Prophetic Messages of the Declaration Rod

By Elvis Iverson

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In 1990 I receive a call upon my call, a deep calling, a calling to the Path of Enoch. I heard within my inner being I want to be like Enoch. This calling is a call to the path of Enoch, deep prophetic, deep blue of the Spirit, and a ministry of soaking & translate, teleportation, and visions.  I have translated to many nations, and I have flow in teleportation, I have been to Heaven many times and I have explored the many heavens. Many have been won to Christ, many healed, many dead has raised.

A few years back I was studying the life of Enoch and I found out he had a walking stick, or rod, staff. The Bible talks about the Shepherd’s rod, Arron’s Rod, measuring Rod, the iron rod. The Lord led me to go fine a rod and to begin to use it in prayer, Apostolic decrees, one time I was in heaven and I had the Rod with me, and a friend & adviser Remiel who lives next door to me in Heaven, we have a vineyard between us and outdoor cover place where we meet and with others to talk about prophetic words, he is a part of the prophetic watch Council of the prophetic word. He look at my rod and pick it up and blessed it!!! After that moment every time take hold of tis rod I flow in visions, prophecy, go to heaven, a strong anointing comes over me, and angelic visitations, translate to nations. This is the time of the Rod! Now their prophetic words that come right out of the Rod, from the Rod flows prophetic words, there is an angel of the Rod that holds and watches the Rod, when I touch the Rod the angel touches the Rod. This is just of weapons and ministries that Christ has entrusted to my care. 

Mountains of the Lord
Unfolding Plan
Visit with the Fellowship of Brother Remiel
Fulfillment of the unfolding of the Prophecy of Many Revivals
Revisited To The Two Rivers
Prophecy of the unfolding of the many revivals
Realm of Enoch
God in My Home
Governments of God
Time of Solemn Assembly
Prophecy of the New End View
Prophecy of the garden of the Father
Prophetic Acts of the Declaration Rod
Prophecy of the Active the Revival Anointing

Mountains of the Lord

Elvis Iverson

In a vision I am in this city in the many heavens and I see the Lord Jesus Christ come toward me with a Rod!!! This is the Declaration Rod I have anointed for the work of the Lord, whatever you declared with this Rod will be done by my Father in Heaven. Every time you take hold of this Rod you will flow in a deep prophetic and deep apostolic anointing, and with this Rod you shall oversee the work of God, and flow in a deep supernatural of the Holy Spirit, and unfolding in the fullness of the Path of Enoch, and you shall influence and reign over the nations. This is the time of the Rods… I am giving out rods and trumpets in this time to a certain few. This Rod is also a part of the Path of Enoch. Each Rod has a different anointing and purpose they are not all the same. I have assigned an angel to each of these rods and trumpets, this angel that I assigned to your Rod is called the angel of the Rod. Then I see my friend Enoch and he says it’s time to fly and float and teleport and God has place a door in your house and in your life that you can teleport anytime… Take hold the Rod and say door open and then say where you want to go and then step in the door, and the door will go with you, and the angel stands at this door too… 

Brother Remiel came and says this is cloud city it is in the First Heaven where the angels govern the affairs of man and earth. The second heaven govern the affairs of the universes and the many heavens. The Third Heaven is where the Throne of God is and His Palace, and the Kingdom of Heaven. There are many heavens.

Then I see the warrior of God, and Remiel and myself and see a vision of the old broken houses all over the world, Jesus says this is the church built on the foundations of man. It’s time to root out and pull down, to destroy and to throw down!!! Then He give us Axes and hammers and sledgehammers and Him and His angels came with us to tear down the old houses all over the earth. We dance as we tear down the old houses.

Then we return to Cloud City and Jesus said now it’s time to build and plant!!! And this is the time of the apostolic builders, Arise My Apostolic Builders go forth and Build!!! I see a vision of apostles come forth around the earth to build… I see many waves and rivers of finances, waves and rivers of wealth, waves and rivers of favor, waves and rivers of angels, waves and rivers of people, and waves and rivers of souls.

Then Jesus said this is the time of the mountains of the Lord, and I see a vision of mountains of the Lord arise all over the earth. And some of the mountains had mountains on them a part of them. I see eagles flying above the mountains and I see lions roaring and an angel said these are the prophets….

Now I see a huge great mighty mountain of the Lord arise and become big and great it’s like it was always there but hiding but ordain by God Himself.

The angels took us and place us on this mountain in a high place, and we heard the words above saying climb the mountain and don’t go back. I look downward and I can see many multitudes climbing and camping and building houses and other buildings on the mountain. Then I see that in valleys below the mountains I see great numbers of souls and mass meetings, then an angel said this is the harvest.

