Prophesy To The Nations

By Elvis Iverson

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1.Prophesy to Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, and Burma
2.Prophesy to Hong Kong
3.Prophesy to China
4.Prophesy to Mongolia
5.Prophesy to India
6.Prophesy to Australia
7.Prophesy to America
8.Prophesy to Russia
9.Prophesy to UK, Europe, France And Australia.
10.Prophesy to New York City
11.Prophesy to Africa
12.Prophesy to Malta
13.Suffering Grace
14.Coming Revival
15.Revival World Updated

1.Prophesy to Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, and Burma

A.The Sweeping of the Holy Spirit

I will sweep over the souls of Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, and Burma.

Yes My Spirit shall sweep over the souls of many. In the days coming. I will rock the nations to their knees. All will worship Me. All will lay like dead men before me.

Have I not heard the cries of my people, shall I not come to them in their needs. But I say to my people walk in unity with those who are mine. For I am not just coming for one group but all who call upon my name.

2.Prophesy to Hong Kong

A.Hong Kong Prophecy

For the Lord takes delight in his people; he crowns the humble with salvation. Psalm 149:4

The Lord will crown the humble with salvation. Those you are humble among my people I shall use and I will place them in honor. To those who are not and to all who are among Hong Kong I will bring great humility.

My glory above you is at hand. The hand of God. Those who can discern my signs shall be ready. Those who don't will get in the way. For you have your own thinking, your own ways, and your own opinions. But my council will stand, what I have said will come to pass. I hear not your opinions; they are your idols in your mind. They are not the fear of God or the wisdom of God. For there is coming waves of humility upon whom of you who think the way you do.

You have kept back God's purse from my people. I will say the power of blessing comes from me not from my purse. I will rise up the poor to be rich in both natural and spiritual and they will take back my purse.

I will come like a mighty wind upon you Hong Kong. Mass harvest of souls will come into the kingdom in short time after my wind hits Hong Kong. I will breathe upon everywhere in Hong Kong and no one will flee from me. For I will be in everywhere in Hong Kong. For I am everywhere. As the wind blows so shall a mass harvest come.

In Victoria I will move and raise up my church to new levels. There shall be huge church among my people. And in Kowloon I will move among them, my fire will be placedupon every home. I will bring the Church into weeping prayer. And there shall raise new churches among my people.
Revival will come to Hong Kong and there will be a fire that shall rest among my people. I will transform you Hong Kong. You will be mine and I will use you as I see fit. Brokenness of heart shall come to all, from the great to the small. The prayers of my people I have heard.

3.Prophesy to China

A.I will shake China
I speak to China. I will shake China with the voice of My servants. And I will shake you will My voice from Heaven.

I will control the gates of China. He who controls the gates will control that Nation and the Church. I will bring such unity among My people. A true move shall come forth, this true move is move on steps of my doings. I will rise up Apostles of China. I will bring their hearts together. I will heal the Church of China. And I shall raise her up. Victory shall be hers.

I will say to My people. I am coming down from Heaven. For I am with you.

B.China I will deal with you!

The prayers of the saints have filled the golden bowls of incense and now it has come to a new day for China. China is a great harvest in decade. I will move upon Tibet, for I build my kingdom in these places. Great light, great truth will come to Tibet. I call forth my Apostolic Church to arise upon China and Tibet. The strongholds of darkness in China and Tibet will fall and come to an end in this decade. I am calling not to the Apostles but to the Apostolic Church. I see not a few leaders but an army of saints that will emerge from the Apostolic Church to attack the enemy strongholds. No more shall the church bend to the world or to the religious. I move upon the hard grounds of Asia, no longer shall I be hindered, no longer shall I be stop! But I cause their glory to be given to the Church. I will open Asian doors to my Apostolic Church and they shall not close. Any things that stand against this move I will deal with.

I will humiliate and confound China. There will be a great disaster and many will die at once and there will be many after that will die. We will hear their cries as they go up from the earth. At this time China people will call for a new leadership. And I will bring forth fruits worthy of repentance. Hong Kong will be a gateway to China. I will also humble Hong Kong to make room for My kingdom to setup in Hong Kong. Hong Kong must repent of its pride and greed and not saying this to those don't know Christ but to those who know Christ. I will not allow the unrepentants to hinder my plans or my chosen servants. Honk Kong has always been a center in business and it shall also be one of the centers of my kingdom.

I will fulfill Isaiah 49:8-12 in your time. I will open China up to gospel and the glory of the Church. I will change China within a short time when changes shall come. I will give joy and peace to the people of China. I will visit all people groups of China with my Word and my Power.

C.The Two Destinies of China

China you are in the hand of the Lord. The Lord is molding you into His destiny, and the prayers of the saints in China and around the world is changing China. The Lord is doing good works in China, what He has begun He will fulfill.

I see a vision of Jesus overseeing the government of China. He is putting divine pressure upon the government to change and to reform to a better way of government. He is placing divine burdens upon this government to it force by grace for changes in the government and the nation.

I see a vision of a marketplace and business Christian people moving forth in, from and around China. I hear these words the vision of China is changing, the destiny of China is changing.

I see a vision of many Christians around China with new paint, painting all over China, changing China from within and from outward. I hear these words this is the work of the Holy Spirit.

China has two destinies, which are the destiny of the dragon and the destiny of the panda bear. The destiny of the dragon will lead to death, sorrow and pain. The destiny of the panda bear will lead to mercy, life, caring and favor.

It is up to the saints in China and around the world, those who have a heart for China to pray for China and see the destiny that the Lord has for China, and His vision for China, and pray them forth.

4.Prophesy to Mongolia

A.Mongolia My Eye is upon you

Mongolia My eye has been on you for a long time. I am the one who is in control of your future. I shall come there with miracles. And there shall be manifestation of the Spirit. Deliverance shall come to you. And I will work strange miracles. I have not forgotten you in the mist of my plans. But I have a set plan for you. Trust me! And believe in me! Call upon me! Seek me and shall find me!

5.Prophesy to India

A.Harvest of India

Massive harvest of souls will be seen and heard of all over India.
Signs, wonders and supernatural acts will be witness by many around
India. I will begin a mighty wave in Bangalore then I will go to the
rest of India from city to city; from town to town I will visit. When
you think of India think outside of the box. I will move among the
marketplace, the workplace through my people with my gifts. I will
remove the darkness that is over India and give light great light. Many
will then see and come to know the Lord. However there will be great
acts of judgment in certain areas around India. India will witness of
my mercy and my judgment. I see great judgments being poured out on
India. Many people will come to know the Lord in those days.
Furthermore, I will come with power, demonstration, healing and
miracles in great and mighty ways. It will be a move of power that will
cover India with healing.

B.Sweet India

India I have plans for you. I have a destiny for you. You shall be an
offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma. The council
of the wicked shall be turned into foolishness. Their plans will come
to nothing. I will give you wisdom to become economic power in the
Earth. I will heal your land. The oil of the Holy Spirit shall come and
there will be great and mighty demonstrations of power. The
demonstrations of the Spirit and of power shall come. There will be
great harvests of souls in this day. I will rise up Apostolic Churches
in your major cities. I will move upon your villages and towns. I will
minister to the poor of India.

I will humble you India and cause you to repent, you are not called to
be a nation of war but a nation of peace. You are called to be neutral
in this world. You are called to be a place of rest and refuge for my
people. You are called to be an economic power in this world. I will
deal with those who raise their hands at my people. No longer shall my
people be under someone's feet, for they shall be the head. I will
move in your governemt to bring justice and fairness among all.

A great number of Indians will be won to the Lord in this day. This
will be one of greatest harvests of our time and in history! The Holy
Spirit shall rain upon your lands for some years and you shall become
fruitful. I will soften the ground for my near-future labors to come!
There shall be many happenings of the Spirit throughout your nation.
Many reports of the movements of the Spirit shall be heard in other
nations. And many shall come and see! Many of my saints shall come to
work in this great harvest field.

C.WE LOVE JESUS "A Word For India"

In a vision I see some mislead Christians and ministers with tongues of
demons. I could see evil spirits upon their tongues and in their
mouths, and their mouths were full of demons. They began to persecute
the anointing in the Saints and Servant Leaders. They began to attack
them with their words and prayers.

Among the camps of the anointed, a man of God arose up in grace and
power. He said forgive them, love them, bless them, and pray for them,
not against them. They are your brothers and sisters. We can't hate
and maintain this anointing upon us. If we apply these times with the
wisdom of the Lord we will overcome and the Lord will add to us.

I see angels go forth from heaven to protect the camps of the Anointed,
I see angels go to minister on their behalf. I see angels bring
blessings and gifts for them. I see angels go upon their prayers to
minister to those who believe that by hating them they are doing the
will of the Lord.

I then see many unbelievers come out of their darkness and come to the
light of Christ. I could hear each of them say. "I love Jesus"
another saying; "I love Jesus" another saying; "I love Jesus"
and they all said; "We love Jesus."

As time when on there were many numbers coming to the light of Christ.
And then the hearts among the Camps of the Anointed begun to burn with
holy passion, and the fire of the Lord came upon each heart.

Then the camps of the Anointed broke out into massive revival. I see
the oil of the Holy Spirit fill their entire body lamp stands, and fill
one another personal lamps. Then this oil begins to run everywhere,
covering every place. I could see great manifestations of the Holy
Spirit all over India. I could see great outpouring of miracles. I
could see great fires in the major cities.

Then the government and the areas in India begun to set aside days to
fast and seek the Lord; and I see national days of repentance.

In a vision I see the whole nation of India covered with the oil of the
Holy Spirit.

D.Prophetic Theater

I am seated inside of a theater. I begin to watch the signs and wonders
movie. The whole theater was filled with the presence of the Lord. I
then see a man seated next to me. He said I don't believe in healing
or miracles, and another person one the other side of me said I don't
believe in casting out demons. However, behind me an angel said to both
men I do believe in healing, miracles, and casting out demons. The men
were filled with the fear of the Lord, and both said they were sorry of
saying such things. This whole theater was filled up with people who
don't believe in the power of God.

However, The Holy Spirit said I don't care no more that these people
don't believe. I will no longer deal with them. My angels have been
sent forth to deal with those who don't believe. You will ether
believe in my power or fear the Lord.

In addition, the movie begins and I first see the people of God praying
for revival. Then I see the revival angel come among them and touch
them. I then see certain men and women of God preaching with such
authority in the Word.

Then I see the members in the churches going everywhere saying repent,
repent, and repent. I see people crying everywhere. The churches begin
to fill up with people. People were coming to know that Lord in every

Moreover, I see a preacher going over to India. He begun to heal the
sick, cast out demons, etc. He walked in signs and wonders. He first
showed the gospel with power and then preached. Massive people came to
know the Lord this was not planed by man instead plan by God.

Many preachers begun to obey the Spirit in India, I then see many signs
and wonders all over India. I then see many others come to know the
Lord. The churches were filled with fruits of the harvest.

Beside, I again see this preacher he begun to raise the dead. This
becomes very easy for him to do. He was not doing this the Holy Spirit
was doing this. He was only flowing in this grace.

Then many others preachers begun to raise the dead, they receive this
grace from those who first raise the dead. Then I could see many dead
being rising all over India.

Beside, I then see the members of churches going around and walking in
signs and wonders. There was great joy in many cities in India. Many
came around the world to be blessed. Many sick came around the world to
be healed.

In addition, I then again see the preacher now He raises whole numbers
from the dead. It was like he raises a whole army from the dead. I then
see people begin their dead to him and others to be raised.

Furthermore, this anointing of power, signs and wonders, and the
anointing to raise the dead begun to enter in other nations and I begun
to see this all over the world. This becomes common in the lives of

E.Word to the Church of India

       The life of Paul the Apostle is a prophetic type for the church of
India. The church of India is the born again believers in Christ who
live in the nation of India. The Holy Spirit is saying that the Church
of India is like the life of Paul. If you study the life and ministry
of Paul you can see prophetic words and actions that the church of
India we go through and become in Christ.

       In Philippians chapter three the Holy Spirit is using this as a
prophetic word to the church of India. Open your ears brothers and
sister of Christ who live in India and are apart of the Church of

       Brothers and Sisters in Christ rejoice in the Lord again I say
rejoice. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength, and let the Lord be
strength of your life. Don't not lose your joy not even for a minute.
Rejoice in everything you go through, rejoice in all things.

       The Lord want you to be free from any religious spirits, Know Christ
evermore everyday and love your brothers and sister in Christ. Take
hold of the weapons of praise and worship and begin to make your life a
praise and worship center. Do not let praise and worship be limit to
Sunday worship.

       Do not have confidence in things of the Flesh; do not be conform to
this world but to the Words of God. Renew you minds and lives to be
according to Christ. Have the mind of Christ and be of a kingdom
mindset. Renew and be humble in mindsets of the mind.

       Allow the Lord to remove and to put to death every thing that is not
of his will, nature, order, and word, instead be reform according to
his will, nature, order and word. The things that you gain based on
your strength count it loses for Christ. Let your goal be for the
excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus your Lord to be in your
life. What you have lost you have gain in Christ.

       You have partaking in the fellowship of His suffering, now you shall
partake and know Him in the power of His resurrection. The Lord will
fill the church of India with anointing, power and glory from Christ
through the Holy Spirit.

       Be humble in mind, be meek in mind, and be teachable. The Lord will
mature the church of India and Lord will mature His people in India. Do
not look down on others be of one mind and of one heart.

       Forgive those who hurt you, forgive those who done you wrong, do not
be bitter in life no longer. Break up the bitter roots and sow new
seeds of life into the ground. No longer sorrow over your life or what
you see, instead see by the eyes of faith and wonder what the Christ
and Holy Spirit will do in your life, the church of India and India.

       Now look and see the life of Paul the apostle who is example to follow
and who is a pattern to follow. Now become an example and pattern for
other believers in other nations to follow. Above all follow Christ.

       Bewared those who are the enemies of the cross of Christ and their god
is their belly. These are ones who are mislead to hinder the way to the
Cross-to those in the world. They are mislead believers and preachers
who become religious in their walk with Christ.

