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Old Church Buildings
The African American Revival
The Apostles in the House
The Coming Clouds of Revival
The Prophecy of Many Revival prophecy
Prophesy to Four Nations
The arising Christians in the Middle East
The NEW Global Church
Prayer Worship Coming Together
One Prophetic Voice

Old Church Buildings

In a vision I am in an a old wooded church building in a great field of wheat, then I see a light shine through the window and the light was an rainbow, then the doors of the church open and I see Christ at the door of the church and He says I am not in this building, this is not my place, this is not the church, and He says follow me and you will be a labor of the Spirit in the great harvest.
I ask Him what is the great harvest and He said it is the billion harvest, you must leave this building and come out into this great field of harvest. So I went out side of the old wooded church building and I see the sky covered with many clouds of the Spirit, then I see a revival angel before me and he says do you want the revival fire, you are either going to ask for the revival fire or you will be burn by the revival fire.
At first churches will receive the coming revivals at first then try to control them, then most and all of those old church buildings will burn and come to an end. Many new churches will be birth over night!!!
Then I see a vision of America and I see revival fires in many cities across the nation, then I looked again and I see a vision of the earth and I see many revival fires across the earth in many cities.
Then in a vision I am standing in front of a great gathering of souls more then a million and beyond what I could see, I was an open field in Russia. Then Jesus is standing next to me and He says first there will be a harvest of labors, then there will be a harvest of church, and then there will be the harvest of a billion. Then there will be more harvests of souls.
Then I am back in the great field of wheat, and I again see the angel of revival, and then behind him I could see many angels of revival. He then says this is the time of the many revivals!!!

The African American Revival

In a vision I see many African believers in many cities across America with their hands out to receive from God, they were praying for revival for America and they were praying for revivals for Africa and they were praying for revivals around the global. Then they begin to hear of an Accurate Prophet saying many revivals are coming, and then other prophets begun to hear the same thing, then they hear a prophet talk about that revival, and then talk about that revival and so on, then the day came when the revelation of revival was released.
Now I see the Holy Spirit hover over the African believers in many cities across America, and the Holy Spirit says let the fire come and let the glory come, and I see a pillar of fire go out from the Third Heaven Throne Room and touch many African believers and many churches had revival day and night, and then the Holy Spirit said my children build the church, and then they moved out into the church in the house, there was an outpouring of home churches among African believers, then I see ten million African believers burning day and night with revival fire.
Then I see a woman prophet on the west coast pray come Lord send your glory cloud upon us, and then the Holy Spirit says revival glory come upon them and I see a glory cloud come from the Third Heaven Throne Room and come upon the gatherings of home churches. Then I see half of states in America covered with revival glory. Almost everyone in those cities in those states came to Christ.
Then the Holy Spirit says Revival fire and Revival glory come together and flows throughout Africa, and then I see many nations and many cities having revival glory fire and I see mass numbers coming to Christ, and I see many nations won to Christ in Africa and come into the council of the Apostles and Prophets.
Now I see the coming missionary movements first I see Russian missionary movement of the Gifts of the Spirit, Second I see the African missionary movement of apostolic revival, Third I see India missionary movement of new wineskins, Then the Philippines missionary movement of grace, then I see the China missionary movement of home church, then I see America missionary movement of apostolic revelation, then I see an Israel missionary movement of love. They will overlap each other and go around the earth seven times.

The Apostles in the House

In a vision of a house of fire glory wine anointing and made of gold in the Third Heaven, this House is in cities across the globe, I see seven angels standing outside of the gate into the house, I ask who are these seven angels? We are the angels of the apostles!!!! The first angel said I have a glass of wine to pour, and I go out to the whole church pouring out this glass of wine. This is Apostolic Revelation the first sign of the apostles! The second angel had a bottle of anointing oil and he goes out to the whole church pouring out this oil this is the oil of the equipping of the saints. Then the third angel has a bowl of fire and he went out to the whole church to pour out the bowl of liquid fire, this was the fire of reformation. Then the fourth angel had a container of tornadoes of fire and he went out to the whole church and opened the container of tornadoes of fire which are revivals. Then the fifth angel has a bag of clouds of rain and went out to the whole church and open the bag of clouds of rain, this is the clouds of signs and wonders. Then the sixth angel has a blanket that could cover the whole church, and he went and cover the whole church, this was the blanket of unity. Then the seventh angel had a rod and went out and released it to the whole church, this is the rod of dominion and harvest.