We begin to climb the mountain and as we climb it got easier and we moved faster and I look at our feet and I see wings a part our feet. I see many angels with us, and look who was with me and saw many where with me, and look and I saw the warrior of God and the Bother of the robe of many colors a dreamer of good things. As we continue I cloud see cities and great churches and alters. As we continue I came across Seven mass huge meetings and these many churches, houses, alters, schools, and cities around them. We minister between the seven meetings of the Spirit for years. Then the angels said come and we will take you to the top of the mountain and I see houses, a few cities, few alters, few churches and around table of apostles and prophets…

Then I see floods of wine and floods of liquor, floods of fire, floods of oil, and floods of waters of the Spirit covering the mountains of the Lord. I see clouds and many clouds over the mountains of the Lord, I see rain of the rain of the Spirit all over the earth. Then I see between groups of mountains I see huge cities, and great cities, then I look all the mountains of the Lord was on a very great mountain the Kingdom of God. At the top of this mountain was the city of God, the Church. Then I see a mountain above the Kingdom of Heaven. I hear these words come up here.

I had a vision I was in more then one place, I was at the seven meetings of the Spirit, I was at the top of the mountain with the around table of apostles and Prophets, I was at some of the great cities and huge cities, I was at the city of God, and I was in the Throne Room of God and I was enjoying the many heavens and I was in my home with my family. This is anointing and grace from God.

Unfolding Plan

In a vision I am in the Third Heaven Throne Room and a courtroom angel comes up to me and say come with me and I see a golden courtroom with huge doors sealed for a time. The angel said we need special permission to unseal and enter into this room. Let us go now and stand before the King of Kings!!!
I hear such sounds of worship coming from the earth. Harp and bowl soaking prayer, soaking worship come from the earth and it came from all over the earth. The throne room was full of incense over and over and over.
I could look down from the Third Heaven Throne Room and see the arise of houses of prayer, and Tabernacles of David all over the earth and living movements the houses of Prayer and Tabernacles of David. Then I see many prayer centers, Revival Centers, City church centers and apostolic centers arise under the oversight of apostles and guidance of prophets. I see many revivals break out all over the earth and I see many clouds over the Church and then the cities and I see the rain of the Spirit, the rain of oil, rain of wine, rain of liquor, rain for glory.
Brother Remiel came by to visit as we waited before the King of Kings, He says this is the time when things shall come together, This is a time of fullness and completion and satisfaction, it shall all come together now, it is a labor the Spirit and of the angels, most prophetic words will come to pass and the rest set in action, and the others come to pass over time, You have come to a time of great acceleration, a time of prophetic fulfillment, a time of prayer fulfillment, a time great prophetic fulfilment, a time of great prayer fulfillment, a time of great Divine intervention, a time of great angelic intervention, it shall come to pass, none of the words will fall to the ground, none of the prayer will fall to the ground, it shall come to pass. This is time of great justice, great breakthrough, great restitution, and Great restoration!!!

Then I stood before the King of Kings, and the Courtroom angel talk about unsealing the door and for us to enter in. Then the King of kings say it is my good pleasure and it is my will, I give you permission and access!!!!
Then we went to the golden courtroom and unseal the doors and enter in. I could see many angels, and scrolls flying around the room. I see mass meetings, great churches, great companies of churches and huge numbers and great numbers of believers, and many rivers of souls all over the earth. In this courtroom is many rooms, and come to a great hall and I see a seat of gold and I see a table of gold and I see seats of gold and I see many angels, Then the court room angel said seat on the seat of gold at the head of the table. There appeared food and drink and apostles and prophets gather to feast and drink and share.
Then the courtroom angel said this is the time of golden courtroom and this time will continue unlit the return of Christ…. And you will be here unlit He returns. And then will receive your new body.
The Courtroom angel says we must go to another courtroom, then we were right in front of the doors to this courtroom. This is the courtroom of deep light, we had to wear sun glasses in there, the doors are open, I hear these words I have set an open door before you. We come into this courtroom and there are many rooms again, and I come to a board room of deep light and God the Father is there and He says it is time and many angels got on their knees and said mercy grace love peace!!! He says this is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the gifts of God, it is the will of God to give you the courtroom of deep light.
The Courtroom angel says we must go to another courtroom!!! And we were there before the doors and these doors open and close and open and close only those who have the heart of David can have these doors open. In this courtroom are many rooms that govern the nations and seven mountains of Christ.  Then we come to a room of a council that oversees the earth and Jesus is at the head of the table.
He says:
Then I see tears from Jesus face fall upon the earth and the restoration of many generation begun, restoration of nations, healing of nations, restoration of fathers and sons and families, Healing the lands…
Then the courtroom angel took me to another courtroom the courtroom of bliss of Enoch. There were several rooms in this courtroom, and there was such peace and tranquility, relaxation, soaking, rest, and life.
Then I come to another courtroom called haven of rest!!! I see many generations of apostles, prophets, and kings. There is room for each family line, and I see the Trinity here blessing the seeds of many generations. I see the fellowship of the Trinity and Families of the Just.
The Courtroom angel and an angel of promise and an angel of destiny says the time has come, the time is upon us, and the time will come to you, the time will seek you out. God has redeemed the time. Restoration of lost time. God is faithful.