               Now Church of India; be Body mined and Kingdom minded. You are
citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. The church is not a religion, Christ
is not a religion, and this is the will of God. The church is apart of
the Kingdom and Christ is the head of the church and the King of His
Kingdom, which you are of through His blood.

F.India Seedtime and Harvest

India the Hand of the Lord is upon you. The Lord hears the prayers of the saints in India. The Lord has a big heart for the people of India. The Lord loves the people of India. He has good plans and good purposes for India.

The Lord will reform the church of India, the Lord will establish the Apostolic Church of India, The Lord will bring a massive revival to India. The Lord will change the government of India. The Lord will judge those who have brought much suffering to His people in India. The Lord will change India with His goodness and mercy.

Right now we are in the time called seedtime. This is the time to plant the prophetic words all over India. To plant the prophetic word in the heart and mind of India, and to plant the prophetic word in the hearts of His people in India. This is a time to release the Lord's vision for India, and the vision for the church of India.

The Lord is calling His people to be prayerful over these prophetic words about India. He is calling His people to pray day and night, and be faithful to pray forth the fulfillment of these prophetic words that the Lord has sent to India.

I see a vision of golden bowls being filled with incense, which are the prayers of the saints in India and even those around the world. Once when one of these golden bowls becomes full, then a prophetic word comes to pass in India. It is God's will for all these golden bowls to become full.

As the prophetic seed is planted in India, the saints must obey the call to water the prophetic seed with much prayer. If the saints are faithful in seedtime, and water time and then the day will come that God will give the increase, the day of harvest will come, the day of prophetic fulfillment will come.

If you are faithful in the seedtime and the water time, the harvest time will come. You must prepare and get ready for the harvest time. You must be faithful in the harvest time too. It is the Lord who will bring the harvest time.

It is the Lord who will bring to pass every prophetic word that He has released. With each prophetic word released the Holy Spirit is upon it and will guide it to fulfillment. With each prophetic word that He has released the Lord sent angels along with the prophetic word.

Now the Lord is saying see the vision that the Lord has for India, now the Lord is saying see the vision that the Lord has for the church of India. Write down the visions and pray and believe for them, and walk and run with the visions by faith, by grace and through the Holy Spirit and prayer.

6.Prophesy to Australia

A.Australia Your Time Is Coming

To Australia I saved the best for last. Your time is coming. For over short time you shall come into me. For your Kingdom shall become the Kingdom of God.

I will give you best wine, and oil and fresh water you shall have. In you time I shall move upon New Zealand and Southeast Asia and toward the Pacific Ocean and Antarctica.

Yes I shall visit Japan in a mighty wave. I will come to Tokyo to fill it with love. For my love will fill the nation of Japan and then their hearts will turn to needs of the people. And I will bless them for this.

7.Prophesy to America

A.Great Repentance

Great repentance shall come as waves of mercy across America. Great weeping and godly sorrow will come upon the great and small, rich and poor, Christian and unsaved in America. This will also cause many nations to repent of their sins.

America you will bear great fruits worthy of repentance. Christ will bring reformation to the Church of America and to government of America and whole nation of America. We will see the revelation of the true God among those who outside of Church restored. God will change the high places, for they will be given over to God.

God will rise up a National Presbytery. There will be a common vision and a common ground. It also will be made up with goals for winning the lost, works of compassion and godly morals and prayer. We will see Apostles of America come forth and Apostles will come from other nations, for they have been called to be Apostles of America. (National Apostles).

God will heal America from her sins and bring restoration to America as a whole. The Lord will heal America and forgive America of her sins. God will fill America with glory and His presence and grace and mercy. I will fill America with knowledge and revelation of the Lord.

B.America it's destiny

Do not stand in judgement when it comes to America. America is my work. I have ordered her steps and I will cause her to obey them. Their destiny is not in the hands of men but of God. I have set America apart. I order the destiny of nations. I have laid the foundation of each nation and I know their beginning and their end. And I say to, 'you, America will not have an end!'

The Apostolic Church is Arising in America. The Church of America shall be one of glory and honor. I have allowed division to come but no longer, I have allowed dishonor to come but no longer and I have allowed my people to go in their own ways but no longer. I will gather again the Church of America. I will heal and build up. I will give America's Churches---Apostolic Leadership. I will use America in a mighty way that are unknown to the ears of many. I will do new things with the Church of America. The Apostolic Church is Arising and I will replace all churches with the Apostolic Church.

The office of the President, I will call forth Christian Leadership. I will move in the House and the Senate in mighty ways. Many thing will change within a short period of time. This fall's election will be one to remember. I will move upon the Judicial Branch and bring forth reform. I will also move department of Justice and bring forth reform. I will move upon the education department and bring reform. I see a new horizon arising over Washington D.C. and Capitol Hill.

I will deal with the sins of America. They will not go unnoticed before me. Many will lose their power. I will shake many and bring forth changes through shaking. If a man becomes more hardened, I will shake even more. I will strike and I will heal. I will tear and I will heal. I will strick and I will build up. I will revive and raise up. The rains of the Spirit are coming! I will root out and pull down, I will destroy and throw down but I will build and plant. I give you a future and give you a hope.

C.Fourth Generation

A gate of hell has been open upon America and the World. This gate of homosexuals will not prevail against the church. God is going to bring swift judgment upon this gate. He will deal with those who have open this gate. There is a wave of sexually uncleanness that has been release upon the world. The Church must stand up against this wave and Church must support ministries that are set in the Church to help that deal with the sin of homosexuals. We must love those who are in sin, be a friend to the Sinner, but hate the sin. We must pray for wisdom in how to do this. The wave of witchcraft as already been open up upon the young. We must show the power of God and teach of power of God to our youth this will be our only hope. Children that don't know the power of God are open to this wave of witchcraft. Children need to walk in the gifts of Spirit, and they should prophecy and see visions. The Church lacks power but soon the Church will be full of power. Let's fill our children with the Holy Spirit and power!

Canada swift judgment will come upon in coming days. However, God hears the prayers of saints. A greater wave of repentance and holiness will be open up in the gate cities both in America and Canada. The Lord is coming to visits as in a Mighty Way. He is going to visits this generation within this season, within a shot time. To London and the U.K. God has plan for you, a plan for you're near future. God will visit London and the U.K. with a greater reformation then in the past time in history. God says the greater and better of the Holy Spirit will come upon your lands.

I am calling my Church; I am calling my chosen ones. To arise and take the gates of hell, and turned them around for your good. You shall rule at their gates and the wicked shall rule not!

What has been sown in the 1960's shall not continue to another generation. To fourth generation I shall redeem you from the sins of your fathers and bless you with blessing of fathers of Church. And you shall become the generation that seeks the Lord. I have a purpose for you and it's a glorious one.

Now the Lord shows me consider 2004 election shall be greater then the last election, and even the election in the last presidential election. God says 2004 is year of Divine Election! In addition, from this time forth to the 2004 Election things will happen that will change the Nation of America. The things that will happen are stuff that makes history books come alive. God has put his heavy hand upon America and He shall guide her in every step.

D.Golden Lampstands

I see a vision of America! I see the Midwest; I see the West coast and the East Coast. I look down and I see the South. Then I see Jesus walking in the midst of cities of America great and small. Then the Lord himself said to the World and other Nations; why do you point your finger at this Nation. I have blessed you too with certain unalienable blessings that others don't have. I have blessed each Nation with certain unalienable Blessings and favor that other nations don't have but can share with their blessings. I too have blessed America with certain unalienable blessings and favor that you don't have however; you can share and partake of them. I bless one nation that many will be blessed through them. As I have blessed other Nations likewise. I will judge all Nations not just America, I will surly Judge this Nation.

Nevertheless, my judgment is not apart of my redemptive purposes. My judgments are redemptive! It is Redemptive Judgment that will come upon all Nations. Beside, My intervention of mercy will come upon all Nations. My will in judgment is not to destiny any nation but to save it. There are those nations who will be goat nations I will bring my holy redemptive judgment upon them more. There are those who will be sheep nations I will bring my mercy intervention on them more. In the goat nations shall be the pillar of fire by night. In the sheep nations shall be the pillar of cloud by day. I will give the goat nations nighttime, and I shall give the sheep nations daytime.

Apart from that, The Lord walks among Lampstands that I see across America. I see many within cities. These are churches of the golden Lampstands. I hear the Lord says these are the churches of the ministry of the Seven Golden Lampstands. I then see across America in many cities lampstand churches build by grace, wisdom and power. I see within major cities many lampstand churches. I then see a huge flood of revelation upon America flowing back and forth between the Churches, Cities, Marketplaces, and Nations around the World. I see this flood of revelation is full of light, power, and fruits.

Furthermore, The Lord himself says I will cover this Nation with revelation that bring life, light, wholeness to this nation and to the world.

E.Reformation of the American Church

Many Christians in America are praying for revival for America. However, if we don't have true repentance how can we have true revival? First and foremost revival is to be a way of life for the church. The reason why we don't see continuing revival is for the reason the foundation has not been laid and we are not in proper order with Christ. I believe that great repentance is coming to America like nothing we ever seen before. I believe that we are entering into a time of great revivals that will be many revivals and from revival to revival, and revivals will overtake each other. Revival will become a way of life for the Church. In the past there has been revival every 50 years in America. I have heard that America is a Revival nation and I believe it. Beside, I believe that there is a spiritual building up from past moves and revivals to bring great lasting revivals upon America and the World. I prophetic see that America is a gate of revival to the nations. It is not that Christians in America are only praying for revival also many more Christians around the world is praying for revival for America. There are more prayer ministries and Prayer armies then any other time in the history of the church. This is a sign of hope that better things are coming in the near future, and that revival will come not if instead when.

Although we need revival what is greater is the need for a great reformation of American Church. I know that we are entering into the first steps of reformation of all of the Body of Christ. In addition, I would like to share about the need of true reformation for the American Church. I believe we have come to a place in history that American church is about to be gather into the holy fire of the Holy Spirit and go through reformation. I believe that the Lord would be gathering many Christians and many groups in Christ and those who call themselves Christians into this holy fire of reformation. I see that we are at the end of many groups and many churches in America and new ones will be birth. I see that many groups and many churches will be burn up in this holy fire. The American Church will be rebirth in the fire of reformation.

Without reformation of the American Church there will be no lasting revivals in America, and America could even hinder other nations from revival. Christ's will is to widen this gate of revival in America and to establish a certain number of gates of revival around the world. These gates are not the same as in history instead are more powerful and stronger then before. The nature of revival will be like mighty armies of angels coming with such forces that the anointing will break anything that hinders.

Already I see this revival anointing being poured out upon many nations and set revival leaders around the world. There will be such holy anointed preaching that wills sake nations and cities for Christ. At the same time this great reformation of all of Christ's Body I see leaders from many places in many Christians groups being put in the fire before the rest are and the holy fire of reformation is being place in them. They are becoming a flame of holy fire of reformation. There preaching will been an end to many Christian groups and end to many ministries, and many churches will be no more. At the same time new churches and new groups will be birth by their preaching.

Furthermore, Revival and reformation is coming in great forces upon the church, nations and the body of Christ. Things as we know now will change. Church history will change to Christ glory. Revival is the manifestation of the glory of Christ. Reformation is the church being formed into the true image of Christ.

F.The Carnal Church

The Church in America is like the Church in the Epistles to the Corinthians, the Church in America is like the Corinth Church, and the Church in America is like the Carnal Church.

The Holy Spirit is speaking to the Church in America you are sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints. You are set apart for Divine Purposes. You are set apart for My Glory.

It is the Will of God for the Church in America that you come short in no gift. It is Christ's will for the Church in America to be filled with all gifts and anointings.

The Holy Spirit is calling us more into relationship with Jesus Christ to walk with Him as those in the gospels did before us.

However, the Lord does not like the divisions among us. He needs a united Body in America to work through His Divine Will. He has called us to be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.

God has chosen the foolish things among us to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things among us to put to shame the things that are mighty, and the base things among us and the things which are despised God has chosen, and then things which are not, to bring to nothing the things that are, that no flesh should glory in His presence.

However, I could not speak to you as spiritual people, but as to the carnal, as to babes in Christ. The America Church is a church of babies and carnal Christians. For you are still carnal, for where there are envy, strife, and divisions among you, are you not carnal and behaving like mere men?

I will set my holy fire in certain places in the Church in America and this holy fire will burn and burn until there is no longer any carnal church before my eyes. What will come forth is a glorious church, is a holy church.

I will rise up a pure wave of wise master builders who I have giving authority to do my will in dealing with the Church in America. Many houses that stand today and in the past will no longer stand. Only those that have submit to the divine wave of the workmanship of grace will stand.

I will even clean out the little leavens among you. I will purge out the old leavens that are among you. You will be a new lump; since you truly are unleavened, for indeed Christ, our Passover, was sacrificed for us. Therefore let us keep the feast, not withhold leaven, nor with leaven of malice, and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.

You are full of certain gifts and blessing, where is you love among you. I have called you to walk in unity. I have called you to have unity with diversity. I will fill you with gifts, ministers, and activities. There will be a great outpouring of the gifts of Spirit upon you. You will lack in none of these gifts. I am calling you to the love of 1 Corinthians 13 the more excellent way. I will change the way church services; I will change the way of your worship services. They will be filled with glory and power. They will be long and waiting upon me. You will stand and lay down in my presence. You will enjoy and live in my presence.

However, I have called you to give more in the grace of giving. For you have much yet you give little. I am calling you to be a giving Church to the churches around the world. I am calling you to a higher level of giving to give more and to give to the areas that I want you to give. You have been giving your money to projects that are not of me. You are called to help the missionary work around the world.

For great and greater effective doors will open to you, that I have already called to war against the spiritual adversaries. You will take out the enemies before you enter those great doors.

The signs of the Apostles will be seen among you. They will pour out to you an outpouring of signs, wonders and mighty deeds upon you. Yes there will be signs and wonders among the saints for an outpouring of signs and wonders will soon come upon the church in America. An outpouring of visions and revelations is coming upon the Church in America.

Now Church in America it is time to repent, it is time for repentance. It is time for godly sorrow that produces true changes and true repentance. Let us now cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.

