Manuel for the New Apostolic Church

By Elvis Iverson

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1.Heart of an Apostle
2.Apostolic Lifestyle
3.Apostolic Boldness
4.Fathers of What?
5.Gates of the Apostles
6.Who Wants To Be An Apostle?
7.Absalom spirit
8.Manifestations of Religious spirits
9.How To Fight Witchcraft 
10. Constitution Apostolic
11. Controlling Spirits
12. Mentored By Bad People
13. Web of Familiar spirits
14. Arise of the Pastoral Authority
15. God Ordain Divisions
16. I have A Question For You
17.Sound Character
18. Preaching For Money
19.Times of Separation
20.Too Familiar for Good Comfort
21.Way of Cain
22.Apostolic Conflict
24.Reformation Spirit
25.Requirement is Relationship
26.Covenant Connection
29. Rogue Apostle
30.This Charge We Commit To You
31.Walk Together
32.False Apostles
33.Witchcraft in the Church
34.False Brethren
35.Seven Kinds of Discernment
36.Signs of Jezebel
37.Leviathan spirit
38.What Is Wrong With The Apostolic?
39.Dealing with Familiar spirits
40.spirit of cessationism
41.Reformation, Revival, and Unity
42.Day of Mixtures
43.Common Ground of the Apostolic Church
44.Delay and Hindering Forces
45.The Fruitful House
46.Apostles Life
47.Error and Out of Order, What spirit are you of?
48.Pet Doctrines have Rabies
49.Modern Day Pharisees
50.The spirit of Ichabod
51.spirit of Diotrephes
52.Speaking Reformation with Love
53.Stronger Order of Apostles and Prophets
54.Character and Integrity
55.Ethics and Money
56.Merchandise spirit
57.Revenue-Based Financing
58.The Covering Doctrine
59.How Deception works
60.Common Faith

1.Heart of an Apostle

When an apostle is called he will receive the gift of the apostle and the heart of the apostle. An apostolic should not enter into apostolic ministry without the heart of an apostle. To obey your called as an apostle there must be a change of heart and a change of lifestyle. You can't be like other people. You can't be like other ministers, and you can't be like other apostles!

The heart of an apostle is imparted by the will of the Father from Christ through the Holy Spirit in your life. Then you must grow and develop into the heart of an Apostle. This takes time and this takes years.

Jesus Christ is the Chief apostle, Chief Shepherd, Overseer of souls, Head of the Church, and the High Priest. Jesus Christ was the first Apostle. Jesus Christ laid the foundation for all apostles to follow. Jesus Christ birthed and established the ministry of the Apostle. Jesus Christ was the only apostle who was the Apostle of the Father.

The heat of an Apostle is the heart of Christ for the Church and the world. The heart of an Apostle is the life of Christ in the Four Gospels living in the apostle in his or her actions and words.

The Heart of an Apostle is a heart of patience:

The first sign of an apostle is patience. The sign of patience is that which leads the apostles to power and demonstration in the Holy Spirit. Every believer only has to believe to walk in signs and wonders however; the apostles must first have patience. You must learn patience. It takes time to learn patience. One of the fruits of the Spirit is not patience. On the other hand the fruits of Spirit that will aid you in learning patience is longsuffering, faithfulness and self-control. Patience is persistent, perseverance, and endurance. (2 Cor. 12:12)

The Heart of an Apostle is a heart of a father:

If you see someone in the apostolic that don't act like a father they may be immature or they may not be an apostle. A father does not bring us down or controls us; instead a father empowers and raises us up. Still then a father will tell us the truth with grace, and a father will correct us in love. (2 Tim. 1:1-18, 1 Tim. 1:1-2)

The Heart of an Apostle is a heart of love:

An Apostle will flow in the love that flows in the heart of Christ and the Heart of the Father. The apostle will try to do everything in love and to know that you are loved. There is faith, hope, love, and the greatest of these is love; faith we see in the teacher, hope we see in the prophet, and love we should see in the apostle. (1 Cor. 12:31)

The Heart of an Apostle is a heart of deep concern:

We see throughout Paul's Epistles is deep concern for the churches he oversees. He also has a deep concern of for all the churches. This deep concern should come upon apostles daily. (2 Cor. 11:28)

The Heart of an Apostle is a heart of gentleness:

When people came to Jesus to learn from Him He was gentle. Apostles are to be gentle in the same matter. An apostle must be gentle to all. We as apostle are to pursue gentleness in our lives and ministries. (1 Tim. 6:11)

The Heart of an Apostle is a heart of humility:

An apostle must learn to be humble this takes time. You can't be humble without going through tests and suffering and learning humility from Christ. Apostles need humility to have grace in his life and ministry for without grace he cannot move forth in ministry. One of the keys in learning humility is prayer. An apostle has a life of prayer. (Jam. 4:6)

The Heart of an Apostle is a heart of meekness:

Meekness is being teachable. Without meekness you cannot take ground for by meekness you will inherit the earth. (Matt. 5:5)

The Heart of an Apostle is a heart of higher standards:

An Apostle is a gift and ministry that has to have higher standards then any other Five Fold minister or Believer in Christ. (1 Tim. 6:11)

The Heat of an Apostle is a heart of boldness:

Apostolic boldness is needed it to stand your ground and have a strong anointed and gracefully backbone. (Acts 4:13)

2.Apostolic Lifestyle

No Apostle is perfect, apostles are humans, and apostles are not God. Apostles do make mistakes. We have forgotten the humanity of the apostles. However, the apostles must know that they are not prefect and they do make mistakes. Apostles must know when they are wrong.

There is a spirit that is moving around to keep people from the apostolic and from trusting in today's apostles. This spirit thinks they know what an apostle is and is not. However, the same people who point their fingers today will most likely point they fingers at the future apostolic waves too.

As we look into the past we see apostles in the beginning that made mistakes and was not prefect. We then see apostles throughout history who themselves were not prefect. Today we see apostles again that are not prefect and make mistakes. In addition, in the future we will see other apostles who are not prefect.

The gift of an apostle is a gift from Christ giving through grace and faith. Wow do you hear that it is grace and faith that the gift of the apostle is giving to the apostle. To be an apostle you need the gift of an apostle.

Moreover, the apostles have to mature like any other gift of Christ or even any believer in Christ. Still then what maturity an apostle has today may not be maturity in the future. There is more then one kind of maturity. There is maturity as a member of the Body of Christ then there is maturity in the gifts.

Beside, we who are apostles must do the will of God for our time and for our life. We should not try to do something that Christ did not tell us to do that is for future apostolic waves. We as apostles must obey God today with the vision we have today. Yes apostles always have visions beyond others who have some type of vision, etc. Still we are called to bring that vision in today.

There are some who think they know what an apostle is. The Word says for us to test those who say that they are apostles. However, if we don't know what an apostle is, then how can we test them. And if the way we test apostles is wrong then we are wrong.

Apart from that, Apostles are called to a higher standard then the rest of the five-fold ministry. Even they are called to a higher standard then other believers in Christ. Then it goes to prophets who have to higher standard then the rest of the five fold ministers and then we come to teachers they too must have a higher standard then that of pastors and evangelists. Yes pastors and evangelists need to have high standards too.

The Bible says in James 3:1; "My brethren let not many of you become teachers knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment.

In addition, the qualification for overseers and elders is to be blameless. Wow blameless what a standard to set in place. Well this is the first standard for those who will be in the leadership of the church. (1 Tim. 3:1-7,8-13; Tit. 1:5-9)

Now what about every other Christian in the Body? The standard is that we are to be holy. We are to live a holy Life. We can't be good witnesses if we don't live a godly life and a Christ likeness life. Wow what a standard to have. To be like Christ is living a holy life in today's world. (1 Pet. 1:15-16)

Nevertheless, to greater authority are higher standards to live by in personal and public life. Beside, there is greater grace and greater mercy giving to a person with greater authority. In addition, believers have been giving authority in Jesus name then they have too grace and mercy to go along with that authority; the authority of Jesus Christ.

Furthermore, it is the Holy Spirit in us and in our lives who will help us live a holy life and walk in those higher standards. The Holy Spirit is doing a work in each one of us and will not give up. If you make a mistake and you will you have the Blood of Christ to cover you. The only thing you need to do is confess, ask for forgives and repent. Then He will give the overcoming grace to overcome and live the life of Christ on earth.

3.Apostolic Boldness

There is a great increase coming to the apostolic anointing in the Body of Christ. The key to the release of this anointing upon your life is real boldness from the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit comes into our lives He gives us boldness to speak the Word without the fear of man. This is a grace from God to be bold in truth, to take a stand for truth, to stand your ground. (See Acts 4:31)

An anointing to stand the ground of truth is giving to you by the Lord. This will help us not to compromise for friendship, or to get people to like us better, or for the reason we fear man. This is anointing of apostolic defense coming to the body of Christ, to take defense for truth. (1 Pet. 3:15)

In addition, this is an anointing and grace to contend earnestly for the truth. This anointing will make you diligent in doing this. It is like you have no fear of man. It is like you don't think of what your saying. Yes we are to think before we speak. I am talking about an anointing of boldness and authority to speak and stand for truth. (See Jude 3)

Moreover, the Holy Spirit is setting you free from the fear of man. The more you don't fear man, the more you will preach with apostolic boldness. And the more you fear man the lest you will preach with apostolic boldness. Apostolic boldness will change the way you teach, way you preach, it even change the way you think about certain things. When this apostolic boldness comes your life changes in many and certain areas. It is like that you have boldness in everything you do or think. I personal believe that apostolic boldness is one of the keys to signs and wonders. (See 2 Tim. 1:7)

Beside, as you are being set free from the fear of man you will love people more and better. The fear of man hinders you from walking in love. You ether love people or you fear people. Once when you are free from the fear of man you will have boldness to stand for truth, you will have more love for people, and the fire of God will flow through you. If you don't love people this could hinder the fire of God from flowing through you. So we need boldness, love and the fire of God to be great servants of God. (See 1 Jn. 4:18)

Also, the Holy Spirit is dealing and setting us free from the spirit that says please man over God. The please man spirit will no longer hinder you from the power of God. The more you please God the least you will please man. The more you please God you will become more powerful in God, the more you please man the lest you will have power from God. (See Eph. 6:6, Col. 3:22)

Now see the keys to signs, wonders and the power of God. Patience, faith, boldness, love people, the fire of the Lord, and to please God above man. (See Acts 3:1-16)

Therefore, you will have boldness when you been with Jesus, you will have boldness when your filled with the Holy Spirit, and you will have boldness if you ask the Father to give you boldness to speak His Word. We are to speak the Word with all boldness. (See Acts 4:23-31)

However, we must not only have boldness to say the truth. We need meekness, fear, love, wisdom, and season your speech with grace. (See 1 Pet. 3:15)

On the contrary, you must know when to speak the truth. You must know when to stand for the truth; you must know what are the right times and the right places. You don't want to always go around in apostolic defense at every time for you could walk from a good defense to a spirit or an attribute of vengeance. (1 Tim. 6:12)

Apart from that, there is a cost for standing for truth. I believe apostolic boldness is coming so we can stand for truth. We have lost our stand for truth for to long. Once you lose your stand for truth you hinder the power of God in your life. We must speak the truth even if people don't like what is being said.  If you stand for truth you will gain everything, if you don't stand for you truth you will lose everything. Yes there is a cost for truth; in the long run you will gain all things.

In addition, in America and in other nations the churches have lost the meaning of truth. We must learn again the art of standing for the truth so we can see the power of God. There is an evil spirit that is working in the churches of America it is a religious spirit, this spirit is keeping us from saying the truth, and it is hinders revival, and the power of God. It will take truth to set the church of America free. Not only truth, instead bold truth. We must speak, peach, teach, and write the truth with boldness.

Moreover, the main ruling spirit over America is humanism, this spirits works along with the religious spirit in keeping us from the power of God. It is only by the power of God being poured out upon the church that we can be free from humanism. We must learn to obey the Holy Spirit more, learn to follow him more, learn his ways and means more, instead of our ways.

However, there are those who are like Jonathan who want to be in the middle of the road, they see the truth, and they see those with the truth, instead they want to please both sides. This action comes from the thinking that is giving to them by this religious spirit, if you are a Jonathan it is time for a change before it is too late.

However, we have to preach the truth by the Spirit. It must be Spirit and truth, not just truth. The letter kills, and the Spirit give life. Preaching bold truth must be a leading and a work of the Spirit, not a work of the flesh.

Apart from that, apostles are called to stand for truth. They are the gatekeepers and the prophets are the watchmen. We need them both in this hour and time. Apostles need to stand for truth, if they want to see the power of God. This apostolic boldness is coming upon the apostles. The apostles too must pray for boldness to speak the truth. There is a type of preaching, teaching, and writing that comes along with apostolic boldness. It is called polemic preaching, which means an aggressive attack on, or refutation of, and it is the art or practice of disputation or controversy. This kind of preaching is warlike and hostile.

Nevertheless, apostles and prophets if you don't take a stand for truth, if you don't stand against Jezebel and spirits like that; you will hinder yourself from your authority. And after awhile you will ether stand for truth or live with those that don't. Then the Lord will have to rise up others to obey the call to stand for truth. (See 1 K. 19)

However, people say they want apostles, do they really know what they are saying. Apostles will come with boldness and polemic preaching. They will take away your comfort zone and give you God's peace.

Furthermore, when this apostolic boldness comes into your life you will not fear man, you will not worry what they think about you, you will not worry if they reject you, you will not worry about what will happen. You will move in this grace and their will be power, signs, and wonders from the Holy Spirit in your life that points to Jesus Christ our Lord.

4.Fathers of What?

With the restoration of the apostles comes the restoration of fathers. We need true fathers, and mentors to rise up new ministers of grace. One of the first things that an apostle should do is father others in the apostolic ministry. I believe that one of the functions of an apostle is to be a father to others in ministry.

One the sign that you are moving into office ministry from gift to the office is that you begin to rise up others into the ministry of grace. This goes for all of the five ministries of grace. Beside, every believer matures in his or her gift and mature in his or her walk with Christ can be fathers. The apostle is to restore the heart and order of fathering to the church.

Apart from that, there is fathering, mentoring and then there is discipleship. Which is disciplining a new believers in Christ to stand on there own two feet and be a value member of the body of Christ. After this is done each believer need to be mentor into his or her gift by those who have walked in the same gift. Mentoring is mentoring someone after what you are, or what you know. Fathering is greater then that it is to father any one and point them after their destiny. Mentoring is pointing one after the mentor's destiny.

Beside, the five ministries of grace have a common commission to the body of Christ. We as ministries of grace are commission to equip the believers into the work of the ministry. How do we equip the body? We equip the body by fathering, mentoring, and discipleship.

Apart from that, there is the apostle who mentors other apostles into the apostolic ministry and he mentors other ministers of grace into the life and Word giving to him by the Holy Spirit, also he will mentor the believer after what he has in his own life and anointing.

In addition, he is a father to all those who call him father, and those that the apostle receives as sons and daughters. Although there are other kinds of real relationship beside, apostles want only those who want to be in true and real relationships beside, and then there are those called into covenant relationships.

Moreover, you will have more then one mentor or many; instead you will only have one spiritual father. We relate to an apostle as you relate to a father. Apostles are fathers in the church.

However, there are those who want an apostle in their lives and don't want to be sons and daughters, or be in covenant relationships. Apostles must be wise with their time and whom they give their time too. There are those who come to bring burdens and take up time and show no honor. These people are not ready for sonship or covenant relationship. Yes there are those other real relationships that an apostle will have; instead they will all be real and true.  

Apart from that, apostles are fathers to their works, meaning father as a founder to ministries, churches, movements, etc. as you see we have many instructors and only few fathers, and same goes we have many ministers and only a few founders. Apostles are founders.

Apart from that, what are you a father of what? We have some apostles trying to be fathers without a heart of a father. Yes we are all learning, and we need to know a father of what? So you want be an apostle, so you want be a father, a father of what? What foundations will you lay? Founder of what?

Fathers you need to have an open door for your sons to enter in. sons need fathers and fathers need sons. What are you going to father them in what? Are we teaching the old wine, or the old wineskins? Are we teaching them the old and out of dated ways.

Father is what? Fathers do you have sons seated around for years and never be establish? It is time to release your sons into ministry. What have you giving to your sons? What have they learn from you? Do they value you as a father? Do you value them as a son?

Fathers of what? Fathers when you call your sons do they come running or to they run in fear of you? Are you teaching faith or fear? How much has it cost your sons to be your son? How much does it cost you fathers for you to be their father?

Where do you see in these in the world sons paying their fathers to be their fathers? Fathership cost more then sonship. You can't be a father if you don't pay the cost. Fathers have to pay most or all the cost for their sons. A father invested his time and money into his sons to become honorable ministers of Christ. However, sons are to honor their fathers in more then one way.

An Apostle who is a father needs sons to establish apostolic works around the world. Those sons must be God led not man led. One of the first things apostles need to do is father other apostles and ministries of grace into ministry. As an apostle become older he will do this more and more, however he has to begin right away for he needs sons to appoint over the works of the Lord. Sons and those who are in true and covenant relationship should only be the ones who are appointed over a ministry or a church not in outsider that have not run the race with you for a time. Those who have been received as a sons need to submit and obey their apostle so they can be rise up into ministry. 

However, if you see apostles with sons never going forth always seating on the sidelines, ether that apostle is immature, or he has some controlling spirit working in his life, or more. You are ether a father or a taskmaster, which one is you?

Nevertheless, there is an unhealthy doctrine that is talking about fathers and sons teaching and using it to control others. See this controlling spirit was already in them, now they have something to make what they are doing right. Look at the fruits, and know what kind of spirit they are of. Every one is not a father and everyone is not a son. You don't need to be a son to be a good minister. Those who say you must first be a son before you're in ministry this is not in the Word. This kind of thinking is not from this apostolic wave this came through from others before them. We must begin order and correction to such things. We cannot allow these things come into house of the Lord. Beside, there are those who have used the words and thinking of covenant relationship to control and put others into bondage. This is not of God and this is out of order.

Furthermore, there are those who are attacking the current apostolic wave this too is not of God. We need new churches, new ways of networking, and new ways of ministry. This current apostolic wave is the seeds to next wave. Yes there are healing and signs with the current wave, instead the coming wave of apostles will be apostles of truth, power, miracles and mighty deeds.

5.Gates of the Apostles

Apostles are the gatekeepers of the church, and the prophets are the watchmen of the church. Each of them must obey their call, both of them must be joined, both of them cannot hinder one another's calling and function. Who among the church will be judged greater, first the apostle and second the prophet. Apostles must have accountability for all their actions and this must be willing and build on trust and real relationships. Prophets must have accountability for all their actions, and this must be willing and build on trust and real relationships. Accountability must be functional accountability beside; those who have great responsibility will have more mercy and grace.

Accountability must have these things:
1.True and real relationships
2.Proper relationships
3.Mature relationships
4.Mutual Trust
5.Mutual Understanding
6.Mutual Love
7.Mutual Protection
10.Mutual Boundaries and limits
11. Mutual honor and respect
12.Sense of belonging and kinship.

Apart from that, there are principles and priorities that an apostle must follow and apply to every area of their ministries. There is a zone of reformation and there is a zone of unity among the church. We must know how to be truthful and honest with both and between both zones. We cannot compromise in each of them or between them. What we call the reformation may not be the reformation and what we call unity may not be true unity.

In addition, Jesus is the perfect example that all true apostles must follow in order to obey their calling to full meaning of their apostolic commission. Jesus had his 3, his 12, his 72, his 5000, and then he had his multitudes, and these were his ministries. You as an apostle must see the ministries that the Lord has giving you. Jesus know how to minister to each company of people, and he know how not to compromise these ministries. The same is it with the zone of reformation and the zone of unity. Each of our ministries is a zone.

Moreover, we have entered into a new time of the apostolic a new apostolic age. And the new apostolic reformation will give away to the coming great reformation. There is coming great, massive, extreme, and radical reformation that will change the face of the church, many churches and many groups will not be around after a certain time during this coming great reformation. It is not wise to build on something that Christ and the Holy Spirit is coming to burn up. There are good leaders and good Christians building their houses where the fire will come and burn up everything there.

However, some gates of the apostles are weak at this time. It is not that I am pointing a finger it is that there is too much of the old in them that Christ will burn up and destroy. They are the seeds of the coming apostles of truth and power. We are not to reject them not at all; they are obeying their call in this time. The apostles now are carrying a holy commission to plant the seed of apostolic revelation and prepare the way for the coming apostles of truth and power.

Nevertheless, some gatekeepers have opened the gates to things that should not enter or dwell. You cannot remove something out of a city if the gatekeepers are letting them in at the same time. Everything is not apostolic; every church is not apostolic, if they do not follow the apostolic way it is not apostolic.

On the contrary, when the coming apostles arise in the church and in the earth, they will love there follow apostles before them. They will have a hearing ear toward them. God will bring a union between them and what is lacking in both will be supply. There will be some who will disobey as always in history and the truth will overcome in those times.

Furthermore, I see apostles coming very soon some are already here and some are coming. These are apostles that have been hidden for a time by the Lord. They will come forth with power and they will speak the truth with authority from Christ. Some of these apostles will join the companies that are alive now and some will form their own companies, above all there will be divine relationships and fellowship between them.

6. Who Wants To Be An Apostle?

No one in his or her right mindset will ever say they want to be an apostle? Being an apostle is a calling unto death. Being an apostle is like a hard life of warfare and suffering. Being an apostle is carrying a heavy burden on you back for years and years. Being an apostle is being the dirt of the shoes of feet of men. Being an apostle is being a doormat for other ministers to walk all over you.

Through all the training in the Spirit and suffering your motives in obeying your call is to please the Lord Jesus Christ only. There is a more excellent way in obeying your calling. You obey your calling only for Him and by His grace you will walk in the apostolic calling only. It is the grace of the apostle that comes from Christ that you can obey you calling as an apostle; then you can carry the apostolic burden for the Lord will carry it with you and it will be light to you.

However, you are allowed to feel the burden as a heavy burden to learn that you can't do it alone. First you need Jesus and the Holy Spirit, 2nd you need others around you to stand with you, 3rd you need to have fellowship with other apostles and even prophets, and 4th you need much prayer from the prayer shield that the Lord will give to you through the prayer people he gives you.

However, there are those who are apostles, those who say they are apostles, those who are immature apostles and those who are even false apostles that will be mislead to stand in your way. Here we are seeking and praying for the authentic apostolic ministry, instead we get Saul kinds of apostles what we want is the David kind of an Apostle. There are some apostles today that are walking in a control spirit and a political spirit that we must watch out for. We need to examine our tactics to see if they are true apostolic ways or the un-apostolic ways that we have seen now.