Visit with the Fellowship of Brother Remiel

In a vision I am in the Third Heaven I see mountains around this heaven, this heaven is called paradise, apostles are giving a mountain as one of their rewards and their mansion is built on their mountain, and the mountain where the palace and the Throne Room of God is upon a great big mountain.
Then I see a two mountains and valley between them and vineyard and a hill where this gathering of the watchmen of the witness of the prophetic word.  This is the fellowship of Brother Remiel.
Brother Remiel says we have come to a critical moment in time. We have come to a tripping point in time. There shall be many revivals, there shall many harvests of soul. A river of Continue Harvests, and there shall be great harvests and there shall be huge harvests of souls. Do not think of thousands of souls, for there shall be thousands of souls, there shall be many thousands of souls. Do not think of million soul harvest, for there shall be million soul harvest, there shall be millions of souls harvests, do not think of a billion harvest, there shall be a billion harvest and there shall be billions of soul harvests… The time has begun for the harvest of nations and the harvests of children.
The Lord shall raise up the Dominion of the church!!! He shall establish the government of the Apostles and Prophets. Its time to raise up the ecclesia on a horizontal level and build a collective among the corporative. Establish the new apostolic wineskin church, and release the movements of new apostolic wineskin church, and raise up new apostolic wineskins.
I see visions of angel of revival, with each revival there is a revival angel, there are now release of this kind of angel.
Then I see the Maharishi of Mt. Kailash stand before me, India shall be saved. Revival is coming to India, I see a pouring out from Heaven a revival of oil and signs and wonder upon the nation of India and that part of the world. The 10/40 window shall open in this time!!!! Then Sadhu Sundar Singh says there shall be freedom in India!!! When people pray for revival they don’t know what they are asking for, they are opening Pandora’s box!!! When the 10/40 window opens it will not close but remain open. We will then be release from our prayer cave and we will preach in northern India and Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tibet, China, and India, there shall be signs and wonders and there shall be signs and wonders above these nations.
Then I see African David Livingston he says Africa shall be saved!!! I see 50 nations on fire with apostolic fire and will become Christian nations with the council of the Apostles and Prophets. 
I see my Jewish friend Noah says Europe and Russia shall have awakening to Christ, to home church, to apostles, and the grace message. In Russia there shall be a revival of the gifts of the Spirit.
Then I see Francis Xavier says signs and wonders, raising the dead shall become common to you. God has called you to raise the dead and raise a great company of people from the dead.
Then I see the Church fathers come over where we are gather and say the church shall be restored to us without the old houses, but the new apostolic church of the body of Christ. And I see rivers flow from each one of them upon the church.
Then I see the desert fathers come over to us and share their heart; this is a time of prayer, deep prayer, soaking prayer, and deep soaking prayer. Then they wave their hands over us and blessings came out and beams of power came upon us.
Brother Remiel says you are a part of the fellowship of Brother Remiel… this is by the will of God… We have come into a time of Prophetic fulfillment, a season of goodness, mercy, loving kindness that shall not end, that is a season that will not end.

Fulfillment of the Unfolding of the Prophecy of Many Revivals

In a vision I am in the United Kingdom at an old well of a past revival, and some others are there by vision as I am there. Each share their heart on revival and we talk about past revivals and the prophecy of coming revivals. Then I take my Declaration Rod we begin to declare and we begin pray apostolic prayers for reformation, revival, harvest, etc.

Then I see Five huge revival angels stand before us and they spoke as they speak we were overcome by the holy drink of God.

I see a vision of the fountain heads of revival are beginning to open and once open they are open they can’t be shut, can you hear what I am saying once open they can’t be shut.

Everything in heaven and earth shall be realign to the many revivals, and many harvests, and the reformation, and the apostles and prophets.

As we were praying we all turn into eagles of fire and wine and glory and fly around the earth 7 times, then a 1000 times.

I see angels of revival flying to many cities and many nations. I see many clouds over the Church then over cities and nations.

I can hear the many rains of the Spirit, rain of oil, rain of fire, rain of wine, rain of glory all over the earth.

Then we turn into lions and roar and reformation fire came out from us and flow around the earth many times.

Then we turn into many ox and from our labor came many missionary movements and many evangelistic movements and many church planting movemets.

Then we turn into the Body of Christ, an Apostolic Prophetic Supernatural soaking revival grace Body.

Then we were back in the UK and we worship the Lord and prayed over each one, and thank the Lord for this Divine Vision.

Revisited To The Two Rivers

In a vision I see over the Mississippi river and over the Missouri river and the states that are around these two rivers I see many clouds come out of the Third Heaven Throne Room. I hear the Holy Spirit say this is time of clouds of the Spirit, Clouds of Oil, Clouds of Fire, Clouds of Glory, and Clouds of Wine, this is the time of the many clouds of the Third Heaven.

I see a Bright Light Fill the Earth, and from this light comes revelation, Word Revelation, Prophetic Revival, Apostolic Revelation, the Deep Prophetic, Signs and wonders, Repentance, Signs of the apostles, mighty deeds, great exploits, gifts of the Spirit, Soaking prayer, and soaking presence.

