will fill whomever wills to drink of it. This move of God that is already upon us will give birth to many moves of the Spirit!

The servants at this wedding feast must obey the head of the Church. These are servants, men and women of God of this move of God. Look first was allowing everyone to drink of the old wine. The old wine is restoration truths that was giving on another day that when it has became old now it is ready for many to drink of, so this wine is giving first to the many in the Body of Christ and so it is in this move of God. To bring all past restoration truths to the whole body of Christ; this is a move of God with new wineskins, old wine and new wine together at one set time in history.

We must understand the symbol and meaning of a wedding feast is so we can understand the heart of the Father in every move of God. It is a time of joy and gladness, a time for unity and love, a time for relationship and covenant.

Now the time has come when the old wine is already been poured out and the guest will want more wine. This will be a time for the new wine. This will be the time when the water is turned into wine. This will be a time of miracles, signs, wonders, power, and the manifestation of His glory on earth.

This wine will be the beginning of many moves of God throughout the Body of Christ and the World. The Oil is the apostolic reformation, the water is a global prayer outpouring, and the wine is revival and the wine is the beginning of many moves of God.

Now here is the key In John 2:4 He says, "My hour has not come yet." Many have been waiting for their time, and many have been waiting for a mighty move of God. Now this move will come when we are not waiting for it. It will come before the time that we think it should come. It will come out of season and out of time.

18.Coming Deliverance Anointing

There is coming within a short time an anointing upon the Body of Christ and the world. This anointing has not been witness since the days of Jesus Christ and the time of Acts. This anointing is a strong deliverance anointing that flow through the hearts of believers everywhere and from them into the hearts of the world.

The Church will know true freedom in Christ. Many will be set free from sin, demons and bondages that try carried for years. Those who been warring inside of them trying to overcome their weakness shall be set free and know true freedom in Christ.

No more you shall see churches with Christians filled with demons. However, in this time there will be some who sin against the Holy Spirit and in that hour are judged. Church of the Living God fear God no matter what you believe in or what group your are apart. This anointing is coming to set us free and make us whole. The Lord will set us free to free us up for His service.

This anointing is will be applied upon you from head to toe. This anointing is to make you see more and see clearer. This anointing is to prepare you for the last days. This anointing is to prepare you for the coming darkness that shall cover the earth.

This anointing is the deliverance anointing that was upon Jesus and in His ministry. This anointing was His deliverance ministry on earth. This anointing is so great that it cannot rest on just a few, instead only many, however only those who want it and ask for it will have it. This anointing once rested upon Christ now this anointing shall be upon many. Even this anointing shall be greater then Jesus first coming on Earth. We will see the deliverance ministry of Jesus in many places around the world. This is the restoration of the deliverance ministry of Jesus on the earth. Not only that we shall see the full restoration of the ministry of Jesus upon the many.

With only a spoken word many will be set free from demons. Many demons will come out of people at a spoken word. Not only we will see huge numbers set free from just a spoken word, we also shall see many healed with the spoken word.

There is coming a strong deliverance anointing upon the believers, leadership and the apostles. You will see coming apostles will great anointing in deliverance. You will see true anointing in deliverance upon many in church leadership and you will witness a strong deliverance anointing upon the saints.

Furthermore, the centurion faith will rest upon the body of Christ. This will be the great faith. This great faith will not leave the church. We will see the restoration of great faith among us. During this time the Lord Himself will marvel at our great faith in Him.

19.All Men Will Cry

The Holy Spirit is upon you, He is real and He is alive. He comes to make known the truth that Jesus is alive and Jesus is Real. It all comes down to this that Jesus is Lord and He rules today and He will Rule in the Future and He will rule When He returns.

The Holy Spirit will do a work in our day that is beyond what any preacher can do. What is this work? This work is a great work among the souls of men from around the world. He is calling men great and small to stand in His all-powerful and all consuming presence.

The Holy Spirit will work a great work in our day before our very eyes what seem to be impossible will become possible, and all things that seem to be impossible will become possible. He will work a work in our day that is a great work in the hearts and mind of men.

This work is a great work; all men will cry by the all-powerful and all consuming presence. The Holy Spirit will melt all hearts in His presence. There will come a weeping and a crying in the hearts of men that will be birth from the Holy Spirit.