8.Prophesy to Russia

A.I speak to the people of the north. I say to Russia. I hear your prayers. I am moving through you in unusual ways. Be faithful in what I have given you. The time will come and in this now time for you. Open you gates and send forth your people to the nations to do my will.

I will bless you through the times to come. For I have a plan for you in this hour. My people you will need live for me. For I will use you in other nations. I will cover your nation with my blood. For inner healing will come to your nation.

I have blessed you and I will bless you more. For I will give many new bowls that I will pour over you.

B.Russia You're On My Mind

Russia you are double minded in your ways. I am calling you to stand for something. Is there not a cause worthy to stand up for? If Nations want to be useful, they must have a cause! The day of decision is coming for you. I see waves of turmoil arise upon your times, it is time to know your position in the earth. If you don't know your position, soon I will reveal your heart to the World. You are at a time in your destiny that you can lose many things or gain many things. You must choose today not tomorrow for tomorrow will be too late.

I will shake Russia. I still am molding Russia. And I am still reforming Russia. I gave them a new beginning and a change in destiny. You haven't seen or heard what Russia shall be. Many misunderstand Russia's future. Now is the time for true understanding of Russia has come. He who has an ear, let him hear! I will keep Russia humble before the World!

The Apostolic Church is arising in Russia. Russia is an example to many nations that I will deal with soon. The Christians of Russia will be givers of life and materials. They will go to aid and help many in hurting. I will use them in deeds of love. I am not done with the Church of Russia. I have just begun!

C.Ten Nations

The Holy Spirit comes upon my heart about these ten nations. The hand of the Lord is sweeping across these nations. They were one nation now they are ten nations. In Luke 19:11-27 is the parable of the minas. That if you are faithful to do business and trading with the minas that God gives. You shall rule over cities. One shall rule over ten cities, another five cities. This will happen so among these ten nations.

They are the nations of ex-USSR Government. They are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

The Lord is moving among the churches in these nations. He has begun a great work among them and he will complete this in his own time. The Lord hears the prayers of his people. He speaks grace and glory unto them; with power and grace he will visit them in great ways.

The Lord is moving among these nations and among his holy people. He is arising an army of marketplace Christians in these nations. God is bringing a holy alliance between the Church and the Marketplace of these Nations.

He is an arising many kings in business from among his body in these nations, whom he will use in great ways to touch these nations. The key of business is being giving to the body in these nations to change their nations for the good.

I see Marketplace Apostles in each of these nations coming forth-gaining power and favor between those in the business world and the governments. God will use these Apostles to aid and protect the Church and bless the people of these nations. The business keys of the whole marketplace are being giving to the Church. They are being taken from the hands of world and in trusted in the hands of the Marketplace Apostles and the Church of these Nations.

Yes the Lord is moving among the Marketplaces around the World he is bringing a divine connection between the Church and the marketplace. God is arising among many Nations a great company of Marketplace Christians. He is arising the Joseph Company in the Church. Yes the Marketplace Apostles are coming to a city near you.

D.Russia a work of the Lord

The Lord is doing a good work in Russia. The work that He has begun He will fulfill. The hands of the Lord are all over Russia. His workmanship can and will be seen all over Russia.

I see a vision of the blood of Jesus being poured upon every place in Russia. I see a vision of the mercy of the Lord being poured upon every place in Russia. I see a vision of the outpouring of the Spirit in every place in Russia.

I see the church arise in every city in worship, in prayer, in vision, in anointing, in authority in Russia. I see the true body of Christ rise in Russia and the people of Russia do not know what has happen.

I see a vision of Christians in every place in Russia, I see a vision of Christians in every area of Russia, and I see a vision of Christians in every part of the government of Russia.

Now I see a vision over the sky of Russia a new freedom for worship arises, and nation begins to grow, and life begins to fill Russia. I see a vision of Russia and I see people from all over the world moving to Russia.

Now I hear the Lord says, this is what happens when I visit a nation and change their destiny.

9.Prophesy to UK, Europe

A.Britain Colonies

To the Britain Colonies past and today, what will do in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. I do in you lands too. Not one land will I leave on touch by my hand.

I fill you will with power. I will touch my church from Colon to Colon. I will visit all. And bring  great waves of my power. They will be an over lapping of moves of Spirit in your lands.

I will send my people from U.K. to your nations. For they will turned to you in this time. And come with my power to your lands. And fill my people in these lands with power and they will be led to the nations that I call them too.

The waves of Power to your lands will go on for many years to come. I will rise up great Churches and will bring Changes to the Church Image in your lands.


England I will shake you from great to small. All will I shake from your sins and traditions and your religions. I will bring you by force into my kingdom. I will then heal you from all past sins. And rise up into your destiny. I cover you with prayer and grace. I will open eyes and bring you forgiveness from those who hurt you.

I will visit the royal family and make then bow to my Lordship and fill them with the Holy Spirit. And give them new mission in life.

I will visit London in a mighty wave of glory; they will not know what has happen. For darkness will no longer dwell there. And great light and truth will come; there will a great turning to me in that day.

I will give them fruits that last in all of England. And this will be the beginning of many good things to come. Even more will come in my moves of the Spirit.


Europe I will bring Reformation. Great Reformation. This reformation is greater then the ones in the past. This Reformation will set your nations on fire. I shake you Europe for the Moves of God in the Earth will over lap and keep on coming. I shake every nation in Europe. A Great wave of reformation will come. My moves will last for many years to come.

I will shake all of Christianity and all of Christendom. I will shake all religions of Christianly, and traditions. I will shake all religions in Europe.

I will visit the great universities and will burn up all philosophies of man. And bring revival to the youth.

I will move upon France I will cover France with the Water of my Spirit. I rain my Spirit upon her. They will be a great awaking that will flow to all nations in Europe and the World.

I will move upon Germany in great force of humility and I build up my church among Germany.

I will move upon Spain with waves of glory. I cause them to come to the Lord in this great hour of the Church. I will heal their land.

I will visit Norway with my grace and my fire. I set them on fire and they will burn day and night. And this fire will not be put out or go out for years to come.

I will move upon Greece I will blow upon them my fires I will burn inside them all their sins. I will open there eyes in short time.

I will visit Czech Rep. And I carry my glory into their churches. Over night there will be great numbers won to me.

Italy I will come upon you. I will bring you to the ground. You will weep day and night and years to come. I will rise up my Church in your land, and it will become full of glory.

I am coming to Europe I will move upon the heads of state and your nations. I will bring order and bring you into line with my people who shall rule the earth forever with me.

D.United Kingdom

My fire is coming I will fill the U.K. with the fire of God. As you see the U.K. today and in  the past it shall not be the same in the future. For I will bring my fire and fill U.K. with Fire. I will bring reformation to My people and I will bring reformation to the U.K. I will burn up every thing that is not of my nature in the U.K. I will make the U.K. example and a witness of my fire.

My fire shall again rest upon heads of my church in U.K. I will fill their minds with the mind of Christ. I will make the U.K. in Apostolic State. I will visit each of the denominations. And I will burn them up, with full force upon them. And even to those who say I have Spirit, but you can't be right. I too will visit them. To those ignorant and those who are arrogance, it does not matter how much you know, or what degree you hold or what your title is, you better run while you can, for I will take away your vain kingdoms and give them to those who fear my name. For those who fear my name I will raise up.

I say to all among you who cry mercy now, cry mercy then, for that is the only prayer most of you are going to have prayed. I am going to take the U.K. and make it mine. I speak a move of God. I speak moves of God. I see a ten-year fire in and among U.K. that will not go out.

And those who are the heads in the Government of UK, I will visit them in a way that it will melt their hearts and make them walk in humility all the days of their life.

E.U.K. Near Future

The Apostolic Church shall have great strongholds in the U.K. I am bringing reformation of the highest degree to the U.K. No longer shall the Churches of the U.K. run their own destiny and no longer shall the U.K. run its own destiny. I have guided the nations around the U.K. and those apart of the U.K. I have guided the U.K. from it's beginning. A new roar comes forth. The great Lion will arise again in the U.K. But for a new cause the lion shall arise.

There are many seeds sowing to the flesh and the harvest of corruption has come. There are many tares sowing among you. There are more tares sowing than of wheat. The Lord says I hold the Divine balance between the wheat and the tares. The time for the wheat to come forth and the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Do not remove the tares but forgive and pray for them, for my angels are about to gather the tares and they shall be cast into the fire, and they shall be burned in the fire.

What is the mystery of the tares of the U.K.? Most of these tares are religious tares. They are dry bones and I say unto my Church of the U.K., 'prophecy to these dry bones and shall they not live?'<br>
I will shake the U.K. before the World. I will pick up the U.K. in my right hand and shake it. Many shakings are going to come but this is to your good not to hurt you. I will humble you before me so that I will count you worthy in the days to come to be a glorious nation in the time of the end!

You are a clay vessel before me, and I am molding you to my image, my will, my word, and my grace. I am your potter and you are in my potter house. I have a vision of a potter house I see all kinds of clay vessels and I hear a voice say, 'these are nations', for all nations are clay vessels before me. I hear the prayers of saints; I hear the voice again if the saints pray I will begin to mold again. All these vessels can be molded again. I hear many prophets prophecy! I hear again the voice of the Prophets reveal the destiny of nations. Hear the Prophets, know my voice, hear what the Spirit is saying unto the Church, and hear what the Spirit is saying unto the Nations. Then I hear and see Apostles come forth from many nations then I see the Apostolic Church come forth from many Nations. I hear the Voice of the Apostles is empowerment of grace unto the Nations. And the Apostolic Church is the power that changes the Nations. Then I hear a voice of the one who is praying on Earth. He says, 'Can A Nation Be Saved In A Day?' Then the mystery of this Potter House was revealed. The Potter House is the Body of Christ!

F.France And Australia

While in prayer God give me a word. He said "I have two nations in my hands." The two nations are France and Australia. They do not yet know their destiny or purpose, for it will be in the Lord.

Australia has been kept unlit the last, for reason He keeps the best for last. Australia is the great southland of the Holy Spirit. Australia will have a double portion in world mission and be greater then the American Church in it Missions. Not only that it shall be exceeding greater in missions. Australia is the only continent that has not it have revival unlit such as time as this.

France has not been in the last moves of God. They passed by faith, it pass by hope, but it shall not pass the love. A movement of the Fathers Love is coming forth in the earth. To Love God and then to love one another.

I personal have prayed and have heart for Australia and France and have prayed for both above most nations that I am called to pray for.

10.Prophesy to New York City

A.God's will for New York City

Last year I visit New York City and prayed for this Bless City.This is what the Lord has said about New York City. He wants it me talk to you today about His will for New York. And as I did He give me more word for New York. Lets pray for New York City. God Bless New York City.Many of My prophets have spoken words that I have not spoken over this City. If they remain faithful I will open their hearts to My will for N.Y. City. There has been allotting of false prophecy spoken over this City. Some of theses prophets are false prophets. But I say I have marked this city for my heart in the coming days. For I will take hold of this City and those who live in it. This is the heart City of Earth. If My Church can take this City for Me, then they can take the Earth for the Glory of God. If you take this City therefore you have taking Earth at the same time. This City is the Heart City of Earth. I the Lord will establish My present and power and My Kingdom here. It shall be so. Saints, Prophets open your eyes and seek me to know My will for New York City.The apostles are coming to New York, The Apostles are coming forth in New York, and My prophets are going to arise in the mist of New York. My Prophets are going to come in with the apostles. I will rise up an international Christian Council in New York City. Reveal will come in great waves to New York; the Church in New York will be reformed. All of New York State will come to know the Lord in a short time of harvest. I will bring Great Revival fires from Maine to D.C. Also I will reform the Churches of first 13 states. My Glory will fill every place in the first 13 states.Saints God said to me that New York City is the Heart City of earth; if we can take N.Y.C. we can then take the Earth for the Glory of Christ.

B.The Dream of the Year of 2009

In this dream of the year of 2009, this is the dream of what is about to happen, what is already happening, what will happen between this time and that time, what will happen around that time, and what will happen after that time.

In this dream every part of this dream is a prophetic word of what is to come to pass in the near future, around the year 2006 and after that, and the future.

In this dream I see a tall building in New York City, meaning landmark movement, New York City meaning the whole world, and major cities and many nations and people groups.

In this dream I see in part of this building up in the front a government agency that is called to fight terrorists, this means the Kingdom of God. The terrorists are the demons spirits. The commission of this agency is Isaiah 54:14; in righteousness you shall be established; you shall be far from oppression, for you shall not fear; and from terror, for it shall not come near you. Then I see this super agent where the fire of God was sent down from Heaven into his life, giving him super powers, and he become strong, mighty, and a giant. This means the coming apostolic anointing, and the coming apostles of great power and great grace.

In the back part of this building was a church meeting there, meaning the body of Christ, the Church. There was a huge widow looking out upon New York City. Meaning there will be a four-year opportunity from the beginning of 2006 and ending in 2009. This will be a time favor for the church. Then I see through this widow the whole city of New York was burning with fire for some time. Meaning the world will be set on fire with the fire of God, and the major cities will be set on fire with the fire of God. In this dream of 2009 meaning what has happen in 2009 was already going on for some time before the year of 2009.

New York City means also, global impact, world outreach, and global ministry that will be giving to these super apostles. In this dream I see a dream of the fire of God first coming out from the sky upon the apostles, giving them the fire of God, and super powers, meaning supernatural powers in the Holy Spirit, then I see a dream after this one in the dream of the year 2009, the fire of God coming down from the sky upon the church.

In this dream the apostle lays his hands upon the church leaders imparting vision for revival, vision of the fire of God, and to be able to receive this coming fire of God. Then the Church Leaders will not fear with human fear of what is coming.

The Lord will connect the apostles in America with the mature Church Leaders of Africa. The Lord will arise up the Apostolic Church of Africa; the Lord will rise up apostles in Africa. The Church leaders of Africa will receive the vision of revival, the vision of the fire of God, and be able to receive the coming fire of God. All of Africa will burn with the fire of God!

All of the world will be set on fire with the fire of God. The fire of God will burn throughout the world. In major cities, in many nations and people groups.

The generations of the First Adam, meaning networks of demons, curses, familiar spirits, iniquities, bondages, soulish realms and sickness, etc. will be set on fire with the fire of God and burn up in the fire of God.