Then I went into the house of the apostles and I could see and feel and taste and touch and see rivers of wine, rivers of oil, rivers of water, and I could see clouds of glory and clouds of fire, and the smoke of the glory of God filled the house and the fog of the clouds filled the house. Then I could see many hosts of angels flowing throughout the house and I could see massive harvests of souls flowing like many rivers into the church, I could hear many signs and wonders flowing like many rivers and raining like many clouds.  
Then I heard the first apostle minister and he minister apostolic revelation, and from his mouth came a river of apostolic revelation that flowed throughout the church around the earth, and from that river many drink and are drunk with holy intoxication.
Then I heard the second apostle minister and he minister apostolic wineskins and from his heart came a wind of angels and I could see the arise of new apostolic wineskins all over the earth. Those who feel blowing winds of the angels are free in their minds.
Then I heard the third apostle minister apostolic wines and I could see his skin flow wine throughout the church and those the drink of this wine will have revival always, revivals, holy intoxication, signs and wonders, mighty deeds, great exploits, prophetic rivers, deep prophetic, gifts of the Spirit, bliss gifts of God.
Then I heard the fourth apostle minister apostolic Administration and many labors of love flow from his feet unto the whole earth, this was the priesthood of the believers flowing in the work of ministry.  

Then the fifth apostle minister apostolic government and from him came a smoke of glory that covered the earth, and the government of the apostles and prophets arise in the church.
The sixth apostle minister apostolic restoration and from him came an oil upon the earth, that covered the whole earth and from this oil there was the restoration of all things, the healing of the nations, restoration of many generations, restoration of generational blessings, nation building and governmental building, and marketplaces and workplaces harvest fields of prosperity, and wealth creation, and the continue waves and rivers of wealth, and the increases of the Kingdom of God and the increases of the Church, and the increases of the peace of the Kingdom and peace of nations.
The seventh apostle came forth and minister apostolic harvests and I could see from his eyes coming many clouds of rain of harvest that filled the whole earth, and there was many harvests of souls that flowed like many rivers and the clouds rain every day and night and there was many floods of the Holy Spirit, and the clouds rain many signs and wonders, great signs and wonders, extreme signs and wonders.   
The prophets speak what God will do, the apostles release what God will do! Those who say this is the last days are false, those prophets who say this is the last days are false, the last days was the last days of the Mosaic covenant, these are the last days of the old wineskins, the last days of the Constantine Christianity, and the beginning of Apostolic Christianity. The Church Age will not end, the Age of Grace will not end!!! The Church is God’s eternal purpose. . .   There is the golden time of the church which is in the years of the coming of our Lord and beginning of fullness of the Kingdom of God. 

The Coming Clouds of Revival

In a vision I am outside my home and I see clouds coming across our land, I then text one of my friends in India and I say what do you see and he says the same thing, then I text my friend in the Philippines and says the same thing, then I text my friend in Russia and he says the same thing, then I text my friend in the U.K. and he says the same thing, then I call my friend in North Dakota and he says the same thing, then I call my friend in California and he said the same thing, then I text my friend in Oklahoma and he says the same thing, then I text my friend in Minnesota and he says the same thing, then I call my friends in Washington, and they said the same thing, and then I called my friends in Texas and they said the same thing, then I called my friend in Arizona and he said the same thing. Then I notice an angel standing next to me and he says what has begun cannot be stop, cannot be control, cannot be misused, cannot be hindered, cannot quiet down, cannot come to an end!!!.
Then the angel took me high above the coming clouds of revivals, I could see 100 revivals coming upon the earth, and I see from each revival give birth to more revivals, and I could see those clouds give birth to more clouds. This was happening all over the earth!!!
I see some cities in the earth where there were more clouds and they were overtaking by the clouds of revivals. There was great love, great peace, great joy, great intoxication, great rest, and many signs and wonders, gifts of the Spirit, prophetic outpouring, deep prophetic, bliss gifts, and harvest.
Then I looked at other places where clouds were hovering over and I could see them coming to the ground to the people and many where living in the clouds of revival. I see many numbers of children, massive numbers of children and massive numbers of youth hanging out, enjoying, and playing in the clouds of revival. I see colleges and schools covered in the clouds of revival and many having deep personal experiences.
Then I looked at other areas covered with clouds of revival and from them upon the ground and the people from them flowed healing of the land, wealth, prosperity, and social transformation.
I see huge gatherings in school gymnasiums, arenas, stadiums, outdoors parks and any place numbers could gather to soak, worship, pray, and hear the Apostles and Prophets.

