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1.Years of the Red Heifer
2.Angels of Revival
3.Unfolding Coming Revivals
4.One Year War
5.Restoration of America
6.South India Revival
7.Great Revival of the Philippines
8.Great Harvest of Africa
9. The Seven Apostolic Pillars in Seven Nations
10.America Generation of Revival
11.Can you see the future
12.Hear of  the Church

Years of the Red Heifer
I see the hand writing on the wall these are the years of the red heifer, there will be seven years of the red heifer beginning in 2016. I see the nations shall be put through fires for seven years.

Then I see a high place in the earth one of the seven hills of Jerusalem, I see an angel He said it all begun here and it all will end here. Then I see a company of prophets and a group of apostles birth in the earth in the holy land. Then the angel said the prophets have again return to their roots, and the apostles again have arise in our holy land. There shall be signs in the heavens over the holy land, and the apostolic church shall arise in the holy land, and God shall heal the land, and the unity shall grow more and grow more between the church and Israel.

Then I was standing on the hill and I see our Christ holding the shepherd’s rod and I see the shepherd rod prophets gathering around Christ and He said we shall gather here once a year and you my prophets shall speak and your words shall not fall to the ground.

Then I see the Rod of Iron arise from the church over the nations, and I hear a voice from the Third Heaven say the will of the evil ones shall not be fulfilled and brought down to nothing, all their works shall be undone.

I see a vision of the Kingdom of Heaven over the earth arise from Heaven in order and council, and I see a global council of 70 that shall come forth and do the will of God, and I see others Heaven’s councils arise from Heaven over the earth.

I see a new horizons coming for the church and Israel and the sheep nations that gather around the two olive trees.

I see prophets and apostles a small group these are the prophets and apostles who minister with the Seven Angelic Watchers, each of them carry a trumpet they are like Enoch and John.

Then I looked and I see generations of the apostolic coming like waves upon the church, and with each wave was a wave of prophets.

I hear these words the church shall arise above all others religions in the earth even the religions called Christianity. The Church shall arise Apostolic Christianity shall be the ruling religion on earth, and the city of God shall arise and the Kingdom of God shall increase in all nations.

I see all over the earth in many cities and many nations clouds of the Spirit hovering and raining day and night and I hear a voice say this is the time of rain of the Spirit and these days will not end.   

I see a vision of America and the western nations and I see many churches across the lands and walk in many of them and I see them asleep yes the church is sleeping so I say arise and be the city of light on the hill, but then an angel came and said I shall awaken them with a rude awakening, but there are a people that are already awake they are the company called Apostolic Christianity.

The rude awakening is not the awakening of the Spirit, but this rude awakening is alarm sounding but there is an awakening of the Spirit that shall begin this fall in 2015 and it shall go for one decade to 2025, this is the awakening to the grace of God and the love of God.

Angels of Revival
I will tell you a vision I had back a few months ago this is a vision of angels of revival.

One day I seen an angel stand before me for a few days and then one day I had a vision of revivals over regions, yes revivals will cover whole regions and this angel was the angel called soaking glory.

Then the next day I again seen the angel of soaking glory but this time I seen another angel stand next to him, he was the angel of radical revival.

Then I see a vision of this angel touch a nation and the whole nation was in revival everywhere you look there was revival and the church was everywhere.

Then the next day I again see these two angels and another angel stood next to them this was the angel called prophetic revival.

I see a vision of a meeting that was big, and I could see almost every one there flow in the prophetic, prophecy, visions, seeing angels and soaking in the presence of God, they were drunk in the Spirit. Many were falling into holy trances for many days and many were having open visions. Then I see a torch of blue fire and an angel was holding it and I seen other angels come with torches and took some of the blue fire and this prophetic revival went to other places across the world. I hear these words this prophetic revival is an angelic revival.

Now the next day I again see these three angels standing before me and now I see a fourth angel this was the angel of Weeping revival.

I see a vision of great numbers of people weeping and repenting and they were many upon many and they fear God and Love God, not that they were but the fear of God and love of God filled each of them and fill the group as a whole. When the Word of God was preached and teach they that hear the Word and they fear God and love God and the men of God had a place of honor among them. Then I see these winds arise in the hearts of many and this weeping revival went to many nations around the earth.

The next day I again see these four angels stand before me and I see another angel stand before me he was the angel of mass healing.