What will begin soon will come to fullness and fruitfulness within four years. What will begin in 2006 will become global, fruitfulness, and fullness by or around 2009.

11.Prophesy to Africa

A.Islam spirit

Since the Sept. 11 2001 we have heard that this was the beginning of the end of this religion called Islam. This has been a prophetic word for sometime now. At the same God is rising up apostles in the Middle East, and in those nations that are ruled by spirit of Islam. In addition, I've heard that the center of Christianity is returning back to its roots.

I was talking to a follow apostle who lives in Liberia, Africa. Where they're having civil war, God give me a prophetic word that the Holy Spirit is raising in His nation againt the spirit of Islam. In addition, the Holy Spirit is arising in Africa against the spirit of Islam. This reminds me of another prophetic word that God give about Africa that God will raise up many apostles in Africa.

Islam is a religious spirit that is about to break forth in terror in many nations around the world. However, God has allow this in order to open wide the nations who are ruled by the spirit of Islam. The worst is coming around the corner believe God for his Divine Protection!

God will use the weapon of humility to bring down this spirit over those nations that are rule by this spirit. He will also humble those nations to great degree. Moreover, He will humble those who are rule by this spirit. God will open these nations to gospel of Christ.

However, we are to love those under the control of this spirit. We are to pray for them, and help them when they call upon us. I see a great care and compassion coming forth from other nations to help them in their time of need. This is a spiritual war that must be won through prayer and love. We must see the spiritual side of this war. So that we doesn't lose touch in God's plan for those under the spirit of Islam, I know that is going to be very hard soon for us to love those who will hurt us in great impacts. In those times we must turn to God. God is bringing us the Body of Christ back to Himself through our knees in prayer. In addition, He will turn the bad in the good that nations will turn to Him that will be hurt from their attacks.

B.Nigerian Church

What I am doing in Nigeria, Africa I will do in many Nation. I speak a ten-year movement. In that time I visit many Nations, and I will do the same as I am doing in Nigeria. I am not saying the after the ten years is an end, but only the beginning. What I am doing in Nigeria will sweep across the whole of Africa. The Apostolic Spirit will overcome every enemy that stands in it's way, which place upon this Nation and Church of Nigeria.

All over Nigeria I raise more companies of believers, large Churches, All of Nigeria will be full of the glory of God. Nigeria will become a Christian Nations is a short time. Nigeria is one of Apostolic Nations I am raising up for my spiritual people in these days.

Africa will be healed by the Apostolic Church of Africa. I am rising up the Body of Christ, the Church in Africa. This Church is an Apostolic Church to the Nations of the World.

C.Cameroon Nation of Hope

Great power, great glory will be witness in this nation. He will do great works among these people.

We will see great signs and wonders. We will see mass healings and mass miracles done among these people. The Holy Spirit will rise up great apostles of faith and power. We will see great numbers come to know the Lord all over this nation. There will be a move in the marketplace, business and workplace of Christians moving in anointing for business and work for a Kingdom purpose.

The Lord will move upon the city of Douala. New churches will birth by a new anointing. The churches in this city that obeys the Holy Spirit will be fruitful and increase in numbers. The churches in this city will come into apostolic unity.

The Lord will release healing upon this nation. This nation will change. This nation will become the most modern nation in all of Africa. There will be government reform and changes. The whole nation will change and become beautiful by the glory of the Lord. This nation will be a model nation for other developing nations in Africa and the world.

Furthermore, church of Cameroon you must pray, seeks the face of God. Hear the Prophets speak, Listen and receive the ministry of the apostles. Hear the Holy Spirit speaking today. Change your ways to the ways of the Lord.

D.Ten African Nations

Ten nations in Africa will come to know the Lord is a few moments of time, these nations are right next to each other. Not only these nations will be won to the Lord around the same time the governments, the life of the people and living standard will change.

Apostolic churches will arise in these nations. These churches will grow in huge numbers. The church of the city will begin to arise. The signs of apostles will be seen and witness.

These apostles will arise and minister to the other African nations. Apostolic revival will break forth in the ten African nations and then apostolic revival will come to Africa. The revival that will come to Africa is an apostolic revival.

These apostles will even go to the nations of the world with apostolic revival and power. You will see apostolic revival come to America through these apostles from Africa.

This apostolic revival will go to the Untied Kingdom, Europe and the nations of the world. I see costly oil being poured out on the church of Africa. And great missionary anointing is be giving His people in Africa.

There will be huge meeting all over Africa and huge meeting all over the world that will come from Africa and the apostles of Africa.

Marketplace Christians will arise in many African nations you will see an army of believers in the workplace, business, government and the marketplace.

E.Apostolic Africa

The Lord is anointing the church in Africa in the nations of Africa with a strong and great apostolic anointing that is flowing from Christ himself at the right hand of the Father. The Lord will heal Africa through the apostolic anointing that is coming upon the church of Africa. The nations of Africa are apostolic nations in the kingdom of God.

There will come pure apostolic rivers of the Spirit out of Africa. There will be many apostolic movements coming out of Africa. The Churches and believers in Africa will touch the nations around the world with the apostolic anointing.

The apostolic church will be a great stronghold in the nations of Africa. The Lord will build a great apostolic stronghold in Africa. The Church of Africa will be known for their apostolic anointing and blessing from Christ.

The Lord will birth patterns and examples from churches and ministries in Africa that other churches in other nations will study and follow. No more shall ministers and Christians look to the west or other ministers and Christian in other nations to teach them their patterns. Yet the churches in Africa will always be teachable, open, and hunger for spiritual things, instead this is the time for the people of God in Africa to arise and take their proper place in the body of Christ around the world.

There will be many apostles raise up in Africa following the footsteps of Christ moving in the power and sings ministering in Africa and around the world. This is the day that the Lord will raise up great Apostles in Africa that touches nations in Africa and the nations around the world for the glory of Christ alone.

There will be many missionaries from believers to ministers going to other nations from Africa, minister and blessing those believers and churches in other nations.

The Lord will tear down every wall that hinders the apostolic anointing and the apostolic church in Africa. The Apostolic Church will grow across the whole of Africa like fire.

The Lord will rise up a mighty marketplace army in Africa that will begin to heal Africa through wisdom of God and the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Yes the Lord will use the workplace, marketplace and businesspersons in Christ to begin to heal the Africa.

Africa is not what it will be in the future. The Lord will bring changes to the governments and living standards through his people in the workplace, marketplace, and business. The Lord releases, opens, and revels the wealth of Africa to change Africa and the world around Africa.

12.Prophesy to Malta

A.Malta The Set Apart Nation

The Lord has set apart the nation of Malta from Europe and from the world. The Lord has kept hidden the purpose of this nation for some time. Now the Lord is rising up a people in this nation that will call on His name day and night.

The Lord will rise up a people, a set apart people in this nation that will call upon the name of the Lord day and night. The Lord will set His name High above them. The Lord will place His fire upon this people who are called by His name.

The Lord will send a holy angel to visit this nation to set this nation more apart, and being true freedom from Heaven upon this nation. The Lord will give this nation a voice in Europe and a voice in the world.

The Lord will reform the church of this nation, and the church of this nation will arise in freedom and liberty as a lighthouse of the light of Christ.

The Lord will use this nation and nations like this one as an example and witness to the world and even to the church.

13. Suffering Grace

I see a vision of the persecuted churches in the nations of the world, I then see the Lord above them laughing at those governments and peoples who bring suffering to the saints of the Most High.

Now I see a grace poured upon each church in each of these nations. I see this grace coming like runner water and like runner oil upon the saints in these nations.

I see the Spirit of Glory poured upon the saints in this nations, and I see the Spirit of Glory poured upon the saints in the cities that being them suffering. For the saints have not suffered without due rewards. The Spirit of Glory is coming upon them as a promise of these rewards.

Now I see in many cities in these nations that being suffering, pillars of fire coming out of the sky resting then moving around on the ground of these cities.

Now I see outpourings of angels upon these nations, governments, and peoples who hurt the saints in word or action. I see many angels beyond numbers sent to minister to the saints in these nations. Now I see angels sent to minister and to speak into the ears and in the dreams of those in power and authority in these governments. I see angels sent to villages to perform signs and wonders, and to teach them the fear of the Lord.

Now I see from the church of these nations, comes forth an army of prayer to pray forth change, an army of marketplace ministers to rise in favor and wisdom of the Lord in all positions of life and communities, markets, governments and societies. I now see the arising of the apostolic and prophetic church in these nations and cities.

Furthermore, to these "50 nations" the Lord of Hosts and His hosts are coming to sake and roll you into His purposes and His Image. You may have freewill, the Lord is coming to hinder and mold your wills into His purposes.

14. Coming Revival

The Clouds above me were fat with mercy in addition; I hear these words "I will fating my clouds with mercy all over the world. Then I could see the whole world before my very eyes. I can see the gathering of clouds over cities and even nations. I could smell a sweet smell from those clouds as I did my soul was fill of joy unspeakable.

         Then an angel of the Lord stood before me and said come with me. I will show you what the Lord will do in the Middle East. Then we fly over the waters has we were hovering over the Middle East. The angel said these lands have many stories to tell. However, let me tell you it is now time for the Church to take ground in the Middle East. Very soon the Middle East will be one of spots on Earth that you hear of the goodness of the Lord. This is a spot of glorious happens that will be reported through the world. There will be many Holy Spirit manifestations. Christ will birth new churches in the Middle East. The Middle East will become once again the center in the Body of Christ.

         Then the angel of the Lord said now comes with me to Egypt, and I was now standing in the city of Cairo in Egypt. The Lord is moving among the people of this nation. The Lord will take from among these people a people unto himself. The Body of Christ will grow in this nation. It will gain power and authority, what satan wills to keep the church down will not happen. The breaker anointing is coming to this nation in a great way. In addition, God will humble this nation and open it's heart to their true God.  Great numbers will come to Lord on a daily bases in coming days in this nation.

         The angel of the Lord said again come with me to the nation of Iraqi. Then we were standing in the city of Mosul in Iraqi. This nation is in the hands of the Lord. It is in his mercy what he wills of this nation. The Lord wants his people around the world to pray for these cities and this nation. God will build this nation to be blessing to other nations in this part of the world. God will change the values of this nation to fit his plans. God's will is not to destroy any nation but to save it. The Lord will visit this nation in a mighty way in coming days. There newfound freedom is to make preparation for his mighty visits. There will great turning to the Lord in this nation. The Lord will build up and increase of the Body of Christ in this nation. God will bless his people in their business in this nation. God will rise up many Christian businesspersons among his church in this nation.

         The angel of the Lord once again said come with me to Israel. Then we were standing in the city of Tel Aviv. The Lord will begin a new work in Israel. His Church will be full the Holy Spirit. This nation will again be alive with the Holy Spirit. You again will see miracles from a day on day bases. You will hear of many Jewish people coming to the Lord. I will wash and heal this nation with the Holy Spirit. I will bring many people groups in the house of the Lord. This land again will become place of His anointed. Then the angel of the Lord pointed to north, south, the east the west saying what the Lord will do here will flow into the north, the south, west, and the east.  The Lord will win many Palestinians to the Lord. Among the Church the Jewish and Palestinians will work hand to hand in the work of the ministry. Many Christians come to this land. However, soon many of this land will go to you.

         Now the angels of the Lord said to me now come with me. We then went up, up, higher and higher into the third heaven. We stood in a place where I saw the threes of life, with fruits and leaves upon them. I saw the river of life flowing toward me. Moreover, Jesus Christ Himself stood before me in glory. He said let me open your eyes more. Then he said could I pray for your eyes to be open more. I said yes Lord have you way. He laid his hands upon my eyes and prayed, I could feel the anointing flow upon my eyes. He said see more, see the truth, see what is behind the walls, see what is behind the doors, see what is in the hearts of man, see what is in the future, see the hidden treasures, see the treasures hidden in darkness, see the hidden riches of secret places. See the invisible, see the heart of God, and understand and perceive all what you shall behold.

         After He prayed for my eyes to see more, he prayed for me for a little while. Then he give a hung of love and peace. I looked and behold many others standing around me. He said these are servants like you. These are revivalists that hold keys to open gates of the Holy Spirit over the nations.

         Then I saw that within his right hand was the whole World hovering. I could see the Earth moving. In addition, I looked at other revivalists I saw them too holding the earth in their right hand. Moreover, The Lord says I will restore my full glory to the earth in coming days. I will restore my glory through these elements. Which are the fire, water, wind, wine and oil of Holy Spirit. I will touch five places with each element and each element will spread to other nations. I will not release all of them at once, but one at time I will release one after another in the Nations that I have chosen to be the beginning of the restoration of glory.

         In addition, I saw the revivalists and many others leaders eating of the fruits and the leaves. As they eat them they became wiser and more glorious. The Lord said to me and others standing by to eat as much as you want however, the more you eat the more you will minister to others. Your life is not your own you were bought with a price.

         Then The Lord said look again upon my right hand. I saw the not only the earth but, Israel and the church. Then I hear the voice of the Father say "for God so loved the world that He give His only begotten Son, that whomever believers in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16) Have we not forgotten the bases of everything we do?

         Then I was before the Throne of the Father and The Son and under their Thrones came a Running River that went to the entire World.  Before their Thrones was such glory. I could see this glory and shining light. I could feel this wonderful heat upon my body.

         I see the Earth in the right hand of the Lord. I see the Earth hovering in the Lord's hand. I hear from the hovering Earth a cried with a loud voice as a lion roars. I hear this from the four corners of the earth. I hear the seven thunders sound throughout the world come forth from the Church. I see at the each of the four corners an angel. Each of these angels is holding a wind in the Earth. Then one of four angels said these are winds that control the Earth. The Lord controls the changes in the Earth. Then I heard singing throughout the world almost in every nation. Another angel at one of the corners of the Earth said these are angels singing about the mercy of the Lord, for the prophets are speaking about God's coming glory and goodness upon the Earth. Then I saw another angel fly with a bowl of mercy. Another angel at another the other corner of the Earth said these bowls of mercy are for the healing of the Nations.  Then I saw another angel that I have not seen before. He had an axe in his hand. He said I come to bring redemptive judgment upon the nations. I will bring strategy judgment upon the earth. Then I saw another angel came whom I have not seen before ether, he had a hammer in his hand; I come to bring humility to that nations of the World. The I saw another angel came whom I have not seen before he had a rod of iron. He said I have come to break the hardheaded nations open to gospel. Then I saw another angel whom I have not seem before he had a bow and arrows. He said I go to pierce the hearts of nations.