The Holy Spirit says this is the Great Awakening, the coming Great Awakening will be first a Divine Secular Awakening then a Holy Spiritual Awakening. This will be a Global Awakening to the Trinity, to Jesus Christ, to home church Christianity, Grace Message Christianity, Experience Christianity, and to the Apostles and Prophets, and the unity of the church.

I see a vision of apostles and prophets arise not like the ones in the past but humble, meek, down to earth, supernatural and flowing in the anointing and the presence of God.

I am now taking by the Spirit to the fountainhead of the Mississippi river, I am standing there and Jesus comes down in the mobile throne and mobile heaven… He stands next to me and I see the prophets again from last time. I am led to take the decoration rod and declare the prophetic fulfillment of the unfolding of the many revivals and the revivals of the Mississippi river. Then I see a revival of fire, light, and Glory come down from the Third Heaven Third Throne Room. I see a mass harvest of souls and mass churches movements, and horizontal wineskins and Corporative wineskins arise in the earth. I see ministers of radical deliverance, ministers of radical healings flow like a river in the lives of many.

Then the Holy Spirit takes me to the fountainhead of the Missouri river, and the prophets are there again along with our Lord Jesus Christ, and I take hold of the decoration rod and declare the prophetic fulfillment of the unfolding of the many revivals and the revivals of the Missouri river. I see an angelic outpouring of outpourings and I see signs and wonders, raising the dead, mass healings, mass miracles, and mass deliverances, and apostles, prophets, and evangelists.

I see a revival of revivals, a revival of the dark cloud, revival of the weight of glory, I see mass souls and the great numbers come into the Kingdom of God, I see arise new apostolic wineskin churches, an outpouring of new apostolic home churches, and arise of horizontal wineskins and Corporative wineskins. I see church planting, missionary, evangelic movements of the Spirit. I see radical presence ministers, radical bliss ministers, soaking presence ministers, radical mystic ministers, mystic ministers, mystic prophets, mystic apostles, drunken ministers, radical drunken ministers, radical miracle ministers, radical creative miracle ministers flowing like river to many hearts.

Then I am taking to Omaha NE USA, and I take hold of the decoration rod and declare the prophetic fulfillment of the unfolding of the many revivals and the revivals of the Omaha. I see many breakthroughs coming, and many miracles and many creative miracles… Then I see a river of healing, deliverance, miracles flowing throughout Omaha. I hear the Holy Spirit say this is the new frontier of the Spirit. It is time! It is time! It is time! Omaha holy unto the Lord, set a part for the Holy Spirit, revival, gifts of the Spirit, the Apostles and Prophets, and the Body of Christ.

The Holy Spirit says Omaha and Kansas City are two pillars of the Third Heaven Throne Room, there are two pillar angels standing one in Omaha and one in Kansas City, these cities are revival cities. Their will come into revival, revivals and never be without revivals.

I see the raise of new apostolic wineskins, I see the arise of prayer centers, apostolic centers, city churches centers, and revival centers.

I see a 100 year revival, Terra Nova revival, EL-all-exclusive revival. From Omaha to Fargo to Chicago to St. Louis to Waco to Denver and in between. I could see a wall of anointing, revival, fire, and glory around this revival.

I hear a trumpet sound!!! Revival Now! Harvest Now! Reformation Now! Then Jesus I will raise up, establish, build, Guide, Make great the Apostolic in Omaha NE USA.

Prophecy of Unfolding of the Many Revivals

In a vision I am in the Mandan Park next to the Missouri river in Omaha NE USA. The prophets are there again, and our Lord Jesus Christ, and I take hold of the decoration rod and declare the prophetic fulfillment of the unfolding of the many revivals. I see revival angels fly to north, south, east, and west and all over the earth. I see revivals upon revivals upon revivals and I see many revivals upon many revivals upon many revivals.

I see a revival of the pillar of fire, pillar of cloud, dark cloud, shekinah glory, weight of glory, soaking presence, intense presence, gifts of the Spirit, bliss gifts, signs and wonders, great signs and wonders, many signs and wonders, extreme signs and wonders, mass healings, mass deliverance, mass miracles, mass creative miracles, Deep Prophetic, Holy Drunkenness/Holy High and great harvests of souls. What is this revival called? I hear a voice say Apostolic grace revival!!!

I see a vision of the Spirit of Awakening poured out upon the Church around the earth.

Spirit of prayer!
Spirit of Soaking Prayer!
Spirit of repentance!
Spirit of revival!
Spirit of reformation!
Spirit of fasting!
Spirit of evangelism!
Spirit of Harvest!

In a vision I see a great revival comes into the Philippines, it cover the whole nation, most where won to Christ, all religions came to an end, and fire of God was everywhere.