We need to ask some of these who are mislead apostles that mix their wines with wines that we don't want to drink of no more, the new is better. However, there are wines that are of human anointings that we are seen mixed into the apostolic wines today. They say they are new wine skin, etc instead it is just a saying and is not for real. I personal want real apostles, real apostolic, real wine, and anointings from Holy Spirit.

Today's apostolic river is the seed to the next coming apostolic river; today's apostolic river is of God. Nevertheless, before there is a David there is a Saul; those who are trying to bring un-apostolic ways and wines will not have success for much longer. We are learning and we must have right understanding and a love toward those who are in the apostolic ministry. 

But, for those un-apostolic apostles here the warring of the Lord today; the anointed servants in the Bible when they came to the point that they didn't obey their calling God will raise up another, and so he will do to you and others who stand in his way and will for the church.

On the contrary, there are people who want to always be un-open to any thing of the Spirit; instead we should not be open to things that are not of the Spirit. There are wonderful anointed ministries all around us that are placed in the Body of Christ; they are only obeying what the Lord gave to them in this hour. So it is with the apostles of today they are only obeying what the Lord give them today, and they are blessed men and women of God, let us hear them out and support them.

Moreover, an authentic apostolic ministry is coming; the 2nd wave is near upon us. I personal believe that most of them we do not even see or notice right now. When they will come they will come with power and authority, and we will see the true signs of an apostle, for next wave is a wave of apostles with power and authority and they will rise up anointed, gifted, and wise ministers and they will rise up a people that has been birth first in the fire of God, and beyond that they will equip the body of Christ.

However, most real apostles who are being rise up among us we don't even notice that they are apostles. These apostles have suffered much to prepare them for glory that shall rest upon them.

In addition, the Lord is giving life to those apostles right now. The Lord is speaking to you through this article to give you hope and faith for your future in your apostolic ministry. Trust the Lord and the Holy Spirit to raise you up, they did it through the Bible they will do it for you today.

Furthermore, we have apostles and prophets who think they are more then what is in the Lord's will. Do not forget that Jesus is the Center and the Body of Christ is the Center not apostles and prophet, etc.

7.Absalom spirit

The Absalom spirit, Balaam spirit, Jezebel spirit, Cain spirit, Korah spirit, Athaliah spirit, Sennacherib spirit and the Queen of heaven are evil spirits that work against apostles, prophets and the moves of God. As you look through the Bible and see the kinds of evil people they can be used as symbols of evil spirit since evil spirits were working behind them. These are some of the main spirits that will fight the apostolic reformation. The Lord will take out these within these 40 years of time through this reformation.

1.Absalom spirit is a spirit that works under your care to overtake you and take your ministry from you.
2.Balaam spirit works through greed, false prophecy, and councils against you to take your rights from you.
3.Jezebel spirit is a spirit that works through control, witchcraft and fear to take away your blessings.
4.Cain spirit works through those who care for you through jealousies, envy, and to keep you from ministry.
5.Korah spirit works against you through disobedience against the vision and rebellion in attacking you.
6.Athaliah spirit is working against you just like Jezebel spirit; instead it is in power and control already.
7.Sennacherib spirit works against you through fear, unbelief, discouragement and intimidation to stop you from doing the will of God.
8.Queen of Haven is working against you through religion and religious spirits. 

When you read the story of Absalom as in 2 Samuel 13-18. Today this is being used here as a symbol of a spirit called the Absalom spirit. You must know that first and foremost it is David who opens the door to this evil spirit to come against him. Likewise today you must find the doors and gates that we have open. We should not always point fingers at people. We need to judge ourselves first of all. Once when we do this we will begin to overcome this evil spirit.

The Absalom spirit works through envy, strife in order to bring divisions. First is the motive, which is envy, then it is the actions, which is strife, and then it is their fruits, which is divisions. A person under you in your care, who is gifted, skillful, and anointed, will rise under you. After placed in any position of authority it will begin to work against you. One thing to look for is they are carnal. (1 Cor. 3:3)

In addition, in James 3:13-18 talks about the wisdom of God and the wisdom that is earthy, sensual, and demonic. Where there is envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there. In one word this is the Absalom spirit at work.

Moreover, the Absalom spirit works against you through strife. Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all sins. (Prov. 10:12) A wrathful man stirs up strife, but he who is slow to anger allays contention. (Prov. 15:18) The beginning of strife is like releasing water; therefore stop contention before a quarrel starts. (Prov. 17:14) Cast out the scoffer, and contention will leave; yes, strife and reproach will cease. (Prov. 22:10) But avoid foolish and ignorant disputes, knowing that they generate strife. And a servant of the Lord must not quarrel but be gentle to all, able to teach, patient, in humility correcting those who are in opposition, if God perhaps will grant them repentance, so that they may know the truth, and that they may come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil, having been taking captive by him to do his will. (2 Tim. 2:23-26) But avoid foolish disputes, genealogies, contentions, and strivings about the law, for they are unprofitable and unless, reject, a divisive man after the first and second admonition, knowing that such a person is warped and sinning, being self-condemned. (Tit 3:9-11)

Furthermore, do not put a contentions person in a position of authority. When you see strife stop it right away. Remove that person who walks in strife in a certain amount of time from among you.

8.Manifestations of Religious spirits

Religion is the leaven of the Pharisees and the power that Satan uses to control Christians and the Church. Religion is a work of the flesh and those who practice such things will not walk in the fullness of Christ and the Holy Spirit. Religion is the sin of witchcraft, religion is a form of witchcraft, and religion has the nature of witchcraft, and religion and witchcraft are brothers and partners working together for common goals. Religion is a deception put on our hearts, minds, eyes, and ears.

Religion is first a work of the flesh then after awhile it enters into the demonic and demons spirits used such persons to do their will unknowing. You first walk in the work of the flesh that opens the door to evil spirits such has religious spirits. Religion is a sin of hypocrisy. Religion is a form of pride, and religion is the sin of pride the beginning of all sins. Religion is the sin that leads to the sins against the Holy Spirit.

Christ never willed His Church to be a religion this is man's doing. We are now living in the beginning of the end of religion in the church. We are living in the time when Christ will set free the church from religion and begin an end to this religion of man. What we will see within these years the Bride of Christ arising from the earth in glory apart from religion as we know in the past and has we know of now.

We can see religious spirits working through groups of people then working in persons against the Holy Spirit, new wine, and new wineskins. The question arises here is asking us can we cast out religious spirits? I believe yes we can cast out any unclean spirit in the name of Jesus. Now listen those who have these kind of spirits can be set free by asking the Lord to open their eyes, ears and setting them free. Sometimes this can take some time for it is learning time in how to be set free. If your hearing a sermon and you become angry inside for no reason then you need to repent and ask God to set you free from these spirits. Now how about a group of people can they be set free? If the leaders begin to change their minds, hear the apostles and prophets and then repent first for them self and then lead their groups likewise asking the Lord to set them free from such spirits. However, if you take out the work of flesh called religion then you can take out those kinds of spirits.

Everyone must be set free from the work of flesh called religion. Everyone must go through the time of the deliverance from the work of the flesh of religion and religious spirits. Apostle Paul, Peter, Barnabas and James the Elder that had to go through this time too. It took Paul years to be set free from the leaven of the Pharisees. But today I believe you can be set free in a short time if you believe.

Now what are the kinds of manifestations of religions spirits that you can see in your life and others? Not to point fingers instead to begin the pathways of deliverance in your life and the church.

1.Religious spirits like to hear about sins, errors, and mistakes of anointed ministers.
2.Religious spirits rejoice over mistakes of their brothers and ministers in Christ.
3. Religious spirits like to email out everyone on their list about a minister's mistake.
4.Religious spirits like to look for mistakes in their brothers and ministers lives.
5.Religious spirits look for ways to attack anointed servants of the Lord.
6.Religious spirits like to misjudge prophetic words or teachings then instead of emailing the person they go head and email everyone on their list.
7.Religious spirits hearing something new refuse to seek out the Word of God to understanding the truth.
8.Religious spirits like to email ministers their thinking about a sermon that the minister gave to add their thinking, or to try to corrects him or her.
9.Religious spirits do not seek understanding
10.Religious spirits don't like to seek knowledge.
11.Religious spirits when hearing something that is anointed becomes angry inside for no reason at all. They become angry with the anointed servant of the Lord. And they will try to call it discernment.
12.Religious spirits in hearing things that are new to them they will try to give their words even through they don't even understand what they are saying.
13.Religious spirits like to dispute, quarrel, and generate strife with those speaking and teachings things that are new to them.
14.Religious spirits like to lie about the motives of a minister in order to attack his or her teachings.
15.Religious spirits like to control apostles and prophets.

Moreover, religious spirits are always fighting and warring against apostles and prophets. And apostles and prophets have a special anointing to fight and overcome them. These spirits will fight groups in new things of the Spirit, and apostles and prophets will protect the new works and help lead the new works during those times of conflict.

Furthermore, it is Christ who will set a person or lead a person free from these spirits, and ways. It is Christ who will lead a group to freedom from these spirits. We are to stand our ground and move forth in humility, grace and truth with love and forgiveness to those who don't understand.

9.How To Fight Witchcraft 

There are three levels of warfare the first is ground level warfare, which is the ministry of deliverance, the second is the occult level of warfare, which is warring against witchcraft and the third, is strategy level of warfare, which is warring against the ruling powers of darkness. Now there are four battlegrounds the first is the mind, the second is the church, the third is the world and the fourth is the heavenly realms.

There are different kinds of witchcraft all are evil. First and foremost witchcraft is a work of the flesh, then there is occult witchcraft, while witchcraft, dabble, soulish prayers, prayer craft, religious witchcraft, and controlling spirits.

Witchcraft and religion goes hand on hand for witchcraft is a religious. You can see among religious people a spirit of witchcraft working among them along with religious spirits.

Witchcraft and fear are link together. You can't overcome the warfare of witchcraft unless you first cast fear out of your life. Most of witchcraft is fear and the power of witchcraft is based upon fear.

Witchcraft and control working together for witchcraft is false authority and is controlling others against their own will is witchcraft. Control is done by fear and fear is linked to witchcraft.

Foundation for protection:

In Romans 8:38-39 applied to us; that nothing shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Nothing shall be able to separate us neither angels, neither principalities nor neither powers, in addition neither witchcraft shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. In Zechariah 2:5 applied to us; that the LORD will be a wall of fire around us and the LORD will be the glory in our midst. The Lord is a wall of fire around us against witchcraft. In addition, the Lord has put a hedge of protection around us, and love ones, and possessions base on the new covenant. In Psalm 34:7 applied to us; that the angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear Him, and delivers them. The LORD has placed angels around us to protect us. In Psalm 91 is the protection Psalm for us, we are protected from witchcraft. In Psalm 121 applied to us; that the LORD is our keeper and He shall preserve us from all evil. The Lord shall preserve and protect us from witchcraft. In Numbers 23:21,23 says that sorcery and divination cannot stand against us. Witchcraft can't stand against us. In 1 Timothy 2:5, Hebrews 7:25 applied to us; that Christ is our Mediator and Intercession. Jesus Christ is your Mediator not a pastor or a man therefore witchcraft can't stand against you. Jesus Christ is your Intercession therefore witchcraft or prayer craft can't overcome the intercession of Christ in your life. In Hebrews 13:20-21, Rev. 12:11 applied to us, that your are covered by the Blood of Jesus, that you are protected by the power of Jesus Christ against all kinds of witchcraft.

Now we have established the foundation for protection against all kinds of witchcraft now we are going to talk about how to fight witchcraft.

How to Fight Witchcraft:

1.A curse without a cause shall not stand. Any witchcraft that has not rights cannot stand against you. Take out their rights and you will begin to win that battle. (Prov. 26:2)
2.Any area of your life where there is no protection against witchcraft you must ask God to show you why and how to rebuild the wall of protection in that area of your life. (Eccl. 10:8)
3.Condemn any witchcraft, curses, evil spirits, false judgments, and any words against you in the name of Jesus, bind witchcraft, evil spirits, and break curses and cast them all into hell. Pray for the Lord to send angels to the sources of the attacks and take it out, pray for the Lord to send angels in between you and the warfare to protect you and war on your behalf. Pray to the Lord to send angels to minister to you, restore you, war for you and protect you against those attacks. Now pray for the Lord to turn the counsel against you into foolishness. Pray for the Lord to turn around the evil against you for your good. Pray for the Lord to deliver you from all unreasonable and wicked men (Isa. 54:17)
4.You first and foremost must be free from any kinds of fear before trying to come up against any witchcraft against you. (Isa. 54:14)
5.Pray for those who do witchcraft against you, break the curses and their witchcraft and in turn bless them, forgive those who hurt you. (Matt. 5:44, Rom. 12:14)
6.You must know that this is a spiritual battle and that it is evil spirits working behind people against the will of God in your life. Our war is against those evil spirits not the people. (Eph. 6:12)
7.Know and learn how to use the weapons of warfare against witchcraft. (2 Cor. 10:2-4)

Now beyond this you must understand the Jesus Christ is the Intercessor of the Brethren and Satan is the accuser of the Brethren today he goes around to good Christians speaking lies, etc against brothers and sisters in Christ once when those persons obey such lies then demons spirits are released, they need permission from saints to attack other saints. But if you refuse to listen to the Accuser instead listen to the Intercessor you will release blessings. The more you listen to the Accuser the less you will hear the Intercessor, and likewise the more you hear the Intercessor the less you will hear the Accuser. The key is love, let love be your motive in your prayer life, etc. and love will cover a multitude of sins.

Moreover, you need other pure Christians praying and warring with you against witchcraft that comes against you. Two are better then one. We need prayer power from others backing us up in times of warfare.

Furthermore, pray for the peace of God between you and your enemies, battle, etc. and ask the Lord for peace. It is promise that the Lord would give you peace between your enemies if your ways please the Lord. The Lord has promise to prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies. (Prov. 16:7, Psa. 5)

10.Constitution Apostolic

These modern apostles are the restoration of the apostolic anointing that was upon Jesus, then giving to the apostles of the Lamb, and then giving to the Church in Acts. This apostolic anointing will now be giving to the church and the church will become an apostolic church.

We have now come to the end of the first apostolic wave, which brought the restoration of apostolic fathers, and the beginning of the reformation, now we come to the second wave of the apostolic which is great power, great grace, great missionary movements, and great reformation, The third wave will be apostolic wave touching the church as a whole, more reformation, and the world. The fourth apostolic wave will be more reformation, unity, and the beginning of the mature city church. The fifth wave of the apostolic will be an apostolic wave of the beginning of the city church and the Kingdom Church. There could be other apostolic waves after these ones and others between them, and during them. Within each of these apostolic waves there is the apostolic people, an apostolic church moving from apostolic to apostolic then at last to the Kingdom then to Christ.

As apostles come forth there will be apostles that bring forth apostolic movements and there will be those apostles that are apart of those apostolic movements. Apostles will establish not only government in their network, in addition government in the church. Apostles will moreover establish written apostolic constitution for constitution to guide the apostolic church not only their network, also the whole church. An apostle will setup guidelines to hold himself in governing the churches in His network and to guide the other apostles and apostolic church of his network.

But apostolic constitution must have room for growth, change, changes, freedom and liberty. At the same establish a constitution that can last the test of time, this takes apostolic wisdom and apostolic revelation.

As these apostles come forth to establish apostolic government, new wineskins, and to reform the church there will come constitution apostolic in apostolic government.

Constitution apostolic is form through apostolic wisdom, apostolic revelation, apostolic writings, apostolic teaching, apostolic preaching, apostolic vision, apostolic prayer, great power, great grace, apostolic grace, and signs, wonders and mighty deeds.

11.Controlling Spirits

The Church will be filled with supernatural deliverance; the church will become a place of healing and deliverance. At the same time reformation will be in many places around the world in the body of Christ. The Lord will bring a union between deliverance and reformation.

Fire is coming down from Heaven to set many free from controlling spirits. To set those who walk in such spirits and to set those who are being controlled by others through controlling spirits.

A controlling spirit will bring a yoke of bondage to fear and human wisdom, even demonic wisdom, to hinder and control your will from walking in the liberty that is in Christ, and the order of the Spirit.

You can ether walk in faith or in control, you can ether walk in grace you in control, you can walk in the Spirit or control. Those who are walking in control cannot walk in faith, grace, and the Spirit.

Controlling spirits hinder the liberty and freedom in the supernatural, in the gifts of the Spirit, in the prophetic, in worship, in ministry. Yes a prophet or an apostle or a spiritual leader who walks in certain spiritual gifts yet hinders the rest from doing so, will hinder themselves too.

Controlling spirits work not only in leaders, they will work at all levels, from dads, moms, children, from your boss, etc. etc. etc. We also see those who are not in authority trying to walk in authority this is call false authority. Beside, any thing done under an evil spirit in a leader is false authority. There are boards that control the spiritual leaders of their church.

The ingredients of controlling spirits are: fear, pride, lies, religious spirits work along with controlling spirits, witchcraft spirits work along with controlling spirits. Control is a form of witchcraft; witchcraft is a form of fear. Witchcraft is false authority. Jezebel spirits work along with controlling spirits for Jezebel spirits work to control. Envy and strife work along with controlling spirits. Divination spirits and Familiar spirits works along with controlling spirits. Legalism and perfection works along with controlling spirits. Witchcraft and control are first works in the flesh then if continued you enter into the demonic realm.

Controlling spirits are the fowler spirit these controlling spirits seek to snare us into their bondage. Praise the Lord, for the Lord has set us free from the yokes of bondages and the snare of the fowlers, and the snare the Lord has broken, now we must move forth in our liberty and freedom in Christ. -(Psa. 124:7)

Those who walk in a controlling spirits in controlling others they themselves are being controlled; the controller is controlled. Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord submit to God and resist the temptation to control. The temptation comes by fearing men, insecurity, and envy and strife. To control people and to control things around you and even try to control everything so that you don't get hurt, etc. This is false security and false protection. You have build walls of false defense however; you have opened your doors wide for man to snare you and demons to attack your.  Only your faith and trust in the Lord can protect you.

How can you set yourself free if you're walking in a controlling spirit?  See that controlling people against their will is wrong and sinful. Begin to repent, ask for forgiveness, and seek deliverance. See why you control.

If you are under a controlling person etc. etc. first of all know that you are free in Jesus no matter what. No person has an authority over your faith in Christ Jesus. You are free to obey the Holy Spirit on a person level. No person is lord over you, only Jesus Christ. Say no to control, and say yes to freedom. If it is a church or a spiritual leader seek God for wisdom read books about controlling leaders, etc. Then make up your mind what you should do, but no longer give any personal rights to others control you. It must be willing and in faith. In addition, most likely you might have to level that church, and move on, if you were in a very bad place etc. seek personal ministry and deliverance and healing from others.

Furthermore, no leader or no person has authority over your faith in Christ; no person has authority over your will. No person has authority over you're personal leading with the Holy Spirit. All things must be done willing and in faith.

12.Mentored By Bad People

This is the day of the restoration of fathers and sons, and this is a day of the restoration of fathers to sons and sons to fathers. But still there are those that the Holy Spirit is raising up through the School of the Spirit, not through spiritual fathers and mentors. These ones are the apostolic fathers and prophetic fathers that are called to go before others to prepare the way. They are pioneers and forerunners in the Spirit, apostolic fathers are apostolic pioneers, and prophetic fathers are prophetic forerunners, I am talking about the ones that have new ways that others cannot teach them, or cannot learn them from others, thus they are new and the new cannot be raise up by the old, only the new can raise up the new, and likewise only the old can raise up the old. Then there are those apostles and prophets that are raise up by apostolic fathers and mentors who gone before them, this raising up does not take long, at the most three years, if you put time on it. Ones when these sons are raised up they too are called to fathers too.

A mentor is one who mentors someone after what they have learn or according to their gifting, in addition mentoring is a better way of teaching and training ministers. But fathers go beyond this, we have more then just a few or more pastors, or teachers, and even mentors, but when it comes to mentors you are drawing a line in the sand of your destiny, that is building steps toward you moving forth. Now fathers we only have just a few of them. Fathers can mentor, and fathers can father, not only those who have the same gifting, they can father other gifts, etc. moreover, fathers father those who are called to be their sons in ministry, or the apostolic.

We have move to a new day of training from the classroom mindsets now to mentoring and fathering. We have ministers who want to network with an apostle; they want time and strength of an apostle. But the apostle must be wise with time, money and strength; apostles build foundations and spiritual buildings that will last. This is why they need sons to establish and build wise, so 90% percent of the connections during their building time must be with those who are there true sons.

Now let us understanding mentoring. One way is to understand mentoring is the Hebrew way of mentoring; We know that the title of the apostle was coined by Jesus Christ and in addition, carry from a secular word from the Roman government in His day, then we must know that the ministry of the apostle has Jewish Roots. How did the Hebrew apostles minister and what was there methods, and what can we learn from them? First of all is the Hebrew way of learning, studying, and training, it is not a classroom style that we have today, it was meditation of the Word and of the Spirit that uses all parts of the brain not just one part like studying. It using faith with works and action, there is hands on learning. Now there is the Hebrew way of training into business or other skills, this way was through mentoring.

Now we hear the cry for fathers, there are those looking for fathers and even for mentors, now we come to the day when fathers are crying out for sons. But you don't need a father to enter into ministry; fathers are needed for oversight and relationship. Not just relationship instead covenant relationships, Yes apostolic fathers will birth sons and rise up sons into ministry.

However, be free from any fear or guilt of not having a father, these are good examples of men of God who would more then just fine ministers and they didn't have any spiritual fathers.

Nevertheless, some of us have been mentored by bad people; even mentored by some who say they fathers and are not fathers. They may be autocrat apostles or ruthless apostles. You can learn much from bad mentors if we have wisdom from God. Give thanks for the training that the Lord gives you through bad mentors. Through bad mentors we learn what not to do! We learn what is not the apostolic! We learn what we don't want to become! The reasons why we testes bad mentoring is to test us, and give us a holy Purple Heart in the Spirit, in addition, the devil is behind such bad mentors to destroy your calling, to destroy your heart, giving you a broken heart, to destroy hope within you, and to control God's will in your life.

If you turn to the Lord, God will give you wisdom, He will heal your heart, He will give you much hope, and He will bring you forth faster into your destiny in Him. The Lord gives you power to forgive and to trust again, and come into real relationships.

Signs of a bad mentor: No true apostolic vision, no apostolic revelation, no new ways of doing ministry better, have no heart or time for sons, etc. If you're under an autocrat apostle or a bad mentor you are now free, do not return, break the relationship now and be healed.