         In addition, the angel of the Lord stood next to me. He then said come now with me. I will show you what waits in the future. I then saw the wind of the Holy Spirit, the water of the Holy Spirit, the fire of the Holy Spirit, the oil of the Holy Spirit and the wine of the Holy Spirit. The angel said now you shall see the future. The angels then said I will tell you my name my name is destiny. I come to speak of the destiny of nations. I come to speak of destiny of God's people. I come to speak that which my Lord said to speak.

         The destiny angel took me to the nation of Australia. I then was in the city of Sydney Australia. Then I saw the Lord before me. He said I would visit Australia very soon. I have keep Australia for this coming time. The Prophetic word and will for the nation of Australia is the Great Southland of the Holy Ghost. I am coming to bless this nation that through this nation many nations will be bless. Many people from around the world will come for the Holy Spirit Manifestation then coming here for some sunshine. In coming days most of this nation will come to know the Lord in a very short time. I will change my church and body of Christ in the Nation to an Apostolic Church. I will send my church in this nation to the ends of the earth. I will touch Australia and New Zealand in a very special way. Their destiny is link together. Then the Lord pointed his finger to the nation of New Zealand. He said this nation is a reformation nation. Their will be nothing left of the old church in that nation. Happy are a People who's God is the Lord.

         Moreover, the Lord said I would blow my wind upon this nation the wind of glory will come upon this nation. No man, no denomination, no church, no governemt can contain this wind of glory. This wind shall rest here. This is live wind that is living and moving among all people of this nation. This wind will blow upon this nation and then blow to it's neighboring nations and blow upon Hong Kong, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. This wind will blow to all nations on earth. This wind will blow and keep blowing to all nations.

         Apart from that, I will blow this wind into my servants in this nation and they shall become as the wind of the Holy Spirit in this nation, in their neighboring nations, in any nation they shall go to. This wind will blow into Sydney, into Melbourne, into Canberra, and into Perth. This wind will blow into churches from great to small a like.

         Furthermore, this is the restoration of the wind of my glory restoration. I will restore my full glory to all nations to the whole earth in coming days. I will heal the nations through revival.  I will fill my church with glory. I will fill all my church every part, every member with my glory. This is the glorious church of all the church age.

         I see the Lord before me we are in the city of Sydney Australia, and the destiny angel stands next to me. In the Lord's right hand is the hovering Earth. I look into the Earth. I see angels around the Earth. I see light links between them and they are joining together these light links. On of the angels that were connecting said we hold the Internet together. God is behind the Internet. This is the tool of divine connection from around the world. The Lord builds this for the Church more then the World.

         In addition, I looked into the hovering Earth again and I saw Europe before my very eyes. Then I saw a great army of angels coming from Heaven going to Europe. I saw warrior angels and archangels then I saw Michael the archangel and he said we have been commission by the Lord of Sabaoth. We are going to war for Saints. We are going to war for the gates of the Holy Spirit that shall open. We are going to stand against the gates of hell in Europe. God will visit Europe with a greater impact then all moves of the Spirit before in her history. God will take Europe into the manifestations of the Holy Spirit times.

         Moreover, the destiny angel said come with me. Then we were in the city of Paris France. The Lord himself stood before me. He said I would restore the water of my glory beginning with the nation of France. There will be a awaking among many churches, and many people groups, among many cities. Their will know their sins, and they will know my love. They will turn to me. This nation's destiny has not yet been set. It is in the hands of the Lord. I will move among my church. I will wash them with my water. I will rain my Spirit upon this nation for many days. I will open many eyes, I will open many ears. They will become conscience of the true God and good works. You will hear among these people good deeds done by them. I will give them big arms and big hands of love to reach out to each other's and whom ever are in need. I will fill their hearts will love for me. There will have a zeal love for me. I will fill their hearts with love for each other. You will witness such love that has not been seen before now. The only love which is greater then this is God's love and my love on the cross. This love will change nations, stops wars. Protect them from the evil one. Love is their supernatural weapon that I have giving them. There will be strong and healthy relationships among these people. They will seek me day and night. There pure prayers coming from this nation to heaven. This pure prayer will open heaven to them. 

         The water of the Holy Spirit will begin here in France. It will be like river covering everything. Watered all things. This water will birth life. This life flowing river. The Lord will bring life to this nation, Life, life and more life.

         This revival will spread from France and cover the whole of Europe. This water will cover and bring life to the United Kingdom, and Ireland. This water will move through Spain bringing life to everything it touches. This water will fill into the nation of Portugal. This water will heal and restore Germany, and flow into Switzerland, Austria, and Hungary. This water will cleanse the nation of Italy and touch the city of Rome.

         Beside, this water will cover, Greece, Czechoslovakia Sweden, and Norway. Yes this water will cover all of Europe. This water will spread to Russia and down into the nation that touch the Mediterranean.  This water will spread down into Africa and cover and heal Africa. This water will flow into all nations and cover the whole Earth.

         I will put this divine water of my glory, the water of the Holy Spirit into my servants in France. They will take this life force to the cities and nations around the world. They will bring refreshing to the Body of Christ around the World.

         Furthermore, this is the restoration of the water of my glory to the Earth. This is apart of my full restoration of glory upon this Earth. I will restore my glory through the wind, water, fire, oil and wine of the Holy Spirit. These are the elements of my glory. I will heal the nations through revival. I will fill this Earth and cover it with my glory. I will fill my Church with my glory and rest my glory upon my church. This Church is the glorious church of the church age.

         In this vision I am standing in the streets of Paris France with the Lord himself before me, and the angel of destiny standing next to me. I since such peace coming from the Lord, and I am humble by such peace. Then I saw again the hovering Earth in the Lord's right hand. I see an angel in the hovering Earth. He says the Lord will move among the global community. He will move among these world organizations. He will anointed and rise up his appointed in those positions in the global community. He will move in these realms too. He will move among their plans. He will rise up his wise men that they will seek out to be seated in these positions. I will make those in power to hungry for the wisdom that I shall place in my servants. There will be no other place you can find such wisdom in all the Earth. Through their wisdom many things will happen. I then saw another angel and he said The Lord would move among the global economy. The Lord will rise up his own economist to give wisdom to the global economy. The Lord will rise up businesspersons who become very powerful in wealth that seated on councils of the global economy. The Church must begin to pray these world organizations and the global community. The Church must pray for these global councils on the economy and the global community. God will send his people to them, and minister side by side with others in power. Yes God will send his apostles and prophets to give council and wisdom to those in power and those in wealth.

         Apart from that, the angel of destiny said to me comes with me. Then we were standing in the streets of New York City in America. Then the Lord himself stood before me. He then gives me a vision of America. I saw America as a dry forest ready for the fire. Then an angel flying above us, he had a fireball in his hand. He said I would bring fire from the sky. I will burn up the sin in America. I will burn up those things that the enemies of God. I will burn up that which stands against God and his Church. Then I saw another angel come before us. He said I am the angel of America. I saw a big rope and he ties it around America. He then had begun to pull America into a new gate. I see this open gate for America. More as the saints prayed for America the more the angel pulled America toward this shining open gate.

         In addition, the Lord pointed his finger at certain cities and certain places. Then I saw seven flaming angels. The destiny angel said these are revival angels sent to America to bring lasting revival. At that time I could hear many, many, many Christians praying for America. I could feel the anointing of these prayers.

         The First Angel when to a small city in the Midwest, and then place the fire of God there. It begun to burned. As more people fight the fire it grows more and burned more. This fire spreads to other cities. This fire went in everyway burning up everything it its way. Setting churches on fire everywhere. The fire burned the more at churches, and made the fire burn more, for they fought against the fire more.

         The Second Angel went to a city in the Midwest in the heartland. He placed the fire there, the fire burn and becoming so powerful. I see many new churches come out of nowhere. I see many churches shut their doors within a short time. I see many turning to the Lord. I see many giving to the churches that came out of the fire and those who embrace the fire. I see mega churches come forth with such anointing and grace. I see apostle's minister will great grace and great power. Yes I see churches birth out of the burning fire. There is such a new purely for many; many, many Christians are being purified before my eyes.

         The Third Angel went to another city south of the city in the heartland. I saw many on their way to the heartland city but turned back for the fire was also in their city. The fire grows in double portion and double honor. Most the city became Christians. Everyone in high places knows the Lord. I see many youth praying and seeking the Lord, I hear a teenager say this is the new thing, and it's cool. I hear such wonderful and beautiful worship coming from this city.

         The Fourth Angel went to southeastern states and places the fire there. I saw such love and healing between people groups. I saw many curses breaking of America. I see the cities coming alive. I see churches coming alive. I see holiness again not only in churches but in the cities. I see hearts of many full of mercy and compassion giving themselves to good deeds not only in their cities but around the world I see a movement of good works touching many coming from this area.

         The Fifth Angel went to the states and the cities from Maine to Washington D.C. and in between placing the fire in many places. I see many prayer meetings, many Christians on the streets witness about Jesus. I see the crime rates coming down.

         The Sixth Angel went to Los Angels California placing the fire upon this city. I see many people groups come to know the Lord. I see youth groups coming to know the Lord. I see such holy fire upon the rich and poor, the great and the small. The fire is so hot, Burning and cleaning everything.

         Moreover, as saw these holy fires they were not the color of red but gold. The fire was the color of gold. There were from the fire many other colors coming out of gold color. The Lord took the gold fire and places this holy fire in me. I cannot say with words or understanding of what is happening to me.

         The Seventh Angel went to Omaha Nebraska in the Midwest, the heartland. He was a greater flame of fire then the other six angels before him. He had such holy fire in his hands. The seventh angel released and brought all the six fires together and covered the whole nation with holy fire. Then this the fire spread to Canada, Mexico and Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica and Haiti. Therefore the fire spread to other nations and to all nations.

         Beside, the Lord said there are two fires coming to America. One from the sky to bring judgment to America. The other will be upon the ground to bring revival to America. I will set America on Fire and this fire will go to the nations of the Earth.

         Furthermore, this is the restoration of the fire of my glory. This is the restoration of the fire of the Holy Spirit. This is apart of the full restoration of my glory upon the Earth. I will fill the Earth full of my glory. I will fill my Church full of glory. This Church is the glorious church of the church age.

         In the vision I am standing in the streets of New York City in America. The Lord himself is before me with the hovering Earth in his right hand, and the destiny angel is standing next to me. I then see into the Earth beams of power cords going around the world. I hear these words; "The Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in his wings, He shall arise with healing in his wings and beams". There shall be signs and wonders around the world among the church. God will give witness with signs and wonders, with various miracles, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This will be not just a few or a few churches, or a few Christian groups, or only in a certain places but all over. His saints the common Christian will walk in power. I look into the future and see such power like a wave of light and glory coming toward me. This will come to Body of Christ, not one member but the Body of Christ. I see these healing power beams going throughout the world. I see even Christians being transported from one place to another, this happens many times in many place. Many Ministers will go to nations through Holy Spirit Transportation. This anointing, a grace a gift giving to the Body. I see great outpouring of visions, dreams and prophecy upon great numbers in the Church. I see the Apostles give witness through great power and great grace in the nations they are sent too.

         The destiny angel said now come with me. Then we were standing in the streets of Bombay India. The Lord himself appears before me. He says I am bringing my oil to the nation of India. I've heard the prayers of my people. I am coming to India in great power. I will visit their cities with the Holy Spirit power.

         I will pour my oil upon Bombay and rise up many new churches. Rise up many mega churches. I will change this city through my awesome power. I will pour my oil upon the city of Calcutta and the true God will coming forth from among his holy people. I will do miracles, I will heal the sick, and I will bring deliverance and cast out demons. I will raise the dead daily. I will pour my oil upon the city of Delhi and bring healing power to my Christians to heal the sick among them. I will pour my oil upon the city of Bangalore and free my people of living life without my power. I will pour my oil upon the city of Madras and raise the dead among them. I will visit and pour my oil upon the city of Jaipur and show to their false idols my powerful healing miracle power and bring humility to their false idols. I will touch and pour my oil upon the city of Ahmadabad and raise my church to a new level of faith in me.

         I will have a show down with the spirits of Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, and Animism through my power.

         I will raise up many who will be like Thomas the Apostle who will walk around with faith life him, and anointing life him. You will see among them wonders of glory and power not just healing the sick but they will do great signs and wonders. Yes I will raise up a Thomas company and they will walk in the same faith, same anointing, same wonders anointing you shall see in their life.

         I will raise many, many, and many from the dead. I will anoint my servants to raise the dead. I will anoint the common Christian to raise the dead. This will be one of the main works of the Holy Spirit in this move of oil.

         In India you must think outside of the box. I will move and rise up ministries outside of the box. When you think of ministering in India think outside of the box.

         I will cover all of India with my oil of the Holy Spirit. This wills a manifestation of demonstration of the Spirit and of power. This will be a move of signs and wonders. This will be an outpouring of the supernatural and of miracles covering the whole nation. I will visit this nation in great power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit.

         Furthermore, this is the restoration of the oil of my glory. This is the restoration of the oil of the Holy Spirit. This is apart of my full restoration of my glory to the whole Earth. I will fill the Earth full of my glory. I will fill my Church full of my glory. This Church is the glorious church of the church age.

         In The vision I am standing in the streets of Bombay India with the Lord himself standing before me with the hovering Earth in his right hand, and the destiny angel standing next to me. I see into the hovering Earth, I see windows, which are big gates above the world. I see them and I see angels standing next to them. Then one of the angels said to me we are the angels who stand guarding the windows of heaven over the Earth. The windows of Heaven are supernatural gates that are open through the saints. Then another angel who was standing guard at one of the windows of heaven said the Lord has giving the church the keys to these gates. They have the power to open them or shut them. It is through their faith, prayer, obedience and revelation that they can unlock heaven.