I see great freedom and great liberty come to all the earth, I hear a voice I am preparing the nations for harvest and revival, I will open all nations to gospel, worship, mass meetings, signs and wonders, and apostles, prophets, and evangelists. I see rivers and waves of wealth, finances, favor flow to the feet of the apostles and prophets. I see a might army of grace givers arise and flow river of grace giving….   I see arise of seven missionary movements that will go around the earth seven times. 

I see a vision of Russia and I hear these words from Above extreme revival of the gifts of the Spirit will break forth and go all over Asia and Europe.

I see a revival of soaking prayer, deep prayer, mystic prophetic, deep prophetic, and signs of the apostles in Israel.

In the Middle East I see many coming to the Lord, I see five nations won to Christ and they will support and build the Church and Israel.

I see a vision of the Oil of the Holy Spirit poured overflow overwhelming all over India. I see mass souls coming to the Lord, I see great harvests, extreme harvests, and I see major parts of India born again Spirit Filled!!! Signs and wonders and rising the dead all over the India. Many flowing in signs and wonders and this was common.

In America, Canada, Mexico I see an outpouring of the Fire of the Holy Spirit and Great repentance and extreme revivals. Most of America and all of Canada and 75% percent of Mexico won to the Lord.

I am in Australia in a vision I see an outpouring of the wind of the Holy Spirit and angelic wind and see nation taking movements and many nations won to Christ, nations around them and Australia becomes a holy soaking supernatural apostolic nation.

Then I am in France and I see outpouring of the waters and rivers of the Spirit and it covers all of Europe. Awakening to Home Church Christianity, apostolic Christianity and revival Christianity.

I see Apostolic Revival in Africa and I see 50 nations won to Christ!!! These 50 nations become freedom wealth Christ nations.

Then in a vision I see the wine and wines of the Spirit pour out upon Mexico and Center America and South America. I see Great Deliverance and Extreme Deliverance flow like wine all over these lands.

I see all these revivals come together as a fullness of glory and revivals all over the whole church and then I see the city of God arise above all nations and all religions. Then I see rivers of revival flow from the gates of the city of God to all nations.

Then I have a vision of the Third Heaven and I am there and I see brother Remiel and he shares these words; The Church will go through a time of re-evangelism and then the whole church will be brought into the fires of the third reformation.

Then I see the Seven Mountains of the Society and I see the church of the marketplace arise above them rested on glory, revival, fire, wine, oil, with rivers of angels flowing over them.  Remiel says Marketplace Revivals and kingdom renaissances and social transformations will be ongoing for many years and even decades. Divine secular reformations, social Reformations, counter culture movements, and love revolutions will mark this century.

Realm of Enoch

In a vision I translate to the Himalayas to a little village where there is a cabin and see my friend Enoch. He shares I could not return to the earth until our Lord Jesus Christ Son of God was seated at the Right Hand of God the Father. Each century I was giving a mission from Christ Himself. But these missions are inner connected to my holy purpose…

One time I was to raise up prophetic watch persons, one time I was to raise up prophetic intercessions, one time I was to appear to false religions persons to share Jesus with them. One time I was to rescue orphan Jewish kids and Jewish kids and planted them in homes and train them and built a hidden network of wealth. Now I have been rescuing children from sex salve dark crime organizations and train them to be prophetic evangelists. Now I am rising up forerunner of forerunner group of Enoch, then the forerunner group of Enoch, then the Company of Enoch, then Body of Christ in the ways of Enoch.

Soon I will along with an army of angels to deal religion leaders and religions of man and bring end to them.

Then establish a fellowship of Enoch which are those who follow the path of Enoch and in contact with the Seven Angelic Watchers.

Now I see a Door of illumination light set before me, Enoch says this is an open door only the redeemed can pass through and use this door. A door to all nations and to the many heavens and even the universes of man. This door is a gift of God and there are angels that guard this door and go through this door and go with those who travel back and forth and company them.  This is a gift, a grace, anointing giving by the Holy Spirit to those who seek this gift. This will become common, and God will protect them.

Then Enoch says I also have another gift; the gift of prolong life, this is a gift giving to these who ask for it. And those who walk the walk of Enoch, those who follow the Path of Enoch. This is the will of God.

God in My Home

I am in my prayer cave in my house. In a vision I am in my prayer cave and I see the Trinity, there is a dinner table and we feast together for many hours, and we drink holy wine and holy beer and holy liquor.
I see a pillar of fire in my house and I walk up to the pillar and touch the pillar and the fire covers my body and soak in the pillar of fire. I see Shekinah glory smoke fill my home and we get high off the glory this goes on for many days. I am flowing in prophetic ecstatic, inner visions, open visions, prophetic ecstasy, and prophetic raptures. My house is full of the angelic realm, angels coming and going and soaking in the presence of God.
I see a pillar of Cloud in my house and I walk up to it and touch it and soak it in for hours and days and months. I hear a voice saying this is the will of God for al believers in Christ.
Hours and days soaking in presence of God and soaking prayer and flowing in revelation, prophetic revelation, word revelation, apostolic revelation and deep prophetic and the path of Enoch.