I see a vision of great numbers be healed and many being healed, and I see many signs and many wonders and I see the gifts of the Spirit and they cover the whole group and the healing anointing poured like mighty river and even the land that people stood on was healed, and I seen every one healed. Then I seen this healing anointing pour out of the bodies of the people and the healing anointing went to many people in many nations.

Then again I see five angels before me and I see another angel stand with them he was the angel of global revival.

I see a vision his wings are so big and he fly above these revivals and took them to many nations and took them global.

Then again I see six angels before me and I see another angel stand with them, this was the angel of revival in the dry places.

I see a vision of this angel and a pillar of fire went out of him and then he went into the pillar of fire and I see revival will go to the places where you think there could be no way revival can come, these are the dry places and the dark places.

I ask them when will these things happen?  They say in a very soon days these things shall happen!!! I believe in a few years.

Unfolding Coming Revivals
In a vision I am in India and I see a golden bowl full with the oil of revival and this golden bowl was being held up by angels. I said to these angels when will this bowl be release upon India? Then one of them said some has already begun and some will begin now and the great some is to come, and I see some apostles and some prophets come and take some the oil to their cities, and one of the angels say the some oil can only be release through those who come here and take some and even great some but the day will come that the bowl will be poured out upon the church first and then India and then this revival of oil will go to the church and nations around the earth.

Then in a vision I am in America and I see a golden bowl full of fire and angels holding it up and I say to one of these angels when is this revival to come, then one say this revival is already begun since 2001 but it is in the hearts of many in America. They have came here and have touch the fires in this bowl and from their hearts revival will flow, this is the revival of the many. The fire of revival shall burn throughout the church and throughout this nation and the world. These fires shall burn for many years all over this nation and in some parts these fires shall not go out. I ask the angels how long will this fires burn in America and one of the angels said at least a generation.

In a vision I was in Australia and I see a golden bowl full of wind and angels holding the golden bowl, this is the wind of revival. I ask these angels when is this revival coming and one of the angels said very soon and another angel look at me and said believe for revival and then this supernatural faith came to me and the angel said this is the gift of faith for revival and then I seen angels fly above the golden bowl and one came and took some wind and give it to me, and then one of the flying angels said that was easy. I see a vision of a wind covering this nations and nations near and Asian nations and I see revival in many of these nations and these revivals will go on for many years to come. Then I see a vision of high places and I see people singing and worshiping the Lord in the high places and I see many angels dancing around them.

In a vision I am in France and I see a golden bowl full of waters and these are the water of revival, and angels holding this golden bowl and I ask one of these angels when will Europe flood with revival and the angels said we are angels of the revivals in Europe, and one say the rains will flood for many years the Europe of the past and now will not be the Europe of the future, the plans of the evil ones will not be fulfilled in our lands. The angel talking to me is from the United Kingdom and this angel was dunk with revival, and then another said revival will be the life of these lands for generations to come, and this angel was from Ireland.

In a vision I am in South America and I see the golden bowl full of the wine of revival and I see angels holding this golden bowl, and I see many drinks and creates being roll from here, and I ask these angels when will we have this revival, then one said this revival has already begun drink up and be drunk, then one of the angels say this is the command for this generation and generations to come drink and be drunk and be merry with the Spirit.

This I see a big angel stand before me with a bowl of revival for me and he said drink all and be drunk with revival, revelation, deep prophetic, signs and wonders, Radical Grace, mighty works and mighty deeds, and goodness and mercy and the soaking presence of God and the Spirit.  

One Year War

There is coming a one year war, it is not the will of God, we are to pray against it, the first seals have already been open, and soon this seal shall be open to.

America for a time will not economy strong to fight this war, but will help by sending aid, the next president will keep us out of this war, the next president is a person of prayer.  America and China will be partners in this time when it comes to economy. Before the end of this war the church in china will have arise and have new found freedom.

During this war; revival will come to America, China, Malaysia, Australia, and India. After the war revival will come to Middle East, Russia, and Europe and other places.

This war will take place in the Middle East, Russia, and Europe, and there will be war in the Indonesia and some war in the Philippines. 

America will come to aid and help Israel in this time, for most or all the Jews will come to America for protection and safety. During the one-year war some of the cities in the Israel will be destroy. America will help rebuilt Israel after the one-year war. The heart of Israel will be open to the church forever. The wealthy of the Middle East will come also to America for safety and their wealth will heal America. The United Nations will begin to fall apart at the end of the One Year War and be replaced by a community of nations. The Community of Nations will have authority over the oil of the Middle East. No more shall the people of the Middle East have control over their oil. 