         Apart from that, the destiny angel said come with me, and we were in the streets of Rio de Janeiro Brazil and the sky above this city change into bright colors. I then saw bands of angels walking through the streets in Rio de Janeiro. Then the Lord himself stood before us. He said I would pour out my wine upon South America. Yes I will pour out my wine upon the whole continent of South America. I will make my people dunk with this holy wine. I will make this continent dunk with this holy wine.

         In addition, I will make Rio de Janeiro drink of this holy wine. I will give this drink to Buenos Aires Argentina. I will give this drink Guayaquil Ecuador. I will pour this holy wine upon Cali Colombia. I will give drink of this holy wine to Valparaiso Chile. I will give drink, I will make dunk, and I will pour out this holy wine upon all of South America.

         Moreover, This wine will spread from South America to Central America, to West Indies and Mexico. This wine will be giving to all nations to drink of and be dunk. The Lord will make the nations dunk with this holy wine.

         Besides, I the Lord will bring deliverance to many, to great numbers. I will set many free from evil spirits. I will cast out and take away these evil spirits in South America. There will be great deliverances throughout South America. I will purge South America from all unclean demons. The deliverance ministry will be everywhere in South America.

         Nevertheless, The Lord said to me take now and drink of this holy wine. I give you to drink of the holy wine. Be dunk with this holy wine. I will pour this holy wine upon you. I will fill you full of this holy wine.

         Furthermore, This wine of my glory is being restored for this wine is apart of the full restoration of my glory upon the Earth. I will bring restoration of the wine of the Holy Spirit to the Earth. I will fill the whole Earth with my glory. The Earth shall be full of my glory. I will fill my Church full of glory; this is the glorious church of the church age.

         In this vision I am in the streets of Rio de Janeiro Brazil, and the Lord is standing before me with the hovering Earth in his right hand, and the destiny angel is standing next to me. I look into the Earth and I saw a new church-planting movement that is greater then other church movements, and it is a new missionary movement and I see new churches birth over night all over the world. I see these churches lay with divine patterns. I see each of these churches have a purpose, a vision, and a mission statement. I see these churches are not like the ones we see today. I see that most of these churches are at lest a thousand members. However, there is a great percentage that is mega churches that are have greater numbers of members. I see between them networks, and I see between the networks that they too are networked. I see at the city level, city church networks. Then I see within metropolitan cities mega churches were more then seven. Then I see within megalopolis cities many mega churches all these churches are full of the Holy Spirit and power.

         Apart from that, the destiny angel said to me; come with me and we were in the streets of Omaha Nebraska, America. The Lord himself was standing before me with the hovering Earth in his right hand in addition, the second revival angel, and seventh revival angel, and the angel of Omaha, and the angel of America. Besides, there were others functional angels standing there with us. Moreover, there were others angels standing guard. The angel of destiny steps forth and said. Now see servants of the Lord the hovering Earth is before you in the right hand of God. Then I saw among us other follow servants from all over the Earth standing around the Lord looking into the hovering Earth. I could see the Earth full of many colors. It was like the Earth was cover with the many painted colors as in a picture of art. It was like the Earth was one big masterpiece of artwork. I could hear from the colors music. It was so wonderful to hear such sounds that I never heard before in all the days of my time until now. These wonderful sounds of music, these notes and sounds were not of human nature but of divine nature. This music was not coming from any believer in Christ but was coming from the Holy Spirit. He will rejoice over us with signing. As the Lord sings many songs the saint's song them back to him. Then I smell a sweet smelling aroma this was not from man or Christian but from the Holy Spirit.

         In addition, the destiny angel said that God's glory will fill the Earth and the Earth shall be full of glory. He will do this through the wind, water, fire, oil and wine of the Holy Spirit. These are the elements of the glory of God. However, they will not come wide spread at once but one at a time. Besides, they will begin in certain nations or certain geographical areas and spread from there, and they will begin not in the same areas. Each element is to prepare from the next element. Each element timetable is upon fulfillment of the tasks giving to each element. After their task is done it is not the end but their beginning for there is no end to the glory of God. Therefore the element will come apart and add to full picture of the restoration of God's glory in the future.

         Moreover, the destiny angel said about each element of the glory of God. The Wind of the Holy Spirit is the nation taking movement. The Water of the Holy Spirit is the great awakening movement. The Fire of the Holy Spirit is the glory movement. This movement prepares the world for the fullness of the glory of God, which will come in the future. The Oil of the Holy Spirit is the demonstration of the Spirit and Power movement. The Wine of the Holy Spirit is the deliverance movement. After the fulfillment of the restoration of these elements they embrace and emerge but they didn't lose their momentum or purpose. Instead, they become enhance, enriched and endowment thus the glory of God.

         Besides, the Lord himself said to his servants and to whom ever looks upon these words. The destiny of the church is to become filled and full with the glory of God where there is no end. Thus the Church became the glorious church of the church age. Enters into the kingdom church days, and the coming of the kingdom of God, and the second return of the Christ. Thus beginning a new beginning, for the end of days is the beginning of the new days and times.

         Furthermore, I began receiving these words about the coming revival beginning in 1995 with a vision of American being a dry forest and two kinds of fire; fire coming from heaven to bring judgment and the fire coming upon the ground to bring revival. Therefore, we must understand that one person only see a little part and that we have enter into a new epic of the Holy Spirit where there will be many great outpourings, where moves of God will overtake each other. Where there will be many kinds of the moves of God. Where the moves of God will be all over the world. 

15.Revival World Updated

Revival World Updated: 181 Nations

The Earth is in the hand of Christ; He is the head of all who are in the earth. We then see waves of prayer and intercession come from the Throne through the church across the world; from these waves came revivals, holy fires, power, and glory.

North America:

We hear these words from Above. "My hand covers North America. My heart lives in North America. I have set North America aside for my glory and peace. I will bring forth my full wings of the Spirit upon North America".


He has heard your prayers and tears; his judgment is coming upon you to bring you to his holy place. His mercy will come upon your cities as of a new anointing. He will turn many in Canada to his ways. Canada will be humble before the Lord Most High.

United States:

He shall begin great massive revivals to this nation. This is a revival nation. He will set his holy fire in certain cities in America; then this fire will go throughout America, North America and the world. America will never again be without revival. The Lord will give America the fullness of revival. America will live and dwell in a massive state of revival.


The Lord will give massive healing waves throughout Mexico. There will be many signs of the Lord in Mexico. Many, many, many new churches, etc will be birth. The Lord blesses his people in the marketplace. The Lord shakes this nation into his blessings. New freedoms and liberties will come to Mexico. Massive numbers will be won to the Lord through the nation. Major numbers of Mexico will be birth into the Kingdom.

Central America:

Central America is upon the heart of the Lord. The darkness that covers these lands will be broking and the eyes of many will see. There will be great turning to the Lord, they will learn his ways and apply them to every area of life.

Costa Rica:

The word is coming to you. The knowledge of the Word will cover this nation. A teaching anointing will come upon the church. The key of knowledge will be giving to his people in this nation. Many of his people will become smart in the Spirit. There is a great hungry in his people in this nation. He will open the door wide for his word. He will give life and prayer power to change your nation through the word.


The Lord has heard your prayers. The Holy Spirit will cover you with himself. You will have the fullness of the Spirit. There will be mass numbers coming to know the Lord. The Lord will used the marketplace Christians mighty. There will be signs and wonders all over your land.


Holy Ghost fire will come upon the People of the Lord. His grace and favor will be mighty upon his people.  There will be massive deliverance services. The Lord will remove the spirits that hinder this nation from moving forth; this nation will become fruitful by the hands of his people.


The Lord's mercy is great toward you. There will be an outpouring of the gifts of the Spirit. The Lord will move mighty among the youth giving them much hope. The Lord will heal this nation in a short time after his people begin to follow His destiny for this nation.


There will be great gatherings for prayer and intercession, these gatherings will not just be prayer meetings, and instead these gatherings will be great manifestations of the Holy Spirit among his people. From these gatherings revival will come, and the fire of the Holy Spirit will come. You will not only be a great experience, also you will see the fire of the Holy Spirit.

EL Salvador:

For years the Lord and the Holy Spirit has been making plans, dealing with this nation. His eyes and ears are wide open upon this nation and his people. There will come a great storm of the Spirit that will bring mass numbers to Christ. Most of this nation will be won to the Lord. This will be a nation of priests worshiping in Spirit and in Truth.


There will be huge meetings all over this nation. There will be much prayer and repenting of their sins and ways. In addition, there will be mass repentance in this nation. A new breed of Christians will be birth forth and minister to the nations. There will be new glorious companies and churches birth forth in this nation. There will be a new breed of ministers coming forth in this nation. This nation is a hot seat of the Holy Spirit!

South America:

There will be great deliverance, cleansing, and true holiness manifest through these lands. Many, many, many, and many will be set free indeed. There will be deliverance from demons, evil ways, sins, and wrong thinking all over these lands. The governments will change from the impact of these mighty deliverance revivals. A new breed of leaders and Christian will come forth with power and deliverance. There will great spiritual warfare all over these lands, many areas will freed from control of darkness.


The Lord heals your land; heals your people, and your people will move forth in the things of God. Growth will come to all areas of this nation. The government will go through changes from the Lord. His people will move in a new anointing, and the wisdom of the Lord. There will be great repentance. The church life will change, churches will change, and the Christian life will change. There will be citywide salvations all over this nation, and there will be citywide revivals all over this nation.


The Lord will heal your nation. Revival will cover this land. Many new ways of health and life will come to this nation. The Lord changes the life of business, workplace, and the marketplace. The Lord will rise up a new kind of church. In those times many will come to know the Lord.


The power of God will manifest from his people. The Lord will begin to rise up his people as kings in this nation. The ways of government will change. Healing will come to this nation. Many will come to the Lord. Revival will touch the cities in great ways and in lasting fruits.


Your day of salvation is upon you. Many, upon many will not only come to the Lord, they will walk with him. There will be new worship; there is great worship and praise anointing coming upon the church of this nation.


Power, revival, manifestations will come across your land. Many will turn from their ways. These manifestations will move very fast and keep coming. There will be no planning in meeting. It will just happen.


The Works that the Lord has begun is only the beginning; He will compete every good work that he has begun.  You have been going through a time of trial, however this will not last long. The Lord will rise up a new breed of Christians, a new breed of workplace Christians, a new breed of Christian's businesspersons. There is a marketplace anointing upon the Church of this nation; there will be a marketplace revival, which shall be greater then the last revival. This nation is an apostolic nation. The Lord will begin to change the government within a few years. The Lord will use the people of the Lord in this nation mighty in the last days.


There will be a great missionary movement that will come forth out from the church of this nation. The Lord will place a healing and deliverance fire that will burn throughout your land. This nation will be a missionary nation for the Kingdom of God.


The Lord will heal your land. Many will come to know the Lord in that day. A new day for the church will be birth. Many will be set free all over this nation.

French Guiana:

The Lord will visit this nation; many eyes will see in that day. Many will come to know the Lord. There will be great healing, restoration and deliverance in the land. The Lord will uproot the works of evil. The Lord will plant good works and good roots in this land. The Lord will remove the curses off this nation.


The Lord heals your land. There will be many outpourings of the Spirit in visions, dreams, prophecy, signs and wonders. There will be strong deliverance ministries and ministers that will arise in this nation. They will become international known for the grace in their lives. The church will become house of deliverance for all nations. The Lord will rise up a people of deliverance in this nation.


Great salvation will come to this nation. Much of this nation will be won to the Lord. The Holy Spirit will come and win great numbers to the Lord in a short time, when he begins his move upon this nation. Yes their will be healing and deliverance in this nation. The greater works that Jesus spoke of will be witness in this nation; moreover you will witness the restoration of the ministry of Jesus among the body of Christ in this nation.


The Lord has mercy on you. He will cover you with mercy. There will be a rain of prayer in your land that will open up many hearts and an open heaven over your land. Great light of Christ will shine upon you.


The Lord will make many changes to the government in this nation. True peace of the Lord will cover this land. Many seekers and a people of prayer will arise and be birth to pray for nations around them, and nations around the world. There will be a revival that will be birth from this coming prayer anointing. Unity will come among many Christians in many cities that will lay the foundation for future revivals and moves to be birth and to come forth.

West Indies:

The Lord will bring his revival fires, deliverances across these lands. Many will come from around the world. There will be an endless cup of wine pouring forth upon anyone who comes. This wine will cover the Island nations, and they will all be drunk in the Spirit.


The death that covers this nation will be broking and the people set free from death. True revival will come in the cites and the fire of the Lord will go from house to house; true love will abound in the homes of his people.


Power, demonstrations, and deliverance will come to the cities of this nation. There will be many fests of the Spirit and of the Lord there. Times of joy and rejoice will fill the hearts of many.


The Holy Spirit shall come like a flood upon your land. Your land will be anointed for the other mores of the Spirit to come. Holy Spirit manifestation and activity will have no end. You will not lack in any thing of the spirit and of the gifts.


The Lord send prophets in the past to your land, now the Lord himself will come. The Holy Spirit will bring massive revival and massive restoration to your land. Healing and miracles shall be report all over your land. Apostolic churches will be birth in your land. An army of restoration will be born and will cover your land with healing. The Lord will heal your land.


True worship will arise in your hearts. An anointing of prayer will come upon you. The Lord will rise up a stronghold of prayer to pray for the nations. The Lord raise up a marketplace army in your land, and there will be a marketplace revival in the marketplace that will impact the church and the nation.


The Holy Spirit will come like a mighty wave that will cover your land. The Lord will give your nation a new heart and a new spirit. This nation will be won to the Lord in this mighty wave of the Holy Spirit.

Trinidad & Tobago:

The Lord in his grace and mercy toward you will rise up apostles and prophets of this nation. He will bring much unity to the churches of this land. This nation will become more like Christ. The government will take on the image of Christ.


River of Joy, river of peace, and river of healing coming to your land, healing centers and healing anointing will arise in the heart of his people. The Lord blesses the heath of the people and the nation. There will be a healing revival in this land.

Saint Lucia:

The Lord shall be greatly feared in this nation. The Lord comes with mighty deliverance and manifestation of the Holy Spirit. True freedom in Christ will abound in the hearts of the people.