Flowing in the many heavens and visiting the many heavens and hanging out in the Third Heaven, fellowshipping with Great Cloud of witness.
Unfolding soaking presence, soaking revival, intense presence and flowing in the revival anointing. Revival is now, personal revival is for all believers in Christ.
Awake to your seat in the Third Heaven and heavenly places and relax and soak in the Presence of the Third Heaven Throne Room.

Governments of God

In a vision I am in the Third Heaven Throne Room and I see our Lord Jesus Christ. The whole earth fills with incenses of prayer and worship. I hear Christ voice say I will shake the governments of man, I will shake the nations, I will shake the nations that are against my church, I will shake the mountains of men, and bring great freedom and great liberty and I will open all nations. I will establish nations and governments and banks in gold and silver, I will bring forth a global Jubilee. I will bring forth great freedom and great liberty to the church around the world. 
It is time to raise up my governments that will be around my Throne and my bride the Church.  All nations will be republics and the church shall be free. I will raise up the sheep nations around the apostles and prophets.
I will raise up and establish the government of the Apostles and Prophets and they shall give council to nations.
The Goat nations will only be a small group but cannot hidden the Church in their nations. Angels will be put in control of these nations that don’t repent.
I will raise and establish the dominion of the church and the apostles and prophets shall oversee and guide the church and the church shall release waves of impact and blessings and anointings upon the nations.
This is the time of continue harvests, waves of harvests, rivers of harvests, great harvests, mass harvests, extreme harvests of souls.
This is time that the nations will bow and surrender to Christ at the feet of Apostles and Prophets.
The Nations that receive the Third Reformation will become very prosperous and the nations that gather around the apostles and prophets will have the most restoration and healing and come into off blessings of the Lord.

I will raise groups of councils of white hats that will build freedom and republics and human rights, and the wealth of nations and the Church. I will raise up flaming hats that fund the church and the purposes of the church all over the earth. And I Lord Jesus Christ Son of God rules and reigns over the governments and nations and groups of councils of philanthropy… my bride rules and reigns with me. 

Time of Solemn Assembly

In a vision I am flying with the decoration rod in my hand and angels are flying with me. I see the clouds of the Spirit, Clouds of Oil, Clouds of Fire, Clouds of Glory, and Clouds of Wine, this is the time of the many clouds of the Third Heaven. I feel rain of these clouds, I feel strong rain from these clouds, and I see the flood levels of the Holy Spirit increase all over the earth.

I hear a voice from Above say this is the time of Solemn Assembly!!! I see a kind of angel called mass gather release and I see gathering angels and I see hunter angels and harvest angels and a mass healing angel go forth.

The first Solemn Assembly: is harp and bowl, soaking prayer, deep prayer, and soaking presence.

The second Solemn Assembly: Huge revival meeting and signs and wonders, and soaking revival.

The third Solemn Assembly: evangelic meetings and signs and wonders, harvest meetings.

The fourth Solemn Assembly: Apostolic and prophetic preaching, teaching, signs and wonders, reformation meetings.

The Fifth Solemn Assembly: faceless and nameless generation.

The sixth Solemn Assembly: Worship, soaking worship, soaking presence.

The seventh Solemn Assembly: Corporative church meetings.

We have come to a new decide of fullness, completeness, fulfillment, prophetic fulfillment, prayer fulfillment, and solemn assembly. 

Prophecy of the New End Time View

In a vision I am in the Holy City Jerusalem standing on the Mount of Oives and the group of prophets are standing with me, they say we are prophets of the next five generations of Church, we flow in signs and holy drunkenness, we are a new breed of prophets in the sky… Then I see a group of apostles and they say we are the apostles of the next five generations, apostles of wine and fire and signs and wonders. Then I see a pillar of Fire and light and rain and glory and holy smoke and wine and wind, this is the Holy Spirit. He says take hold of the decoration rod and prophesy to north, south, east, west, called four winds of Divine Changes.

Then I see an angel and he says I am an angel of times and seasons and decades and ages. I have come to show you the future of the feasts of goodness, mercy, lovingkindness, the future of hope and glory and peace.

Age of the New Apostolic Age of Revival:

This is the generations of Apostles.
New Apostolic Wineskins.
New Apostolic Wineskin Church.
New Apostolic Wines.
Time of New Apostolic Church.
Signs and wonders.
Many revivals.
Third Reformation of the Church.
Restoration of many generations.
Restoration of generational blessings.
Restore the hearts of fathers and the hearts of the Sons.
Restoration of nations.
Healing of nations.
Government of Apostles and Prophets.
The Arise of the dominion of the Church.
Council of the Prophets.
Council of Apostles.
Outpouring of New Apostolic Home Churches.
Fullness of the restoration of the priesthood of the believer.
Beginning of coming waves of Kings of the Kingdom.
Great Increase of the Kingdom.
Great Increase of the Church.
Arise of the Church among Above the Seven Mountains of Society.
Time of the Joel Army.

