xt.Summary of Apostolic Prayer

By Elvis Iverson

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Supplication International Ministries



1. Great Increase of the Kingdom of God.
2. Great Increase of the Peace of the Kingdom of God.
3. Establish The City of God.
4. Raise up the City Church.
5. Unity of the Church.
6. Raise up the city church.
7. Raise up the regional church.
8. Raise up the Providence Church.
9. Raise up the National Church.
10. Raise up the Zone Church.
11. Raise up the Global Church.
12. Third Heaven Throne Room Church.
13. Pray for Reformation of the Church.
14. Pray For Many Harvests of Souls and Nations.
15. Pray for many revivals.
16. Pray for Social Transformation.
17. Pray for Social Reformation.
18. Pray for Divine Secular Reformation.
19. Pray for Love Revolutions.
20. Pray for Kingdom Renasissnce.
21. Pray for Marketplace Revivals.
22. Pray for the Prosecute Church.
23. Outpourings of Apostolic Spheres.
24. Raise up Company of Kings and Priests.
25. Restoration of All Things.
26. Healing of Nations.
27. Many rivers and Waves of Wealth, Finances, Favor.
28. Outpourings of Angelic Hosts.
29. Foundation of Apostles and Prophets.
30. Raise up Apostles and Prophets.
31. Outpourings of Signs and Wonders.
32. Pray for Peace of Israel.
33. Pray for the Peace of America.
34. Pray for the Peace of Omaha, NE.
35. Pray for People Groups.
36. Pray for Cities.
37. Pray for Regions.
38. Pray for Providences.
39. Pray for Nations.
40. Pray for Zones.
41. Pray for Globally.
42. Pray for Seven Mountains of society.
43. Pour out the Joel Army.
44. Pour out the Seven Spirits of God.
45. Send Armies of Angels.
46. Send the Seven Angelic Watchers.
47. Pray for the Body of Christ.
48. Pray for the Church of Omaha, NE.
49. Great Increase of the Activities of the Holy Spirit.
50. Great Increase of the Flood Levels of the Holy Spirit.
51. Great Increase of the Activities of the Angels.
52. Great Increase of the Activities of the Apostles.
54. Great Increase of the Activities of the Prophets.
55. Great Increase of the Activities of Prayer.
56. Raise up the Dominion of the Church/5 billion souls/150 nations.
57. Russia Revival of the Gifts of the Spirit.
58. 7 missionary movements.
        1. Russia: Gifts of the Spirit.
        2. America: Apostolic Revelation.
        3. India: New Apostolic Wineskins.
        4. Africa: Apostolic Revival.
        5. China: Home Church.
        6. Philippines: Grace of God.
        7. Israel: The Love of God.
59. Outpourings of the Gifts of the Spirit.
60. Outpourings of the Bliss gifts of God.
61. Outpourings of Prophecy, Visions, Dreams.
62. Outpourings of Word Revelation.
63. Outpourings of Apostolic Revelation.
64. Outpourings of Apostolic Grace.
65. Outpourings of Signs and Wonders.
66. Outpourings of Great Signs and Wonders.
67. Outpourings of Extreme Signs and Wonders.
68. Establish the Government of the Apostles and Prophets.
69. Outpourings of New Apostles Wineskins.
70. Outpourings of New Apostolic Wineskin Church.
71. Outpourings of New Apostolic Home Churches.
72. Outpouring of New Apostolic Wines.
73. Establish the Church in the Third Reformation.
74. Establish the Church in the Thesis of the Third Reformation.
75. Pray for the Middle East: 1 out of 10 born again/Spirit Filled. 5 nations saved.
76. Outpouring of 100 year revivals.
77. Outpourings of Terra Nova Revivals.
78. Outpourings of Great Revivals.
79. 50 nations in Africa saved.
80. Restoration of Generational Blessings.
81. Restoration of Generational Blessings.
82. Restore the Hearts of the Fathers to the Sons.
83. Restore the Hearts of the sons to the fathers.
84. Oil of the Holy Spirit Revival Upon India.
85. Fire of the Holy Spirit Revivals upon America.
86. Wind of the Holy Spirit Revival Upon Australia.
87. Water of the Holy Spirit Revival Upon France.
88. Wine of the Holy Spirit Revival upon Mexico/Center America/South America.
89. Outpourings of the Grace Message.
90. Outpourings of Teachings of the Third Reformation.
91. Outpourings of Revelation of the Love of God.
92. Outpourings of revelation of the Rest of Christ.
93. Outpourings of the revelation of the peace of God.
94. Outpourings of the goodness of God.
95. Outpourings of the Teachings of Elvis Iverson.
96. Outpourings of Iverson Eschatology.
97. Outpourings of the revelation of the Kingdom of God.
98. Outpourings of the Revelation of the Church.
99. Pray the Prayer of the Release of the Angels.
100. Establish he Seven Divisions of the Church.
101. Outpourings of Prophetic Revelation.
102. Outpourings of the Deep Prophetic.
103. Pour out the unfolding of the Path of Enoch.
104. Outpourings of Holy Intoxication.
105. Outpourings of Holy High of God.
106. Pray over the Twelve Billion population.
107. Pray over the Eight Billion population.
108. Pray over the one Million Omaha NE population.
109. Pray for Angelic Fishing.
110. Speak Angelic Fire.
111. Speak Grace, Grace.
112. Pray over the Seven Mountains of Society:
        The mountain of religion.
        The mountain of family.
        The mountain of education.
        The mountain of arts & entertainment.
        The mountain of Media.
        The Mountain of Business.
        The Mountain of Government.
113. Pray for 10/40 window, 40/70 window, 4/14 window.
114. Peace in the Middle East.
115. Restoration of Family.
116. Outpourings of the many Heavens.
117. Raise up the Ekklesia.
118. Pray for vertical Church.
119. Pray for the horizontal church.