On the contrary, the Lord is rising up apostolic fathers with hearts for rising up young ministers into ministry. They will do this through the local church, apostolic centers, and training centers. We disciple babes in Christ to become a spiritual people, and to stand on there two feet; this is called discipleship. We equip the saints to do the work of the ministry, this is calling equipping the saints, we mentor others into their gifts and calling, this is called mentoring, and we father sons to raise up more fathers, this is called fathering sons.

13.Web of Familiar spirits

Have you ever wonder why certain believers keep backsliding or how a Christian begin to backslide? How about Christians who tries, and tries to overcome certain addictions but can never do so? How about Christians that fall into sin that they never seen coming? How about certain Christians that are trying to overcome certain demons that been attacking them and fail to overcome them many times?

Demons have a communication lines and they have certain kinds of demons that gather information about you in order to use such information against you. Familiar spirits main task is to gather information such as weakness, your strengths, your plans etc.

From the first Adam sin enter into the world, and from his sin came sin to mankind. From the first Adam came a family tree of sinfulness and demons. From the first Adam came a web of iniquity and familiar spirits throughout the generations of mankind. This family tree is called the tree of good and evil.

Those who commit transgression is a sin committed once or a few times however it is a foundation that can lead to iniquities. Iniquities are sins committed over a certain amount of time that becomes a way of life or you can say an addiction. From Iniquities come the generational curses and opens the doors to demons to control over your future love ones and seed. Certain sins bring more curses then others. Some of this multiplied curses come from sins of idolatry, false worship, and witchcraft. These curses open doors to visiting Iniquities, which are demons that visit a person's seed at a certain time in their life to lead them into a sinful addiction. From these family lines a web of familiar spirits wrap themselves around the family tree lines through Iniquities and curses. Their task is to keep the seed in sin and to give information to other demons in how to keep them in certain kinds of sins. (Ex. 20:5-6)

Now what is a familiar spirit? It is informational demons that gather information about you that has been connected to your family line for generations. Let us understand a category Hierarchy of this category of spirits. They are the spirit of divination, the familiar spirit, spy demon, laying spirit, and the flattery spirit. The Familiar spirit stays with the family line while the spy demon comes to and from spying on Christians etc. These spirits work through the soulish realm. This is why Christians can be misled by dwelling and ministering in the soulish realm. All false prophetic and false prophecy comes from the soulish realm. They work through our desires and inching ears. And our own deception before we are deceived by others; we are first deceive ourselves. The deceived are deceived! This gives way to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons. (Lev. 20:21, 1 Sam. 28:8, 1 Chron. 10:13, 2 Chron. 33:6, Isa. 29:4)

Now we can see this among groups that come under controlling spirits, witchcraft spirits and religious spirits; first a person deceived them self in their own thoughts and their weakness of the heart. One of these weaknesses of heart is a lack of love. Then they go from deceived to being deceived this gives way to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons. The worship of man and worship of self worth, and worship of the a group overtake the worship of Christ, the work of the Spirit and the body of Christ. Thus you believe and thus the misled group believes they are doing the will of God. The beginning of mislead leaders begin with unforgiveness and bitterness cutting of the roots of grace and beginning of giving forth defiled revelation of human and soulish and demon wisdom. However, once when a person come to the light of the truth and repents and leave such groups to rejoin the churches that teach the truth of the body of Christ. Such leaders will feel lead by God in their own mind to lead their groups against you in prayer, thus Christians cursing Christians, etc. This is one of the ways the familiar spirit works with other demons to bring deception and control in your life.  (Prov. 26:2, Gal. 5:15, Rev. 12:10)

Now we come to another spirit that works with familiar spirits against you. It is called familiarity spirits that works with spy demons. This is an unhealthy familiarity toward those in authority, specially anointed set apart leaders to find out their weakness in order to disrespect and hinder the power of God through unbelief. Thus a person who is walking in unhealthy familiarity will transmits unbelief to others to hinder the work of Spirit in the lives of set apart leaders.

Now the Lord is calling us to break up these networks and webs of demons and specially the webs of familiar spirits for the purpose to set people free from demons, curses, sin, addictions, iniquities, deception, and control and bring them true freedom, liberty in Christ. This will be done through prayer, fasting, revelation, wisdom from above, prophetic anointing, deliverance, apostolic authority, patience, and leading of the Holy Spirit. 

14.Arise of the Pastoral Authority

The one-man head of the local church is not in the plans of Christ for the local church. Pastors being the center of all other ministries are not in the plans of Christ. Pastors being above other ministers are not in the plans of Christ. Pastors being a first class ministry and the others being second-class is not in the plans of Christ.

Pastors cannot not bring lasting or true unity to the churches of a city; pastors cannot bring unity that brings much fruits, the gift of the pastor cannot bring transformation to a city. Pastoral unity can only go so far, it is apostolic unity that a city church needs not pastoral unity.

The gift of the pastor is only mention once in the whole Bible. The two epistles to Timothy and the one to Titus are not Pastoral Epistles, instead apostolic epistles. Timothy and Titus were not pastors they were apostles.

You can see the arise of the pastoral authority outside of the order of church government in third John when Apostle John mention Diotrephes who love to have preeminence among a church in a city, it says that he didn't receive Apostle John, or he didn't allow him, or he didn't permit him, and even forbids others not to receive John or his team. The deeds of Diotrephes were prating against apostles with malicious words.

Today's Pastoral authority is out of the will of Christ. This type of pastoral ministry is not biblical. This kind of pastoral ministry hinders seven things that the church need and are lacking from.

Seven Pastoral hindrances that church is lacking.

1.It hinders apostolic authority.
2.It hinders the marketplace ministries.
3.It hinders the team of elders.
4.It hinders the Five Fold Ministries.
5.It hinders the Gifts of the Spirit.
6.It hinders the believers in their ministries.
7.It hinders the city church.

Nevertheless, there are good pastors, there are anointed pastors, there are caring pastors, and there are pastors doing much for the Kingdom.

Furthermore, The way the local church is now, and way ministry is now, and the way the city church is now, and the way that the church is now, and the way that the Christian life is now is changing and being reformed to the Image of Christ.

15.God Ordain Divisions

God hates envy, strife, and divisions for they are all carnal; God hates false witnesses that speaks lies and those who sows discord among brethren; God hates a divisive men who bring division who gathers people against others for their own glory.

Now there is a God ordain division. This is when God brings holy separation through truth, this happens during a reformation. There have been two reformations in the past both of them had a divine separation from the old. Now we have come to another reformation, where we will see a great separation throughout the Church.

As grace and truth comes in the hearts of believers everywhere there will be many believers coming out from the old and entering into the new. This separation will begin an end to many old Christian groups.

The old wineskins cannot receive the truth and repent of their ways, so there end has come, this is an end to many groups in the church and a beginning of many groups with Christ oneness. The new wineskins are made to make connections with each other. Instead of the old wineskins cannot have true connect among each other or even the new ones. In the new wineskins both the old wines and the new wines can come together in order and in balance.

A greater unity will come forth from the new wineskins that will be greater then any other kind of unity that we have know of since the beginning of the church. This unity will grow and increase. There will be a divine oneness among the groups that remain after the reformation; this oneness is Christ oneness.

Christ loves biblical unity and He needs true unity in the church in order for Him to return, and in order for Him to receive us and in order for Him to show us to His Father.

Apart from that, there are times of separation that the Holy Spirit will lead us through, we will be call out from among certain people for reasons of vision, new wine, new anointing, and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Beside, those who cannot walk in agreement and unity with you God will separate them from you. People that bring strife and discord God will remove them from you. During those times He will teach you through those who are a thorn in your flesh, after you have learn if those who bring strife to you will not repent God will deal with them and remove them from you. Beside, we are to tell them to move on if they can't walk in peace with us. We must bless them and release them to God's plans for them.

We need those who can promote; love, unity, peace and agreement among us so we can walk in unity with the set vision that God has giving to us. We are to pray for unity and order in the house of the Lord.

16.I have A Question For You

I have a question for you? It is not that we like not to give answers to those who ask question, it is those questions that are ask that don't promote God's peace and humility. There are those that have come into a secret alliance with their tongues to the ways of the Pharisees.

We can see throughout the history of the church the ways of Pharisees arising again and again to attack the anointing inside of the Lord's savants and His people. It is that way of religious spirits that come through good Christians thinking they are doing the will of God from their hearts; instead they are doing the will of God from the idols of their hearts.

In the four gospels, the Pharisees would come to Jesus time and time again asking questions in order to trap him in his own words; today we again here this religious method in some good Christians thinking that they are doing the will of God. Yes it good to ask questions, for reasons to learn, instead there are those that want to bring strife and divisions to those who walk with God.

This is one of the signs of a religious spirit is they birth contention and strife and this always is a sign that you could see in their life. We must guard ourselves from contention, strife, disputes and quarreling.

Those who want to give contention and strife with their words; their wisdom is not from above. This is of human reasoning and this is not the revelation from God. This is not the fear of God. The beginning of knowledge, and wisdom is the fear of the Lord not human logic. 

Carnal knowledge is not the wisdom of God, it is not spiritual knowledge. Carnal knowledge puffs up, it is prideful, and it is an idol, and a form of idolatry. It is not humility, and it is not meekness, and it is not teachable.

Spiritual minded leads to the mind of Christ and revelation from the Word and prophetic revelation. Those who are spiritual mined are teachable, meek and humble.

17.Sound Character

In First and Second Timothy and Titus we will be talking about the qualifications for the Five Fold Ministers in Leadership positions in the Church. When we receive a calling into ministry we receive a gift, one of the gifts of Christ, with a gift you can minister with, but with time character is build.

The first thing I see that a leader must have a soundness of character in their life and ministry in order to be in a position of authority.

Soundness of Character is a qualification for leadership not a Bible Degree from a Bible College.

Sound Character equals sound doctrine and sound teaching. There is a connection between sound character and healthy teaching.

The elders are those who desire a leadership position and have the maturity for eldership.

Blameless is the first standard for leadership.

A healthy family life; does you wife and children love you. Leader must first have unity in his home for the Lord wants them to be example of unity for the Church, for the Lord wants the church in unity.

You must be temperate and sober minded.

A leader must be of good behavior.

A leader must be able to teach.

A leader must be gentle.

A leader cannot be quarreling, or a contentions and person of strife. A leader is one who can walk in agreement and unity with others in authority.

A leader cannot be a novice, not be a babe in Christ, not being a babe in ministry. They must have maturity in the Christian life and the ministry life, and in their gifting.

A leader must have a good testimony with those outside of the church.

A leader must be of self-controlled.

Moreover, a leader must be hospitable, not giving to wine, not violent, not greedy for money, not covetous, a steward of God, not self-willed, not quick tempered, a lover of what is good, just, and holy.

Furthermore, there are higher standards for ministers, that they must be more accountable for their actions.

18.Preaching For Money

It is time to have godly principles and godly ethics in the way we ask for money and the way we handle money. We need to have sound trust establish outwardly and inwardly that we are an example of trusting of handle money to others.

When it talks about the qualifications of an overseer, or an elder, or leadership in the church you don't see the words Bible College, Bible Degree, instead you do see the words able to teach. Beside as you look through these qualifications the word come into our minds is character. We need leaders of sound character in our churches.

In Titus it says that an elder must hold fast to the faithful word as he has be taught, that he may be able, by sound doctrine, both to exhort and convict those who contradict. Yes leaders must know the Bible, however there is a connection between sound teaching and sound character in the qualifications for leadership in 1 Timothy 3:1-13, Titus 1:5-9. 

Moreover, one of the qualifications for leadership in the church is not greedy for money. We must have the right motives when asking for support, aid and finances for our ministries and churches.

However, you can see why ministers do not follow a better way in getting support. They need to pay the lights, bills, the rent, travel, and other things we need to do ministry with. Beyond, this you could see why ministers do not follow the better way. When they are need, when they have to take care of their love ones, and just having a life.

Nevertheless, they're those preachers that do not follow the better way. For reasons of greed and other wrong motives. I am not saying that a pastor or minister can't get more good blessings for their service to the Lord. I truly believe that we need to take good care and give honorable blessings to those who serve the Lord day and night.

Apart from that, people are not to give for purposes of grudgingly or of necessity, instead to give cheerful, to give willing, to give as you purpose in your heart, and to give in freedom.

We must have freedom to hear the Holy Spirit in our giving, so that we give from our heart, so that we learn how to flow with the Holy Spirit in our giving. We must learn the power of grace giving, we must learn to release that comes through grace giving.

Are you saying if we don't want to give we don't have to give? No, I am saying that we have the freedom in our giving to hear the Holy Spirit lead our heart in our giving. We are still to give; we are to give according as the Lord prospers us.

We are not to give for the reason of need, yes we are to see the need and have compassion on those in need. We are to see the need, but we give in faith.

Furthermore, as ministers see the better way of giving, they will have a better way of asking for money in the ways that promotes the Holy Spirit leading in each one of us. If we do the better ways then we will reap more fruits, more support for the work of the Lord then the other ways that we have known.

19.Times of Separation

Those who brought envy, strife, contentions and dissension are being separate from you, so that you can protect the good fruits and glorify the Father and the Christ. Those who could not walk in unity or peace and be remove from you by the Lord. You have ministered to them, and they little change, they are set in there ways, and there is no true repentance in their lives.

They may have been a blessing, and brought gifts and support to you, that was the Lord working in them however, they may have try to use their support to control you or to think they are better then you. They were allowed to come to you for a time to test you and to teach you, and they were a thorn in your side. Now you have learned and you must move on.

They may think they see your vision and gifts, but not in their heart, they lack the eyes to see, for they have another heart that not your heart. They don't have revelation cream and they became too near and too familiar that they no longer honor you.

They don't have a submissive spirit, teachable spirit or meek spirit. You can't teach those who are not humble. They live in secret sins that are so secretive that they don't even know their own sins. They want to be teachers and ministers but don't have a servant heart.

God wants you to have people that will love and honor you. God will no longer allow such people to be in your life. This is the time of separation for many, so that the good seed and the pure seed can come along your side and aid you in ministry.

Those who hear you are of you, and those who do not hear you are not of you. They cannot hear you for they have a spirit of error in their lives. They can only hear those who minister to their own lusts.

They call you and you can sense an unclean spirit upon them, they may try to act like they love you and want you to minister in their network however, when you speak the truth they misjudge and mistreat you in the name of God. By this you learn not to overlook the discernment that God gives you.

They may look like you, and talk like you, but their heart is not like you, and their thinking is not like yours. They will to control you. They may say this and that to put condemnation upon so they can bewitch you a little bit longer. You feel this and you are attack by unclean spirits from their life.

Can they still repent, can there be reconciliation, and can they be restored? Yes and no! They have giving up their birthright and their inheritance with you. Even when are restored they cannot have same rewards and honor. They have chosen a lesser reward and a lesser spoils.  If they return receive them as a brother, and forgive them. If they don't return, instead they come only to ask for forgiveness from you, forgive them and love them freely.

They are not the lost son when coming home, they don't have sonship with you, and they didn't call you father. If you have a son in the faith and they have joined heart and they become misguide and turn against you, and go on their way, but return to ask for forgiveness then forgive them and receive them as son again. Allow them go through the process of restoration with you. If they don't return to you, instead come to just to make things right then forgive them and love them freely.

We do not own the sheep or the lambs; we are not lords over the Lord's house. We must freely receive and freely release. Do not take away their free will, allow them to seek God and to be lead by the Holy Spirit even if you disagree with them and respect them and love them freely. You are not the Lord of the Harvest! Release them and bless them freely, do not cure them; hope the best for them and believe in there calling and gifts in the Lord. Remember the good times and overlook the bad times.

Pray for wisdom that learn from each of these encounters and see your heart and that you will become more pure before the Lord and mature more through these times of strife.

Forgive them, bless them, love them freely, and pray positive and in love for them. Pray to the Lord to cleanse your heart from hurt or bitterness, and to bring restoration to you.

20.Too Familiar for Good Comfort

Familiarity between proper relationships and friendships can hurt and can hinder healing and the miracles in the lives of believers. Some don't have the maturity to be friends and at the same time relate toward leadership. Some are weak in the flesh and can't tell the zone of ministry from the zone of friendship.

Jesus could not do many miracles in His hometown for the reason they see him as the son of a carpenter. This was manifest in their unbelief and Jesus marveled at their unbelief. (MK. 6:6)

The same is today if you are a minister and they only seeing you as person that they seen growing up among them, this could hinder their faith and the power of God that is in your life. In addition, as you grow from level to level, and from ministry to ministry those that know you on other levels could hinder you on other levels if they don't see or can relate to you in those new levels. Thus you must separate from them for their good and for your good.

At the same time Jesus had a wonderful person who is His disciple and His friend that was John the beloved. John the Beloved knows the zone of friendship and of ministry, and He respected these set zones. In addition, all of Jesus 12 disciples grow in relationship with Him that they too can understood and respected the zone of ministry and the zone of friendship, for they all become His friends too. (Jn. 13:23-25,15:9-17)

However, there are those that are weak and don't have that kind of maturely to be in both the zone of friendship and the zone of ministry at the same time. Some as so weak that if they see the ministers weakness or what they think is not proper for a minister they will turn against him, or not respect him as a minister. Then there are those that are weak that if you become a friend to a minister they will not show proper respect to him as a minister for the reason of friendship.

We must have proper boundaries between those who we minister to, those in our care, and those under us in the Lord and from those who we call friends. Those of the fivefold ministry is called out and separated for the ministry, calling and gift they minister in. (Acts. 13:2)

21.Way of Cain

Woe to them! For they have gone in the way of Cain, have run greedily in the error of Balaam for profit, and perished in the rebellion of Korah. The way of Cain is among us today, even in your own local church. Some of us cannot see the way of Cain, for it has become a way of life in the house of the Lord. (Jude 11)

Some of you today sin lies at the door of your heart. The same path of Cain can enter into your heart; today this same sin is open to you, and you can follow it and obey it. Can you see the way of Cain in your ministry, etc. we must stop this right at the door of our hearts and not allow this sin to enter in. The beginning of the way of Cain begins at our hearts. Pray that the Lord will open you heart and that you can see what is in you heart that if you see any thing that is planted that is not of the will of Christ, then began to uproot it. (Gen. 4:7)

Cain was the older brother to Abel. He was his brother's keeper. Such is today's pastors and church leaders who are keepers of the flock under their care in the Holy Spirit. Such are mature ministers who are the brother keepers over younger ministers, and such as apostles who are keepers over the churches and the leaders under their care in the Holy Spirit. Such are spiritual fathers who are keepers of there spiritual sons in the Holy Spirit. Moreover, such are older moves of God who are keepers of new moves of God in the Holy Spirit. (Gen. 4:9)

Now what happen to the entrusted keepers if the younger ones are more gifted, or more anointed, or can become greater then you? What happens if they have something that you don't have? What happens if there seems to be more favor upon them then you? Now what if envy and covetousness begins to enter into your heart, can you still be a good caretaker of those in your care? Has your countenance change toward those who you care for, have you now become anger, and have you begun to move forth in hate and spiritual murder that will lead in trying to control and kill their gifts, anointings, and moves of God? This is the way of Cain, and can you see this way in the body of Christ? (Gen. 4:5-6)

It begins with envy becoming our motive, then it begins to manifest with angry to begin strife to another or to a church. As this continues you will see divisions and discord among a church.

The way of Cain is in our churches and we see this way made known to us from time to time again. These steps and this path have deeply grieved the Holy Spirit. Can we change our heart, that our heart will no longer make room for the sins of Cain? (Gen. 4:7)

Do you want to please the Lord, do you want a good reward, and do you want your offering to be received and accepted by the Lord? If you do, the offering that the Lord is looking from you is for you to rejoice over those who God have giving greater gifts, and greater anointings, etc. (Gen. 4:2-5)

This is a test for many leaders today, and every leader must go through this test, if you can rejoice over those who the Lord anointed, or give a greater grace to, then we can form a connect between the old leaders and the new leaders.

God has giving us grace to pass the test of Cain, God is calling us to overcome the way of Cain, God is calling us to change our ways, and no longer walk in the way of Cain. The Body of Christ has suffered so much from those who have fallen and obey the way of Cain.

If we want restoration between the hearts of the fathers and the hearts of the sons in the church, the fathers but first overcome to way of Cain, they must pass the test of Cain, and they must repent of following the way of Cain. Then after that enter into rejoicing and honoring the gifts among you, and then the restoration will begin between the fathers and the sons.

22.Apostolic Conflict

As we move forth in the apostolic movements in the church, there will come apostolic conflicts. Apostles must pray and learn how to deal with conflicts among apostles. Some reasons, that apostles don't all drink the same new wine, or walk in the same wineskin.

Here is Saul called to be an apostle, and at first no one didn't receive him at Jerusalem, from this we can see the beginning of apostolic conflict. But Barnabas took him to the apostles at Jerusalem. And Saul told about His testimony how he came to know the Lord, from this testimony the churches throughout all of Judea, Galilee, and Samaria had peace and were edified. (Acts 9:1-31)

Now we come to the apostolic conflict beginning over the conflict of the circumcision. Here we can see the new wine arising in the church at Jerusalem, as Barnabas, Paul, Peter and James the Elder give witness of the mercy of the Lord among the Gentiles. However, we will see as they continue that Peter and James the Elder, and even Barnabas will have trouble with the revelation that the Lord has giving to Paul. (Acts 15:1-35)

We can see this apostolic conflict in the Epistle of Galatians. Here Paul moved in the revelation of the gospel for the uncircumcised, and likewise to Peter he moved in the revelation of gospel to the circumcised. Later on Paul rebukes Peter for his hypocrisy, and here we even see Barnabas carried away with this hypocrisy. (Gal. 2)

We can see Peter's view of this apostolic conflict in his words in 2 Peter, when he talks about the wisdom that the Lord given to Paul. Now in Acts 21 we again see this apostolic conflict at the church at Jerusalem with James the Elder and the Elders. (2 Pet. 3:15-16, Acts 21:15-25)

How are apostles to deal with conflicts, and can we keep the peace and the unity among brothers and sisters in Christ? Apostles must move in humility, prayer, revelation and wisdom in dealing with apostolic conflicts among apostles.

Above, Paul tries to keep the church networked, and apostles try to network through any apostolic conflict that they may go through. When apostles come with a revelational truth that others have not heard, there may be apostolic conflict. This is why the apostle must know where he is to minister such revelational truth, and then after that teach the truth of the body of Christ, and the common ground that all believers can fellowship with one another. An apostle may teach revelational truth to promote maturity among the church, however after him others may use the same revelational truth to bring division. We can clearly see this happening more then once throughout the history of the church. Religious spirits will try to come after the apostle through good men and ministers of God to use he revelational truth to build walls of division in the church. This is why apostles must guide those churches connected with him to the vision of the body of Christ.