Age of the Mystic Church:

Mystic prophets.
Mystic apostles.
Deep Prophetic.
Deep Blue of the Spirit.
Supernatural Pleasures of Christ.
Prophetic Ecstatic.
Prophetic Ecstasy.
Prophetic Raptures.
Path of Enoch unfolding.
Golden Age of Prophets.
Bliss Gifts of God.
Soaking presence and Soaking Prayer and Soaking Worship.

Age of Unity and Oneness of the Church:

Horizontal Wineskins.
Corporate Wineskins.
Golden Age of Apostles.
Mature Government of Apostles and Prophets.

Age of Global Church Maturity:

Becoming fat with Souls.
Becoming Fat with wine.
Becoming Fat with glory.
Becoming Fat with signs and wonders.
Becoming Fat with Favor.
Becoming Fat with Wealth and Goodness.
Becoming Fat with revelation.
Becoming Fat with the Presence of God.
Time of Deep Apostolic Revelation.
Time of Deep Word Revelation.
Time of Deep Prophetic Revelation.
Time of Apostolic Windom.

Age of the Golden Age of Church:

Time of the Mature Church.
Oneness and Unity of the Church and Israel.
The Harvest of Jews and Israel.
Arise of Jewish Apostles and Prophets.
The Fellowship of Jewish Apostles & Prophets and Gentiles Apostles & Prophets.
Peace of Israel.
Peace in the Middle East.
Global Revival in Israel.
Revivals in Israel.
Revelation of the Kingdom of God.
Waves of mature Kings of the Kingdom.
Beginning of Fullness of the Kingdom of God.
Walking in Glory and Many Revivals.
Time of the Glorious Church.
Unity of the Faith.
Unity of the Godhead.

Age of the Walk with God:

Fullness of the Path of Enoch.
Outpourings of the Many Heavens.

Age of the Return of Christ.

Preparing for the Return of Christ.
Red carpet treatment of the King of Kings.
Walking in the fatness of glory and many revivals.
Walking in the Fullness of Glory and many revivals.
Preparing for the new millenniums.
Fullness of the Kings of the Kingdom.
Fullness of the Kingdom.
Fullness of the Apostles and Apostolic.
Fullness of the Prophets and Prophetic.
Fullness of the Church.
Fullness of the Eternal Purpose.
Fullness of the Manifestations of the Sons of God.

Prophecy of the Garden of the Father

In a Vision I am in the garden of God The Father, this is the place where He comes every Saturday to rest and enjoy and fellowship.

I see the Father before me, His face is covered with a glory. He says only those who are my friends I will give them access to this place. You become a friend of God through living a life of faith.

The Garden of God is a planet in the Third Heaven, I have a vineyard here too and lakes and rivers where I fish and hurt and share my thoughts and fellowship with me friends. I do artwork here too. There is houses and cabins and Palaces here, and a river that flows throughout this planet. There is house here with there is a secret heaven that only my friends can visited.

The universe of man grows and increase and there are many living planets. They are for the future of my sons to fine and establish and enjoy. But there are universes of man and all are made for enjoyment of man, and my sons shall fine them all.

Heaven is a Universe that only Born Again can accesses, and there are many heavens. For my sons to enjoy and explore and soak.

We are in the time of the Feasts of Goodness, Mercy and lovingkindness. We have enter into the season that will not end a season of revival and signs and wonders. This is the time of prayer fulfillment and prophetic fulfilment. This is the time of the coming waves and rivers of wealth, finances, and favor. This is my will!!!

Now by Faith receive a Hug from God The Father and Receive a Kiss on your Right and then on your lift Cheek. Enjoy and soak now by faith!!! Now let the Father Lay His Hands on your Head and Bless you.

Prophetic Acts of The Declaration Rod

In a vision I am in the Red River Valley, and I hear a Voice from Above say take hold of the Declaration Rod! Pray Apostolic Prayers! Apostolic Declarations! Prophesy! I see a vision of many angels standing next to me and around me.

I see a vision of a cloud of fire, wine, oil, glory, light, wind. I hear a Voice from above saying this is your future this is you in the future.

I see a vision of Omaha NE USA, and I see the pillar of Fire and Pillar of Cloud and I see the rain of the Spirit and pouring of wine. I hear a Voice from above this is the future of Omaha, but you can walk in it now. This future will begin soon.

I see a church glow beyond its borders and limits and I see sister churches and children churches all over the earth. I hear a voice from above this is the church of great number and all these churches will be huge numbers. I see seven rivers come from this church. The first river was signs and wonders. The second river was soaking presence, soaking prayer, soaking worship, revival anointing. The third was Apostles and Prophets and Evangelist and Harvest. The Fourth was church planting, missionary works, evangelistic works and compassion ministry. The Fifth was Revelation, Word Revelation, Prophetic Revelation, Apostolic Revelation, Deep Prophetic, Path of Enoch, Deep Revelation, Deep Word Revelation, Deep Apostolic Revelation, Deep Prophetic Revelation, and Reformation. The sixth Priests and Kings of the Kingdom fully equipped and flowing in the anointing. The Seventh Reformation, Revival and Harvest.

