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The Great Transition
Time of Persecution
Time of Tribulation

The Great Transition

In a vision I am taking to the Third Heaven to an inner court meetings of prophets, then I see old prophets that gone on before us and angels laying hands on us, these angels were angels that minister along with these prophets when they were on earth.

I see a vision of the angel of Yom Kippur and on the day of Yom Kippur this angel releases declares blessings over people.

Now I see the Great Fire of the Spirit stand before us and from this Great Fire I hear these words this is the time of the great transition in the church.

There are those who been through suffering, warfare, tests, and by revelation, and much prayer have already went through this great transition.

But now the Body of Christ shall enter into this time of great transition, there will be revelation, prophetic, signs and wonders, sufferings, warfare but do not fear only rejoice and obey the Leading of the Spirit.

It is time to cross over the river the Ark of the Presence of the Lord will go before us and give us rest, it is the rest of His presence. My people shall hide within the Ark, come now the Ark has open and come into the Ark, you are under the Mercy Seat and the Blood of Christ. You are in the eye of the storm. It is by childlike faith you can come into eye of the storm. The Ark of His presence is in the eye of the storm.

I see an angel that will help us move forth, he is the angel of Joshua, and he says its time to move forth, don’t limit yourselves. I see a supernatural grace come forth.

The Lord says during this time signs and wonders will unfold upon the church and apostles and prophets will arise, but woe to those who stand or rise against them.

This great transition will not be long but very short, for it is a quick work. At the end you will enter into the soaking revivals, signs and wonders, and a new day of church.

Time of Persecution
I see angels coming down upon many believers in many nations, I see many angels coming down to many believers in America and Europe.

Then an angel stood before me says there is a time of persecution coming to Christians in the west, this persecution is coming to the old wineskins and the lukewarm church and cold church.

But there will be fire and angelic protection over the saints that have been faithful to follow the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire.

I see an outpourings of many homes churches, and the angel says this is the new day of home church, the apostolic home church.

I see apostles and evangelists planting home churches, the angel says this is the new day of the evangelists.

I see signs and wonders and gifts of the Spirit on the streets and in the workplace and the marketplace. I see army of evangelic believers winning many to Christ.

I see the banners of this army of believers, banner of the new apostolic, banner of the prophetic, banner of reformation, banner of radical grace, banner of soaking presence, banner of signs and wonders, and banner of revival.

I see waves of missionaries come across the earth many times and I see many angels with them, I see many workplace missionaries come to many of the westen nations. I see the apostolic and prophetic missionaries, the angel says this is a new day of apostolic and prophetic missionary!

Then I ask that angel what is your name? He says I am angel of a prophet who foreseen the coming storms.

Then this angel said the persecution will come from the hate people, unrepeated people, and the 501c laws. But do not fear for God shall be with His people and God shall move mighty among them.

I see a vision of an outpouring around the earth, this outpouring is the outpouring of the new apostolic wineskins and the new apostolic wines and signs and wonders and reformation and revival. 

Time of Tribulation
I a vision I see an angel stand before me saying I am sorry to say this but I must say this! This is a time of tribulation, but it will be short. I see a vision of outpouring of angelic hosts, and I see a camp of fire and I see some angels says saints come here now and hide from this short time of tribulation.

I hear a voice say I shall humble many nations, many nations shall be humbled that many nations can be changed by me and have restoration, revival, and mercy.

This time of tribulation will be:

The Humbling of nations.
The Third World War.
The Hate Revolution.

I see this humbling of many nations coming, many nations will have to begin again. Many will cry and many will fail, and many will be judged.

The nations who stand against MY Israel shall be humble soon and many of them will have to begin again. Those who call upon Me, and those who help Israel, those who love My church, shall be giving new mercy, new day, new beginning, and new birth.

This third war shall begin soon and this third war will be a short war, for God shall send His angels to end it fast and bring justice and order and freedom.

The beginning of the end of the third war will be the first city that the hate people burn to the ground in America, and this will be the beginning of the end of this war and the ungodly alliance of evil.

There will be a revolution that come across three states or more but will be the worst battle of the third war, and will be at the end of the third war.