I see newspapers, and news media reporting daily on revival, signs and wonders, there was zero crime, 100 percent employment, and workplace prosperity, many continue inventions, and healing of the land.      

The Prophecy of Many Revival prophecy

In a vision I am taking back in time to the United Kingdom during the early 1600 to a home of an unknown prophet, I knock on this door and he open and said I have been waiting for you, come in and have some tea. Then I see another prophet who I known from my time who also came back in time and we seated down and begun to share about the events of the future and this unknown prophet wrote down what we said.

We share about the restoration of the apostles and prophets, this took us a few hours for him to believe what we said. Then we share about the new apostolic age of revival, and he begin to cry with hope and joy. Then I share with him about the great third reformation and how the church will forever change and never be the same, then I begin to share with him about the coming many revivals.
Then the unknown prophet share a vision he had about the U.K. he seen the rain of the Spirit all over the nation and all over colonies, and then there was an outpouring of the prophetic and experiences Christianity, and deep prophetic, and soaking presence of God, and signs and wonders, and holy intoxication.
Then I share with him how much of America will be filled with revival fire glory and wine and fire bliss revival and most will come to Christ, and then I share how much of India will be won to Christ and how the oil of the Holy Spirit will pour upon the nation and there will be an outpouring of many signs and wonders, and rising the dead will be common, how great numbers will arise from the dead. Then I share with him about the creation of great revival in the Philippines, and the great awakening of Russia.
Then after we share some of his friends came by and we share and imparted and lay hands on them, they were pre-company of prophets and prophetic believers and intercessors. And they went out and went to the nations praying and fasting for what we share about the future events. Then we share about Israel and ask them to go to Israel and German and Poland and Russia, and pray and fast for the Jewish people. Then we all were taking by a vision to the future in the early 1900 and share some things with some Jewish individuals, and went to Israel, German, Poland, and Russia. We just know from this some were saved from the holocaust in order to plant the seeds of revival and the union of the church and Israel.

Prophesy to Four Nations

Then in a vision I am in China and I hear the Holy Spirit say China you will have freedom, and your doors will open wide and keep opening wide and you will be a nation of Christ and peace, and I see a cloud in a form of a hand coming upon your main cities and Hong Kong and I see revival rain for many years.

Then I am in a vision in India and I see many villages and I see the oil of the Holy Spirit full upon them, and these villages look like another world, they don’t look like India, these villages will have day and night revival for 100 years, there is a great harvest coming in India. The Lord will change the nation and the government and the peoples with glory, fire, wine and the oil of the Spirit.

Then I am in a vision in North Korea and I see change coming soon that the government will change and the doors will open wide and there be times of restoration and the church will emerge and I see angels and apostles and prophets having been going there by the Spirit for years teaching them, and when they come forth they will come forth with a new level of maturity for the Body of Christ.

In a vision I am in Russia and I see a great impartation and I see a great wave from the Throne Room of God and I see massive numbers coming to Christ and supernatural maturity, and flowing in the gifts of the Spirit and I see this in all the former of nations of the solvent union. 

The arising Christians in the Middle East

In a vision I am in the Middle East, I see an angel there saying the Christian community in the Middle East will increase and increase and increase there is nothing can stop them, their voice will grow and grow, they favor will grow and grow, and they shall have freedom.