I see a vision of America and I see America always having at least 40 revivals. I see Canada having revival in every major city and revival as a whole of Canada. I see Mexico being saved and revivals flowing like Tornadoes.

Now I hear the Voice from our Lord saying now Declare with the declaration rod: In the Authority of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I stand as an apostle of our Lord Jess Christ.

Unfolding of the Many Revivals.
Government of the Apostles and Prophets.
Dominion of the Church.
Five Apostolic Generations of Apostles.
Five Generations of prophets.
Five generations of Apostolic Church.
Five Generations of Christian Families.
Outpourings of signs and wonders.
Outpourings of prophecy, visions, dreams.
Outpourings of the Gifts of the Spirit.
Outpourings of the Bliss gifts of God.
Outpourings of the Deep Prophetic.
Outpourings of the Thesis of Third Reformation.
Unfolding of the Third Reformation.
Many continue Harvests.
Many Massive Harvests.
Many great Harvests.
Many Extreme Harvests.
Many missionary movements.
Many church planting movements.
Unfolding of Seven Global missionary movements.
Outpourings of new apostolic home churches.
Outpourings new apostolic wineskins.
Outpourings of new apostolic wines.
Outpourings of the new apostolic wineskin church.
Raise up and establish apostles and prophets.
Raise up and establish apostles and prophets of reformation.
Raise up and establish apostles and prophets of revival.
Raise up and establish apostles and prophets of new apostolic wineskins.
Raise up and establish apostles and prophets of New Apostolic Wineskin Church.
Raise up and establish apostles and prophets and evangelists of fire & wine & harvest.
Outpourings of Angelic Hosts.
Outpourings of Seven Angelic Watchers.
Outpourings of Angelic Fire.
Outpourings of the fire of God.
Outpourings of the Joel Army.
Outpourings of Priests and Kings of the Kingdom.
Outpourings of wealth, financial, favor, breakthroughs.
Outpourings of household salvations.

As you read this say yes and Amen and shout Grace, Grace for each one of them.

We declare many breakthroughs, spiritual breakthroughs, financial breakthroughs, revival breakthroughs, prayer fulfillments, prophetic fulfillments upon every person who reads this. Say yes and Amen and shout Grace, Grace for each one of them.

I feel a breakthrough anointing, a multi dimension breakthroughs right now. Say yes and Amen and shout Grace, Grace…

Prophecy of the Activate Revival Anointing

In a Vision I am in the Third Heaven Throne Room and I hear under the Throne of God a river like the mighty Mississippi. A river of refreshing, renew, revive, revival, healing, and restoration. I hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit you already have revival, say it you already have revival, confess you have revival!!! 

Then I see the Temple Of God on earth the Born Again Christian the new creation human… I see the river coming from heart of the believer flowing out to many nations, this is the river of revival. The Holy Spirit says believe, confess and soak in revival. You already have revival, you always had revival, and you already had revival since AD 33. You have revival now!!!

Then I see a bottomless cup of wine!!! I see this wine comes from the vineyard of the Father. He is giving you this wine right now. The Revival life!

Then the Holy Spirit says you need the revelation of revival!!! Those who have the revelation of revival will be the first to have revival.

Then I see The City of God built on the highest point of the Kingdom of God, then our Lord Jesus says this is the church… This is the church in every city and every nation.

Then I see a river of revival flowing from this city to all neighborhoods, communities, villages, cities, suburbs, regions, states, nations, zones, and globally.

Then I see first and foremost the church being filled and full and overwhelming, overcome, and overflowing in revival, revivals, signs and wonders.

I see rivers flowing out of the twelve gates of the City of God, and at each gate are apostles and prophets. The Apostles and Prophets must be establish in the gates of the Church and gates of the Cities and gates of the Nations. Where apostles and prophets are not establish at the gates other apostles are giving oversight over that gate unlit there is an apostle or apostles at that gate, but prophets need to be establish too at the gates, where there are gates without prophets there is no activity of the Holy Spirit, and without first having prophets establish there can’t be apostles establish. An apostle not open to prophets can’t be establish at the gates, prophets not open to apostles can’s be establish at the gates. The Gate Anointing is for Apostles and Prophets to seat together at the Gates. Gates cannot be open or close without apostles and prophets, God has giving the gates to the apostles and prophets only, but worshipers and intercessors are in supportive role to the gate administration. Apostles and Prophets with the following and fellowship of churches can establish gate churches, gate churches are churches of apostles and prophets and are extension and delegated churches.

Pray this prayer with me now:

Father we pray activate the revival anointing in me and the Body of Christ, let the many revivals unfold now, let reformation, revivals, harvest come. Touch me now Lord with fire and wine of revival and reformation in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Now I see a vision I see the Third Heaven Throne Room, I hear a call from the Throne Room saying come up here. Awake! Relax! Soak! Revival is Now! Harvest is Now!