Then the time of restoration and healing of a nation will begin.
The Three Americas
In a vision I see an angel and he is called angel of America and I see him crying and then he says the prophecy of the Washington and the third war shall come and the end of that prophecy is restoration. 

The Old America shall come to an end, we are in the last days of America, I mean the Old America and I see the last son of the republic arise in the great nation of America. Then the angel comes and says America will have new life, will live again, and will have many years, and will stand the test of time, and will be the nation of freedom, this nation has a future and this future is one of revivals and hope.

Then I see the New America, this America is not the will of God, or the will of the people, this is the progressive America. America has two plans and two destines one is the destiny of Divine Providence and second is the destiny of Divine Right. The destiny of Divine right is of the evil ones and them behind the new America. But the destiny of Divine Providence is the will of God and is the will of the people.

The Third War is a plan to end the Old America and Maintain and establish the new America. But God and the people shall end the new America.

Then from the hearts of the people and hearts of the believers and the heart of God shall come forth the redeem America.

Reformation of the Church of America, the time of many revivals, outpourings of signs and wonders, the government of the apostles, the overseers of the apostles, the leadership of the apostles and prophets, The Seven Mountains Marketplace Revival and renaissance, The Common Wealth of the Kingdom, The Common Wealth of the Church, and The Common Wealth of America and these shall be the life of redeem America.

The plans of the evils one and the hate people will not be fulfilled, and most of their plans will come to nothing. God has not giving America to them.

The Shemitah and the Blood Moons
In a vision I see an outpouring of angels is nation restoration, angels of revival, angels of nation building, angels of nation healing upon many nations and all nations, then I see the angel of the restoration of all things, and I see the angel of the healing of the nations and they will minister to many nations and all nations.

We are in the time of the beginning building, restoration, and healing of the nations, and I see angels dance around the earth in many cities and many nations.

The First angel says: It is time to build the City Church, and I see many angels go and build the city church in many cities and many nations.

The Second angel says: It is time to build the City of God which is the church in all cities and in all nations around the earth, and I see many angels building the city of God.

The Third angel says: It is time to build the Nation of Israel, and I see many angels go and minister to many Jewish people in all nations and in the nation of Israel and I see they rebuild and build and heal and restore Israel. I see the nation of Israel will increase.

The Fourth angels says: It is time to heal, restore, and build in the sheep nations, and I see many angels minister to the sheep nations.

The Fifth angel says: it is time to minister to many nations and all nations, and I see many angels go and heal, restore, build in all nations.

The Sixth angel says: It is time to minister to the Earth, and I see many angels minister to the earth.

The Seventh angels says: It is time for wealth to come, it is time for wealth building, and wealth creation, and I see many angels go and many to many and all nations with blessings of wealth creation, wealth building and restoration of wealth.

Then I see many angels of revival and many angels of harvest minister to many cities and many nations, and I see the outpourings of many revivals and the outpourings of many harvests of souls.

I see marketplace revival and Kingdom renaissance upon and throughout the Seven Mountains of mankind.

The Year of the Shemitah and the Blood Moons are signs of the coming apostles and prophets, reformation of the church, the coming of the many revivals, the times of great harvests, the times of Kingdom Renaissance, the restoration of all things, the healing of the nations, and the coming of the rivers of wealth.

The New Prophetic Outpouring
I see outpourings of the Holy Spirit upon the Church around the earth, outpouring of the new apostolic, outpouring of the new prophetic, outpouring of signs and wonders, and outpouring of revivals.

I see a new prophetic coming, a deep prophetic, an extreme prophetic coming and I see the arise of the drunken prophets.

I see the outpouring of angelic hosts upon the church around the earth. The new prophetic outpouring will be in many nations.

The gifts of the Spirit will flow throughout the church like running water, the bliss gifts of God shall flow upon many in many places throughout the church.

I see many having open visions, I see meetings of open visions, I see groups seeing open visions, and I see more meetings of open visions.

I see the divine drunken anointing come upon the church throughout the earth, and I see the deep prophetic begin to unfold and flow like wild fire and flow like mighty waters and flood waters.