ST. Christopher & Nevis:

Covering and all powering river of deliverance and healing will come to this land. Joy and a happy people will be birth from the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Saint Vincent & The Grenadines:

Rain of the Holy Spirit and rain of deliverance is coming. There will be clouds of the Holy Spirit over your land. A living well of deliverance will be establish in your land.


Revival meetings, revival times, revival centers and true revival will come. You will see manifestation of real and true revival. There will be true unity among God's people that will be a blessing to your land.

Antigua & Barbuda:

The Lord will kiss his people and they will have extreme revival among themselves and they will touch their land with the goodness and glory of the Lord.


The healing waters will come upon these nations and lands. The rivers of life and glory will cover all these nations. Great weeping and great awaking will be heard in these lands.

United Kingdom:

The Lord has not giving you over to will of the devil. You are in the hands of the Lord. He is your judge and no man. He holds your destiny and your life in his hands. You are revival and reformation nation. You will shine bright in near days of the future.


Heal waves of the Spirit is coming. The Lord is building a stronghold and a covering of prayer over your land. Very soon the Holy Spirit will touch every area of your land. The Holy Spirit will pour out upon every person in your land. You will be drunk in the Holy Spirit for many days. You will eternal well of the Spirit establish in your land.


The rivers of the spirit will touch your cities and your peoples. The river of the Spirit will be heard all over your land.


A special people will be birth, redemptive people will birth, and a true natural of the church will take form and the image of Christ will be upon the faces of his people.


The Hand of the Lord is coming to your land. Everything that is not established by the Lord will be change. And that which is established by the Lord will be put through the fire to become more like Christ.  In the waves of the Spirit that nation shall saved in a short time.

A wall of water will cover your land. You will baptize by the Holy Spirit and revival. You will be a revival refuge for the Lord's people. You will be place of holding water of Spirit to give drink to His people.


Grace will abound in hearts of many. The grace of Lord will change the hearts of many. Many seek the Lord with a heart of truth before His people and the people of the world. In this nation the Lord give witness to His people.


Reformation, massive reformation is coming to church of this nation. True revival is coming to hearts of these people. Massive signs and wonders are coming to this land.


Set apart in the world, set apart among those around you, and set apart in eyes of the Lord. The Lord washes this nation with His Spirit and with faith. This place of international gatherings and meetings that will not short by will last at season or a month. This wills great spiritual impacts upon this nation. The heavens above this land are full of mercy.


The washing of the Spirit, and the fire of the Lord; true numbers will be won to this Lord.


Deliverance, signs and wonders will hear and seen all over your land. The souls keep in prison will be set free. The Lord will shake every prison that holds human souls.


A true and real awaking of heart and mind; waters of deliverance and revival will cover your land.

Vatican City:

A great spirit of prayer will pour upon your land. Eyes and ears will be open to Spirit. Both great and small will bow their knees in weeping, crying and praying to Lord.

San Marino:

Holy Spirit will rain upon you. The gathering of clouds and floodwaters will come.


The Lord heals the souls, the minds and the dreams of these people. New doors of Spirit will open up for God's people in this land. Lighthouse of the Spirit will establish and shine bright.


This is nation set apart for the Lord's purposes. His people will move into marketplace establishing the marketplace church. He uses this land and its people for his glory alone.


The Holy Spirit will rain in great force. The Spirit will move very fast. The winds and the rains of the Spirit will be mighty. The times of storms of the Spirit are upon you.


The Peace of God will be great among his people. This people will lead many to Christ. As the times are changes with men will not be without their own they run to house of the Lord. There will new breed of the house of the Lord in your land.
Czech Republic:

The Lord opens all gates and all doors of the Holy Spirit. A new breed of Christians will arise and new churches will be birth. A great freedom of Spirit. And great manifestations of the Holy Spirit among the Lord's people.


The wind and water of Spirit will bow and rain upon your land anew. You will taste and see that Lord is good. Many trees of righteousness will be planted across your land.


The Spirit of truth will arise in hearts of his people. New ways to preach the truth through Spirit of truth will come forth. There will great preaching meetings will massive number weep under the power of the Spirit.


Passion for Christ, zeal for the work of the ministry, a missionary heart birth in hearts of his people; A mercy and compassion for those hurts around the world birth in hearts of his people.


The Holy Spirit will come in levels of deepest waters; water of Spirit in one level or degree and keep on coming increases and become deeper in the Spirit.


The Lord in your cities and among the people; there be more one awaking and more one baptism of Spirit coming. This land will be reviving by the river of the Spirit.


The Lord heals your land and he will heal the church. They're awaking among God's people; there will awaking in your nation turning many to seek the Lord.


The Spirit of the Lord will rest upon you. The Spirit of the Lord will cover you. The Spirit of Lord will be around you.


The gifts of the Spirit, the fruit of Spirit will fill your land and change your marketplace. This nation and church of the nation willingness will and open heart toward the things of the Spirit.


There will be floods of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit will come like living waters upon your land. The Holy Spirit will give drink and the Holy Spirit will be the water that you clean yourselves with. There will be waves of souls coming to know the Lord.


The Lord rains his glory, power, and holy water upon your land. He will heal you from all years of trials. You will know his power in real ways.


You will be a reformation nation. Massive reformation and life is coming to the churches, his church, and his body in this nation. Great men and women will arise to preach, and teach truth in such ways that it shakes nations, and peoples.


There are many changes coming to this nation. Yes there will be judgment, yes there will be mercy, and there will be new life giving to the church. Many souls will come to know the Lord. New ways to preach Christ and salvation will be heard in this nation; and these ways will go to the nations around the world.


Great revivals and moves of the Spirit will come to this nation. Many will come to know the Lord, and the Christians will become saints in this nation.


The mercy of the Lord will be pouring out upon you. Many mercies will come upon you. The Lord will open heaven above you that you may look into heaven itself. Heaven will come down upon your cities.


The grace of the Lord and his gifts will come upon the people of the Lord in this nation. Minds will open to his peace and truth. His people will know the ways of the Lord. Great prayer will cover this nation.


Africa the apostolic anointing, apostolic grace, apostolic authority and the apostolic church will arise in every nation in Africa. Africa will be a stronghold of the apostolic anointing. These nations will be a birthplace for many apostolic waves. 


Waves of healing coming across your nation, bright hope arising from among you. When you look into your future you will see the morning star.


A deep well is being made it has taking some time, however through faith and prayer God will make this thing happen. He will bring his people together to worship and see his inner power flowing through out your land through his holy people.


You are a revival nation. You are a king among the nations around you. There is more wealth within you. You are called to lead your brothers in wealth and glory. The Ark of the Covenant will rest be your cities, and you will see his glory.


The clouds are rolling over your land. Your prayers are strong and you stand out in your devotion, a seeking people the Lord will raise up in his time to seek his face in extreme and radical intercession that will make a habitation for His peace in the coming dark days that will fall upon the nations that have disobeyed.

Cape Verde:

Lighthouse of joy and praise, and a trumpet shall be entrusted to you. You will blow this trumpet and the gates of heaven and of the kingdom will be opened up unto you.

Central African Republic:

The Lord will arise with healing in his wings. The Spirit and power of Elijah will rest upon his people. Restoration will come. An army of restoration will arise from his people. New churches will be birth with a great healing anointing. Healing the fathers, healing the children, healing the whole family and restoring the order of the fathers and the sons. The hearts of fathers will turn to the sons, and the hearts of the sons will turned to the fathers.  There will be a move and a river of repentance and cleansing in his church that flow from the footsteps of the church upon the land of this nation.  The Lord will rise up men and Women like Elijah, John the Baptist, and the Apostle Peter in his time, and through them the Lord will visit his people in mighty ways and then beyond this his glory will rest among his people who have set apart their hearts and minds unto him.


The Lord has tested his people, they shall become like gold. He will pour into his vessels of gold and silver his best wines and you will be drunk in the Spirit and live in the Deep parts of the Spirit.


Healing and restoration in your land, and the church will greatly increase and the people will give witness that God is among them, and God is with them.


The hand of the Lord will come across your land. New life will come forth. The Church will become a tree of life to your nation.


Coming revivals are coming in great force and great might. Many, many, many souls will be saved. A habitation of glory, peace and refuge will be established. The sword of destiny will come and change your destiny.

Equatorial Guinea:

There will be great numbers of churches that shall grow in certain places. The Lord will come and have fellowship with them there. Watch and see the hand of the Lord at work in your government.


Showers of blessings, and rivers of blessings shall come from season to season. The Lord will bring resting clouds of new rain upon you.


Health and divine life from the Holy Spirit; healing anointing and gifts coming to his church, and a well of healing being establish in your land.


Repentance and revival will come to your cities. Mercy, and truth will abound in your churches. A time of great grace and release in the Spirit is coming.


Manifestation of the Spirit and of Christ will flow through the church like wildfire. Doors and gates will be open in the Heaven for his people to walk in and out to bring blessings to their nation.


Healing rains, wells of healing, and a walls of healing will be establish and flow throughout your land.


A kingdom people, an army of kings and the favor of the Lord will arise from his people and fill the nation.

Ivory Coast:

Revival and reformation coming to the church and healing coming to the nation; new mindsets and a move in education to changing the thinking and destiny of a nation.


A move in the marketplace, young apostles, a new missionary Christians in this nation will change into a nation of signs and wonders. This is a signs and wonders nation.


Love, joy and peace, the people of the Lord will find rest and peace throughout all things that they face. Hope for their future. A mercy and compassion heart the Lord will give to his church, and this heart will be set on fire with a holy fire from the Holy Spirit.


Restoration and healing come to the nation. The church will arise into a new day of grace and power. Apostles will arise in the cites and in the towns. Apostles will go through this land as holy winds from God.


The Lord has not forgotten you. He will shake this nation. He will bring this nation to its knees. He will open its gates wide to his will for his people. The strong presence of the Lord will be among his people.


Revival and massive change will come. The Church will move forth beyond its years and the knowledge of the Lord will fill the land.


Revival coming to your cities and towns. New churches birth through your land. A coming together among his people, untied national church shall arise, and strong unity among the Lord's people. There is nothing that these people of God can't do, and all things will be possible. The blessings and the anointing that comes from the true unity that In the Spirit will clothe this body of Christ.


Great numbers will be saved in a few days time. Massive salvations will be seen. Great numbers will seek the Lord in great faith.


There is a new horizon of a great anointing coming forth from the least to the greatest. There is a supernatural rainbow over you land. The winds of changes are coming. Where are they coming from? From Heaven it self, and The Lord will release the winds of change upon the government and the nation. 


Great peace is upon the people of the Lord. A marketplace and workplace movement will come forth from His people and this great peace that is upon them from God.


Healing wings shall cover the church; a great power to heal the nation will be birth. There will be supernatural fruits of great harvest of the Spirit in Christ.


The Salvation of the nation shall be great, the Lord will not move in just a few, instead through his saints that will move forth outside of the four walls. Thus His glory will be seen upon His Saints and this glory will cover this nation.


Restoration and mercy will begin to flow upon your nation. In the same time His judgment will begin to bring change to this government. His people will be strong in his grace in that day.


The Holy Spirit will move among the villages, there will a true revival among the villages, and there will be a great turning to the Lord. In addition, The Lord will rest upon Lagos and His kingdom will be established.


The Lord will move mighty among His women. The Lord will anoint many women to stand in the marketplace. The Lord will heal this nation whole. It will be better and more blessed then ever before.

Sao Tome E Principe:

Mercy, truth, righteousness and peace shall met and kiss together. A river of the fear of the Lord shall flow through your land, and you will learn to fear the Lord. There will be great deliverance in the land.


Revival will come, and revivals will come. This land will be a place of great manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ will be greatly glorified in this nation.


The Lord will heal you land. Great numbers will come to know the Lord. There will be great times of prayer and seeking the Lord all over your land.

Sierra Leone:

You will know the redemptive names of God, they will manifest through the Holy Spirit in the Lord's people and toward the people of this nation. Many eyes and ears will be open. Freedom in the Spirit will flow in many areas.


Restoration and a great turning in mighty Jesus meetings; the gates will open wide. There will be deep humility both personal and national. Many will repent to the Lord.

South Africa:

Holy Fire from the Holy Spirit will burn throughout your land. Hot reformation will come to the whole church. A new kind of church life will be birth. Not only most of this nation will be saved, in addition, they will live a life of the Spirit that is uncommon to most Christians.


Through His people a marketplace army will come forth. This nation will be change very fast. This nation will become very modern in all of Africa. Restoration and blessings will fall upon all the heads in the land. A new bight hope will be birth. Great light from Christ will shine throughout this nation.


Apostolic revival is coming and prophetic revival is coming too. Revelation will flow like water, like a mighty river upon your land. The knowledge of the Lord and the glory of the Lord will cover your land.


The Judgments of the Lord will flow in mighty ways, and the mercy of the Lord will flow great upon your land.  You will know His judgments and you will know His mercies. A great church life will be birth that will be a lighthouse to many nations.


Healing rivers and Restoration Rivers will flow in certain areas. Many will see the Lord. There will be uncommon and strange signs and wonders. The Lord arises up ministers that are uncommon and strange to most Christian mindsets.

Burkina Faso (Upper Volta):

Grace and great grace will flow among and in his people. New companies will birth by the Spirit among his people. A new way of Church, and a new way of Christian life, and a new way of marketplace and Business ways will be birth. You will see the Lord great among the least and through other mindsets that you do not know of.


Revival, great revival, in the signs and wonders, gifts of the Spirit and healing.


Many of the Lord's people will hear the Lord; there will be an outpouring of visions and dreams; a deep, great, personal and together life of the supernatural of the Holy Spirit.


Many blessings, great favor, and wealth will be upon His people in this nation. The Lord will move in the church life and in the marketplace. He will cover this nation with revival glory.


You have suffered much; soon you will enjoy the coming freedoms. The Lord will deal with the unjust acts in this nation; this nation will be cleansed from this evil. The Sun of righteousness shall arise upon you in great ways. The Morning Star will arise in the hearts of his people. The Lord will build his tabernacle among his people. Times of tabernacle will come to his people in this nation.


