Prayer of the Release of Angels

By Elvis Iverson

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1.   Send forth Michael.
2.   Send Forth Gabriel.
3.   Send Forth Raphael.
4.   Send forth the Seven Angelic Watchers.
5.  Send Forth the Three Arc Angels.
6.  Send Forth Arc Angels.
7.   Send Forth the Eighth Arc Angel.
8.   Send Forth Many Arc Angels.
9.   Send Forth Strong Angels.
10.                 Send forth Warrior Angels.
11.                 Send forth the angel with the key to the bottomless pit.
12.                 Send Forth Deliverance Angels.
13.                 Send forth Inner Healing Angels.
14.                 Send forth Healing Angels.
15.                 Send forth Miracle Angels.
16.                 Send forth Creative Angels.
17.                 Send Forth Breakthrough Angels.
18.               Send for anti Witchcraft Angels.
19.               Send forth anti Jezebel Angels.
20.               Send forth anti Leviathan Angels.
21.               Send Forth anti divination angels.
22.               Send forth Anti Religion.
23.               Send forth harvest angels.
24.               Send forth reaping angels.
25.               Send forth angelic fishing.
26.               Send forth angelic hunters.
27.               Send Forth angels of Favor.
28.               Send Forth Financial angels.
29.               Send forth angels of Wealth.
30.               Send forth open door angels.
31.               Send forth Apostolic Angels.
32.               Send forth Prophetic Angels.
33.               Send forth angels of the gifts of the Spirit.
34.               Send Forth angels of the Bliss Gifts of God.
35.               Send Forth Angels of the Deep Prophetic.
36.               Send Forth Angels of Signs and Wonders.
37.               Send Forth Angels of Fire.
38.               Send Angelic Fire.
39.                 Send forth angels of open visions.
40.                 Send forth angels of the Path of Enoch.
41.                 Send for angels of teleportation.
42.                 Send for angels of the deep Blue of the Spirit.
43.                 Send for angels of Supernatural pleasures.
44.                 Send forth angels of revelation.
45.                 Send forth angels of prophetic revelation.
46.                 Send forth angels of Word revelation.
47.                 Send forth angels of apostolic revelation.
48.                 Send forth angels of revival.
49.                 Send forth angels of reformation.
50.                 Send forth angels of intoxication.
51.                 Send forth the angel of peace.
52.                 Send forth the angels of Enoch.
53.                 We pray for continue outpourings of angels.
54.                 We pray for army of angels.
55.                 We pray for many armies of angels.
56.                 We pray for outpourings of angelic hosts.
57.                 We pray for angelic fire.
58.                 We pray for rains of angels.
59.                 We pray for clouds of angels.
60.                 We pray for floods of angels.
61.                 We pray for rivers of angels.
62.                 We pray for angelic manifestations.
63.                 We pray for angelic visitations.
64.                 We pray for angelic encounters.
65.                 We pray for angelic drunkenness.
66.                 We pray for angelic healing.
67.                 We pray angelic miracles.
68.                 We pray for angelic Breakthroughs.
69.                 We pray for angelic deliverance.
70.                 We pray for angelic revival.
71.                 We pray for angelic harvest.
72.                 We pray for angelic Finances.
73.                 We pray for angelic Wealth.
74.                 We pray for angelic favor.
75.                 We pray for angelic fishing.
76.                 We pray for angelic hunters.
77.                 We pray for angelic Provision.
78.                 We pray for angelic Favor.
79.                 We pray for angelic Fire.
80.                 We pray for angelic fire clouds.
81.                 We pray for angelic fire rains.
82.                 We pray for angelic fire floods.
83.                 We pray for angelic fire rivers.
84.                 We pray for continue angelic fire.
85.                 We pray for great angelic fire.
86.                 We pray for extreme angelic fire.

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