This weeping and this crying will be supernatural and of the Holy Spirit; men will come through healing and deliverance from the Lord through this work of the Holy Spirit in them. Men will begin to live holy and upright lives before the world. Men will live lives without sin in heart or in mind and even not in action or word.

The servants that will begin to raise up and minister holy fire and holy glory will not have to speak very loud for the Holy Spirit will be speaking into the hearts and ears of men everywhere. Although these servants voices will be heard around the world and shake the nations through their words. It will be the Holy Spirit who will brings the power of conviction that changes men's lives.

Whole communities will change, and whole societies will be change by the power of the presence of the Holy Spirit. This supernatural weeping and crying from the work of the Holy Spirit will bring lasting changes and lasting fruits and will changes the foundations of men, governments, generations, and generations to come.

All people will glorify and worship Jesus and the Father in Spirit and in Truth. Worship will become a center of life, communities and societies.

20.Restoration of the Ministry of Jesus

The Holy Spirit says, in these times I am bring forth a full restoration of the ministry of Jesus, the ministry of power, supernatural, miracles, healings, and deliverance.

Jesus said greater works will you do in my name. The same ministry that Jesus had in the full gospels will be restore in the church in these times. It will come in its fullness, and it will come in a greater way.

The Holy Spirit says, that He is placing the ministry of Jesus upon the church in this time. The church in this time will see the full restoration of power and the anointing that rested upon Jesus.

You will see the Four Gospels comes alive in the church today, you will see the power and supernatural of the Four Gospels come alive, more real then anything around us. Even the Four Gospels you will understand more and will become more real to you. You have to see the power of God that rested upon Jesus, in order to understand the Four Gospels in more real and living way.

21.Global Apostolic Unity

I am bringing a global apostolic unity to my church around the World. I am uniting through bonds of anointing, my forerunner people from around the world. I am networking the hearts of many in prayer, worship, revelation and vision.

I build highways and bridges from around the world from develop nations to the wealthiest nations of the world. I will begin to unite my apostolic church around the world; I will anoint her with authority and power from on High. I will crown her with favor and honor among my church.

Apostles who are not known it will become known and come into the light of the favor of the Lord. Prophets who have not been heard of yet will come forth in grace to give prophetic council to my church. These apostles and prophets will not be rising up their own strengths, instead by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. They will speak with glory and fire from the Throne Room.

The Apostolic church will birth forth in signs and wonders covering the rest of the church and touching the cities and the nations of the world. Governments will go through changes, governments will be reformed and new governments will be born through the prayers of the apostolic church. The Theology and Cultural of nations will be change to the theology of the Kingdom and the Kingdom Cultural.

I will humble the many leaders in my church; I will remove many leaders from their places of office, and reestablish the apostolic church in their places. Others will fill their offices; it will be the servant leaders that I am about to birth from my Throne Room. Many church groups will fall apart and be replace by my apostolic church and be reformed into my apostolic church.

The saints will be empowered in grace and in anointing; they will go forth in the work of the ministry. The many labors will arise from the foundations of the apostles and the prophets, and be equipped by the united ministers of grace.

Mighty Prayer Rivers and mighty prayer centers will come forth, even greater then ones we have today, for they are only the beginning. Massive prayers movements will be the backbone of the arising apostolic church of today. These movements are living for the Spirit of the Lord is in them, and they will be continuing rivers that will flow throughout the church.

City Apostles will raise, and city prophets will arise by grace, by the Holy Spirit, city church centers will be build, city church networks will be form, apostolic unity will come to the churches of cities and this will be the beginning of a new day for the city church.

A mighty marketplace army has begun rising up, but it is only the beginning, soon you see the many believers in the marketplace changing communities, societies, cities and nations. They will be the blue prints for the markets, business, marketplace and the governments to apply and to follow into the goodness of the Lord.

The Apostolic Church will finish the restoration of the priesthood; they will rise up the priestly ministry of the church. Then the apostolic church will go from the priesthood to the royal of the church, and begin to raise, train, and father, mentor the kings, and the kings of the Kingdom Church. The Apostolic church will go from the restoration of the priesthood to the restoration of the kings, and the Kingdom Church will be the church of the kings in the end times. When the restoration of the kings are fulfill, the kings will begin to move forth in the Kingdom Church.

The Apostolic Church will rise up and mentor the kings; they will birth the kingdom church, through unity, harvest, and glory. In this time, the days and times have change; this is the time and the divine set period of the apostolic church.