Now what can apostles do to keep the unity during apostolic conflicts?

1.Keep an open door to other apostles that don't agree with you.
2.Keep you right hand of fellowship open to them. (Gal. 2:9)
3.They to keep trying to network with apostles in other moves of God in the body of Christ. (Gal. 2:10)
4.They continue to build their relationship with other apostles.

We are to love our brothers and sisters, even if we don't agree with them. We can still have fellowship based upon the common ground, the common faith that all true believers have in Christ Jesus our Lord. We are to receive one who is weak in the faith, and not to dispute over doubtful things. If it is possible, as mush as it depends on you, live peaceably with all men. And in Christ Jesus we can love those who disagree with us, and seek to love and fellowship during apostolic conflicts. (Rom. 14:1-23, 12:18)


As you grow into your holy calling you will become wise in the manner of the way you are to carry yourself and the way you are to minister. This is just one of the signs of maturity, in addition, etiquette will set you apart from others who do not fellow certain guidelines in carry themselves in ministry.

Etiquette is not just for ministry, in addition, it is for your personal life. For your life is a living epistle that is read by all, and your personal life such with your loves ones, you are a living epistle to them too.

Beside, in the church we need to set forth manners of ministering from prophet to the apostle and other gifts in the church. Every gift has its place, and every gift may not have the same guidelines to follow. But let not these guidelines be a way of control, instead a way to make sure we walk in love and in truth with one another.

When we have set etiquette in the church for ministers to follow, this means that all ministers, this means the senior leader too. But this set etiquette can be a way of control that does not promote the proper ways for ministry.

Set etiquette must be done in wisdom, to give real liberty for growth and to promote the gifts in others to arise and grow. We must build our church around the Holy Spirit, and the gifts.

24.Reformation Spirit

We are in the beginning days of this holy reformation. The Lord Jesus Christ is judging the church in these days through this holy reformation. This is not just a reformation; this is a reformation of all things in the church. The holy fire of God will burn throughout the church, making us pure as gold.

The Holy Spirit is the Reformation Spirit, that moves upon certain persons throughout the church history to bring forth holy change. Today this same Reformation is coming not only upon one a few persons, instead upon the many believers in Christ, not just the five fold ministry.

However, just as in times past as the Lord raised not only a person, instead He raised up persons, and a company in the church to carry forth the reformation at that time. It seems in this time that the Reformation Spirit is first coming upon the company, and the persons who will lead the reformation. Then this will go to a much greater numbers.

We must learn from the past reformations, and moves of God, that we will be wise and fully fill our roles in this reformation. In this reformation there are some leaders who will carry this part of the reformation and others carrying another part of the reformation. This reformation is greater then other reformations, so it has to be carried in parts through a group of reformers.

As the Holy Spirit is the Reformation Spirit in times pasts and today, we must catch the Spirit of reformation so that we can walk in the fullness of this reformation of today. Pray and ask the Lord for the Spirit of reformation, and anointing of reformation to come upon you. This is not only for the reformers instead this is also for the company of believers.

But we must be wise not to allow any spirit that says it is reformation, and here it is another religious spirit at work to mislead and to attack the real reformation river. Yes we will all make mistakes, and we must learn from them too.

You can't go around preaching reformation without knowing the batter way of church, or a better order for church government and church life. You must first have this revelation down in your heart, and you first must be reformed. This is first a reformation of the heart then it is a reformation of the church.

You can't go around preaching reformation, without grace and love. When we come with truth, we need to come with grace and love at the same time. Yes when we speak truth, it may not sound like love and grace. Truth must be bold, along with bold truth follows love and grace to apply this bold truth.

You can't go around preaching reformation, without knowing and seeing the other parts of reformations. This banner of reformation is very long and it's hold not by a few, instead many leaders of reformation all over the world.

You can't go around preaching reformation, if you don't remain and learn to be humble and meek with reformation truth. We can make mistakes in reformation times, since we are on new ground. Don't be a know it all, but be a person who knows something, and your not going to be moved away from that steadfast truth.

You can't go around preaching reformation, without first knowing that the new wine you have will mature in time, and that you understand that your new and will grow in reformation truth and the Spirit as you learn and grow in the Lord.

You can't go around preaching reformation without knowing and teaching the truth about the body of Christ that every person who is born again is apart of the church, and is to love one another.

You can't go around preaching reformation, without knowing the common ground that all True Christians stand upon. As you preach reformation, love the Body of Christ, and fellowship with the Body of Christ and other ministers in Christ that are not apart of your group.

Apart from that, this reformation is going to be a trying time for unity in the church, but from this trying time will come an even greater unity in the church. Your not going to have everyone in the church being nice to you, or being lovely to you; there will be those who will act like the devil, and become your enemy. People will hate you and will not know why they hate you.

Furthermore, before you preach reformation, you yourself must first be reformed. You must go through a personal reformation, and lead the way by example. Now I pray let the Reformation Spirit come upon you, let there be a reformation of the heart and of the mind, in Jesus name amen.

25.Requirement is Relationship
Own no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law. (Romans 13:8)

We in Christ in the household of faith are not to own no one anything, meaning we are not to be lords, controlling, taskmasters, and spiritual debt collection agency. However, what is required is love.

The household of faith is to be a house of freedom and of willing hearts. The requirement is relationship. The day where we had false relationships with no meaning and no feeling is over. The day of having church without meaningful relationships is over.

If you want to be saved, you must have a true relationship with Christ, if you want to be apart of a church you must have relationship. If you want biblical fellowship there needs to be relationship. If you want the Christian life you must be in relationship.

There cannot be a church without relationships, there cannot be a network without relationships, there cannot be teamwork without relationships, there cannot be a ministry without relationships, and without relationships a vision cannot be run with those who read the vision.

If you want a spiritual faith, you must be a son, if you want to be a father, you need a son, if you want to be a leader, you need people behind you, if you want a leader, and you will need to be a follower. Everything needs a relationship in order to be something.

What is required is love, you can't have love without relationship, and you can't have relationship without love. All relationships with heartfelt connection are what Christ wants for us. We are not to be untouchables, but to be in touch with God and His people.

You can't build a church, a network, and a movement without the requirement of love, without the requirement of relationship. We can't go to the nations without the bridge working of divine connections into true meaningful relationships.

Sons are for strength, and fathers are for wisdom, and without relationship between both of them, the sons cannot have the wisdom of the fathers, and likewise the fathers cannot have the strength of the sons.

26.Covenant Connection

These Apostolic Ecclesiastical Networks are made to network with other Apostolic Ecclesiastical Networks. Although there are Apostolic Horizontal Networks a gathering of Apostolic Leaders from the Apostolic Ecclesiastical Networks. Apostolic Horizontal Networks are the modern day Jerusalem council. Acts 15

Networks are not like other structures that build themselves to maintain their walls of religion that build against one another. Networks are building for one another. A network is more then an organization it is an organism in the Body of Christ that carries it's own Wright and gives life flow to the rest of the Body. A network has the Body of Christ mindset, that you're apart of something greater then a group. That we are all working together for a higher purpose. Which is the purpose of the Kingdom, the great commission. A network in build on relationship not only structure. Eph. 4:16

I like to call Apostolic Vertical Networks Apostolic Governments, and I like to call Apostolic Horizontal Networks Apostolic Coalitions. Even in the City Church there are City Church Networks, which are Horizontal networks. I did a teaching back early this year about the Four Wine Skins. Which are the Local Churches, City Churches, Vertical Networks, and Horizontal Networks. I said that in Body of Christ there are four wines skins making up one wine skin the Body of Christ. In the Word the Body of Christ is describe as a network. Eph. 2:19-22

Apart from that, as these Apostolic Governments come forth in the Church. They will increase in number and size. They will be the power groups in the Body of Christ. They will do many works and deeds in the Earth and the Church. Although, these ecclesiastical apostles will connect through relationships by joining and belonging to Apostolic Coalitions. However, even the Apostolic Government will connect and link itself to other Apostolic Governments and work together in missions and compassion works. In others words vision! There is coming in the Body of Christ a common image and a likeness that never before have we seen in Church History. Psa. 133

Apostolic Government will come into covenant between each other to work together on common goals. In addition, it's like nations making peace treaties and come into alliances between each other. Gal. 2:10

Furthermore, This Holy Reformation will burn up every Christian group they is not of the Word, Nature, Will or Order of Christ and those that remain there will be a oneness among themselves and a likeness. Right now the Body is too many broad ways of views, in future after the reformation the Church will be have narrow ways and views, there will be greater common ground. Heb. 9:10


Today's God is making as wise among those in the Church and the World. The reason is that great numbers will be saved, and churches will be full. We must walk in wisdom in order to oversee and lead them unto victory in Christ. God is rising up visionary leadership to lead a people of vision, this is why we must be wise and learn from own mistakes, for the waves of glory and blessings are coming. There will be floods of Glory that will cover every man and women.

However, many of us in leadership are attack from our own members. Our feelings and God's leading in our life is mixed to the point we are very dismayed and can't walk in the authority that the Head of the Church place upon us as overseers.

God is bringing order in our relationships. We are being giving wisdom in how to manage our relationships. They are like life ships that could suffer shipwreck. Why does this happen? This happens for the reason you have no wisdom in how to manage relationships. Even Jesus did not commit himself to those he did not trust. It does not matter how mature a person is when they come into your life. It is up to you for placing them on your order of relationships, within this order there are levels. Such as partnerships, leaderships, Friendships, and Relationships. Every one has to be proving and you are to test their soil. Everyone is not on good ground.

"Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves." (Matt. 10:16)

"Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of Life." (Prov. 4:23)

Not every one is lamb or sheep, some our wolves, goats, dogs, and pigs, fox; and Wolves are controlling spirits, they play mind games. Goats are rebellion and full of opinions, bring words of criticism, by they are always stubborn, unyielding. Dogs are full of envy and strife, always want be number one, they only support you for their own selfish ambitions. However, there are sheep dogs that will be a great help, they are ones called along side of pastors. Pigs are religious eating at everyone feet, but never showing honor to those who bring the word, or the word they give. They look at your teachings as words of men. A fox is one who try's to come along side, wants to be your friend. They only want friends of those who have authority. Once they find your weakness, they turn their backs against you; they talk behind your back. Then move on to next leader or person with favor, and there only function is to mock you.

You need to learn how to relate in proper ways. In addition, you need to learn how we should allow people to relate to us. When people become too familiar to a person of authority, this could hinder your ministry in their lives. You need to learn to keep proper distance of a degree of quantity space between those who you minister to or you employ at your business.

In your business, if you are the boss, you are not to date anyone who you work with, and if your married person you need to watch how people are kind to you. In your ministry or local church, you should not be friends to those you minister too. If you are, they could think that they can deal with in certain way, or you should deal with them in a certain way, you should break the friendship, or ask them to leave your local church. These worlds of relationships should not clash, if they do so you must bring order, or they will rule you, and take away your peace. Those in business or in your church are in trusted to your care, and by becoming their friend you could hinder your proper care.

You should only have few good friends, these people who understanding, have matured, believe in you, and stand with you. You can trust them with your life. However, when it comes to your spiritual growth in Christ and if your worlds clash you must do the right thing. Yes forgive, if you can still friends without the clash of worlds then do so.

When it comes to relationships, your mate, children, etc. Love them place them above your ministry, your business, but not your God. Teach them how they should relate to you if they come into other worlds of relationship. You should keep your home separate from you ministry, church and business; take your phone number and your address out of the phone book and church phone book. When you're at home, don't do any ministry, or minister to anyone. If someone knocks at your door or calls you up, say look this is my home, my wife and children are before my ministry, only call me at the church.

Furthermore, Jesus has his three, twelve, seventy, five thousand, and multitudes. If your going to walk in peace and rest fulfill our days with joy, we better learn for the days are changing, and the greater has come.


If there are false ministers, apostles, and prophets, then there are true apostles and prophets. The Religious spirits in Jesus day said of Jesus is the devil. They think he was a false prophet. We should be very careful whom we called a false prophet.  A false prophet or false apostle is like a true or false test. In addition, you must think of falsehood. Every Christian has something to deal with. Every minister has a little falsehood in his or her life. This is why we must remain humble and accountable to mature apostles and prophets and the five-fold government and one another. Eph. 5:21

Falsehood comes down to the truth or error, the Holy Spirit or an evil spirit. It is not that if a person falls into sin they are false, for every one will fall one time or the other. It is those who don't fall you need to be worry about. Preachers are man and women of God that were good sinners. Everyone must work on his or her own integrity. In addition, those who want to obey their call into ministry will have to be of sound integrity to be in leadership. Those in active ministry that are not in sound integrity must take a season or two off and seek restoration in their lives. 1 Cor. 11:28

Today we don't stone the prophets we judge prophecy. First Corinthians 14 is the protocol for our church services and the church. We are to let two or three prophets speak, and let the others judge. Prophets judge prophecy! Every Church that is going to move in the prophetic will have to made the mature prophets apart of the leadership team and give them rightful authority to deal with the prophetic, prophets and to judge prophecy. To judge prophecy means to discern prophecy. 1 Cor. 14:26-33

There is a difference between discerning prophecy and prophets. A prophet may be true but he may make a mistake in the prophetic. As a prophet grows he or she is more humble, and doesn't think he or she is right all the time, and knows that he or she can make mistakes. This is one of signs of a mature prophet! Heb. 5:14

Apart from that, what are false prophets and how do you deal with them? I will try listed the kinds of false prophets to help you understand and deal with false prophets. This is more to help prophets, and apostles dealing with the false, let us walk in love and truth. Amen! 1 Jn. 4:1-4

1.One who are a medium, witch, palmist, or a fortuneteller, or a soothsayer. These kinds are in world, we are to try to be witness, but Christians are not to seek their council, if you do you open your ear to evil spirits and offense the voice of God. God will not give you council if you seek evil council.
2.A false Prophet of a false religion: these are false prophets who are not of the Christian faith; they are some other kind of religion, or of Christian Cult. You are not to fellowship with them, or hear them out. You are to pray for those to be won to Christ. We are to show love toward them.
3.One with a evil prophetic spirit or a spirit of divination: These kind of false prophets may think or not that they are from God. There are those in world walking in such spirits as the two I talked about before this one, there are those in the church walking in these evil spirits too. You are to pray for them, and avoid their fellowship. False prophetic spirits are talking demons, which are: a. spirit of divination, b. familiar spirit, c. laying spirit and d.  Flatter spirit.  The last three serve and work for the spirit of divination.
4.One who thinks he or she is a prophet: there are those in the church that may flow in a prophetic anointing, such as the gift of prophecy, or a may be an intercessor who think they are prophets. Love them, pray for them, give them time, and give them some good books to read on the prophetic. They may need a one on one sit down with some read prophets, but be kind.
5.A True Prophet who becomes a false prophet: This depends on how much falsehood is in a prophet's life. A true Prophet, Born Again can become a false prophet. And again a who goes down that road can against return to the right path and become a true prophet. You should pray for them, love them. Bless them, forgive them, but don't keep company with them. You must know that I have witness of many good Christian ministers who walk in a degree of falsehood that to this point they are false prophets. However, those around them don't know it, and they don't even know it. This is way prophets need to fellowship with prophets and be in the company of mature prophets and be in some kind of connection with Apostles. Apostles and Prophets are the power team in Body, this is why we need to fellowship and be accordable.

One reason why satan loves false prophets is that that evil spirit raises them up to a high and lofty place then makes them fall to bring attacks against the true prophetic movements. Matt. 24:10-12

False Apostles we can see them in Church History and in life today and see false Apostles. We need to understand what is a false apostle and how to deal with them. I had a prophetic dream about this. In this dream I saw many mountains, which are symbol for mountain top ministers that apostles are about to have. In the center of all these mountains was a center map post. This was a symbol for the voice of God in the Apostolic. On the map was the places mark out for each apostle's mountain top ministries. I then see men with hawk wings flying to map then flying to the mountain top ministries. They were to fly and guard those mountain ministries that they are sent to do so. In addition, these mountains are symbol for certain geographic territory. They I see another flying apostles who were in disobedience to the center map post, and went to another city, state, nation, or a region were they were not call or commission to go there. They were walking in wrong and out of there own apostolic spheres giving by Christ to them.  Then I see other flying apostles come to center map posted. In addition, the center map post is also a symbol for unity and order in the body among the apostolic. Moreover, I see these other flying apostles were sent forth to deal with the disobedience of the flying apostles. Apart from that, I am going to list the false apostles so you can understand and deal with them. 2 Cor. 11:5

1.A False Apostle of a false religion or a Christian Cult. You are pray for those but avoid and keep no company with them. You are to pray for those follow them. In addition, it is an evil spirit that rules over false groups that we should war against. Love them and bless those following and their leaders.
2.Someone thinks they're an apostle and are not: Since the apostolic movements. Some good Christians and Ministers think they are apostles and they are not. Pray for them, love them, be kind, and give them time. Give them some books on the apostolic and they should have a one with some real apostles.
3.A True Apostle who becomes a false Apostle: I believe as apostles go forth, their will be some who will become full of religious spirits and build their networks and isolate himself or herself from the Body of Christ and those who are with them. You are to be praying for them, love them, and don't keep company with them. Give them time. Even through their mistakes God can turn them around and they will be better then they were before, for now they can teach on those kinds of enemy plans. A True Apostle can become a false apostle, and then can return and become useful to the Lord as a true apostle.

This is a new day for Apostles, we do not see many examples of true apostolic to get the right patterns right. So some of us or most of us are going to make mistakes trying to obey our apostolic call. Through those mistakes we will learn through humble and to have mercy on others. Heb. 12:1

Moreover, we are to tests those who say that they are apostles. What kind of tests are we going to give them? I believe that has apostles grow and become mature these tests will be lay out in the body to help us all. I believe that these tests will useful by other apostles, prophets and the five-fold government of the church and the body of Christ. Nevertheless, Apostles are to be tested by mature apostles who perceived the grace of God in them. Rev. 2:2. Gal. 2:9

Furthermore, within apostolic networks there needs to be restoration centers set aside to help restore those who fall into sin, or error. If a minister falls we should not stone them but restore them. There is a need to set aside those who have the anointing to minister to those in ministry that needs to be restored. At the same time help save their ministries and churches. If ministers falls it should not be the end of his or her ministry, remember Christ has mercy on you, therefore you should have mercy on others. Leaders receive stricter judgment, but they also receive more mercy from God. If you deal with them in wrong ways you will partake in the stricter judgment upon them. If you deal merciful with them, you will partake in the more mercy on them. Gal. 6:1-2

29.Rogue Apostle

Apostles of Apostolic governments need to fellowship outside of their own sphere. You need to hear other apostles and ministers outside your own circle. Your network is apart of the Body of Christ. However, it is not the Body of Christ. We as Apostles need to teach those in your networks about the truth of the Body of Christ and then practice by loving and fellowship outside own groups. (1 Cor. 12:28)

In addition, we as overseers need to ask other apostles from other apostolic governments to come and minister to our own network. In doing so we build understand and common bond between apostolic governments. (Eph. 4:11-16)

The global vision of the Body of Christ does not belong to any one apostle. However, each must partake in it's holy bread and drink of it's wine to be appoint by the Lord Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church to walk in the blessings which comes from the Head of the Church only. (Psa. 133)

There are those apostles that will have an anointing and a function to gather and bring unity among apostles from different apostolic governments to form apostolic coalitions and alliances. These kinds of apostles will be use as coordinators. These kinds of apostles will be greater then other apostles. There vision is one of unity and reconciliation among the Apostles and the Body of Christ. (Acts 15:1-35)

Moreover, they're those apostles who are called to be apostles of the city. Which are called territorial apostles. There could be more then one of these in a city. Their purpose is to change the city that they are giving to. Although, they connect to other apostles and pastors in a city in order to make an alliance to work with a common vision. These kind of apostles will be greater then others too. (Rev. 1:4)

Nevertheless, there are some apostles, who build their networks, and then not fellowship outside of their own sphere, and they will not listen to other apostles who are not of their networks. They will even not fellowship with others in their own city. If you lead a move of God, and don't connect to other moves of God, then what are you? One thing is sure you are standing in the way, and will not last for long. Everything that God builds will connect to the Body of Christ! (Jude 12-13)

30.This Charge We Commit To You

Many have been called into Ministry, and many have been called into office ministry. Not ever one has a vision to help, aid, and raise up those called into office ministry. Not ever one is a Barnabas, not every is an Apostolic Father, Mother or Mentor.  Apostles have a heart to birth, train, and rise up new ministry, those called into office ministry. Matt. 4:19

Do you have a deep desire to minister the Word, and you feel in your heart that you're called into office ministry? Has this desire been with you long, or is it a passing desire? Do you know what office you're called to? Do you know your spiritual gifts? Do you know what gifts of Spirit you have? Do you know your purpose in life and in ministry? Do you have vision for a ministry? Has it been confirm by two or three witness? Do those around you in the Body recognize you gifting in the Body? Col. 1:9-14

Ministers are train through the Holy Spirit School, what is that? The Holy Spirit is teaching you one on one. You are train through suffering and trials. You are train through teaching such as from training centers. You are rise up by Apostolic Father, Mothers, and Mentors. You are train through life and ministry experience. You have committed yourselves to a life of studying the Bible, God's word, and a life of prayer, its people with devotional life and consecrated life that can be train. In addition, we first must be faithful and serve under another man's ministry before we can be release. You must first be faithful and be a servant before you are set apart for leadership. Moreover, we need recognition from the Body of our gifting and affirmation from leadership. This is all before we are ordained receiving any type of papers that we are ministers. 2 Tim. 2:1-7

Can you preach or teach? Do you care and love for people? In addition, before you learn how to give a sermon you need to know not only what office ministry you are called to, but also what gift of the Spirit you have. Today we have many who can give a good sermon, but has no power back up. Therefore learn and walk in one of gifts of the Spirit, or two before you learn to give a sermon. 1 Pet. 4:10-11

Can you walk in unity, in vision, togetherness, and work as a team? There are some who are called, but can't fellowship, love or get along with others, and can't walk in unity with other ministers.  In addition, can you be faithful, committed and loyal to a fellowship? If you can't be faithful to a local church how can you be a minister? If you can't be faithful to a ministry network how could you be apart of it?  Apart from that, can you have open communication channels with other ministers? 2 Tim. 2:2

Do you believe in Apostles? Do you believe in Apostles today? It would be hard for you to enter into any kind of ministry if you can believe in those who are called to be leaders of leaders. Moreover, can you work with them; can you listen and follow with a willing heart, Apostolic Leadership? Beside, can you be in functional accountability? 1 Cor. 12:28