There will be a unity and oneness between the apostles and prophets, the church and the prophets, and there be an order and peace of the manifestations of the Spirit and the prophetic.

There will be a children revival, and children ministry will be a main top ministry throughout the church, and there will be a youth movement greater then the call that will touch every nation, this will be a four year movement.

Many people will have visions of Heaven and Hell, and groups of people will have visons of heaven and hell at the same time.

The Prophetic flow upon the streets and the workplace and many will be won to Christ.

The Spirit of Glory
In a vision I see the Cloud of Glory come from the Throne Room in the Third Heaven and hover over the earth, I see the whole earth cover in this cloud of glory and from this cloud came many clouds that cover many cities.

I see a vision of apostles and prophets seated and resting upon the cloud of glory that hovers over the whole earth.

Now I see the fires of revivals in many cities in many nations, I see many cities burn day and night with the fires of revivals.

I see the rain of revivals upon many nations around the earth, and I see many floods of revivals in many nations around the earth.

I see many upon many upon many upon many coming to Christ in many cities and many nations.

I see whole areas and whole regions covers in revival day and night and I see whole nations cover in revival day and night.

I see some cities and some nations and some centers having many revivals, I see cities that will have revival for many years to come.

I see many revivals coming, I see many revivals coming for years, and I see revival for many years to come.

I see nations touch with revival after revival, I see nations touch with many revivals at once, and I see nations touch with more then one revival at once.

I see soaking revival coming to all you who read this prophetic word, for you have been in revival since AD33, you are already in revival, you are seated with Christ, now learn live in revival, and let revival flow from you, and pray for revival for those around you and your city and nation.

The Ten Most Influencing Churches
In a vision I am taking above the earth and a cloud of glory, revival, signs, and wonders covers me and I see visions of the Church.
I first see a vision of a great church with more then one center and with many many many home churches throughout this great city and around this great city. I see the centers of this great church, the first center was prayer and worship day and night, the second center was the place of much teaching, the third place was for children, the forth place was for the youth, the fifth place was for the poor, sixth place was for live worship services, and the seventh center was for the soaking places of God, this church was over a few million members.

The second vision I see the mega great church that was beyond its city and oversee great among of land, and again I see millions of souls, and this church has 24 centers.

The Third vision I see a great church and yes they have over a million members and they have 12 centers.
The Fourth vision I see a great church and it too have a few million or more members and had 40 centers and you could see signs and wonders and revival flowing throughout the streets.

The fifth vision and sixth vision I see two great churches over a million members each with 24 centers.
The Seventh vision I see a great church with members over a million and soaking presence and drunken presence everywhere, and it had 12 centers. The eighth vision the great church is over five million, and has centers in the city and around the city.  The ninth vision and tenth vision I see these two great churches over each few million and each having 12 centers.
What does the Ten Most Influencing Churches have a common? 1. Based on Home Churches. 2. Centers are the ministry of the Church. 3. No center Leadership. 5. Some Leaders overseer but only though ministering, teaching, council, fathering, mentoring. 6. Soaking presence of God. 7. Signs, wonders and the gifts of the Spirit. 8. No organization expect in the centers.

New York
Hong Kong
Mexico City
Rio DE Janeiro

The Coming of the Apostles and Prophets
There is a greater prophetic coming, a greater prophetic movement that is coming, I see among these prophets a pillar of fire and I see wherever these prophets minister the pillar of fire comes. I see the pillar of fire is in there meeting and in their houses of prophets and I see the pillar of fire is before them.
There is order and peace among them and in their meetings and houses and there a council that oversees the prophets and they are prophetic fathers.
These prophets flow in open visions, deep prophetic, drunken anointing, signs and wonders, and soaking presence.

I see a greater apostolic coming, a greater apostolic movement coming and they will walk in all the apostolic functions, signs and wonders, there will be unity among them, they will plant many apostolic works, apostolic plants, and importational, and missionary work, and plant apostolic centers. A pillar of cloud will lead them, a pillar of cloud shall be in there meetings and in their houses.