22.End of the Road

Many have come to a dead end, and their strength has become weak. You have become so much in hunger and in thirst for the things of God, but don't know where to find them, you have looked there and here and found nothing.

You are not alone, for the Lord has been looking along your side right with you, and you have never been alone. The Lord too has not found anything. Now it is time to cry out to Him for His mercy, and for His glory to rain down upon the church.

You walk with the Lord, in your steps of faith, in your journey of destiny, it seems that you came to a dead end, and there is
no other place you can go at this time. But the Lord is saying that He will make a way where there is no way. He will carry your forth into your destiny. He will build you are a door of the supernatural. For with the Lord there is always a way and a door of opportunity. The Lord has never remove His mercy or favor from your life. He has called you and He will perform His will in your life.

He has already known your weakness and strengths when He called you to carry His name in the church and the earth. Now it is time to see His salvation, His goodness, His power, and glory. The Lord is good to all of His people.

The Lord comes in His power, and mercy upon His church. He will build new feeding centers and equipping centers. He will gather His lambs and His sheep unto Himself and His will.

When you're at a dead end, or at the end of the road, that is the time that God was waiting for. You are in God' hand and His will. Now watch and see what He will do on your behalf.

23.Restore The Order

I now hear these words saying; "I am the God of restoration, I am the LORD of restoration, and I am the Lord of restoration". I have come by the Holy Spirit in these times to restore order to the church, to the homes of my love ones, and to the world. I am the God of order, I am the LORD of order, and I am the Lord of order.

I am restoring the order of my church, the order of the kingly priesthood, the church, and the body of Christ. I have come to restore the order of the generation of promise, the chosen generation. I have now come to restore a chosen generation to my church, a generation of power, supernatural, and deeds of the Spirit. I have now come to restore the order of the chosen generation. I am restoring the order of my special people.

I am now coming to restore the order of my house, my government, and my church. I am now coming to restore the order of the community of saints of the city. I am now coming to restore the order of the apostles, I am now coming to restore the order of the prophets, and I am now coming to restore the order of the believer.

Well you may say, we have been restore, then I say to you where are the fruits of your restoration, where are the people of your restoration, and therefore I say to you I am still restoring to fullness and to wholeness.

I will restore the order of worship, I will restore the order of prayer, I will restore the order of power and supernatural in the Holy Spirit, and I will restore the order of revivals and reformations, and moves of God.

Furthermore, I am restoring the order of the life of God in the church, in the Christian; I will restore the life of the Church by my grace, and power.

24.Great Communicators

This is a new hour when the Holy Spirit by His ways and His winds He will raise up certain persons and give them an anointing for great communication, they will be the great communicators of this hour. They will come in great communication with great demonstration; in addition the Lord will give them great favor.

In the hour before this one, the Lord raised up two great communicators they were Ronald Reagan and Billy Graham. Ronald Reagan was giving a gift from God to be a great communicator in His time. Billy Graham was used by the Lord to minister the living gospel, the good news around the world, in many cities, and in many nations. He has planted many good seeds in the hearts of many, and now we are coming to the time for the harvest of those seeds.

There is coming upon the church an anointing and a grace for great communication more people will be won to the Lord in the next few years then all of the history before now. In addition, more societies, community, governments will be change by the anointed voices and the anointed voice of the Church. Not only they will be giving an anointing and a grace for great communication, in addition they will be giving an anointing and a grace for great demonstration of power. Beside the great communication with great demonstration, there will be great favor upon the church in this hour.

Moreover, there will be great communication, great demonstration, great favor and great faith, and great works, and great actions done by and through the church.

The Lord will give the Church hearing ears and seeing eyes to hear and see what the Holy Spirit is saying unto the Churches. There will come the voice from heaven that will shake the kingdoms of this world. This voice, this sound is being release first in the church then to the world.

25.Deliverance Revival

The Lord is establishing the apostolic, prophetic, healing, miracles, raising the dead, revival, Reformation, and deliverance; he is establishing the fundamental essential stones in the church that will lay the way to change our cities, nations and the world. The church will never be without essential stones again. There is coming in outpouring of signs and wonders, miracles, great power, great grace, great deliverance, raise the dead and apostolic, and prophetic anointing upon the church in our time.