Are you of sound integrity? Have you been a Christian for long and have you been disciple in the basics when you become a Christian? What do you believe? Do you have a sound foundation in you? Do you love a care for your mate? Do you love and care for your children? Does your mate and children believe that you're a right standing Christian? Do they believe in your call? 1 Tim. 3:1-13, Tit. 1:5-9

Are you ready to go through hardship, suffering, and trials? Can you forgive those who hurt you? Are you a bitter person? Can you love those who don't love you? Are you meek and humble, and teachable? 2 Tim. 2:23-26, 1 Tim. 6:11-12

Furthermore, some are called into ministry, and they can't answer these questions? If you can't answer these questions you need to humble yourselves, and need more time for restoration, and ministry from the Lord. If you can answer these questions and you pass these right answers then your ready. If you can answer these questions are there wrong answers? Than deal with that area and seek restoration, and take the time that is needs it. God love you and care for you, he has a plan for you. Beside, sometimes things don't away go as plan in our training, and God understands what you been through. Don't give up, and surrender to the process. If your called into ministry, it is now time take the steps toward answering the call. 2 Tim. 4:1-5

31.Walk Together

We are to pray to the Lord for open doors for the Word. We are to pray for the people to have an open hearts and hearing ears. We are to pray for doors open to nations, cities, and people groups. We are to pray for open doors for our own Ministry. God is faithful, and his will is to establish us in our ministries, in our destiny and purpose; once when we are establish there will be an protection that comes from the Lord, the Lord will guard us from the evil one! It is not that we don't have God's protection during the steps into divine destiny; it is that there is a kind of protection that comes when we are establish. What does this mean; one reason is that we have a faithful group and intercessors to pray for us. When we are alone, I am not talking about being alone from the Body, but being alone from you vision, purpose and destiny. (2 Thess. 3:1,3)

However, there are those who may be among us that don't have the same heart for ministry as we do. They don't have the same vision, or purpose you do. I call this revelation faith, this is faith revealed about ministry and present truth. God calls those who don't believe unreasonable and wicked, for one reason, they don't walk unity with your faith for ministry. Therefore they will act unreasonable and not be able to follow your understanding.  Unbelieving of any kind they are called wicked. (2 Thess. 3:2)

Lets look at Cain and Abel they are brothers. One is called to work as the keeper of sheep; the other is called to tiller of the ground.  Then came the time when they brought their offerings unto the Lord. However, God was only pleased with Abel's offering. It is called "a more excellent offering." After that, Cain, who was more mature in the Lord then Abel, he was his older brother, thus bring his watcher. This story is happen today, in many churches across the world. Where God is raising up Abel's in the care of the Cain's. What are the Cain's rewards? They will be reward for there care taking and watchfulness of young Abel's when they rejoice in God's blessings upon the modern day Abel's. However, if they don't they will open a door to sin? (Gen. 4:1-15)

Let's look at Abraham and Lot; God give a vision to Abraham. Abraham then takes a man who sees him not as Abraham but as Abram, what happens? Strife between their people and his, this happens when you see your Abraham as Abram. Therefore in order to bring peace between them, and obey God there was a separation. (Gen. 13)

Let's look at Ishmael and Isaac; one is a work of the flesh the other is a work of the Spirit.  Both have a destiny; there visions have likeness to them. However, the day came that the work of the flesh was scoffing the work of the Spirit. You must see and know that the works of the flesh will persecute the works of the Spirit. This act is very displeasing to those who can see around you. The reason for this kind of attack is to hurt you before you grow up into your destiny. Saints God is going to cast them and being freedom to works of the Spirit. (Gen. 21:8-21)

Let's talk about Esau and Jacob; each on has a purpose in God. One will give up his purpose for his flesh. The other will obey God in his purpose. God loves the works of Jacob, but hates the works of Esau. Esau misses the mark; So Esau hated Jacob for God blessing him.  He should blame himself not Jacob. They're are those among us that want the blessings of God, and they seek after God, while the others have no time to seek after God, then they play the blame game. (Gen. 27)

Let's look at Joseph and his beloved brothers. Joseph has a destiny, which he will be use to bless his brothers. There are the general blessings and then there are the special blessings; the general blessings are giving to every Christian, and the special blessings are giving to each person, and they are not all the same. However, only through one person you can get those blessings, and likewise to others. In others words God blesses a few that through them others may be bless, only if you receive and recognize them. (Gen. 37)

Lets talk about Moses and Pharaoh; both grow up together, they were like brothers, but not by blood. What happen to their wonderful friendship, one has a heart for his people, the other has a heart for is own power and pride. When we are friends to those who don't have a heart for the people, this friendship will not last. (Ex. 2:1-10)

Now, there is a man name Korah, you had a vision of the old land where they came out from. Whenever a person in leadership that was brings a vision that is against your vision, this in one word or the other a form of rebellion, when it leads the company in a wrong vision. (Num. 16) The book of Jude say this; "Woe to them! For they have gone in the way of Cain, have run greedily in the error of Balaam for profit, and perished in the rebellion of Korah. (Jude 11)

Let's look at the dissension of Aaron and Miriam, when those in authority do not see the authority of those in whom God appoint as overseer there will be dissension. In a local church there should be a teams of elders, however they don't have the same rank. When a person you are joined with in ministry don't know their place of ministry in the local church you oversee, there will not only bring dissension to you among the elders but also the local church. There is more then one elder, but only one set visionary. (Num. 12:1-16, 1 Cor. 12:28)

Let's talk about David and Saul. Saul was like a father to David. However, one walk out of order and the other were growing into his destiny. When a person, who is out of order with God, is open to a distressing spirit. This spirit will attack any one who has an anointing. It will also attack those you have a leadership anointing. Those who are out of order will become full of jealousies and envy; with selfish ambitions there forth they will cast spiritual spears at those who have leadership anointing.  When a new leader is coming forth there is new vision, for his vision will come the vision of those believers of his company. In addition, with a new leader comes a new order. His order becomes the order of the people and the land. How do you deal with those who walk in ways of Saul? You behaved wisely, touch not the anointed, make peace if you can and move on, let God deal with them. (1Sam. 18)

Let's look at David, Absalom, Ahithophel, and Joab, Adonijah, and Abiathar the priest. There may be ones that try to take your ministry, or build upon your foundation by the work of the flesh and not the work of Spirit. They will look at your weakness and see not the grace and authority God has giving you, to say what they do is of God, and is right.  David is a man of prayer, he does not fear anyone, knows his God and his place. Absalom came to take his place, out of order, but failed.  David keep a right heart toward his son, and show him love. Ahithophel had an unforgiving spirit toward David for the reason of David's mistake. He Give council helping the conspiracy against David. The Bible talks about the divisive man we are to remove them after the first and second admonition. (Tit. 3:9-11) The Lord turned his counsel into foolishness! David called this man, who was his trusted counselor; "not an enemy or one you hates him, but his equal, companion and his acquaintance. In addition, he said that he and Ahithophel took sweet counsel together and walked to the house of God. (Psa. 55:12-14) Now for Joab one of his mighty men, dealing not in a just matter, and was remove later.  Adonijah another of David's sons try to take the throne from Solomon, and had the help of Adonijah the priest, but was stop. How do you deal with all these things? Know your God, and know your place in the Body and the Kingdom of God, and fear no man. Moreover, during those times, it is prayer that get you through. (1 Kings 1,2)

Let's talk about Job and his friends; Job is going through trials that none of his friends never been through. Came to speak their wisdom, only the forth one really had the right wisdom for the moment. God made those others three repent and they were reconciliation and Job had his restoration.  In addition God also brought reconciliation between Joseph and his brothers, we should believe this to happen in our ministries. (Job 42)

Let's talk about the division that came between Paul and Barnabas, when they both had vision for their ministry. When a person has vision, he will pull anyone around him toward his vision, and likewise if there is another minister who has another vision will try to pull that minister toward his vision. When this happens, it is best to make peace and go forth in your vision, and bless the others in his vision. See God wants you to cover more ground, so from one team came two teams. God sends them out by two's. (Acts 15:36-41)

Let's talk Paul and Peter, each were very mighty apostles in their times.  Paul and peter did not teach the same. Big heads will ram each other. At least in time they walk in reconciliation, I believe this happen as God humble them, to understand and be open to each other's ministry. I believe this will happen big time in today's Church. (2 Pet. 3:14-18)

What I am trying to get at here? We must prepare and be ready to deal with those who will not walk together with us. Unity and vision goes hand in hand. Without them the anointing will not pour. We must learn how to deal with these times and people.  However, you will not learn by this teaching, but by going through those times, even if I had wisdom, you still have to learn, this was you call learn wisdom. During those times, we are to pray for our brothers and sisters. Everyone is not our enemy.  Those who are our enemas bless and pray for them. Yes deal with whoever arise against the unity and vision of a local church, but deal with them in wisdom. The real enemy is satan, and real battle is a spiritual one. We are not to war flesh against flesh. Anyways it is demons behind them that we must really deal with. It is a spiritual battle.  God will give bring peace and order and deal with those who are against you. "When a man's ways please the LORD, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him." (Prov. 16:7)

God will deliver you from all unreasonable and wicked men; those who don't have faith in your vision. In addition, God will be faithful through all of your entire steps into ministry Moreover; he will establish your ministry and guard you from the evil one. (2 Thess. 3:2-3)

Furthermore, the first time I was giving this teaching from the Holy Spirit was in my youth, since then I only teach it only a few times, and this is one of those few times. This will give you hope in those times. If you need pray just ask me, your not alone, we love you.

32.False Apostles

We are in the first wave of the apostolic. This wave is a wave of older servants being called into the apostolic. They will be as fathers and prepare the way for the second wave of the Apostolic. Which shall be a wave of signs, wonders and mighty deeds in the apostolic.

Today there are some apostles, also pastors and other spiritual leaders who have a role of a leader or the role of an overseer, however they do not have a heart of a father. If you don't want to have the function of a father then don't be an overseer. Today there are those who want to be called fathers yet they have not the heart of a father. They do not carry the function of a father.

However, with these true apostles there will be those who are false apostles. We must understand if there is the true there is also the false. Any minister and any believer can have a degree of falsehood in their lives. We need to be humble least we fall into sin.

There are those false apostles who say they are apostles and they are not. Then there are those who are just false apostles. Moreover, there are those who are real apostles who can become false, and if they are restored become true again.

Apart from that, there are the immaturity apostles all those called to be an apostle must go through a time of training. Do you have to be the mature apostle, no? We are always growing. Apostles can make mistakes. They will learn as others through their own mistakes. There are good books about the apostle, what is missing is how an apostle is raise up.

We are to understand that apostles are human too and they are apostles by grace and are not infallible. This is why apostles need intercession and prayer support. Yes apostles need to be accountable to other apostles outside of their own networks. In addition, within their own network they should be genuine accountability build in to the network structure. Moreover, an apostle must beware of the pitfalls of apostles. Pitfalls are unsuspected dangers. Some of pitfalls that apostles are susceptible to include the following: Pride, discouragement, deception, bitterness, control and covetousness apart from that, Apostles look at the last and lowest in the eyes of the world, satan attacks and persecutes them. They are made a spectacle and are often reviled, persecuted, defamed, buffeted, and made the filth of the world. They are often treated as the refuse of society. 1 Cor. 4:9,11-13.

Moreover, we are to test those who say they are apostles and are not. How do we to this by learning what is an apostle and learning from those who are apostles? The Greek term for false apostles is psuedo-aposto-los, meaning those who masquerade as apostles. Rev. 2:2.

In second Corinthians 11:13 we see some of the main characteristics include the following:

1.Controlling, domineering, and oppressive leadership style. 2 Cor. 11:20.
2.Greedy and covetous. 2 Cor. 11:20.
3.Proud, boastful and self-exalting. 2 Cor. 11:20.
4.Abusive. 2 Cor. 11:20.

References: Eckhardt, John. Dictionary of the Apostolic. Chicago: Crusaders Ministries, 2003.

Furthermore, Apostles have been here since the beginning of the church. Today is the restoration of them to the Body of Christ and the World. There is much to learn about apostles.

33.Witchcraft in the Church

The Judge is standing at the door of many churches and the whole Body of Christ. He is not concern with those who practice witchcraft outside of the church, or those witches that try to come in among us to practice their craft against us. The Lord is very angry with those among us who have lived a lie for so long. Those who walk in the work of the flesh which one of them are called witchcraft. Yes witchcraft is a work of the flesh. They commit this sin in ignorant.

Religious spirits work among us in many churches and many Christian groups. Christians who are walking and living a so-called good Christian walk. At the same time feel it is God's will to stop those anointed by God. They think they know more then others. They think they have certain spiritual gifts and are walking in spiritual pride. They seat in judgment of their brothers and sisters in Christ. They look unto other Christian groups that don't look like them and speak evil of what is good.

These kinds of religious Christians begin to walk in a Soulish realm in their teachings, in their prophetic words, in their council, in their prayer life. What happens such a people walking in the Soulish realm for too long? They open the doors and live to be partakes of the works of darkness. They become fill of evil spirits.  What kind of evil spirits? Witchcraft, divination, lying and religious spirits they begun to work with.

I see to many Christians who pray their wills be done, who pray they council, you pray their opinions and their understanding. This is Soulish prayer, which will open the door to evil spirits to enter into their lives and drink of cup of devils. This is witchcraft, this is prayer craft! You are ether praying against another, praying against those in leadership, praying against those in your trust and praying your council and Soulish prayers toward people.

Apart from that, there are those who walk around speaking gossip and lies about their brothers and sisters. We are to avoid such people. There are those who walk around speaking division among Local Churches and the Body of Christ. We are to mark them and avoid them. If you can't control your tongue evil spirits will use it for their evil plans. Yes many of you have commit evil plans and have obeyed evil spirits. It is time to repent!

Moreover, there are those who prophesy out of their soul. These are Soulish prophetic words. You dream dreams; you have visions, and prophecy out of your Religious mindset and immaturity. This opens the door for spirits of divination to walk through your prophetic ministry.

Apart from that, there are those who walk among us pulling aside into their own groups arising against those in leadership. You are called a divisive person and we after the first and second admonition remove such people.

Moreover, there are those who come into our churches to change us. They may or may not have more revelation, or more knowledge then you as a pastor. This work of the flesh generates strife and this is a Religious spirit in action. Yes we need to be humble; they're many around us that can teach us many things. We should always have a hearing ear. God does speak through people many times even if we don't hear God through them. Then there are those with pride and arrogance with Religious spirits working in them. They will always say I have question for you, when they already know the answered. Don't answered so many questions appoint a gifted and skillful person to deal with the questionable people.

Apart from that, there are those who want to give you council or go around giving their council. However, there council is of their own mindsets and opinions. Some may use a prophetic anointing and some may act more spiritual then you. Counseling is to be for you not them. Counseling must not be a command only advices if it is not don't listen.

In addition, they're those in Leadership some are called Pastors and some are called Apostles who walk in a controlling spirit over their people. Even their teaching give them power to do such things against the flock of Christ. You don't own the sheep your blood can't save any soul.  It is time to stop using fear to control and use faith to bring freedom. Moreover, they're those among us that will control the pastors, apostles and those who have oversight of their churches through boards and other means. This is not of God. All of this works of the flesh will open the door in your life to spirits of Jezebel. We are not using our gifts, our wisdom, our authority and position to control one another.

Moreover, there are those Pastors and Apostles that are among us when their members or those in fellowship with them get up and leave they speak evil over them. We are to freely receive and freely give. Bless are those who come in and bless are those come out. Speak blessings over them.

How does one deal with witchcraft in the Church? You bless and curse not, you pray for them, and pray not against them. You love and forgive and hate not. You might have to fast for this work of flesh can be broken through fasting and prayer. You cast evil spirits that are sent your way, witchcraft into hell, break curses and bind false prophetic words.

Furthermore, the Church needs much deliverance. There are many getting saved and never get the right discipleship and never go through deliverance. What happens to these evil spirits in those who don't get deliverance they become religious and take on many masks of hypocrites.

34.False Brethren

There are false brethren among us who came in by stealth to spy out our liberty, which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage. They will to trouble you and to pervert you to their religious spirits and witchcraft spirits. I could wish that those who trouble you would even cut themselves off. Gal. 2, 12.

They are a good Christians and good Churchgoers. They seem mature and pure before God. They know the Word from their own eyes and come to convert you to their truth. Their purpose is to bewitch you from obeying the truth and to rule over you. Gal. 3:1.

They speak revelation but are they really giving truth that can set you free.  With one person he bring the Word for freedom and with other person he comes with Word to put you into new yoke of bondage. Their hidden goal is to have you set aside and fall from the grace of God. We are to test every spirit; we are holding fast what is God. We are to be humble but seek the Word to see what they say is true. Do not yield submission to them or their teaching or preaching instead continue in truth. Gal. 2:5.

In the Church there is a lack of godly council in the Church. Good council is in being advice. Good council is to be for you not for them. Good council keeps an open mind. Good council is not forces you to make changes. I pray for restoration of godly council in the Church.

We have cry wolf too many times and we don't understand what is a real wolf. Many of us have no real discernment. What we called discernment is not discernment. There is need for impartation of discernment. There is a need to teach and help people become skillful in all kinds of discernment in the Word.

What we call false is not false. When God called an Apostle, satan called a false apostle. When God calls a prophet, satan calls a false prophet. There are false teachers, false pastors and false evangelist. Then there are false brethren. Besides there is half-truth and then whole truths, good teaching, healthy teaching and then there is false teaching and unsound teaching.

Preachers and Teachers can always make mistakes. Good Christians can always make mistakes. Even true apostles and true prophets can make mistakes. This is why we need each other. This is why we need to remain meek, choose humility and showing respect to one another. Moreover, we must appreciate one another's respected interpretations of Scripture, and practice supportive speech and actions toward one another, by focusing on the absolutes of Scripture, great commission and the Holy Spirit.

We must understand they we are all growing in Christ, and we are all maturing in Christ. We will all make many mistakes and errors in our growth. We overcome not by own wisdom or might or how good we been. It all comes down to Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Blood of Christ and grace of God.

Above all speak the truth in love. Practice forgiveness and walk in love. Pray for those who do you wrong. I mean pray for them not against them. Christ will heal all wounds.

35.Seven Kinds of Discernment

Today's Church lacks discernment. What some call discernment is not discernment. The Church needs to become skillful in all kinds of discernment in the Bible. We need much impartation of discernment.

Elders are mature ministers of Christ. Called to stand together to watch over the flock of God in the local church. We are hearing their discernment and are open to their council. Acts 20:28.

Above this we are to grow in discernment as each believer in Christ. We are to receive the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so. We are to test all things; hold fast what is good. We are to not to believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of GodActs 17:11, 1 Thess. 5:21, 1 Jn. 4:1.

Apart from this, Apostles and Prophets are leading leadership of the church. They are the foundation of the Church. We need to be open to their discernment. Where the Church lacks Apostles and Prophets they lack discernment.

The Seven Kinds of Discernment:

Reason: We are to reason between good and evil. Every person has this discernment as you use this kind of discernment it will grow. The least you use this kind of discernment the least it will grow. However, with this kind of discernment you need to have your mind renew by the Word of God. Isa. 1:18.
Word of God: God has given us the Word of God. The Word of God is the Bible. We are to use the Word to test things. This kind of discernment grows, as you know more of the Word. Acts 16:11.
Maturity as a Christian: More as you mature in Christ the more you will walk in discernment. This is a kind of discernment that comes with spiritual growth.  Besides, there is the maturity as a Christian and then there is maturity with your gifts. 1 Cor. 13:11.
Maturity in the gift: This is the kind of discernment that comes as you grow in your spiritual gifts. One sign of maturity in your gift is discernment. However, everyone does not have the same gift. Instead, you can discern others with the same gift you have. Heb. 5:14.
Gift of perception: This is one of the motivational gifts of the Father. A person with this gift sees only good or evil, black or white and they're no in betweens. This is why they need to mix it with love, grace and mercy. Rom. 12:6.
Gift of Discernment: The gift of discernment is to see by the Holy Spirit into the spiritual realm seeing demons, angels also you can discern the hearts of people. 1 Cor. 12:10.
The Spirit of Justice and judgment: This is another name of the Holy Spirit that is talking about a supernatural anointing in discernment. This kind of discernment comes to keep the moves of God pure. This kind of discernment is release with the apostolic ministry to the church. Isa. 28:6.

36.Signs of Jezebel

Today's Church lacks discernment. The Church is in need of much impartation of discernment. We need teaching and to become skillful in all kinds of discernment in the Word. God is dealing with the snakes that creep around in his house. We have allowed these snakes in through our idolatry.

Today's church lacks the ministry of deliverance. Too many come to know the Lord without first proper discipleship and deliverance. Those who don't believe in deliverance they themselves have evil spirits behind their error.

One of the evil spirits that work among God 's people so easy and without hinder from saints or gatekeepers is the spirit of Jezebel, a spirit of control and witchcraft that works to control the church from bearing good fruits.

Jezebel the wife of Ahab and daughter of Ethbaal, king of the Zidonians, her name means "un-husbanded." Although married to Ahab, she was never submitted as a wife. She ran the kingdom through manipulation, intimidation, control, and deceit. She introduced Baal worship into Israel. Jezebel was guilty of whoredom and witchcraft.

The spirit of Jezebel targets leaders. She leads the people into spiritual idolatry. She seekers to control and kill the apostles and prophets. She works in the churches to make the prophetic used as a program without accepting the office of the prophet. She fear of being exposure so she knows how to keep herself hidden from eyes who can hurt her through good works. She brings with herself a false prophetic anointing.  She uses fear and intimidation on the true prophets.

She works with spirits of control, witchcraft, divination, familiarity, laying spirits. The spirit of Jezebel is a religious spirit. She is under the authority of the Queen of Heaven. Many nations have been seduced into the worshiping the Queen of Heaven. This evil power rules over all religious spirits and has rule over Christians for almost most of the history of the church. She does not only rule over those who call themselves Christian also she rules over all religions.

Apart from that, the spirit of divination is the python spirit. Python is a constrictor. It kills their victims by squeezing and constricting until they lose the breath. This spirit seeks to choke the life out of the believer, and out of the church by hindering the moving of the Holy Spirit.  This evil spirit gives false prophetic words.

Apart from that, the spirit of Jezebel uses all these spirits to gain ground and to control those who are lead by the Spirit. This spirit works in both men and women.  However, this spirit needs to gain ground and needs to be connected to the Ahab's in the church. We are not to give place to the devil. Ahab was not a person of prayer and he used the prophetic but don't accept the office of the prophet.  He was a very successful king in building projects. Ahab's walk more in the works of the flesh then the works of the Spirit. It is their might, and their power not God at all. Ahab's have religious spirits that uses a political spirits to control the people. They are peacekeepers not peacemakers. Thus they compromise the true faith for the purpose of gaining control or have honor.  The spirit of Jezebel gains power through ministering to the idols of heart of Ahab's.  The spirit of Jezebel seeks to control the wealth of others in the church. It seeks to take away what is rightful others in the Spirit. This is all done through the Jezebel and Ahab alliance.