It is the hated that shall come from the people of the Middle East that this war is born. To try to take Europe they will, but they will fail. 75 percent of the people of the religion of the Middle East will die in Europe, the remaining will return back to their land of religion. In the Middle East 90 percent of the people will die. I think the 75 percent of the people of the religion of the Middle East will die in Europe will die from the hand of man. But in the Middle East 90 percent of the people will die from a weapon that Russia is making even at this time. Many people will die also in India. Those who are of the religion of the Middle East that live in America most shall renounce their religion in fear of the people in Europe and Russia.

What are we to do? Pray, prepare, and hope!

Restoration of America
In a vision I see the restoration of America after a great war that has already begun and I see restoration of the Capital of America and the head of state saying this shall not happen again and then God puts this mark after the head of state words “?” this war is the fulfillment of the vision that God give the first head of state long time ago. I hear these words God is Faithful! God is merciful! God is Above all!

I see hand to hand, citizen to citizen battles between Chicago to North Carolina and from Texas to Arizona, but the worst was on the east coast I see cities burning with fire and blood flowing. I see Chicago and others cities like this look like war zones. 

But the Hand of God stops this terror from going west and this is the mercy of God. I see California and the west coast covered in revival, this revival is ecstasy revival. This is a revival of the supernatural pleasures of our Lord Jesus.  I see much of the west and center of America with revivals.

God will humble many nations in a short time and many nations will have to begin again. I see Europe has many battles zones and much blood flowing throughout there cities, and I see the Vatican City burning with fire and blood, and I see the Middle East much destruction.

But throughout this time the church shall move forth and after this war the church shall become the Church shall arise Apostolic Christianity shall be the ruling religion on earth. The Apostles and Prophets shall become the main overseers of the church throughout the body of Christ.

As I am prophesy I am crying in my heart for what I see and then I see a vision of great great and great outpouring of angelic hosts.

Then I see a vision of the holy land and the holy sites were untouched and the restoration of the holy land will begin and they shall have more and more and more land and there shall be revival and peace and the church shall arise in the holy land.

South India Revival
I see a vision of India and I see many angels flying over India and I see cloud of glory and another level of cloud of glory, and another level of cloud of glory, the first level is Holy Intoxication and the second level is signs and wonders and the third level is harvest. I see among the poorest great apostles shall arise but very humble and very giving and they go forth building new apostolic wineskins and I see angels come fill them with new apostolic wines.

I see South India and I see angels come down and stand on the ground and I see extreme revival flowing down from heaven and flowing throughout South India and these are like streams of revival.

I see many upon many, many upon many coming to the Lord, I see great numbers there and great numbers here and great number over there.

I see meetings of signs and wonders, I see meeting of many signs and wonders, I see meeting of great signs and great wonders, and I see meetings of extreme signs and extreme wonders.

I see on the streets many signs and wonders, and I see in some cities most are harvest by the Spirit, I see villages full of revival in many areas, and I see whole regions harvest by the Spirit.

I see the leadership of apostles and prophets and I see unity in the church, and I see great waves of believers ministering in the workplace, and I see many blessings and many favors coming upon them. I see an outpouring of many home churches and home church pastors and I see networks of home churches arise.

I see meeting of Word revelation and signs and wonders and many coming and many touch and change and I see many signs and wonders, and I see on TV many watching the many signs and wonders everywhere.

I see the healing and restoration of families and people groups and villages and cities and there shall be great joy in these cities.  

Great Revival of the Philippines
I see a vision of the nation of the Philippines and I hear much praise of God and much worship of God arise from this nation and arise to the Throne of God and I hear these words this is the time of favor for the Philippines, then I see a vision of angels dancing.

I see clouds of the Spirit all over the Philippines and I see clouds of the Spirit over the cities and the villages, and I see clouds of the Spirit over the church.

I see angels coming down from Heaven in certain areas throughout the Philippines and I see revivals coming not one but revivals. I see revival of signs and wonders, revival of prophetic ecstasy, revival of Holy Intoxication, revival of prayer, and I see great revival.

I see in a place and I see in more then one place that a gather of people who shall pray and fast and hear the true prophets and God will come down and create great revival.

There shall be revival that covers the whole nation and this revival shall be here for many years to come. I hear the voice of God say Philippines are my people and my nation!!! I see many rejoice to hear those words.

Then I see an angel flying through the sky and he says the will of the evils ones shall not come to pass and God shall destroy their plans for this nation. I hear then many rejoice in the Lord saying God is good, God is Good, and God is Great!!!