There will be waves of outpourings of visions and dreams and this cannot be stop, there will be waves of angels going from house to house and this cannot be stop.

The number of Christian will outnumber everyone else by ten to one. God will bless the Christian community and they will have great prosperity and flow in wealth creation and they will support the church financially all over the earth, they will fund the apostles and prophets, out of the Middle East will be the most wealthy people and they are believers in Christ, they will build the Church and they will build Israel. They fund the freedom of believers in all nations. They will become the economic rock in the Middle East.

I see five nations in the Middle East that be Christian nations, and they be the most prosperous nations in the world and most peaceful, most rested, most happy,  and best living standards in the world.

The NEW Global Church

I see a Vision I see rivers of apostolic revelation, rivers of reformation, rivers of the new wineskins and new wines, rivers of revivals, rivers of apostles, rivers of prophets, rivers of signs and wonders, rivers of harvest and rivers of the prophetic outpouring flowing seven times around the earth every year.

I see prayer centers, apostolic centers, revival centers, and city church centers arise in many cities around the earth.

The Church shall be free from Constantine Christianity and be rebirth as Apostolic Christianity, the church will have great favor, great wealth, great numbers, and great dominion, there will be no other religion that could never challenge or compare is its territory and influence. The Church will be beyond five billion within a generation!!! The Government of the Apostles and Prophets will establish in the Church in all nations and all cities.
The church in many cities will arise as apostolic city church hub. The church in many region will arise as the council of regional city church hubs, the church in many state will arise as a place of gathering city apostles and regional apostles. The church of many nations will arise as a national prayer center. The Church of all zones will arise as compassion zone center. The Global Church will arise as a prayer center, gathering of apostles, gathering of prophets and huge gatherings and they will have key global centers in more then one place around the globe.

Prayer Worship Coming Together

I see a vision in America and around the world, I see gatherings across many kinds of groups of believers coming together to just pray and worship, and I see this happening and building momentum unlit there is a great huge gatherings and the Love of God will burn in the hearts of many and love for the Body of Christ will burn in the hearts of many, and love for His presence will burn in the hearts of many, and the love for the suffering believers will burn in the hearts of many, and the love for children and fatherless will burn in the hearts of many, and the love for the poor will born in the hearts of many believers and the love for the Written Word will born in the heart of many. This prayer worship coming together movement will last for ten years at least.

I see great waves of harvest coming to the church in many nations and I see these harvests going on for years and flowing like mighty rivers throughout many nations and global.

I see there will be 150 nations won to Christ, were apostolic Christianity is the church of many believers and many groups and fellowship and these nations will be in the council of apostles and prophets.

I see five nations in the Middle East that are Christian nations and are the most prosperous nations in the world and most peaceful, most rested, most happy,  and best living standards in the world.

I see in Africa 50 nations in Africa won to Christ and are Christian Nations and will be in the council of the apostles and prophets.

I believe within a generation the church will be more than five billion on earth!!!

There will be so massive numbers won to Christ that in order to have unity, common ground and follow up and grounds for beginning discipleship, there will be a rebirth of orthodox Christianity with apostolic flavor and infusion.

One Prophetic Voice

In a vision I see the arise of the One Prophetic Voice, which is the union of the prophets with the Throne Room of God, with the company of witnesses and the prophets on earth and the prophets in Heaven and prophets years before and prophets today and prophets tomorrow and prophets in the future.  

First let me first share about the coming groups of apostles:
1.Apostolic Builders.
2.Apostles of reformation, apostles of revival, apostolic revelation, experience Christianity, signs and wonders.
3.Apostles of Harvest.
4.Apostles of Unity.
5.Apostles of nation building.
6.Apostles of the marketplace.
7.Apostles of influence.

Now I see will share about the coming prophets, I am talking about seasonal and mature prophets and minister to Body of Christ and the earth.
1.Prophetic Fathers.
2.Prophetic Elders.
3.Prophets of Word revelation.
4.Prophets of reformation, prophets of revival, signs and wonders prophets, experience prophets.
5.Prayer prophets.
6.Justice prophets
7.Outer Realm prophets.