What are the signs of Jezebel in the Church?
1. Controlling leadership.
2.Greed to get wealth.
3.False prophetic words.
4.No office of the prophet.
5.The leadership lives in no true victory.
6.The leadership is just peacekeepers not peacemakers.
7.Improper order of the prophetic.
8.Improper control of the prophetic.
9.No real fruits.
10.No new ministry being birth.
11.No true vision of God, only plans.
12.The goals of the Church are before their first love, which is idolatry.

Furthermore, The Church is called to overcome Jezebel and whenever someone in the church overcomes Jezebel will be giving authority over nations. Therefore overcoming jezebel is necessity if we are to possess the nations.

37.Leviathan spirit

The spirit of Leviathan is a principality that attacks the new wine skins. This spirit does not attack the old wine skins, this spirit does not attack the leaders of old moves only the leaders of new moves. This is a spirit that comes to keep the church back from taking the ground that is needed to establish apostolic truth in the earth. The greatest force of this attacking spirit has been release in this time against the true apostles and prophets. This evil spirit attacks the ministries of freedom in the church. Christ's will is to bring true freedom and liberty and the true apostolic movements is a move to bring a government of freedom, liberty and true order of the gifts. However, this evil spirit does not want freedom with the gifts. The truth is saints if you as a pastor or apostle do not create a realm in your church or network for freedom in the gifts and the fullness of the Holy Spirit will not come, and you are doing the will of the evil one.

In the Book of Job, the trial of Job was from the destructive nature of the spirits of behemoth and Leviathan; Satan does not do his own work he uses other spirits. He doers not like to be around the servants of God for the servant has the anointing. Job was a prophet, a marketplace prophet, and an elder; in addition he was one of the wealthiest persons in the know world at that time. Praise God that what Job went through was turn around as a witness of the true God in Job's life.

In my personal life I have fight this spirit many times. And I am going through its attack right now as I speak. One thing that I am showing that to overcome this spirit is to be humble before God. However, I know that soon that breaker anointing will come forth and end these trials. This evil spirit attacks ministries and their leaders in many various trials in one big trial.

I remember when I was only a young minister and being faithful to another person's ministry. I was ask to be apart of a prayer meeting in the city that meet two times week. They came together to see the city change. I was asked teach and help them in this task. Then at one of the meetings a pastor and one of his faithful lay ministers came to a meeting. As always in every meeting we pray for visiting pastors to show them honor. Well I pray for him and his lay minister. After that meeting this pastor and that lay minister said something was stir up within them. And from that day forth that pastor became my worst enemy in the whole city, here I did not know him, he didn't know me. I was only a minister aiding another person's ministry. I was not a pastor or well know minister. However, I found out that even before this time a person who helps this pastor establish his church said to him that I was a palm reader and my name was change from bob to Elvis. So you can see that the seeds were already planted. I even have never known that lady who said such evil lies about me. After a year I contacted him I ask him why is he doing this to me. He said I have been a pastor for nine years I have discernment, and I said you have no proof and my name was never bob, and I never was a palm reader. Unfortunately he never stopped his attack against me. He spoke his lies to his whole church, even in bible studies also to other ministers that didn't even go to his church. He was saying Elvis is a palm reader, his name was bob, and he also worships Satan and is his servant. After some years of this kind of attacks, his members begun to come to me and deal with me. In addition, some of his members will say how can this be true of this anointed man of God, he has bless us so much. So his members begun to deal with their pastor even in bible studies, but this pastor never repent of his sins. This is just one of the trials I went through in Grand Forks in my training for my true destiny.

Why am I telling you this kind of story? To show how this evil spirit works. It does not care if you are a ministry or you know your call. Demons don't play around. They too can sense the call on our lives. They will attack and try to destroy you from reaching your destiny. I remember once when crying out to God and asking why is this man attacking my ministry, and stopping people from giving to me through his lies. Then God give me Proverbs 6:16-19, 26:18-27. It was religious pride and the spirit of Leviathan working against my future and me. Moreover, I was in fellowship with anointed teacher in my hometown He then said I once was a minister in his group and we too have some trouble with him. He thinks his a mediator between God and man. In addition, his overseer has the same spirit. It is like the spirit that was upon Jim Joes, a superior, a spirit of superiority over God's people.

Apart from that, there is a connection between this evil spirit and Egypt. This is the spirit that rule in Egypt and rule in the life of Pharaoh. Egypt is a symbol of what holds many Christians in a yoke of bondage to religious dead systems full of every evil spirit. This evil spirit is full of pride. The sin of pride is the beginning of sins. This spirit and those who obey will harden themselves against those who are the apostles of today. They will attack and stop the people of God from being free. However, God is greater and He will set us free from these evil spirits that are trying to hold us back from apostolic truth. If you stop apostolic truth, you stop the apostolic church, and if you stop the apostolic church you will stop the birthing of the kingdom church. Above this the gates of hell will not hinder the church or its true apostles and the Kingdom Of God from being establish in the Earth.

What should you to deal with such evil spirits? Stand on the Blood of Christ, Know who you are in Christ, examine yourselves, and deal with any sin in your life. Flow in revelation and the prophetic. Take hold ever day in prayer your true destiny. Pray for those who hurt you. Don't take it personal. Forgive and bless those who do evil against you. Break all weak links. Establish yourself among faithful people and worthy people. This goes for leaders among you and leaders around you. This goes for leaders above you. We need to have worthy leaders outside of what we are doing that we can fellowship with and give account to. In addition, humble yourself and be clothed with humility. Pray for the Lord to end this trial, to stop these attacks, and stop the evil spirit, and for protection.

38.What Is Wrong With The Apostolic?

Apostolic moves of God today are one of the fasting growing church movements in the history of the church. However, it is only the beginning. We are only in the first wave of the apostolic and waiting for the one to come. There are only a few things wrong with the apostolic of today that we will begin to look upon in order that the true may be found. If we don't deal with these little things that are not in turn with Christ the chief apostle of the church it could hinder all of us. Praise God that Christ himself will deal with these little things. We today must humble ourselves or Christ will humble us. Let us purge out the old leaven, that you may be a new lump, since you truly are unleavened. For indeed Christ, our Passover was sacrificed for us.

Let me tell you a story; "Once upon a nation there was a revolution to overthrow an evil person in authority, this was done through a revolutionist however after a new person was put in power he was more evil then the other evil person who was before him. Thus the revolutionist led the nation against the new ruler and put the old one back again". This is just what is happen with this apostolic of today. Here we have new authority that will be put into power instead if this new power wills not being change and freedom it will not last now and the old one will come back in power.

What is wrong with the Apostolic?

Where are the new wineskins? We are seeing a change of names not a change of wineskins the same church system. We are seeing a change of tiles instead of seeing a change of authority.
The same Sanhedrin only change in names not in heart. Here comes the apostles look so like the last Sanhedrin, if it looks and smalls it must be the Sanhedrin.
Same ministry philosophies and same thinking from old ways of doing ministry.
Pet teachings and improper teachings. These pets are wild animals coming into the apostolic days to bit and hurt the saints once again.
The prophetic has become a sideshow. This is not all only a few that wants the prophetic and not the office. The prophet is not a sideshow.
Understand there are apostles of the old and apostles of the new however we are looking for the new.
The ministry of the apostles is a new beginning not end of a thing. Apostles lay foundation.
Apostles are not the main event, the body of Christ is.
Apostles are the not center of everything in the body of Christ. Jesus Christ and his gifts are.
Where are the Ascension gifts in the local church?  Today you still see the one man ministry of the local church. When the local church should be a body ministry with a team of elders leading.
The local church is not the perfect will of God for the Body of Christ it is the City Church, which is to come soon.
Where are the signs and wonders of an Apostle? First and foremost are those Apostles beginning with apostolic doctrine. In addition, the first wave of apostles is more foundation and the second wave of apostles are with signs and wonders. However, these apostles right now need to humble themselves before the others ones arise in the Body.

Apart from that, there are those who say you can use tiles and those who say you can't. However, the word apostle is better and more powerful then the word apostolic. In addition, the books on apostles talk about what is an apostle but does not say how apostles are raise up and the hard times that they must go through for their calling.

Furthermore, We are coming to the day when Christ will govern His church through the apostolic and He will deal with his apostles as He deals with other apostles in history.  So take heed if you are an apostle or if you stand in the office of an apostle.

39.Dealing with Familiar spirits

Dealing with familiar spirits, how to be set free from familiar spirits, and to keep them out of your life. Familiar spirits are information gathering and communication line demons that will give this information to other demons to keep you from promises, blessings, breakthrough, restoration, and freedom. We in the name of Jesus Christ and the blood of Jesus can be set free and to stop their communication in our lives. (Lev. 20:21, 1 Sam. 28:8, 1 Chron. 10:13, 2 Chron. 33:6, Isa. 29:4)

I since in this article there is anointing going forth to open your eyes, those demons that are hidden will no longer, and the Lord will show you how to be set free, and there are angels going forth and attacking the communication line of demons and the web of Familiar spirits are being taking out. Freedom is coming to many who believe.

The familiar spirit works with other spirits in this category of spirits; they are the spirit of divination, the familiar spirit, spy demon, laying spirit, and the flattery spirit. The Familiar spirit stays with the family line while the spy demon comes to and from spying on Christians etc. (Ex. 20:5-6)

Familiar spirits work in family lines, people groups, ever cities and nations of generational of Iniquities to hinder freedom, blessings, and the will of God. (Ex. 20:5-6)

How to be set free from familiar spirits:

1.Generational sins in occultism, witchcraft, false religions, and idol worship, idolatry. Repentance, renounce and breaking of curses.
2.Involvement in occultism, witchcraft, divination, false religions. Repentance, renounce and breaking of curses.
3.Religious and religions spirits, Church outside of Christ and the Holy Spirit, wrong or false teaching. Repentance, renounce and breaking of curses.
4.Wrong companies, groups and fellowships, ungodly soul ties, ungodly covenants, oaths, and vows. Repentance, renounce and breaking of curses.
5.All other kinds and forms of idolatry. Repentance, renounce and breaking of curses.
6.Generational Iniquities and lifestyles of sin, and believing sinful lifestyles of sin are ok. Repentance, renounce and breaking of curses.
7. Involvement in any lifestyle of sin. Repentance, renounce and breaking of curses.
8.Repent of obeying familiar spirits, etc. Repentance, renounce and breaking of curses.

After you repentance, renounce and breaking of curses. Then bind the familiar spirits and cast them out of you, and cast them into hell in the name of Jesus, bind and cast the doors and gates that these spirits uses to enter, doors of hell, doors of the kingdom of darkness, gates of hell and the kingdom of darkness. Pray for the Holy Spirit to minister to you and these areas in your life, pray to the Lord to cleanses these areas with the blood of Christ and the Holy Spirit, then pray cleansing prayers over yourself by the blood of Christ, replace those doors and gates with gates and doors of heaven and of the Kingdom of God, pray for these areas in your life to be healed, restore, and filled with the Holy Spirit and grace. (Matt. 7:1-5, 5:27-30)

Now pray over your eyes, ears and mind apply the blood and pray for the Lord to cleanse and sanctify them from evil thinking, demon imparted words, talking demons and familiar spirits, and pray for these areas to be full of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. (Jn. 10:5, 2 Cor. 10:3-6)

Now pray for the Lord to break up the web of familiar spirits that are against you and the demons working with them, and to establish the angles of the Lord in their place. Pray for the Lord to hide you and His plans from the web of familiar spirits. Now thank the Lord, praise the Lord and worship the Lord. (Psa. 91)

40.spirit of cessationism

The spirit of cessationism is under the department of Religion lead by the queen of heaven in the kingdom of darkness. Cessationism is a doctrine of demons and deceiving spirits; this doctrine says there is no power of God today, no divine healing, no miracles, signs and wonders, praying in the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit, and no apostles or prophets. We all know this is a big lie, however many believe this as gospel, this is a another gospel that is leading God's people against the Holy Spirit,
His gifts and leads to sins against the Holy Spirit. (Gal. 1:6-9)

Many have sin a sin against the Holy Spirit in their faith of pride in this doctrine of cessationism. This doctrine alone is one of the reasons that many Christian groups will come to an end. The Glory of the Lord is departing from many Christian groups, even Spirit filled groups for the reason they are standing in the way of the restoration of the body of Christ, the Church cannot be restore without the power of God or the fill restoration of the fullness of the power of God. The Glory of the Lord will rest upon the Apostolic Church, and the City Church. (Eph. 2:19-22)

It is kind of funny here we have so-called Spirit filled groups that believe in speaking in the Holy Spirit but do not walk in the power of God, and keep their people from walking in the power of God. How many gifts have you seen among them, meaning among their members, not those in ministry. His mercy will not cover those things that do not follow after the Truth and the Spirit. (Psa. 86:5)

It says in the last days perilous times will come, the church will have a form of godliness but denying it's power. And such people turn away! People talk about an apostasy church in the future, however that church is in the past and still we are trying to overcome the apostasy church, and we are living in the day of the end of the apostasy church. It seem that Word says that those who deny the power of God will turn away from their supernatural relationship with Christ. This is so much the American Church today; we have a form of godliness with no power of God, for we have denied the power of God. (2 Tim. 3:5)

The doctrine of cessationism is a sin, and it is a sin against the Holy Spirit. Why do I say this, this doctrine hinders mass numbers of the people of God from moving in the Holy Spirit and hinders the Holy Spirit in those so-called Christian groups! This is a sin of those Christian groups that don't believe in the power of God is for today, these same groups have commit a sin against the Holy Spirit. (1 Thess. 5:19)

There are layers of unbelief over our minds. They have been laid upon us from layer to layer from those who teach us from generation to generation against the power of God, and other false doctrines. It takes more faith to believe in something when most people around you don't believe that God has shown you. It takes less faith if those around you believe in what God has showed you. Some of these layers are not believing in healing, not believing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, no believing in rising the dead, not believing in hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit, etc. (MK. 6:5-6, Matt. 17:17, 20-21)

More and more a person reads the Holy Scriptures, seeks the face of God, and prayers the more the modern church will become contrary to them, and they will fine there is no place for them in the modern church. This is why the Lord is raising the Apostolic Church up around the world. The Apostolic Church is a place of reformation, a place of freedom for the gifts of the Holy Spirit and freedom to have faith in what God shows you in the Holy Scriptures. (Rom. 9:1)

The width of the church is the marketplace church, the length of the church is the apostolic church, the depth of the church is the Koinonia church, and the height of the church is the city church. The Marketplace Church is being established and raised up they are a major part of the body of Christ around the world. In the long run they will find a more connecting with the Apostolic Church, for the marketplace Church is an extended church of the Apostolic Church. The Koinonia Church is the rest of the body of Christ we are love one another throughout the Church, we are to speak the Truth with love and understand that Lord is working with each one of us and it takes time, in His time; when preaching reformation don't cut off any part in the body of Christ. The city church is the City Church that will birth from the Apostolic Church in the future, the Kingdom Church is in the end times is the City Church, the mature city church, right now the city church today will go through levels of growth and maturity to reach the day of the mature city church. (Eph. 3:18)

Furthermore, the Lord is restoring the gospel of the demonstration of the Spirit and of power. The Church will not lack a spiritual gift, and you will not lack the power of God. We will know the fullness of the manifestation power of God in our time. (1 Cor. 2:4-5, 4:20)

In conclusion: let us pray together: Father we pray let the fires of reformation fall upon each one of us with grace and love in humility. Let revival come to each one of us, and restore the power of God to each one of us, and lead and guide us in these special favorable times of the Spirit through the Holy Spirit that is in each one of us. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

41.Reformation, Revival, and Unity

When reformation comes the community of the believers will be shaking, it will be trying times for unity. But again what kind of unity do we have, unity that can be shaking must be shaking so a more mature unity may come.

In reformation, we must teach that all those who are born again, are apart of the Body of Christ, and we should seek to fellowship with them and to love them. This must be retrained over and over in the coming moves of God, so that no walls of divisions arise between others and us in the church.

In reformation we must always give the right of fellowship to any believer or any minister in Christ, we must allow them to make up their own minds. We must keep the door open if they don't agree with us give them time. Reformation must not be without the love of God for the church.

When revival comes, they will be those who try to control, attack or try to destroy a revival. We must forgive them, and not war in the flesh, our battle is spiritual and there are demons working behind those who are mislead against revival. At the same time we should not hold the people who are apart of those leaders who are the leading the attack. We should seek to fellowship, to love, and give the right hand of fellowship. So that in long run we don't build new walls of divisions, instead plant seeds for unity and love.

There is unity that we can have that will not work in the favor of revival or city transformation. This is pastoral unity, this is the kind of unity that will always be shaking on certain levels, but this unity is needed on certain levels too. The unity that we need at the city level is apostolic unity; this kind of unity will lead to city transformation. Beside, when true city transformation comes, will then come true unity. We should always seek biblical unity in our cities and in the church.

42.Day of Mixtures

The old wineskins are not bad; it is just that the new wineskins are better. The old wine only needs a little touch of the new wine and that is all it can take, for old wineskins cannot hold the new wine. The old wine skins can have oil and water only, and the new wine skins can have oil, water and new wine. (LK. 5:36-39)

The stuff that is bad is those things that are not of these wineskins. Which is religion, man made traditions and any thing that hinders the working of the Holy Spirit. These things are what will bring an end to these old wineskins. The pillars of the old wine skins have become religion, tradition, and hindering the Holy Spirit these pillars will fail. We have entered into a beginning of the next reformation of the church, the third reformation of the church.

The other pillar that has become one of pillars of the old wineskins is the pillar of divisions. The old wine skins cannot come into unity with each other, and they cannot come into unity with the new wineskins. Pastoral unity is not stronger to hold and tie together, it cannot bring transformation only apostolic unity can lead to the breakthroughs we are looking for and praying for. Apostolic unity will give away to kingdom unity, which is the city church. It is time for us to go from pastoral unity to apostolic unity, and then to kingdom unity. The New Wine skins can come into unity, connect and work together in vision.

This is the day of new wines however, we see a mixture of wines we see a mixture of old wines with new wines. A mixture of teachings that are the religion and traditions of man that works against the reformation and the Spirit of reformation. Apostles and Prophets can only go as far as the revelation that is giving to them, each apostle and prophet needs to remain humble and meek in these beginning days of reformation.

However, if those apostles and prophets do not continue in the rivers of new wines they will become old giving in to religion and traditions of old. As we swim into the ocean of glory, we are only at this time in the coastlines of changes, as we swim more outward, and swim into more deep water we begin to leave the religion and traditions behind and the waters will become deeper.

On the contrary, there is more waters to swim and we cannot stop there for the more you swim into deep waters for the more you will come into which are, more revelation, more insight, more teaching, more vision and more wine to come, and more of the Holy Spirit to come. As we swim we will come to an inland that has been hidden throughout most of the history of the church, this inland is where the city church is being build and from their it will go to all cities in every nation around the world.

Apostles are going to come forth with deep revelation teaching, Apostles will come forth with great grace and great power, apostles will come forth with great vision for the church. Prophets are going to come forth with a great prophetic anointing; an anointings of all other prophets throughout history will rest upon the office of the prophet. Prophets will come forth with revelation, visions, prophetic, and power. These apostles and prophets will become lovesick with Christ and His love for the church. It is through such love we can have pure motives toward our service unto Christ and then our ministries the church.

Nevertheless, the tests of unity will come and they have already begun, in these trying times for unity, we as apostles and prophets are to remain in relationship and fellowship in love and in vision and in revelation with one another, hearing, listening, learning, and ministering to one another besides, we should embrace the other moves of God and other ministers who are being lead by the Spirit, we must embrace the body of Christ.  

Furthermore, we are in beginning of the next reformation, the foundation is being lay for reformation; reformation will birth forth revivals. The church life is changing, the life of the believer is changing, the apostolic church is being established, and city church is arising. Apostles and Prophets should work together in raising the church to a level in the supernatural that she can obey and fulfill her purpose and destiny.

43.Common Ground of the Apostolic Church

Father we pray for the width of the church, we pray for the length of the church, we pray for the depth of the church, and we pray for the height of the church. (Eph. 3:18)

Father we pray for the width of the church, we pray for the length of the church, we pray for the depth of the church, and we pray for the height of the church.  We pray for unity, reconciliation, oneness, vision, common ground and we pray for the flood levels of the Holy Spirit to rise in the width, length, depth, and height of the Church. We pray for the width of the Church, which is the marketplace church, the church in the workplace, we pray for unity, vision, blessings, and grace. We pray for the length of the church, which is the apostolic church, Father establish and raise up the apostolic church around the world in great grace and great power, and we pray unity, vision, blessings and grace. We pray for the depth of the church, which is the Koinonia church, the whole church around the world, we pray for unity, vision, blessings and grace. Father we pray for the height of the church, which is the city church, we pray for each growth levels and for them each to maturity, we pray for vision, unity, grace, revivals, reformation, transformations to come every city church in every nation around the world.

The width of the church is the Marketplace Church; the length of the church is the Apostolic Church; the depth of the church is the Koinonia church, which is the whole church around the world; the height of the church is the City Church in every city of every nation around the world.

Now the Apostolic Church is the church that is always moving forward, we are to pray for unity, and there is to be unity, common vision and common ground establish.

What is the Apostolic Church? It is the church that believers in apostles, prophets, Books of Acts Today, power of God, reformation, revival, etc.

The Common Ground of the Apostolic Church:

·Three Absolutes of Scriptures:
1.The Bible is true and normative. It is the absolute authority for faith and practice. 
2.Jesus Christ is God and Lord.
3.An individual's personal relationship with Jesus Christ makes the difference between heaven and hell.

·Three Moral Nonnegotiables:
1.Human life begins at conception.
2.Homosexuality is sin against God.
3.Extramarital heterosexual relationships are also sin.

·The Great Commission.
·Compassion to the poor.
·The Church in the Workplace.
·Spiritual gifts.
·The Body of Christ.
·The City Church.
·The Ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Furthermore, Apostles on all levels and kinds of ministry, from all movements need to have connection, fellowship with apostles from groups, movements outside of their own ministry. We must wish the feet of other apostles. Apostles at city levels need to fellowship, regional levels, and national levels and international levels need to fellowship along with the fellowship of the prophets.