In acts chapter 19 it talks about the Ministry of Paul in the city of Ephesus. Through Paul's Ministry all of Asia Minor heard the word and through his Ministry seven churches were birthed throughout Asia Minor. In addition the Lord gave Paul a Ministry of deliverance he walked in a strong dimension of the deliverance Ministry and through his Ministry deliverance came to many throughout Asia Minor. Through his deliverance Ministry he hurt the economy of worshiping idols, meaning the economy of the Queen of Heaven. Shortly after this the apostle John came to Ephesus and moved in a awesome healing ministry and one day he walked into the Temple of Diana and prayed to the Lord asking the Lord to remove the spirit of Diana from this building, and shortly after he walked out of this building and the building collapsed, moreover the worship of Diana begun to fall all over the Roman empire shortly after her temple fall.

Today the deliverance Ministry that Paul had will again be released not only to individuals instead to the many believers. The Lord will trust certain individuals with this dimension of deliverance Ministry these certain individuals are humble and meek and their temperance of their mind can handle such a dimension of deliverance Ministry.

There will be a joining and a connection between the deliverance anointing and the healing anointing, and the deliverance Ministry and healing ministry. There is a connection between the apostolic and deliverance, there is a connection between apostles and the deliverance Ministry.

Deliverance Ministry is ground level warfare once when this ground is established in a city it will make room for strategical level warfare. Horizontal warfare must lead the way in order to open the way for vertical warfare to rise.

There is coming great deliverance to the church, and deliverance is a key to revival, and deliverance will become one of the most needed ministries in the church today. The deliverance Ministry will become common in the church.

Certain cities will be centers for strong dimensions of the deliverance Ministry there will come upon those cities great light from Christ that will draw those who have mental illnesses and those who have incurable sickness, for most sickness are cause by demon spirits.

I had a dream once of a church who had a kitchen that served those who needed a hot meal, the senior leader of this church was an apostle. There was a businessman who will come once in a while to eat at his kitchen. However certain religious people will criticize and judge him by appearance. The religious people did not discourage the businessman. Then came a day that the businessman give a good size offering to this church and the apostle and from this act; catalysts and released a deliverance revival.

There will be a connection between businessmen and apostles that the Lord is forming. There will be a connection between apostolic churches and feeding the poor and needy. At the same time religious people will try to hinder, control and stand in the way of revival and deliverance revival.

26.Extreme Anointings

The Holy Spirit is speaking to His church in this hour more then any other time in the history of the Church. In the wisdom of God the Lord Jesus Christ is sending His apostles and prophets to His Church. They are laying the foundation for the apostolic church and the end time church; they are laying the foundations for the many moves of God, for many revivals, and outpourings of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is speaking unto the churches in this hour, that this hour and this time is coming the release of the extreme anointings upon the body of Christ, this is the hour and the time that the church is called by the Holy Spirit to be extreme, radical, and outrageous for Christ and Kingdom of God.

The Holy Spirit is speaking to the churches that this hour and time is when the baptism of fire shall come upon the whole church; it is the Lord Jesus Christ who shall baptize the church in holy fire. And if you want to be used in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, you must partake of this baptism of fire, or you will not be allow to enter or to cross the shepherd's Rod, for in this hour and in this time the Lord is counting His sheep, and His sheep Hear His voice and follow Him.

The Holy Spirit is saying unto the churches, that the church will walk in the power of God, the gifts of the Spirits, healings and miracles, signs and wonders, prophecy, visions and dreams. The Holy Spirit is saying unto the churches that in this hour and in this time the dead will be raising in the mighty name of Jesus, and this will be a sign that will become common heard in the church.

The Holy Spirit is saying unto the churches that this hour and this time will come the extreme anointing, and extreme anointings that He will give, that He will release, that He will pour out upon His Church.

27.Fires of Patience

Many of you are being tested with the fires of patience. And all of you will be tested with the fires of patience. It is time for us to love and to enjoy the fires of patience. To see the benefits of the fires of patience, and to believe in the good that comes through fires of patience.

One of gateways for the wisdom of God to flow into the lives of the beilevers is through the fires of patience. However, certain numbers of us do not understand God's purposes in the fires of patience, and we don't have a revelation of the fires of patience.

The Lord builds sounded faith in the hearts of the believers through the fires of patience. From the fires of patience will come a kind of joy that will turn others around you to Christ, and through the fires of patience will come maturity that is needed for us to carry the coming anointing of glory.

