New Apostolic Church devotional

Elvis Iverson

First Week:

Monday: Foundation of Apostles and Prophets

Tuesday: Fivefold Ministry in the House

Wednesday: Revival and open Heaven

Thursday: Church of Peace

Friday: New Apostolic Wineskins

Second Week:

Monday: The Church and the Kingdom

Tuesday: Age of the Apostolic Church

Wednesday: Grace and Apostleship

Thursday: Praying Apostolic Prayer

Friday: Minister to the Lord

Third Week:

Monday: Breaking the power of witchcraft

Tuesday: Prophetic River

Wednesday: Come Up Here

Thursday: Test All Things

Friday: Restoration of the City Church

Fourth Week:

Monday: Army of Restoration

Tuesday: Practice the presence of God part one

Practice the presence of God part two

Wednesday: Edification of the Church

Thursday: Close the doors

Friday: Understanding The Apostolic

What is the Apostolic Church?

Fifth Week:

Monday: Four Historic Moves of God

Tuesday: Signs of an Apostasy Church

Wednesday: The New End Times

Thursday: Restoration of the Home Church

Friday: Coming Movements of God

Sixth Week:

Monday: Restoration of Kings and Priests

Tuesday: Modern Day Apostles

Wednesday: apostolic spheres

Thursday: House of Fathers

Friday: Throne Room Principle

Throne Room Really

Throne Room Always

Throne room Lifestyle

Seventh Week:

Monday: Learning to Pray

Tuesday: Restoration of the Seven Feasts

Wednesday: Marketplace Church

Thursday: Constitution Apostolic

Friday: The Thesis of the Third Reformation

New Testament Church

Eighth Week:

Monday: Seven Waves of Wealth

The Seven Waves of Harvest

Tuesday: Church Makeover

Wednesday: Gates of the Apostles

Thursday: Looking for a Church

Friday: The Elijah Church

Ninth Week:

Monday: Called To Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance

Freedom from Heaviness

The Walls of Salvation

Tuesday: The State of the Church

Wednesday: Manifest Soaking Presence

Thursday: Grace and Prayer

Grace and Supernatural

Friday: Faith for Revival

What is Revival?

Tenth Week:

Monday: A Stronger Apostolic is Coming

Tuesday: Never To Be Without Revival

Wednesday: You are Anointed

Thursday: Suffering with Joy

Friday: Revival Come Now

11th Week:

Monday: Elders of the Church

Working of the Five-Fold

Tuesday: Call to the Prophetic Deep

Wednesday: Building a Home Church

Building a Center

Thursday: How to flow in the Prophetic

Friday: Building a Network

Apostolic Pathfinders

12th Week:

Monday: Flowing from the Throne Room in the Prophetic

Tuesday: The Constitution of the Home Church

Wednesday: I am in the Midst of them

Thursday: Reformation, Reconstitution and Reconstruction of the Home Church

Friday: The Call of the Home Church

13th Week:

Monday: Planting Home Churches

New Testament Pastors

Tuesday: Flowing Together in the Prophetic

A prayer for you:

Father we pray grace, grace, apostolic grace, apostolic grace, apostolic anointing, prophetic anointing to everyone who hear these sermons, raise up new apostolic wineskins in the church all over the earth, pour out new apostolic wines into these new apostolic wineskins, renew and bring reformation and revival to everyone who hears these sermons, bring apostolic grace, apostolic power, apostolic signs and wonders, bring signs and wonders, bring the apostolic breaker anointing, bring the breaker anointing to everyone who hears these sermons, bring many breakthroughs to those who hear these sermons, and bring revival and apostolic revival to everyone who hears these sermons, we pray in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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