You will know his power and might, many waves and rivers of the power of God coming upon this nation.


Great power, great glory will be witness in this nation. He will do great works among these people.


Many will come to know the Lord. The Lord will arise and visit those in power. His ways and his might will be shown to them. This nation will have a great change. The Lord will change the heart of this nation.


You will know the ways of the Lord. There will be an outpouring of revelation upon this nation. There will be an outpouring of visions, dreams, and prophecy.


Great revival, great holy fires will cover these lands. The Lord will use in mighty ways his marketplace ministers, workplace Saints, business kings. There will be massive harvests of souls on a daily bases.


Great revival, great meetings, great gatherings and healing revivals will come, many souls, upon many, and the way of life will change for the reason of the Lord's glory.


A time of healing, a time of restoration is coming. Revival will come in the marketplace. The church outside of the four walls shall be greater then the church in the four walls. Yes true and real reformation will come to the church in the four walls.


You have sown the seeds of suffering now you shall reap the harvest of eternal weight of glory. Yes this glory will rest upon your cities and the Lord's people. The people of the Lord will carry this glory with them into their every day lives. The people of the Lord in this nation shall be like arks of the glory of the Lord. They will carry the torch of this kind glory with them into the marketplace, business and the workplace. The day of work and labor will be like revival; yes it will be revival during the work hours.


Revival will come in the town centers and center meeting places of the people of the cites and towns. The church will be Baptist with a love for suffering nations and begin to have visions, blue prints, ideals how to bring changes to these nations. There will be an oneness between the church and the marketplace. There will be revival and fire of the Lord flowing between them both; from this new missionaries will come forth, these missioners will be marketplace, business, and workplace missionaries to the suffering and hurting nations. They will change their nation as an example for other nations and they will change many suffering nations.


Mass revival will come to this nation. Most of the people will turn to the Lord. This revival will last for years. This revival will be called the unending revival. Yes this revival will not end. This revival will change every area of the life in this nation, from church to the marketplace, government, schools, and etc. for every thing will be changed. Not one thing will be left un-changed.


The Lord is calling His people to enter into his hidden place, the secret place, and the Most Holy place; they will know the Lord in His deep and in a real more way then most people in other nations. There will come a great seeking of the face of the Lord. The businesspersons will be anointed to hear the Lord in business ways and Ideals that will make this nation rich. This nation will change and upgrade everything in there land. It will be heard that many of these businesspersons are true Christians and their light will shine into many hearts around the world.


Revival time has come, revival ways have come, and new kinds of revival will come. The Lord will change this church it will be so of a great change that it will not look like the churches we know of today. The believers will begin to carry their Christ giving ministries, which is the work of the ministry. The Monday church will be a time revival and worshiping the Father in Spirit and in Truth. Revival will rain like the rain upon them.


A radical church life will be birth and begin to move as wild fire around the nation. Many Christians and many Churches will change over night. Businessperson will begin to walk in kingdom businesses, the workplace saints will begin to walk in signs, and the marketplace will be filled with power, glory and revival.


The Lord hears the prayers of His Body. He has many plans for His people in this land. Biblical signs and wonders will be seen, witness and reported around the world what the Lord is doing in this land.  The Lord will build many fruitful Christians businesses and the Lord will rise up His people in all areas of the marketplace. You will soon hear of real revival and others writing books about what God is doing in this land. The works that the Lord has begun He is faithful to compete them in His time.


The Lord will cover this land with glory and power. His people will arise from the four walls and begin to build His kingdom outside of the four walls, and all what the Kingdom is shall be in their building what they shall build.


Mass revivals covering the land, great many coming to know the Lord, and healing in the land in everyplace.


Know my glory, know my power, and know my ways, massive numbers all over this nation turning to the Lord, Great churches arising in the cities, and unity among his people. Great nets of salvation are cast from this nation to many other nations winning many to Christ.


Power, miracles, demonstration of the Spirit, and the great manifestations of the gifts of the Spirit and from above; this nation will be a zone of freedom to preach and teach the Word to the peoples of this land.


The major cities will have burning holy fire upon them and these fires will be living tornados in these cities. The Lord will pour out his oil upon this land and his people. There will be massive revivals of signs and wonders. You will see the dead raised. The Lord will move among his people in the workplace, marketplace and business to show his glory and goodness to the lost.

Sri Lanka:

Massive revival will come. The Lord will turn this nation upside down. This nation will come from being unholy nation to a holy nation.


Rivers of revival and signs will flow throughout your nation. The Lord will build his house of worship and prayer; this house will be among His people. This kind of worship and prayer will draw those around to the Lord.


People will see the Lord in the middle of nowhere. The Lord will touch those in places hard to reach. He will be glorified among the people there. In the cites great numbers will come to know the Lord. This nation will become a refuge for many in coming days. The Lord will build wells of living water to prepare for those who come to seek refuge.


God's glory will come and fill your land. Many will be saved in that day. A new way of church is coming.  A new freedom to preach and speak the truth will come.


Judgment has come and a greater judgment is coming. Your heart will be force wide open to the Lord. You will be humble among those around you. Then healing and restoration will come to you. Signs and wonders will flow like water and fire throughout your land unending.


An anointing of deep prayer will fill the hearts of his people, great numbers will sudden come to the Lord. The Lord will add many souls the Church everyday, and the Lord add much to the church. Healing, power, signs, and glory will fall upon this nation and all eyes will be open and all ears will be open.

North Korea:

The Lord will move mighty upon the underground church. The Lord will bring the government into His will and plan. The Lord is in control of this nation. Revival will come as a pillar of fire in the night. The people of the Lord will know him in a powerful way. The day will come that the gates of this nation will be open to the gospel and they cannot be shut.

South Korea:

The Lord is calling forth a massive movement of prayer that will bring together all Christians of true and heart. This will bring a lasting revival to this nation that will cover this nation with glory and fire.


You are in the hand of God. The Lord moves in a very real way. Many souls will come to know the Lord within a short time. The destiny of this land is in the hand of the Lord. The Lord is calling for 24/7 prayer movement among His people in this nation for this nation.


Mighty shakings from the Lord is coming. The hand of the Lord is coming like a strong wind. The prideful will be humble and the humble will be promoted. This is a day to seek the Lord in your heart. Revival will begin among His people, who will obey the prophetic call to seek His face.


The mercy of the Lord is great upon His people. A new day will arise in His church, and a new anointing for breakthrough will come forth. Soon many changes will come and a new freedom will come. Healing of the land will come. There will be a healing and deliverance revival that many, upon many will be touched and saved.


The Lord will heal your land. New ministries and new kinds of ministries will be birth among His people. Waves of ministry will come across this nation.


The hand of the Lord is upon you. There will be a great holy melting pot established and raised up in your land. The Lord will work great works in the hearts of many and His people.


You are a kingdom center in the Spirit. There is an apostolic, prophetic, marketplace and prayer anointing upon you. You are a revival and reformation land. Much good fruits will be birth and come forth from you. There will be a lasting revival, there will be the Spirit of revival among the churches that will remain, grow and change. You are like New Jerusalem coming out of heaven. The Lord will make a covenant with you. You are set apart from the world for His own will and purposes.


You are being called to the ways of the Lord. The Holy Spirit will bring waves of revival in your land. There will be showers of blessing upon His church. The Lord will change this nation in mighty ways.


The Lord will rise up His church as a stronghold and a strong tower in this land and in this part of the World. The Lord will rise up a marketplace army with signs and wonders. His church will grow and His church will be baptized in power and glory. His people will have favor and among His people He will raise up a people to rule with grace and wisdom in all parts of this nation.


Healing revival is coming. New hope will be giving. New life will come to His people. A new day of anointing will come. Revival will come to the villages.

Papua New Guinea:

Deliverance waves will come and come; with each wave the next one will be stronger and greater. The Lord will build a house of deliverance. His church in this land is a church of deliverance.


The Lord will open wide the gates of salvation and revival. It will seem that the Lord came through this land will a mighty harvest tool gathering the souls for Jesus.


Revivals will come as the rain in this land. You will be covered with revival. There will be floodwaters from the rains of revival that will come. There will be massive flooding of revival. There will be great revival in the cities of this nation.


Power of God will rest in the cities. Great gates will be open in these cities. Heaven will be open above. The blessings of heaven will come upon this nation. There will be great numbers coming to know the Lord. The Lord will move mighty among the marketplace, workplace and business Christians.

Middle East:

The Judgment of the Lord is coming upon these lands. Waves of judgment are coming to these lands. Christ will be glorifying among these lands. The Lord will work wonders in these lands. The Lord will open wide the gates of these nations to the Gospel.


The Lord will pour out his Spirit across your land. Many wonders will happen; many visitations of angels and even Christ himself will visit. Revival will break out. The Lord will open the eyes of the lost to see the spiritual. Revival will be seen among this land.

Yemen Arab Republic:

The Voice of the Church and the Voice of the Kingdom will arise in this nation. This government and nature of this nation will be changed. The church will arise in a new anointing. The Kingdom will come among these people. A marketplace company will arise from the heart of the Lord.


A river of fresh oil will flow throughout this nation. The breaking anointing will come forth from this new oil. New signs and wonders will be witness. The Lord will do new things that were not done before.

People's Dem. Rep. Of Yemen:

The winds of changes are blowing over your land. No more there shall be the same nature or days without change. The whirlwind of the Lord will stake this nation in certain area of government, life and community. The four winds of The Holy Spirit will blow upon the Church to move them forth. The Four winds of Heaven will blow against the winds of the earth and hell in mighty ways.

United Arab Emirates:

The Holy Spirit will come with mighty signs and wonders. The Holy Spirit will pour out visions and dreams among many in this nation. Many will seek the Lord from the world in the day of grace.


Revival will come in great ways in the Church. The light will grow great in the church. The increase of the Church will not be limited. The Kingdom of God will come in the cities through His marketplace and Business ministers.


A great revival will come, mass numbers will be saved, and the holy flag of the Kingdom of God will fly day and night in this nation. Birth of new church life, birth of revival life, and birth of Kingdom Life. This place will be a center of international meetings and a revival center for many of the Lord's people around the world.


This nation and the destiny of this nation are in the hands of the Lord. The Lord has birthed this nation, the Lord made this nation. This nation will be His servant in the near future. The Lord will turn this nation upside down. This nation will become an apostolic nation.


The Body of Christ is growing in great numbers. This land will be a place of prayer and seeking of the Lord. The Spirit of grace and the Spirit of supplication will pour upon all peoples in this land. There will be lasting revival and revivals will come and move throughout your land.  A reformation will come to the church of this land; a unity will come among His people. The Lord will rise up a kingly people to establish His Kingdom in the cities of this nation. Apostles, prophets, missionaries, prayer teams, praise and worship teams, marketplace teams will come forth and minister to the nations around them. We again will hear the voices of the prophets and the voices of the Apostles in this land.


You will become a land of freedom. Many revivals will come. The city church will be established in the cities. The Glory of the Lord will rest upon His people in this land. A marketplace army will come forth to be mighty in this nation and around the world. The Lord will change this nation into His own plan and will. The Lord is changing the destiny of this nation. This is a prophetic nation. There will raise a prophetic company, and there will be a deep prophetic revival flowing among the Lord's people.

Saudi Arabia:

Judgment will come upon your land. You will be force to cry out to the Living God, a great outpouring of visitations of Jesus and his angels. There will be giving new life to the church.


There will be revival in this nation. There will be visitations of Jesus and his angels throughout this land. Many will come to know the Lord.


Mercy will fall upon his people in this land. Redemptive gifts will be giving to his people. His people will arise in his grace to rule in this nation as kings. There will be visitations of Jesus and his Angels all through this nation.


Outpouring of the presence of the Lord upon this land in great ways. Prophecy, visions, and dreams pour upon this nation, and Visitations of Jesus and angels throughout this land.


Judgment is coming upon your land. The Lord's people will become mighty in this land. There will be great wonders that the people will see, and visitations of Jesus and angels.


Judgment will come upon this land. Great judgment will be seen in this land. My people will grow and increase becoming mighty in this land. Great outpourings of the Spirit will happen in this land. There will be visitations of Jesus and Angels throughout this land.


The mighty wind of the Lord will come. Most of this nation will come to know the Lord. There will be great and massive Pentecost revival in this nation.

New Zealand:

Healing power, miracle power and the gifts of Spirit will be mighty among his people. The people of this nation will have a heart for all peoples, and all nations. Many of the Lord's people will go to the nations with the good news, etc. Favor and grace has been giving to this nation to be a missionary nation to the world. Favor has been giving to his people to open the doors to nations.


There is an open Heaven over you. This nation shall be known as the nation with the Open Heaven above them. This nation is called to the revival life. Most of this nation will be saved. The government will be change into the image of Christ. The favor of the Lord will be upon this nation mighty.


The Lord is coming in a strong way among the people of this nation. There will be great signs and wonders done through The Lord's people among this nation. The Lord will give this nation glory and wisdom for the coming days.


In this church among the people of the nation The Lord will give hidden and lost keys of the Kingdom. There will be a mighty move of God that will last for many years. Beyond that the Lord will rest among His people in this nation for the future days of the coming glory.

Solomon Inlands:

A mighty wave of deliverance is coming. The deliverance anointing will be established among His people. There will be very gifted and with a strong anointing in deliverance ministries establish that will bear much fruit and be fruitful for the Kingdom of God. There will be a deliverance revival.


The Lord will heal your nation. The Lord will bring forth riches and wealth from you to honor His name. The Marketplace Church will be mighty in your land. The revival that will come will be a revival of faith and works together in unity.


This is a place where the churches will grow strong and be fruitful. This will be place of rest for the Lord's people. This will be a place of learning for His people. The Lord will bless this land indeed with His grace and favor.  A healing power, and a healing revival will come and be so real and so right on that this will grow and grow and change and change and become more and more in the leading of the Lord.


The power of God will come strong and with the Wind of the Spirit every place will be touch by His power and grace. This land will be free from demons and be blessed by the Lord. A move of God is coming; a move of Blessings and favor is coming.

Western Samoa:

The Lord will heal this nation. The Kingdom of God will be established in this land. Most of the people will turn to the Lord. This land will be like the fruits of the Spirit.