120. Pray for Corporate Church.
121. Pray for every believer and the church.
        1. outpourings of the Knowledge of the Lord.
        2. outpourings of The Glory of the Lord.
        3. Outpourings of the Glory of the Church.
        4. Outpourings The Goodness of the Lord.
        5. Outpourings of One new man.
        6. Outpourings the house of prayer.
        7. Outpourings of the Tabernacle of David.
        8. Outpourings of the Unity of the Faith.
        9. Outpourings make us fat with glory.
        10. Outpourings of Zoe Kind of Life.
        11. Outpourings of Breakthroughs.
        12. Outpourings of Justice.
        13. Outpouring of Restitution.
        14. Outpourings of Restoration.
        15. Outpourings of Healing.
        16. Outpourings of Deliverance.
        17. Outpourings of Inner Healing.
        18. Outpourings of Freedom.
        19. Outpourings of Divine Healing.
        20. Outpourings of Miracles.
        21. Outpourings of Creative Miracles.
        22. Outpourings of Household Salvations.
122. Send forth the Seven Angelic Watchers.
123. Send Forth the Three Arc Angels.
124. Send Forth the Eighth Arc Angel.
125. Send Forth Strong Angels.
126. Send forth Warrior Angels.
127. Send Forth Deliverance Angels.
128. Send forth Inner Healing Angels.
129. Send forth Healing Angels.
130. Send forth Miracle Angels.
131. Send forth Creative Angels.
132. Send Forth Breakthrough Angels.
133. Send for anti Witchcraft Angels.
134. Send forth anti Jezebel Angels.
135. Send forth anti Leviathan Angels.
136. Send Forth anti divination angels.
137. Send forth Anti Religion.
138. Send forth harvest angels.
139. Send Forth angels of Favor.
140. Send Forth Financial angels.
141. Send forth angels of Wealth.
142. Send forth open door angels.
143. Send forth Apostolic Angels.
144. Send forth Prophetic Angels.
145. Send forth angels of the gifts of the Spirit.
146. Send Forth angels of the Bliss Gifts of God.
147. Send Forth Angels of the Deep Prophetic.
148. Send Forth Angels of Signs and Wonders.
149. Send Forth Angels of Fire.
150. Send Angelic Fire.
151. Send angels of revival.
152. We pray many waves and rivers of Wealth.
153. Send the Fire of God.
154. Send Angelic Fire.
155. Pray for Angelic Fishing.
156. Pray for the Drunk Anointing.
157. Pray for many open doors and open gates.
158. Pray for the Fire of God.
159. Pray for angelic fire.
160. Pray for the wine of God.
161. Pray for the Oil of God.
162. Pray for the Breakthrough anointing.
153. Pray for healing love.
154. Pray for healing joy.
155. Pray for Healing Peace.
156. Pray for healing hope.
157. Pray for wings of healing.
158. Pray for waves of healing.
158. Pray for Breams of Healing.
159. Pray for rivers of healing.
160. Pray for rivers of refreshing.
161. Pray for Rivers of Divine Healing.
162. We pray for waves and rivers of restoration.
163. We pray for waves and rivers of restitution.
164. We pray for waves and rivers of justice.
165. We pray for waves and rivers of Breakthroughs.
166. We pray for waves of forgiveness.
167. We pray for waves of reconciliation.
168. We pray for waves of unity.
169. We pray for wavers of oneness.
170. We pray for waves and rivers of the unity of the faith.
171. We pray for waves and rivers of Favor.
171. We pray for waves and rivers of Wealth.
172. We pray for waves and rivers of Finances.
173. We pray for waves and rivers of angels.
174. We pray for revivals of prayer.
175. We pray for Revivals of signs and wonders.
176. We pray for revivals of intoxication.
177. We pray for revivals of the deep prophetic bliss.
178. We pray for revivals of divine healing.
179. We pray for revivals of carpet time revival.
180. We pray for revivals of the presence of God.
181. We pray for pillars of fire.
182. We pray for pillars of Clouds.
183. We pray for the Intense Presence of God.
184. We pray for resting revivals and lasting revivals.
185. We pray for the revival anointing.
186. We pray for many Clouds of the Spirit and Glory.
187. We pray for many rains of the Spirit.
188. We pray for continue rains of the Spirit.
189. We pray for many Floods of the Spirit.
190. We pray for many movements of God.
191. We pray for rivers and mass harvests.
192. We pray for extreme revivals and Massive revivals.
193. We pray for visitation Revivals.
194. We pray for habitation revivals.
195. We pray for soaking revivals.
196. We pray for weighty glory revivals.
197. We pray for tabernacles of David.
198. We pray for Houses of Prayer.
199. We pray for prayer centers.
200. We pray for Revival centers.
201. We pray for Apostolic Centers.
202. We pray for continue rivers of harvests.
203. We pray for great harvests.
204. We pray for massive harvests.
205. We pray for Extreme Harvests.
206. We pray for Harvests of cities.
207. We pray for harvests of nations.
208. We pray for harvests of children, youth, & college people.
209. We pray for harvests of millions.
210. We pray outpourings of home churches.
211. We pray for outpourings of new apostolic home churches.
212. We pray for outpourings of New Apostolic Wineskins churches.
213. We pray for outpourings of new apostolic wineskins.
214. Raise up and bring great increase to the Eternal church.
215. We pray for the Heartland Revival to begin and continue for a 100 years.
216. We pray for many revivals for America.
217. We pray for waves of love.
218. We pray for waves of unity.
219. We pray for counter culture movements.
220. We pray for many solemn assembles.