44.Delay and Hindering Forces

There are those around the world that are at the forefronts of what the Lord is about to do; Men and Women with vision and purpose from the Throne Room, Men and Women of grace and of anointing, Men and Women who walk in authority. These persons have been hidden from the eyes of most but soon they will break forth by the working of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Some of them are businesspersons, some of them are apostles, some of them to soon be leaders of government, some are prophets, and some are anointed companies, and some are churches.

They have asked they have sought, and they have knocked, for they will receive, for they will find, and for they will be opened unto them. (Matt. 7:7-11)

Through out our times of prayer we have had head to head hits with spiritual stones, which are delay spirits, and hindrance spirits. Then when we prayed and prayed we came under attack from spiritual serpents and spiritual scorpions. We must be faithful in these times to God and our vision, we must know these are spiritual battles, and need to forgive those who are used against us in these spiritual attacks. (Matt. 7:9-10, LK. 11:11-12.

In these times we must remain in prayer, to pray for prophecies giving to us and the visions and purposes and plans, and goals giving to us. We must fight these battles in the rest of the Lord and in the peace of God.

We will get our bread, our fishes, and eggs for the Father is the one who gives these; Breads - resources, fishes - people, and eggs - birthing.

Stand upon this promise of prayer:

If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in Heaven give good things to those who ask Him! (Matt. 7:11)

Stand upon this promise in prayer:

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us. (Eph. 3:20)

We can overcome these delay spirits, and hindrance spirits. Which, I called them red tape trials. Delay and hindrance trials works with witchcraft, soulish prayers, divination prayers, witchcraft prayers, and religious prayers against your purpose, destiny, vision, plans, and goals.

How can we overcome? Through faith and patience, through much prayer and much fasting, through revelation prayer and prophetic prayer, and revelation, through spiritual warfare, and through grace, and wisdom.

45.The Fruitful House

Do you want your local church to become a fruitful house? The Lord wills and wants your local church to be a faithful house. There are churches and there ministries, and all of them need to be faithful in the Lord. Local Churches and parachurch ministries need to be humble and receive one another, the local church is not greater then the parachurch ministries. I look at these as all apart of the nuclear church, and then there is the extended church, which is the church in the workplace, how do we understand all their functions in the body of Christ and divine placement. There are those that are in the width of the Church, there are those in the length of the church, and there are those in the depth of the church and the height of the church; all need be humble, and supportive to one another. (Eph. 3:18)

First and foremost if you want a fruitful house, we need to priorities our church budgets according to the priority in the Scriptures. (Neb. 2:20)

Priorities of the Church Budgets:

1.The Great Commission: How much money spends on fulfilling the Great Commission?
2.World Missions: How much money spends on missionary work around the world?
3.Equipping the Saints: How much money is spends on equipping the saints for the work of ministry?
4.A Body Ministry: how many churches have a body ministry?
5.Caring for the Saints: How many churches care for their people when there are hurting or in need? 
6.Commission Works: How many churches reach out around them in their communities to help the people that don't go to their churches?
7.Vision: Does your church have vision that came through revelation from God, about His purposes, plans, goals, tasks and missions?

However, are you ready to be good stewards, to have good stewardship with the finances, resources, and wealth that will come? Some churches and even many churches cannot handle such wealth. There needs to be financial accountable for the finances that God entrust us with for His purposes. (1 Tim. 3:2-3)

The grace giving institution needs to be established, and our minds need to be renew to a prosperity mindset, to believe in prosperity, not for selfness reasons, although our personal lives are much taking care of and we should enjoy the fruit of our labors, etc. the believers need to be free to give and hear what Holy Spirit is saying where to give, not just to a local church, a member of a local church who gives should never give over the ten percept of the budget of the church, or more then ten percent of a special project such as buildings. (2 Cor. 8,9)

Furthermore, those who serve in the house of the Lord, the elders, and those whom spiritual feed and care for you should be taking care of, they are to have double portion, and double honor. (1 Tim. 5:17-18)

Conclusion, we are to believe, pray for the wealth of the wicked, the wealth of the gentiles to come, we are to believe and prepare, so that we can fulfill the set vision that the Lord has giving us, and the fill the house of the Lord with wheat, for God gives the increase. (Eccl. 2:26)

46.Apostles Life

What kind of life does an apostle has? What is the lifestyle of an apostle, what does a life of an apostle looks like? (2 Cor. 12:12)

1.Suffering: an apostle's life is a life of suffering.
2.Warfare: An apostle's life is a life of spiritual warfare.
3.Patience: An apostle's life is a life of patience.
4.Victory: An apostle's life is one of victories and overcoming.
5.Successful: An apostle's life is one many success stories and accomplishments.
6.Favor: An apostle's life is one of favor.
7.Throne Room Encounters: An apostle's life is one of encounters with God.
8.Supernatural: An apostle's life is a life of supernatural.
9. Revelation: An apostle's life is one Word revelation, prophetic revelation, and other insights.
10.Apostolic doctrine: An apostle's life is one apostolic doctrine in teaching and preaching.
11.Sign and wonders: An apostle's life is one of signs and wonders.
12.Mighty Deeds: An Apostle's life is one of mighty deeds.

I believe that Holy Spirit is speaking to those who have a calling to be an apostle on their lives. You been waiting, going through suffering and warfare and have nothing to show for it. You are an apostle indeed, however you are waiting of the signs of an apostle. The Holy Spirit is saying be faithful, be humble, be meek, be teachable, be applicable, trust the Lord, and have confidence, continue in the leading of the Lord in your life and ministry.

The Lord speaks favor, grace, anointing, blessing, breakthrough, restoration, the means and ways, apostolic provision, revival to you apostles.

I had a prophetic vision last night (August 24, 2006): I seen a huge cloud called the signs of an apostle. This cloud is coming to the apostle's life. Then I seen an angel this angel had the reflection of royal, it give off in awe feeling, there was a majestic or majesty around the angel, and the angel was covered in mystery. The angel's name was called the signs of an apostle. The angel said the reason why people don't believe in me, they have not known me much in the past, Of healing they have know, but not of signs of an apostle. Then this angel pointed their finger toward the apostles saying I will come with you, I will guard this cloud, your ministry, the anointing and the works, and release the signs of an apostle. (Acts 19)

This angel marks the restoration of the signs of an apostle to the Apostles today!

I believe there is a restoration of signs of the believers, that all believers will walk in supernatural signs, I believe there will be an outpouring of prophecy, visions and dreams upon all believes, I believe there is a restoration of signs and wonders, a restoration of the power of God to the church, and I believe there is a restoration of the signs of an apostle coming to the apostles.

47.Error and Out of Order, What spirit are you of?

There is a fine lime between truth and error; you may say you are in truth, however without the nature of Christ along with truth, you will not be in truth. Truth is more then words, it is also the nature of Christ. (Phil. 2:1-11)

How do you discern something? Does it line up with Holy Scriptures? Does it line up with the nature of Christ? Does it line up with the Holy Spirit? Is there a witness of anointing or power? (1 Jn. 4:1-6, Matt. 22:29, Acts 17:11, 1 Cor. 4:29,10, Matt. 7:15-20, Jn. 16:13-15)

You can error in truth more then one way, you may be right in doctrine and error in practice or error in lifestyle. Do you have a pattern of healthy and sound teaching? Do you have a pattern of sound lifestyle? Do you have a life of sound patterns? You can error more then one way, and truth is more then words, it is life, however it begins with the Word of God, you just can't know the Holy Scriptures they must be written upon your heart! (Jam. 5:19-20, 3:13-18)

Do you hear what the Holy Spirit is speaking unto the Church? Do you hear what the Holy Spirit is speaking through the apostles and prophets? Can you hear the Holy Spirit when He is speaking through others? (Rev. 2:29)

Hearing is more then hearing; hearing means you not only hear you receive what you hear. There is anointing that is placed upon a congregation, a network, a ministry, and if are to belong to that group of people you have the anointing that is place upon that group in order to follow and flow with the them. (1 Jn. 4:5-6)

If you can't hear the Holy Spirit speaking through apostles and prophets it is for the reason you are in error, and you may have a spirit of error. Those who hear and receive have the Spirit of Truth, and are apart of their company, those who don't hear and receive them that mean you have a spirit of error and you are not apart of their company. (1 Jn. 4:1-6)

When things are from the Holy Spirit, and when persons are Holy Spirit lead, when the Holy Spirit is speaking through a person and you don't hear and receive the words that they are speaking, it is that you have a spirit of error and you may be out of connection with the Body. (1 Jn. 4:1-6)

You can be born again, and have a spirit of error, you can be baptized into the Body of Christ and be out of connection with the church, if you don't hear and receive from the Holy Spirit through others you are out of connection with the church, if you don't hear and receive the manifestation of the headship of Christ, the ministries of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ you are out of connection with church, if you don't hear and receive the fellowship with the body you are out of connection with the church, and if you don't hear and receive relationship with the believers and the leadership you are out of connection with the church. (1 Jn. 4:1-6)

You can belong to a congregation, belong to a network, belong to a company, belong to a group in the church, but if you don't hear and receive the body and leadership of the church you are out of connection with the church. (1 Cor. 11:27-34)

It is demons, evil spirits, lies and religion that hinder us from truth, revelation, new moves of God, the third reformation, apostles, and prophets, and revivals. (1 Tim. 4:1, Matt. 15:3)

If you cannot receive an apostle that the Lord has sent to you, if you cannot receive a prophet that the Lord has sent to you; that means you have a spirit of error! (1 Jn. 4:5-6)

If you cannot honor the apostles and the prophets that the Lord has sent you have a spirit of error. The Lord did not send you His apostles and prophets for you to be friends with them, but to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying through them, and to apply the work of the Holy Spirit that is in their lives into your life. (Matt. 10:5-15,40-42, Matt. 23:34, LK. 11:49, Rev. 18:20)

It is funny that people will honor, hear, and receive those that have no anointing, or little anointing, those who have no revelation, those who don't have any manifestation of the Spirit, and at the same time don't hear and receive those who have anointing, revelation, and a manifestation of the Spirit. We have people who can't since the anointing, gifting, and even went they witness the manifestation of the Spirit that they still don't open their eyes and ears to receive. This is for reason they have a spirit of error! (1 Jn. 4:5-6)

If you say you can hear the Holy Spirit in your life, but cannot hear the Holy Spirit speaking through others, then you may not be hearing the Holy Spirit in your life? (Heb. 3:7-15,19,4:2,7)

Apart from that, new wineskins are coming forth that can connect with one another, and a new wineskin that is coming forth for all to apply and be reformed. There is a connecting networking new wineskin that will connect all new wine skins together, and there is a common new wine skin that is coming forth. Apostles and prophets are the foundation of the church, foundation of the city church, and foundation to these new apostolic congregations that are coming forth. The apostolic government of the church is been establishing globally in the church around the world, God's order is being established in a order of freedom, liberty for the manifestation of the Spirit and the work of the ministry under the oversight of apostles. If you cannot receive or apply this you are out of order. (1 Cor. 12:28)

There is a massive reformation coming forth, this is the reformation of all things, this is the third reformation, and this is called the new apostolic reformation; if you cannot receive, apply, change, and be reformed you are out of order. (Heb. 9:10,12:25-29)

There is the reformation that is corporate reformation, and then there is personal reformation, if you don't receive the corporate reformation and if you don't go through personal reformation you are out of order. (Heb. 9:10)

There is a time to be apart of a fellowship, which is always, and then there is a time to be away from a fellowship, for reasons, that you going through a wilderness experience, you are about to give birth to something new, or you doing missionary work, and there could be other reasons, but in all things you are not apart from fellowship, you may be away from a fellowship, but not without fellowship. The wilderness experience is not for life, and should not last a long time, we as Christians are to be in fellowship with one another to be in a fellowship, and this is God's will. (1 Jn. 1:7)

Did the Holy Spirit led you, are you following the Holy Spirit leading, what is leading you, what is your motive? Has the Lord lead you do that kind of ministry? We need to learn to be led by the Holy Spirit and to know if what has lead us in a certain way of ministry. Is it your God giving purpose; is it your God giving vision? (1 Thess. 5:16-22)

The conclusion of these matters is what spirit are you of? If something is of the Holy Spirit there is truth, and nature of Christ, if what you are speaking is not anointed, and you feel something being release as they speak, what spirit are they of? When in fellowship with a person, and you feel like something evil have got on you during your time of fellowship, what spirit are they of? If you're at a meeting, if your hearing a sermon or teaching, and if someone is giving you are prophecy, and you since something is not right, it seem that some evil; thing has jump on you, what spirit are they of? If Christians don't walk in love, what spirit are they of? If Christians are not open to the ministry of the Holy Spirit, what spirit are they of? If Christians are not open to the LORD sent apostles and the LORD send prophets, what spirit are they of? It is sure not the Holy Spirit! It is sure not truth! It is sure not the nature of Christ! It is sure not from God! (Heb. 4:12, 5:14)

48.Pet Doctrines have Rabies

Pet doctrines are subjective opinions, personal preferences, feelings, and cultural norms that we made into absolutes. Pet doctrines are deductions that we made into absolutes. Pet doctrines are interpretations that we made into absolutes. Absolutes are the essentials for salvation, the gospel essentials the common ground, common faith of the church. (2 Pet. 3:14-18)

Pet doctrines are half-truths, man's teaching, and man's insight into the Word of God that becomes mix with human ideals. (Matt. 15:2-3, Col. 2:8)

Pet doctrines are idols that demon spirits through them can to control and lead us against one another, and against Christ and the Holy Spirit. (Gal. 5:1,15)

Pet doctrines become tools and reasons for hated and division in the Church. (1 Cor. 1:10, 3:1-3)

Pet doctrines can become demon points of contacts if we are prideful, if we hate, if we use pet teachings to make sin ok in the eyes of the one another. (Rom. 6:17)

Pet doctrines hinder us from revival, reformation, unity, and the Kingdom of God. (Matt. 23:13)

Pet doctrines have rabies that hurt others through their un- renewed mindsets and that plant that seeds of bitterness.  (Jam. 5:9)

Pet doctrines mislead us into false judgments against our brothers and sisters in Christ. (Matt. 7:1-6, Rom. 14:1,4)

Pet doctrines are doorways and gateways to move in the soulish realm in praying soulish prayers and prayer craft, prophesy soulish prophecy and false prophesy against others in Christ. (Gal. 5:15, 3:1)

We need to understand what are the absolutes the gospel essentials of the Christian faith. And we need to show respect to the truth that other believers carry that we may not agree. We need to seek for sound teaching, soundness means healthy teaching, the word doctrine means teaching. The beginning of sound healthy teaching begins with the common faith, the absolutes the gospel essentials of salvation, and Christian unity. (Gal. 5:13-14,1 Tim. 3:14-16)

We must not only teach the Word, we must flow with the Holy Spirit, there is agreement between the Word of God and the Holy Spirit, and we need to give freedom to the supernatural of the Holy Spirit. It is the Word of God, The Nature of Christ, and the Holy Spirit; these three are the threefold cord to discernment. However, the Word must come in grace and love with meekness. (Matt. 22:29)

49.Modern Day Pharisees

We have already enter into the times of reformation, the third reformation of the Church, the new apostolic reformation, this is the reformation of the whole church and all of Christianity, new apostolic Christianity will arise, and the new apostolic church will arise around the earth, and the new apostolic city church will arise in many cities around the world. (Heb. 9:10)

The Pharisaic spirit in the modern day Pharisees hinders the ways of the Lord in the earth, they stand in the way of the Holy Spirit, they stand in the way of the return of Christ, they stand in the way of the city church, they stand in the way of revival, they stand in the way of the harvest, they stand in the way of Israel coming to know the Lord, for all of Israel shall come to salvation. They are the great hindrance, and they are an alliance with Satan, for he dwells among the religious and the hypocrites. (Matt. 4:5)

The religious spirit is the enemy of the apostles and the prophets, the religious works to control God, which no man can control God, those who have align themselves with religious spirits have set themselves up for the judgment of the Lord that is coming upon the religious and the hypocrites that try to built hindrance against the Kingdom of God. (Matt. 23, LK. 11:37-54)

God is calling all those who have been religious to come to true repentance. The Lord has mercy on sinners, backsliders, those trying to overcome sin, those living in sin, the believers and even the religious, but He has no mercy on those who are hypocrites full of hypocrisy. There are those who are religious, that can still hear a little, but those who are hypocrites cannot hear, and may never repent. Only if there were some kind of divine act they would come to repentance. (LK. 12:1-3, Matt. 23:28,Matt. 16:5-12)

Saul who is also name Paul became a man full of hypocrisy, and he is was a hypocrite, who didn't hear the voice of God, and God's in His Divine purpose and will moved by divine act and brought this man to true repentance. Fearful truth is that only a very few among the companies of hypocrites, will ever come to true repentance.   Even after Paul becomes a believer, and an apostle, it took him years to be free from religion. You too can be free from religion. (Gal. 2:6,1 Tim.1: 15, 1 Cor. 15:9-11)

In our time, the Lord will set the church free from the Christian religion, and church will again become the priesthood of the Kingdom, ambassadors of the Kingdom, and Bride of Christ, and the Church shall arise as the city of God around the world. Yes the believer is a priest, however most of the church have broken their bond with the Kingdom of God, and in our time the Lord will restore the bond between the church and the Kingdom, yes all those who know Christ personally are born of the Spirit. (Gal. 4:19)

Modern day Pharisees hinder real unity in the church from moving forth, for the reason is pride and control, every one wants to be a big person, instead submitting to one another, and those who the Lord has set apart to lead the church. It is hard to be a humble leader; it is hard to walk in humility with one another in Christ. (3 Jn. 9-12)

Modern day Pharisees walk in a spirit of control, they control all those under them, it is very hard to enter into ministry, to do new things of the Spirit in the cities where they live, they are not open to new things of the Spirit, they try to control the Holy Spirit, and they have brought rest to the Holy Spirit movements among their cities. (Zech. 6:8)

Modern day Pharisees don't like new churches, don't like the new guy on the block, they will act friendly and kind, but their inward will is to stop such people, for they think they are the only church in town, they have a corner on God that no one else has, and they don't believe in you, for the reason they can only see their face, not the face of Christ. (Gal. 5:7-15)

Modern day Pharisees don't like prophets, they don't like the prophetic words from there months, they will stop even hurt the prophets, they believe there call is to kill and murder every prophet among them, and those who come to their cities, they lie in wait to take hold of the prophets and then control and destroy them. Modern day Pharisees have a spirit of murder that dwells in their hearts, with a lists of blood to shed. (Matt. 23:34, LK. 11:49, Rev. 20:20)

Modern day Pharisees don't have the key of knowledge and they hinder others from having the key of knowledge, they don't like revelation, they don't like Word revelation, there minds and hearts are not open to truth, or whole truth. If they hear truth that they have not understood before they become angry and will not search the Word of God for truth, they will begin to attack without thinking. They love to quarrel, and they love strife. (LK. 11:52)

Notwithstanding the apostles have raising in the Holy Spirit, and they will not fail, they will not be burn out, they will have the last word, they will overcome, they will break the walls of division, they will built the new apostolic church, they will lay the foundation for lasting revivals. They will open the gates and doors in their cities to open them to revivals, and the Holy Spirit. Modern day Pharisees cannot stand against them, they cannot stop them, they cannot control them, and they cannot stand before them, or among them. (Rom. 9:16,18,21,22,23)

Furthermore, we have come to beginning of the end of religion in the church, the beginning of the end of the sins of religion and hypocrisy, and we have come to the beginning of the end of the companies of the Modern day Pharisees. (2 Thess. 3:1-5)

50.The spirit of Ichabod

Many cities around the world, are under the spirit of Ichabod, written upon the city church in these cities is the words Ichabod, they have stop and hinder the power of God and revival for so many years, that the presence of the Lord has departed, and the Holy Spirit no longer manifests himself among them. (1 Sam. 4:19-22)

These are cities of confusion, no vision, no revelation, no prophetic insights, and no prophets at all. In these cities there is only a very few that ever comes to know the Lord, there is no harvest of souls, there is no harvest of labors. (Isa. 24:10)

Revelation is rare in these cities and these city churches; there is no widespread revelation. There are no foundations of the apostles and prophets within these city churches in these cities. They are not open to the apostles or the prophets. (1 Sam. 3:1)

There hearts have grown cold, and they are lukewarm or cold toward the Lord or the things of the Lord, they have left there first love and the first works, there hearts and ears are harden toward the Holy Spirit, and very few hear the Holy Spirit, and these city churches are filled with religious spirits. (Heb. 3:15)

The fire upon the altar of the city church in these cities is only profane fire, and evil spirits speak and lead the city church in these cities, and the leading ministers of these cities churches in these cities are of the same spirit of Nadab and Abihu. (Lev. 10:1-2)

The city church in these cities are in ruins, while the congregations are paneled houses; there is no revelation of the body of Christ, or unity of the church, or the vision of the city church. (Hag. 1:2,4,8)

Before God moves upon a city or a city church He sends prophets, if they receive them, they will receive the Holy Spirit. The Lord sends prophets to minister in order to test the hearts of His people, if they are worthy of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. (1 Thess. 5:19-21)

The Lord sends apostles to build, to establish, to rise, and to restore if we receive them, we receive the will of God for our city and for our city church, and everything begins with prayer, prophecy, apostles and prophets. (Isa.62: 10)

The Lord hears the prayers of the faithful and He is send His apostles and prophets to lay the foundation, to break up the fallow ground, and to raise up His will in your city and the city church. (Hosea 10:12)

These cities of Ichabod and cities of confusion, can be change, can repent, and can have a move of God, but we must repent and seek the face of God, and be faithful and open our ears to the Holy Spirit and His apostles and prophets. (2 Chron. 7:14)

How to break the Ichabod spirit off your city and the city church:

1.Few come together to pray faithfully.
2.Hear the prophetic words and prophecy for your city.
3.Have the revelation of the city church.
4.Hear the apostles and the prophets.
5.Open the doors of your city to apostles and prophets.
6.Repentance and identificational repentance.
7.Break the curse of Ichabod.
8.Bind the Ichabod spirit.
9.Repent of sins against the Holy Spirit.
10.Repent of sins against the apostles and the prophets.
11.Repent of sins against the church.
12.Repent of sins against one another.
13.Gather a few senior church leaders to pray and fast together, then grow the number to seven, and then begin to hold citywide prayer meetings and ministry meetings.
14.Allow the apostles and the prophets to minister.
15.Gather the prophets and allow them to speak.
16.Gather the apostles and allow the minister and to lead.
17.Allow the apostles and the prophets to lay the foundation.
18.Allow the apostles to rise up the new apostolic city church.
19.Pray for reformation for the city church, revivals for both the city church and the city, and social transformation for the city, and harvests of souls for the city church.
20.Set up a place to hold prayer, worship, and prophetic meetings on a monthly basis.
21.Reform the church, and rise up the church in the marketplace.