No longer fear the fires of patience, instead have divine hope in the process of the fires of patience in your life. Look forward for the fires of patience, no not run crying home, but become mature in suffering and the fires of patience.

It is through the work of patience you learn the heart of the Father, and you are granted access into the innermost parts of the Holy Spirit. It is the Father's goodwill that you eat of the fruits that come through the fires of patience; it is His goodwill that you are filled with the fruits that come through the fries of patience.

The Lord has giving you grace to enter, to enjoy, to count it all joy when you fall into various trials, and through these tests of patience you will no longer be lacking instead you will be mature and compete for the coming glory and power of God that will come.

The Fruits that come through the fires of patience are wisdom, joy, peace, vision, revelation, maturity, and character. Those who are tested will see more, those who don't surrender to the work of patience will see less. The work of Patience is the work of the Holy Spirit in you, and He is faithful to compete this work in you.

Now the Holy Spirit speaks faith, hope and grace to all who are going through the fires of patience, for now shall come to the fire of the Holy Spirit, and the times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord.

Now the Holy Spirit invites you to know His comfort, and His presence in the fires of patience. As you are tested seven times you will be blessed with the gates of blessings. From your times of testing will come times of blessings.

He will honor His word that He has said and that He has planted inside you, He will fulfill and bring to pass the prophetic words and your faithful prayers. The Lord will widen your spiritual ears to His voice and this will be a special reward to you. These widen spiritual ears will set you apart and set you upon a high place in the earth among men, and you will be one of the sources of blessing for the church, and men will watch over you and protect you.

You will know the fullness of the life of the Spirit, and the fullness of His goodness and mercy and experience the life of power, glory and favor from the Lord. The Holy Spirit will glorify Christ through you and in your life.

28.Parts of a Global Vision

Many years prayers, supplications, and intercessions have gone up before the Lord and His Throne Room; these prayers have prepare the way for golden bowls that are going to be poured over the body of Christ and the nations, and the cities of the world.

Through some years the prophets have said his words and his visions and his dreams of things to come. Parts of a global vision were giving to each prophet to speak it forth, to lay it before the eyes of the saints and those who pray.

A global vision has now been laid before our eyes, the time has come to walk, run, and ride with the vision. There will come supernatural waves to send the people of the Lord in the fulfillment of this global vision that the Lord laid through His holy prophets.

However, there are certain parts that the Lord have not said to His prophets, some parts are to come only through acts and steps of faith, and some parts are only to be revel on a personal level one on one, between the Lord and that person.

Now it is time for Body of Christ and its leaders to come into a holy alliance, beyond human organization and structure, instead revelation will come to the church of her width, length, depth, height, and the church will know the love of Christ and become full of the fullness of God.

The Church will be filled with living movements of the Spirit throughout the world, these movements will ether be in the width, length, depth, or height areas of the church.

29.A New Balance in the Spirit

Through the prayers of the faithful, and through much prayer and fasting, and through you patience, faith, and sufferings has come a new balance in the Spirit. A new liberty in the Spirit has been birth.

There is change in the balance of authority in the church, even worldwide. However, leaders who are not seeking the face of God do not know, and will try to maintain the authority that is no longer there, for all authority comes from the Lord, and there is a global promoting in the Spirit upon the hidden faithful, etc.

A new freedom and liberty in the Spirit has been birth. This new liberty is a liberty giving to move forth, and move to new levels of the Spirit, to walk in faith, and to walk in new faith. This is a day of newness of the Spirit that has now been birth in the church around the world. There is a new liberty to flow in the gifts of the Spirit, and all gifts, and power, and signs and wonders.

There is a change of giving; a change of support, the money will flow to the new balance in the Spirit. The great commission, missionary work, church planting, evangelism, apostolic and prophetic, then caring for those among us, and reaching out to those suffering and hurt, feeding the poor, compassion works, discipleship, equipping the saints and training ministers is were the money will go to. New wealth, and old wealth, new money, and old money will flood the church.

A new breed of churches will arise in many cities around the world. The fruitful houses will grow, increase and become the centers in the life of man. The faces of the church will change, many old churches and other church, many Christian groups, and many other Christian groups will be no more. Instead the fruitful, the supernatural, the merciful, churches on fire will abound and replace all other churches. A new church life will be birth in the church worldwide.