Coming Revival

By Elvis Iverson

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1.Nine Gifts to Revival
2.Restoration of The Revival Life
3.Two Kinds of Revival
4.Possession Revival
5.Holy Spirit & The Glory of God
6.Holy Spirit & The Times For Holy Rain
7.Facilitators of Revival
8.From the Glory of the Lord to the Glory that belongs to Him.
9.Next Stage is Apostolic Revival
10.Coming Revival Part One
11.Coming Revival Part Two
12.Coming Revival Part Three
13.Coming Revival Part Four
14.Coming Revival Part Five
15.Coming Revival Part Six
16.Coming Revival Part Seven
17.Pure River
18.Another River
19.Signs and Wonders Movie
20.Business Revival
21.Outside Revival
22.Obed-Edom Revival
23.Revival Life
24.Coals of Revival
25.Apostolic Revival
26.Times of the Divine Wedding Feasts
27.Vision of Global Revival
28.Deliverance Revival
29.The Dream of the Year of 2009
30.Reformation, Revival, and Unity

1.Nine Gifts to Revival

The Keys of the Kingdom come through revelation. Keys are giving through revelation. Revelation is a key of the Kingdom. And a revelational truth is a key of the Kingdom. The gifts of the Spirit are keys of the Kingdom, and the other gifts are keys of the Kingdom too. See Matt.16: 19.

The nine gift of the Spirit are gifts of the Holy Spirit. They are not your own instead trusted to your stewardship. These gifts are a manifestation of the Holy Spirit in and around our life. The Holy Spirit has giving to each one of us at least one of these gifts. These gifts do not come and go they will manifestation in your life always as you walk in the grace giving you for these gifts. See 1 Cor. 12:7-11.

If you want to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit know the gifts that the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit give you. In addition know the measure of the grace, faith and anointing according to their gifts in your life. See Acts 1:8.

If you are faithful, if you mature, if you grow in wisdom and discernment according to their gifts; the grace, faith, and anointing will increase in their gifts in your life. Discernment relating to a certain gift meaning you discern another moving in the same gift is a sign of maturity. See Heb. 5:14.

Apart from that, these nine gifts can lead to revival. Yes true revival. The manifestation of the Spirit according to a gift can release and open a door or gate of revival. The more we walk in the gifts of the Spirit the more we will see the Holy Spirit move in our lives.

Although you can walk in a gift of the Spirit and a gift of Christ and see things happen that are like revival. However, it could be only that manifestation of that gift or anointing, then after that person is gone that manifestation and things like revival is gone with them.

Moreover, a true revivalist who is a gatekeeper of a revival, if that person is attack or hurt beyond a point can bring an end to a move of God. Since we attack the Holy Spirit in that person's life.

Now I believe that the gifts of Spirit can be to a whole group instead of one person. We can see the manifestation of the Spirit through a group that a gift is giving. The Holy Spirit not only gives gifts to a person he will give gifts to a group of people too.

Nevertheless, we have only begun to discover the gifts of the Spirit, we have not seen them in their fullness or deep or height. There is a dimension of deep and height in each of the gifts of the Spirit that we don't know of yet.

Furthermore, what will happen if every person in a local church walk in a gift of the Spirit, what if every Christian in a city walks in a gift of the Spirit? What if every person in the body of Christ walks in a gift of the Spirit. Did you know that this is the will of the Lord for his church and your life? The Word says, "So that you come short in no gift, eagerly waiting for the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ." We are not to lack in any gift of the Spirit or any other gifts as we wait for the return of Christ. See 1 Cor. 1:7.

2.Restoration of The Revival Life

We have come to a new day and time. While we were sleeping the times and seasons in Church history and Kingdom history change on us; Some of us have to wake up and move a little more faster, it is only by the grace of Christ we can be ready for what is about to come. The church life as we know of it is over; this means the Christian life as we know of it is over. The Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are restoring the revival life to the believer; no more we shall be without revival.