The signs of revival will be good weather, and blessings of prosperity, peace of peoples, harvest of souls, and healing the land. 

This great revival is radical revival and shall move throughout your nation many times and cover your nation at the same time.

I see many youth come before the Lord saying give us revival, and God says you shall have revival. There shall be the restoration of many generations and the restoration of generational blessings.

I see this one angel and he is a great angel come to the Philippines and open the door and open the gate of the Philippines, I see many hearts open and many homes open, and many peoples open, and I see all regions open to the Lord. Then I hear many saying God is real! God is real! Jesus is Lord! God is love! We love Jesus!

Great Harvest of Africa
I see five types of apostles and five apostolic streams come out of Africa; they are the Moses type apostle, Joseph type apostle, Philip type apostle, Antioch type apostle, mystic apostle they shall come out and a people shall come out of Africa and minister to the nations.

I see a vision of a cloud forming over Africa and I see another cloud forming over Africa and I see another and I see another and I see another and I see even more form over Africa, and then I hear the words from nation to nation and from church to church its time for rain, its time for life, its time for prosperity and its times for blessings.

Then I see some witchcraft groups that been there very long time dry up in a short time, then I hear a voice this is the curse of Africa and It has been broken and freedom has come.

Then I see a vision of a old man come up to me and he known the first missionaries to Africa, and this old man is still alive, and he is a prophet and I ask his name and he said my name is emerald, I am a man of prayer and I am a prophet and I am a worshiper, and I have prayer walked Africa many times while praying in the Spirit and applying the blood of Jesus, and worshiping and praising the Lord and prophesy over the land and the people and I will do spiritual warfare.

Now I will share my heart with you of some of things I have seen about Africa. I seen Africa will have many fires of God, and I see the land very fruitful and great prosperity.

When I was young man my family went to Europe I was born from a well off family and we also visit others nations, but lived in Europe most times, but one day while I was in a church Jesus came up next to me and seat next to me and say will you be my friend and will you be a prophet for me and I cry and I say yes I will. He says you will go get biblical training and you will have your own family and you will go to Africa many times and one day you will get old and you will leave them behind you but they believe you die on a missionary trip but the truth is that you will not see death. Then he said I have minister in Africa for long time ago and sometimes I will go to other nations but most time I am here. Before I go I will tell you one more thing the company of no death shall revel themselves more and minister more in this time and God shall add to their company. They are a part of the Enoch company. I ask how many are a part of the company now? He says 300 are a part. And I ask how many will join the company today? He says 700 will join this company. What are the signs of this company?

He says these are the signs of the Enoch Company?
1.Bliss gifts of God.
2.See no death.

I ask him why is the Enoch Company arise more now? He says as a sign of things to come as a sign to the body of Christ and as a sign that a great number shall do many things what we do, and as a sign of what the church shall become.

Then he says there are elders of this company they are watchers, fathers, leaders and appointed as elders. All those in this company is a alive and all the elders are alive, but there are witnesses of this company and they live in heaven and are not alive in human body, each company as witnesses join to it.

Then he says I must now go and you will see me again and I will give you some friends of mine to help you.

Then I see Africa and I see many nations in Africa will come to Christ and be harvested and this will happen within a generation and the heads and leaders of these nations shall call upon apostles and prophets to help them write their articles of nation.

I see 50 African nations shall come to Christ!!!!!!!

The Seven Apostolic Pillars of Seven Nations
I see a vision of seven seeds before the Father and HE says I shall anointed them and bless them and I say to my angels go and bring them the earth plant them in the earth and the hearts of man.

I see seven pillars of wisdom arise in seven nations and I see seven teams arise with apostles and prophets. These seven pillars of wisdom as seven apostolic centers.

I see seven eyes arise from these seven pillars and from these eyes come the manifestations of the Spirit, gifs of the Spirit, bliss gifts of God, and revivals,

I see the Seven Spirits of God come upon the seven lampstands, and I see seven angelic watchers come and watch over them. I hear seven thunders in these seven lampstands.

I see out of these seven lampstands will come apostles, prophets, networks, and movements of God.

Now I see these seven lampstands and they are:

First lampstand: is harvest and soaking revivals and apostolic grace of nations.
Second lampstand: harvest and signs and wonders.
Third lampstand: harvest and revivals.
Fourth lampstand: harvest and deep prophetic.
Fifth lampstand: harvest and bliss gifts of God.
Sixth lampstand: harvest and bliss gifts of God.
Seventh lampstand: harvest and the gifts of the Spirit.

