Elvis Iverson is a person of deep prayer and faith in his Lord. He has a vision for revival in every city and in every nation in the Earth. He has a heart to see the Church mature into an apostolic church and kingdom church. He is an international minister with a vision for world impact to see God's glory fill the Earth.
Supplication International Ministries begun in 1997 with an apostolic and prophetic vision to the church and then to the world. Elvis Iverson lives in Omaha NE USA with his lovely ones.  His other ministries that he oversees is
AP Global Network, Antioch Christian Worship Center, Apostles Roundtable, India Revival.
The Vision of Antioch
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Elvis Iverson has the vision of Antioch; He is called to plant networks, training centers, and churches around the world. His purpose is seven fold; apostolic, prophetic, prayer, worship, marketplace church, end time church and Christian unity.
Elvis Iverson was called into ministry in his teens and was giving a vision for his life and entered into ministry in 1993. In 2001 he was lead to moved to Omaha, NE USA to begin a new ministry, and to begin to minister international. He has wrote over 1000 articles that has touch many around the world. He has a heart to mentor and father others into ministry.
Elvis Iverson ministers in signs and wonders and the prophetic anointing and an apostolic anointing, he has a heart and ministers many times in the nation of India and the beloved Philippines and the USA in traning ministers and Equipping saints, planting churches and winning many to Christ and minister to the church in apostolic and prophetic revelation.
Elvis Iverson has written many articles, ebooks, and books, he is apostolic father and a voice to our generation and many generations to come.