They will be a new kind of leadership, down to earth, humble and meek, full with the wisdom of God, and have many signs and wonders, and drunk in the Spirit.
There will have a fellowship of apostles and prophets and unity and oneness and order and peace among them. Above the council of prophetic fathers is the council of apostolic fathers which oversee the apostles.

There will be teams of apostles, teams of prophets, teams of apostles and prophets, teams of apostles and evangelists, teams of apostles and pastors, teams of prophets and teachers, teams of prophets and evangelists, teams of pastors and evangelists, and teams of apostles, prophets, and teachers.
What will the coming apostles and prophets have in common?
1.Signs and Wonders.
2.Drunken anointing.
3.Soaking Presence.
4.Reformation Teaching.
5.New Apostolic Wineskins.
6.Radical Grace.
7.Home Church Vision.
8.New Kind of Leadership.
9.Humble, meek, down to earth.
10.Team minded and Body Minded.
12.Soaking Revival and fires of revival.

The Acts Renaissance

I see a vision of the rebirth of AD 33 Church, I see the Book of Acts of the Apostles Part Two unfold before our eyes, and I see the Acts of the Believers Part Two flow like many rivers over the earth.
We will have apostles with apostles doctrine, apostles with many signs and wonders, apostles with great signs and wonders, apostles with great grace and great power.
We again will see the council of the apostles in the earth full of the wisdom of God.
We will see unity and oneness of the church in acts in our today church, and we will see unity among believers in a city, from city to city, and many cities.
We will see the priesthood of the believers fully restored and flowing through many cities like many rivers of the Spirit.
We will see the home church be the main type of church from city to city and many cities.
We will see the gifts of the Spirit flow like many rivers through each city and from city to city and many cities. 
We will see signs and wonders flow among many believers from city to city and many cities.
We will see the outpouring of the Holy Spirit every day and in every city and many cities.
We will see revival, many revivals throughout the church around the earth.
We will see great missionaries waves throughout the earth.
  We will see the outpouring of prophecy, visions and dreams upon many in many cities.

The Angel of Yom Kippur
In a vision I see my room filled with a cloud and smoke and then I see the Angel of Yom Kippur, for on the day of Yom Kippur the Angel of Yom Kippur is send around the earth to speak and release the words that shall come to pass.
Angel of Yom Kippur release the words that shall come to pass:
The Lion heart apostles shall arise with boldness and power.
The lion of reformation will roar in nations around the earth.
Signs and wonders will begin to raise above the flood waters and flow upon many, there is coming an outpouring of signs and wonders.
Soaking revival will pour out in many places.
Revelation thinking will begin to flow to the nations and many will open there minds and hearts and the way they think will change.
The drunken anointing will pour out in more places.
Supernatural wealth will flow and the means and ways for new levels of ministry.
Many people will begin to come to Christ in many nations.
The New Apostolic Wineskins will begin to arise in many nations.
The Lord will visit Israel with revival fires in the time of hardship the time of revival will flow upon our enemies.
Soaking Revival will begin rest upon many.
Soaking Presence will manifest over many believers.
Wealth and financials will flow into lives of many believers.
A more open door to the nations will open now.
Revival Fire will begin to fall in many Places.
The Common Immorality

In this day there will be great light in the church, but there will be darkness that is here will manifest more and be great in many areas, for in many areas will become cesspools of iniquity.
Many pastors and spiritual leaders of the old wineskins and lukewarm and cold churches will fall into sins and this be a form of persecution and many will be setup and there will be many lies against them.
The Cesspools will become so common that they will no longer be a bother to most and the voices that cry out for better life will no longer be notice.
Immorality will become normal and become common, and within the walls of church many will not be bother by the common immorality.
The banner of holiness will no longer fly in most churches, the holiness lifestyle will be no longer in many churches.
Pastors, spiritual leaders, and believers falling in certain sin will be common among many churches.
During this time many will come to the Lord and many home churches will arise and the fires of revival will fall in many places, the door of radical grace will arise as light to those who want freedom from the common immorality. A true holiness shall arise in the hearts of many, a holiness that comes from the radical grace in your heart.
Then I see a vision of the Cross of Christ and I see a river of Blood flow all upon the church and I hear these words My Blood is covers all, restores all, and have forgiven all.