The Lord is speaking to those who pray for their city and pray for revival and a move of God, you have prayed for years and have seen no fruits, now today in this article the Lord is speaking truth to you, showing you the way, pray it forth and apply it to your prayers, and share this with spiritual leaders and believers who have a hearing ear. (Matt.16: 18-19,18:18-20)

51.spirit of Diotrephes

The spirit of Diotrephes stands in the way of the believer's priesthood, stands in the way of the five-fold ministry, stands in the ways of the apostles and the prophets, stands in the way of plurality of elders, stands in the way of the city church, and stands in the way of unity in the church; we have come to the days of the end of the Diotrephes spirit, and we have come to beginning of the liberty of the Spirit. (2 Jn. 9-12)

Diotrephes spirit stands in the way of the Holy Spirit and the revivals, this is why reformation is coming; it is the judgment of the Lord first beginning in the house of the Lord. (1 Pet. 4:17)

Diotrephes spirit: loves to have the pre-eminence amongst the brethren and in the church, would not receive the apostles, or other traveling ministers, and speaks against them with malicious words, forbids all others in the church to receive any of these brethren, and excommunicated from the church any who did receive apostolic or other of the traveling ministries. (2 Jn. 9-12)

When the Diotrephes spirit first arise in the church, it was an order of man, not of Christ, it was against the ministry of the apostle, and it was the beginning sign of the coming great apostasy church, however, even today the Lord is leading us out of the apostasy church to an apostolic church. (2 Cor. 6:14-18, 7:1)

Some say we are apostles, maybe they are, or maybe they are not, but one thing for sure is that they are immature apostles in following the ways of the Diotrephes spirit. This is why the reformation has come, not only to establish apostolic government, plus bring the freedom of the Holy Spirit back into the church. (Rev. 2:2)

Diotrephes spirit fights against the reformation spirit of apostles who are following the Lord into the third reformation of the church. This reformation is to prepare the way, and lay the foundation for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, revivals, and the glory of the Lord. (Heb. 9:10)

The pastor is not to rule over the church, there is not a one-man rule in true church government, there is no Scripture foundation for the one man rule, instead there is the plurality of elders with a set man, but it is not a one man rule, it is not a tyrant, the tyranny government is the antichrist spirit and pride of man, not of the wisdom of God, the set man leads as a coordinator, with joined cooperation, continuity, and coherence of one another of the plurality of elders. (1 Tim. 4:14)

Plurality of elders works together as one voice in cooperation, continuity, and coherence, with the senior elder being the set visionary and set coordinator of the Plurality of elders of a congregation. (Prov. 29:18, Prov. 24:3-6)

The pastor is not to lead the congregation as a whole, the pastor is not to be the set man, or the set coordinator, he is not the leading elder, the pastor is not the main minister, and is not the center minister, instead the pastor is called to care for the members in the church in the home, he is called to pastor in the home, not overseer the church, instead the leading elders are apostles, prophets, and teachers. (1 Cor. 12:28)

It is the believer who is to do the work of the ministry, not the apostle, not the pastor; instead the five-fold ministry is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, this is they main purpose in the church, and in the congregation. (Eph. 4:11-12)

Spiritual leadership does not have the power over the will of the believer; instead they guard the freedom that Christ has giving each believer, and they give wisdom and guidance. Spiritual leadership does not have authority to control the relationship between the believer and Christ; instead we are to support, and to build. (2 Cor. 1:24)

52.Speaking Reformation with Love

Reformation is coming as a holy consuming fire around the world. We are living in the time of reformation, there are times of reformation, and this is one of those times of reformation. In this time of reformation the whole church will go through reformation, this is the reformation of the church, and this is a great reformation of the church throughout all of church history. (Heb. 9:10)

It is the Holy Spirit that will bring holy reformation to the whole church, and He is rising up a holy company of reformers in the church around the world, this company is not a big company, and not all apostles and prophets are called to this holy company of reformers, however all are called to partake and flow in is great reformation of the church. The company of revivalists are greater then the company of reformers. (Jer. 1:10, 6:16)

Reformation will lay the foundations for the coming revivals, many revivals, lasting revivals, massive revivals, resting revival, and the revival life. Reformation will lay the foundations for social transformation, social transformations, massive social transformations, and lasting social transformations, and reformation will lay the foundations of harvest, many harvests, massive harvests, and lasting harvests. (Eph. 2:20, Psa. 11:3)

Apostles and prophets are foundational ministry to the church around the world, reformation is laying the foundations for revivals, social transformations, and harvests, however all apostles and prophets are laying foundation in this reformation and in the church, although there are those called and anointing in the company of reformers. (Eph. 2:20)

The Spirit of reformation is truth, love, grace, Spirit, life, faith, meekness and patience. Although reformation is fire and it is bold to bring changes in the church, true reformation is truth with love, truth with grace, and truth with meekness and truth with patience. (Eph. 4:15, Jn. 1:14, Col. 4:6, 1 Pet. 3:15, Jn. 4:23-24, Jn. 6:63, 2 Thess. 2:13, Heb. 6:12)

There are immature, false, misleading, imposture and counterfeit reformers and reformations. If they don't have the Spirit of reformation, you must question them. (Eph. 4:13-15)

True and pure reformation does not name names, does not name groups, and does not name movements. Yes in past reformations things may have been different, for the reasons it came to salvation. This is not a reformation to fight for salvation; instead it is a reformation of church government, wineskin, and organic church. The standards of this reformation are being lay before our ears today. (2 Tim. 1:13)

1.Do not name, names.
2.Do not name groups.
3.Do not name movements.
4.If your in that group, or movements, you can but in the Spirit of reformation.
5.You can attack doctrine, teaching, methods, nature, spiritual, structure, and wineskin, but in the Spirit of Reformation.
6.The reformers may not agree on every thing, but we respect each other's insight and truth in reformation.
7.What reformers agree upon, we build upon together.
8.Reformers should be in relationship and fellowship with each other.
9.Reformers are to love and be in relationship and fellowship with the Body of Christ based on common ground and common faith; and promote unity and oneness.
Reformers seek to flow more in the Spirit of Reformation.

53.Stronger Order of Apostles and Prophets

Apostles and prophets are first and second in the order of church government, apostles and prophets are sent and send ones, apostles and prophets are gatekeepers and watchmen, and apostles and prophets are judges and counselors at the gate of the city. Apostles and prophets are foundational, revelational, impartational ministry to the church; apostles and prophets are reformation, revival, and social transformation ministry to the church and the world. (Eph. 2:20)

The New Wineskins are coming forth and the New Wines are being poured out filling the new wineskins, the New Wineskins can connect to one another and promote unity and the ministry of Christ in our cities. The New Wineskins are a growing and maturing structure; it is an environment of relationship building, fellowshipping, spiritual growth and spirituiral maturity, fathering and mentoring, the believer's ministry, spiritual gifts, signs and wonders, revival, harvest, and the Holy Spirit. (Psa. 133)

Some apostles and some prophets are not of the new wineskins; they have the title not the New Apostolic revelational structures. What we need is apostles and prophets of the New Wineskins. (LK. 5:33-39)

We need a stronger order of apostles and prophets, the first waves of apostles and prophets have prepared for the coming waves of apostles and prophets. (Isa. 62:10)

Stronger Order of the Apostles and Prophets:

1.Apostles and Prophets who love and seek unity, and to cooperation with the Body of Christ.
2.Apostles and Prophets of the New Wineskins.
3.Apostles and Prophets of Freedom and Liberty.
4.Apostles and Prophets of the servant Heart.
5.Apostles and Prophets who believe in the glorious destiny of the church.
6.Apostles and Prophets who seek relationship and fellowship with other apostles and prophets.
7.Apostles and Prophets of the plurality of elders.
8.Apostles and Prophets who believe in the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry.
9.Apostles and Prophets who believe in the church in the marketplace.
10.Apostles and Prophets who believes in the City Church.

The Church is an organic church, we do not need organization flowing against Church organism, and instead we need structure that flows with the organic church build on relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and relationship with one another, and build upon grace and truth, and Spirit. (1 Cor. 12,13,14)

Remember love never fails; Teachers bring faith, prophets bring hope and apostles bring love. We may disagree, however let us always love the Lord, love one another, forgive, and give place to love even if those believers and spiritual leaders don't agree and don't like us, we must give place to love always, for when the day is long gone and over, it is love that matters. (1 Cor. 13:13,8)

54.Character and Integrity
You don't learn character from Bible colleges, etc, you grow in character and you become a person of character through patience and relationship with the Lord and with one another. One of prequalifications for spiritual leadership is character; the Lord wants us to become leaders of character and integrity. Character is first then good doctrine is second; sound character will lead to sound doctrine. You may know the Bible, you may be a good teacher, you may be very gifted, you may be anointed, and you may have good leadership skills but without sound character you cannot hold a leadership position. (1 Tim. 3:1-13)

Integrity of your word, and integrity of walk and relationship is what the board of elders need from church to church, but we need must more, we need the integrity of the heart. You may have integrity of word, integrity of action, and integrity of relationship, but if you don't have integrity of the heart, the Lord will know, and He will deal with your heart in His mercy. (Psa. 7:8)

Yes you are not perfect, yes we are not called to be perfections, and you will not be 100% right on, you may not have all character, and you may not have all integrity, but if you have character of heart and integrity of heart you may enter into the eldership. (Jam. 3:1,13-18)

Guidelines to maintain proper good character: Set priorities, family first, Jesus first, relax and rest times, cleansing times, accountable to mature apostles, Learn and apply wisdom, humble and meek heart to hear one another, relationship and fellowship with the city church, the body of Christ. (Eccl. 4:9-12)

What happens if you fail in character: relationships with women, etc, handling money, and maintaining the liberty of the believers, you are to seek repentance and restoration from mature apostles, and take leave of ministry for a period of time, in submission and oversight of mature apostles. (Gal. 6:1)

We grow in character through patience and relationship with the Lord and one another, and through fathering and mentoring from apostolic fathering apostles. This is why we need apostolic fathers to love, and care, mentoring is for a short period of time, and fathering is for a lifetime. (1 Cor. 4:15)

What areas of your life that you are strong in character and then what areas that you are weak in character, knowing is half the battle, and there is grace to grow in character, for we learn when we fail, when we fall, we learn to get up again, and we learn character. (Prov. 24:16, 28:13)

We need true character building fathering ministries and networks to come from the hearts of true apostles, and began to heal and lead in character and integrity in spiritual leadership. (1 Sam. 22:1-2) 

55.Ethics and Money

It is time to wise up, and set forth financial guidelines for financially support that promotes character, integrity and ethics in handing money and taking up offerings for the work of the ministry. (1 Tim. 6:9-12, 3:3)

Servants of the Lord should not get rich off the offering, there should be a set amount giving to the servants of the Lord, then the rest going to the work of the ministry. If a church increases in members or a ministry increases in favor with people, and the flow of financing increase, the servant's honor should not increase, instead the support for the work of the ministry should increase. The servants of the Lord should be paid reasonable honors. (1 Tim. 5:17-18, 1 Cor. 9:11,13,14)

If the servants of the Lord have alternative financially support or support from written books, etc and come into wealth that is another thing and they are free to do so. (Deut. 8:18)

A church ministry or a church should setup a board of financial accountably, with season believers and ministers, who don't control the budget, instead set the budget and honor support of the servants of the Lord, and then inform the members of the financial budget. This board is a symbol of trust and openings, however this board does not control the spiritual leadership or the servants of the Lord. (Heb. 13:7,17)

When taking up the offerings, we must have the freedom of giving; this is why we must establish the grace giving system to increase the freedom of giving and the freedom of financial blessings. This is why from time to time, once a year to teach on the power of grace giving, and then to every new believer to teach them on the power of grace giving in the membership class.  (2 Cor. 8, 9) 

56.Merchandise spirit

How much does the anointing cost? How much does prophecy costs? How mush does deliverance costs? How much does prophets costs? How much do apostles costs? How must does the new wine costs? How much does healing costs? (Isa. 55:1-3)

There is all these fees, fee for that, a fee for this, that meeting, and that meeting, how about those bookstands a lot of good stuff; nothing is ever for free, no free gift for any one. Do listen to a download of a sermon, that costs to, nothing free here, pay here, and pay over there. (Prov. 2:1-4)

Personal prophecy, that cost too, how much for this service, pay here and pay there for a personal prophecy! (Prov. 12:7)

Men or women of God, good speakers, flowing in the anointing, there is so much money and so much other things that are up front in order for them to minister at your church, and to have any personal time with a well know servant of God, that costs too. (1 Cor. 9:18)

Preaching for money, preaching sermons of prosperity, but never an application of prosperity, preachers getting rich, members are having a hard time getting by, servants of the Lord getting rich of the offering, and there is not prosperity for the believer, only for the man of God. (1 Tim. 3:3)

How about bible colleges, training centers, well you got to pay a lot there, young ministers going into to debt to get into ministry, with no real value for ministry being release in the hearts of those called into ministry. (Mal. 4:6)

Do we ever care for those among us, do we ever help them to have prosperity, and do we ever care for those who are without, or are our gospel a new gospel for the only few, or are our gospel is a gospel of credit and debt. (2 Cor. 11:5-15)

So much we have become a Merchandise Church, with a Merchandise spirit not from Christ, instead from our own greed's and lusts. (Rev. 18:12-13)

Anointing is to be free; prophecy is to be free, personal prophecy is to be free; deliverance is to be free, new wine is to be free, healing is to be free, lets have a way for people to get into our special meetings that don't have that kind of money, come up with another way to pay for those special meetings, lets give some free books away, let servants of the Lord preach for a certain reasonable amount, let servants of the Lord who visit churches to minister, bless them more, instead of burdened them, let the ministers of the Lord become fathers, with hearts for young ministers, and to have open time, and be touchable. Lets give application for prosperity; let's handle the offering better, lets fine other means to aid us into wealth, and use the offering for the work of the ministry more, let us father and mentor those who are called into ministry without price, or a other better way, and let us care for those among us, and feed those who are without. (Mal. 3:2-3)

Let us repent of being a Merchandise Church, with a Merchandise spirit, let us repent of our greed and lusts, and pray for revival fire and reformation fire. (2 Cor. 7:1,10) 

57.Revenue-Based Financing

The Lord is building new wineskins in the church, the new apostolic congregation is arising, and the Lord is building a new financial institution of financial support. These new wineskins are coming through the Spirit of Revelation, to build wineskins that can hold and overflow and connected with one another, in the coming new wines, revivals, harvests waves, and rivers of wealth. (LK. 5:36-39)

Most of the servants of the Lord will have support from alternative financial support, in order to be free up in the coming of financial blessings in the church, that income of the church will be free up more for the work of the ministry. (Ezek. 34:26)

Half of the ministers will have a trade; they will have ministry plus a trade, etc. their financial support for their personal, and family life will come from the workplace and then the financial support that comes into ministry will go more for the work of the ministry. (Deut. 8:18)

Itinerant apostolic workers will have the financial support that they need, most of these will be full time in ministry, and will not have a support of their own, so the financial support of the church is being free up to support more the itinerant apostolic workers. (1 Cor. 9:1-18)

The financial support of the church will flow into missions and ministries of apostolic and prophetic nature, and financial support of the church will flow more into feeding the poor, first to care for the believers among you, and then believers around the world, and then to minister to the lost. (Gal. 6:6-10)

What we need is apostolic provision, as apostles need much support and has anointing to called in such financial support, apostolic provision is a grace from God, an apostle must care for churches, networks, planting churches, mission work, mass ministry, etc. more then other kinds of ministry, this is why other kinds of provision will not help, this is why apostles need apostolic provision. (Phil. 4:10-20)

The Lord is building bridges of wealth from the workplace to the church, the marketplace church is being establish, the Lord is planting marketplace apostles, and the wealth will flow from the world into the Church and will be laid at the feet of church apostles. The transfer of wealth is coming, it is coming to those who are ready, who have vision, and wisdom and character in handling wealth. (Prov. 13:22)

Yes donor-based financing will increase greatly; this is why we must establish the new financial institution of financial support, the grace giving system, believers need an understanding of grace giving and flow in the power of grace giving. This is why church leaders must teach grace giving. (2 Cor. 8,9)

Revenue-Based Financing will lead the way, will be first, and will be greater then donor-based financing, as churches and ministries begin to flow in new applications of revenue-based financing, the church will increase greatly in financial support and numbers. (Deut. 8:18)

We are praying for the leading of the Lord and wisdom from God in freeing up the financial support and financial income of the church, in order to flow the financial support more into the work of the ministry, missions, compassion and mercy ministries, church planting ministries, and apostolic and prophetic ministries. (2 Cor. 9:12)

How to call forth wealth: Pray for the Father to send out financial angels to gather financial support, pray for waves of wealth to come from the north, south, west and east, Prophecy wealth to come by the leading of the Holy Spirit, ask the Holy Spirit to pray for wealth to come, by praying in the Spirit, enter into thanksgiving and praise over the harvest of wealth. (Isa. 60:5)

58.The Covering Doctrine

There is no Scripture based for the covering of men, I could fine nothing in the Bible. This covering doctrine is against the priesthood of all believers in Christ. There is only one priesthood in Christ, not two. (1 Pet. 2:5,9)

Pastors are not to be heads of the church, they are not to be senior leaders of the Church, and they are not to lead the congregation, their ministry is in the home, they minister along with the believers in the fellowship of the home. Their ministry is one of pastoral care and love. (3 Jn. 9-11)

There is not such thing has one man ministry, one man leadership church, a congregation is to be lead by a group of elders, the elders are apostles, prophets, teachers, with a senior elder who is an apostle leading the group of elders. (1 Cor. 12:28)

Yes every believer is to have accountability, but that begins in the church in the home, not based in one head, or one leader, or one man, instead it is the fellowship of the church in the home, this is where accountability begins. (1 Cor. 14:26)

The covering doctrine is a doctrine of control and pride and is against the true wineskin of the church, which is the church in the home, the priesthood in the home. (Acts 2:42)

The some set ones are to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, it is the saints that are to do the work of the ministry, the some set ones are to equipped the saints for the priesthood of the Kingdom, which begins in the home, the priesthood in the home, the church in the home. (Eph. 4:11-12)

Believers are not to come to elders for every thing, only for certain things, they are to come to the church in the home for some things, then for most things they are to be equipped to handle in faith in God on their two own feet. (Jam. 5:13-14)

Our Lord Jesus Christ is are covering, the Blood of Christ is our covering, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit is our covering!

But the word Christian means people, to be a Christian by yourself is not biblical, instead to be a Christian is to be apart of a people, which begin with the priesthood in the home.

59.How Deception works

We should not fear deception; those who are so fearful of deception have wrong teaching and their minds need to be renewed. (Prov. 29:25)

How not to be deceived:

1.The Bible is the Word of God, is the finial Authority.
2.Understanding and knowing the Love of Christ.
3.Filled with the Holy Spirit
4.Faithful in prayer and the Word
5.In faithful fellowship with other believers.
6.Test all things, and holdfast to the Word.
7.In alignment with apostles and prophets.
8.The faithful teaching of the Word of God.
9.Understanding the common ground, unity, the city church and the Body of Christ.
10.Humble, learning and open to the supernatural in Christ.
11.Open to the Body of Christ.
12.Love God and love one another.
13.Love for Truth

How deception works:

You first deceive yourself, and then you listen to only those who feed your itching ears, then the Lord seals your deception. (2 Thess. 2:1-12)

Deception works like this, it is already in you, but you never get set free from it this is why young believers need to renew their minds, go through discipleship, and deliverance, all believers need to go through deliverance. After you are Born Again, baptism in water and Holy Spirit, then you should go through beginning deliverance. (Rom. 6:17)

People who become deceive already have deception in their lives, they have not been set free from these lies, and more lies give way to more lies. (2 Tim. 4:3-4)

Don't worry about evil spirits taking to you, when demon spirits come to speak as from God, they come to those who are already in deception, see it is like this, there are already evil spirits in their lives that they have not yet been set free from, it is those same evil spirits that led to other evil spirits that led to deception. (Isa. 30:1)

There are generational curses with evil spirits and lies that believers have not been set free from that leads to more deception, see the deception was already there. (Lam. 5:7)

Yes we are test every spirit, and test every voice, and test every teaching, and test every prophecy, but don't do it in fear.

Now how does lying evil spirit that manifest in a location, that in turn people seek it out, that location already has a curse, and been set apart for evil. Those who seek such deception already have evil spirits and deception in them, evil spirits leads to more evil spirits, deception leads to more deception, and lies lead to more lies.

Do not fear deception! Love Truth! Love God and Love One another!

This is how apostasy flows, a person is already deceive, that already have deception in their lives, which leads to more deception, and lies, and deception leads to pride and lawlessness, and the working of satan and lying signs and wonders, remember deception is unrighteousness, it is those who don't love the truth, that seek those who agree with there deception, deception leads to more deception, deception seeks out deception, and then deception opens the door to delusion and then strong delusion.

This is why we need strong deliverance ministry!

60.Common Faith

Among all Christians no matter what group you may be from we all have same common faith and upon this common faith is our common ground for fellowship and reconciliation between Christian groups under our Lord Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of God.

We all have interpretations and deductions of the Holy Scriptures. However, every true Christian agrees with the core of Christian faith, the absolutes of Holy Scriptures---which the absolutes are necessity and the essential for salvation and Christian unity.

We can find the core of the Christian in the Nicene Creed and the Apostle's Creed. They believe in the Christ and that our Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, begotten of His father before all worlds---Born of a virgin by the Holy Spirit and when suffered and was buried; and that on the third day he rose again according to the Scriptures.

We as Christians must come to the knowledge of truth that theology has absolute norms. The basic and essential doctrinal beliefs are the same or similar enough. My observation is that there are three generally agree theological absolutes. Moreover, if I were to select three of moral nonnegotiables they would be the following:

Three Absolutes of Scriptures:

1. The Bible is true and normative. It is the absolute authority for faith and practice.
2. Jesus Christ is God and Lord.
3. An individual's personal relationship with Jesus Christ makes the difference between heaven and hell.

Three Moral Nonnegotiables:

1. Human life begins at conception.
2. Homosexuality is sin against God.
3. Extramarital heterosexual relationships are also sin.

Furthermore, all true Christians agree that their group is not the only group. Beside, this all true Christians agree that every one who is Born of the Spirit is born into the Body of Christ and we as Christians are to love one another in order to show Christ's love toward the World.

Today I have laid a common ground, which I call this the common faith of the Christian faith and upon this ground we can have reconciliation and unity in Christ Jesus our Lord, the Head of the Church.