Servants of the Cross

Elvis Iverson: are the founder and senior elder and senior overseer of Supplication International Ministry. He has an apostolic and prophetic call to the church then to the nations, to bring reformation, revival, harvest, and social transformation.

Grace Anne Iverson has a heart for children ministry, youth ministry and prayer ministry; she is an administrator in Supplication International Ministries in Omaha, NE USA. 

Bill Brion: is an evangelist and has an apostolic call preaching and ministering in signs and wonders in Los Angeles, California, and Montana. 

Pauline Zawadi is marketplace minister and S.I.M. zone rep. for Africa. She lives in Kenya.

Darren Williams: a person prayer and revival, ministering in Oklahoma.

Tim Senfit: a person of prayer, and prophetic prayer, ministering in North Dakota. 

Pamela White: she is prophetic and apostolic minister, she minister in Washington.

John Marcus Stead is a forerunner of home church planting and missionary to Yamatokoriyama-shi, Nara, Japan...

Rodney Folkers: a person of the wisdom of God, a prophetic and apostolic minister to our generation, and a father of faith. He ministers in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Clayton Bergstad: a teacher of Divine Order, and ministers in North Dakota, Texas, and Mexico.

Jeshua Iverson is an apostolic overseer renewer, missionary and international minister.

Mr. Dominador Sr. Degamo is a prayer warrior for S.I.M. and they live in Cagayan Deoro City, Philippines, he is giving an honorable place among the board.

Dominador Jr. Degamo is marketplace leader in Cagayan Deoro City, Philippines, with a pastoral heart.

Daniel Folkers is a marketplace leader living in Larimore ND, and has a heart for missions.

Leon Culley is a person of evangelism and compassion works, ministering in Council Buffs Iowa.

Duncan Bair is an regional evangelist in Omaha, NE. He is a Healing Prophetic evangelist.

chad bostwick is an apostolic evangelist ministering in Council Buffs Iowa.

Luigi Figueroa is a pastor with pastoral heart ministering in hawaii and Las Vegas.

The Elders of Supplication International Ministries:

Elvis Iverson
Tim Senfit
Bill Brion

Ruma Gurung ministers to children who have no family, ministers in Durgapur, West Bengal India.