Restoration of Life devotional

Elvis Iverson

First Week:

Monday: I Believe in the Good God

Tuesday: Receive God's love part one

Wednesday: Receive God's Love part two

Thursday: Receive God’s Love Part 3

Friday: Receive God’s Love Part 4

Second Week:

Monday: Receive God’s Love Part 5

Tuesday: God is seeking you

Wednesday: Holy Ground

Thursday: Forgiveness of all sins

Friday: Great Peace

Third Week:

Monday: Christ Conscience

Tuesday: Is God angry with you?

Wednesday: Share Fellowship with Christ

Thursday: Union with Christ

Friday: Know who you are in Christ

Fourth Week:

Monday: Accepted in Christ

Tuesday: Righteousness of God in Christ

Wednesday: Gift of Grace

Thursday: The Gospel of Grace

Friday: Grace and Blood

Fifth Week:

Monday: You are a son of God in Christ

Tuesday: Your High Priest

Wednesday: The Father Sees Jesus in you

Thursday: Finished Works of Christ

Friday: The Cross of Christ

Sixth Week:

Monday: High Priest of our Confession

Tuesday: Open Heaven Always

Wednesday: Believe for Breakthrough

Thursday: Grace and Righteousness

Friday: Grace and Prayer

Seventh Week:

Monday: Strong in Grace

Tuesday: Believe in Great Grace

Wednesday: Shout Grace, Grace

Thursday: Great Forgiveness

Friday: Great Faith, Great Grace

Eight Week:

Monday: Remember No More

Tuesday: No More Condemnation

Wednesday: New Creation and Righteousness

Thursday: You are Anointed

Friday: Behind the Veil

Ninth Week:

Monday: Deep Grace

Tuesday: Faith in your Destiny

Wednesday: Sons of Destiny

Thursday: Renew your Destiny

Friday: Steps of Destiny

Tenth Week:

Monday: Rest in your Destiny

Tuesday: Rooted in overcoming grace

Wednesday: Sons of Grace

Thursday: Walk as Sons

Friday: The revealing of the Sons of God

11th Week:

Monday: The Rest of Sons

Tuesday: Change your pass, change your future

Wednesday: The Simplicity of Grace

Thursday: The Elements of Grace

Friday: I believe in Grace

A Prayer for You:

Father we pray for those who hearing these sermons; we pray for restoration, healing, grace, anointing, blessings, favor, and breakthrough. We pray for life, we speak life, we pray for rivers of life to flow upon them and give life, bring forth life, restore life, and we pray restore their life. We pray give them hope, give them real hope for their life in the name of Jesus, we pray Amen.

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