Then I see a vision of an angel he was the angel called laugh more and he says to me that many angels and angelic hosts shall camp around each of the seven pillars.

Then I see a pillar of fire and a pillar of cloud at each of the seven pillars and I see a cloud hover over each pillar and then I see a cloud hover over the whole seven pillars and then I see a cloud over the works and workers and ministries that shall come out of these seven pillars and I see a cloud over the foundation, and I see a cloud over each of the seven nations. I see a cloud over a certain union of work and I see a cloud hover that comes out from the whole of the seven pillars. Each hovering cloud there is angels all over and around each cloud.

America the Generation of Revival
In a vision I see a little boy and I see an archangel say this boy I have watch over him since his forming in the earth, he is a sent one and mover and shaker of this generation, and then I see a vision of Enoch say I too have seen this one at a young age for God reveled his purpose to me. Then I hear a Voice say here are others like this one all over the earth that I have watch over since their beginning.

I see from this little one that clouds begin to come out of his heart and begin to cover America. And I begun to see rivers come out of this boy and flow around this nation many, many and many times. I see pillars of fires and pillars of clouds come out of this boys heart and minister to America.

I look and I see windows of heaven open from the heart of this boy and I see much rain and heave rain and great rain of the Spirit.

Now I see clouds of overflowing rain and revivals and glory form over many cities and regions of America and I see many angelic flying around each of them.

Now I hear a Voice say revival, revival, and revival come now!!!

Prophetic Ecstasy Revival.
Angelic Revival.
Bliss Revival.
Soaking Revival.
Signs and Wonders Revival.
Massive repentance Revival.
Extreme Revival.

Then the Voice says this is the generation of revival!!!

The Voice says there shall be unending revivals for this generation.

This generation is the bedrock of many generations to come.

Now I see an angel fly across this nation releasing a peace dust.

I see a spirit of sweet love sweet worship arise in the hearts of many. 

Can you see the Future
I see a vision of this angel come up and two others with him and he says can you see the future?

I see a vision from three years from now!

I see revivals in nations around the world and I see signs and wonders being heard many times and I see many souls come to Christ.

Then the angel says again can you see the future?

I see a vision from five years from now!

I see great revival in a nation and I see mass harvest of souls.

Then the angel says again can you see the future?

I see a vision seven years from now?

I see in a nation great harvests and mass meetings and many signs and wonders and rising of the dead.

Then the angel says can you see the future?

I see a vision from two years from now and I see revelation go to many nations for many years to come.

The angel says can you see the future?

I see a vision one year from now of many breakthroughs, great goodness, great mercy, great prosperity and signs and wonders in nations.

The angel says can you see the future?

I see a vision within few months great breakthroughs will happen not by human will but by the act of God.

The angel says can you see the future?

I see a vision of ten years from now!!!

I see mass harvests of souls, great harvests of souls and revival and signs and wonders in many nations.

The angel I see is Gabriel and the two with him is Uriel and Raguel.

Hear of the Church
I see a vision of the seven angelic watchers over the seed of Christ, they are Uriel, Raphael, Raguel, Michael, Saraqael, Gabriel, and Remiel.

There are seven blessings that shall come upon the church in a few months from now for this generation is a bedrock generation of many generations.

The first blessings: is revivals the church shall have many revivals.

The second blessings: is signs and wonders, gifts of the Spirit, bliss gifs of God, great and extreme signs and wonders, many signs and wonders.

The Third Blessings: wealth and prosperity, fruitfulness and successfulness and continue and great and extreme.

The Fourth Blessings: The deep prophetic and outpouring of prophecy, visions and dreams and the deep prophetic.

The Fifth blessings: continue, great, extreme harvests of souls and favor of the nations.

The Sixth blessings: many angelic hosts outpourings.

The Seventh Blessings: restorations and healings and buildings of nations and restorations and healings of generations and peace and wealth and prosperity and freedom of nations. 

Now these seven blessings that the Lord give through each of the seven angelic watchers but now the Lord shall give another blessings through the whole of seven angelic watchers and that sevenfold blessing is reformation, great reformation of the church.
I see a group standing with me before the Throne Room of God and the Seven Angelic Watchers and we were between the Throne of God and the Seven Burning fires and the seven angelic watchers and the seven angels went and kiss each person in this group. I ask what group is this and they say this is the group of soaking bliss group, and the angels small at me.