We have come to a new age of the Holy Spirit. This is the beginning times of great outpourings of the Holy Spirit upon the church and the world. The moves of God will be many and will overtake each other. Revival will be many revivals all over the world. You will not have to go looking for revival any more. Revival is coming to your city. We will have revival that is habitation revival and revival that is visitation revival. Our life will never again be without revival.

Now we come to the time of the restoration of the revival life. It is the will of the Lord that a believer has a revival life. What is a revival life; it is revival in your life, the Holy Spirit is moving in you, around you, and touching other lives through you. It is a holy passionate love for Christ and the Father; it is a great fear of the Lord that we will live a radical, extreme, and the Nazirite life. It is having the Holy Spirit and the fire of God in your life.

No more the world will tempt you to sin; instead you will lead them to a life without sin. This is through grace, truth and love and by the Spirit of the Lord. Every Christian is to be temple of the Holy Spirit; we have always known this, however the time has come for this truth to be real for us and those around us, No more shall the world change us, instead we shall change them.

The restoration of the revival life is to each believer; for each believer will become a living revival of the holy fire of the Holy Spirit. We will know his power, glory, anointing, and manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit.

However, for too long we believe a lie and live a lie. The Lukewarm life is not a godly life; this life is not the will of the Lord. We have been train in this way for so long. Our churches are lukewarm, our preachers are lukewarm, and the sermons are lukewarm. The Lord will burn away the lukewarm life, and there no longer shall be two or three kinds of Christians, instead only one kind of Christian, which is the revival life.

Nevertheless, Christ the head of the Church, the Lord of all is calling the different kinds of Christian life to His throne in the third heaven. He is burning every kind of Christian life; the only one he wants and will allow is the Revival life.

In addition, the lukewarm Christian life will become a stranger and a foreigner to the Lord and His Kingdom and church. This holy fire has already begun to burn within the house of the Lord, soon many churches that promote the Lukewarm Christian life will be burn up, and instead those churches that promote the revival life will grow and increase.

Furthermore, there is only one way to live for Christ, which is the revival life. Every other lifestyle is a lie and the Lord rejects such lifestyles that are foreign to his life and walk. The revival life is the life and walk of Christ in you, around you, and touching others through you.

3.Two Kinds of Revival

There are two kinds of revival coming to the World. I do believe that this is the time when we will have a restoration of revival life. Yes have strong faith that true and real revival is coming. I believe that we will never be without revival again. Revival will come second nature to us.

Out of the revivals that are coming you can put them into two kinds of revival. Yes there are many revivals coming and will not stop coming until Christ returns to the Earth. However, before Christ comes to the world He will first come to the Church through His power and mighty ways. Then he will return and every eye will see as they seen him go up and thus all power and all glory is on earth.

The first kind of revival is the pillar of cloud; this will come to the nations and churches that obey the Holy Spirit in this time. This kind will come to those nations and churches that honor God's people. This kind of revival will be a Moses revival.

The second kind of revival is coming to those nations and churches that have and are and will disobey the Holy Spirit in this time. These are nations and churches that don't honor the Lord's people. This kind of revival will be an Elijah revival.

Apart from that, the Lord is preparing us for what is about to come upon the world and the church. He is pouring the wine and the oil upon us. The wine and oil is to prepare you for the outpourings of the Holy Spirit, they will cover all of the church and the entire world.

In addition, if you are wise you will drink of this wine. If you are wise you will drink until you are full of this wine. If you are wise you will be dunk with this wine. One whoever drinks of this wine will have a new nature. The Lord's will is that you remain on this wine. This wine is a river of revelation that comes from Christ through the Holy Spirit. This wine will heal you from all hurts and give you restoration.

Moreover, if you are wise you will cover yourself with this oil. If you are wise you will fill your lamps with enough of this oil. This oil will give proof to the wine. This oil is signs, wonders and miracles, the gifts of the Spirit, power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit. This oil will give his purposes for you meaning to the nature eyes.

Beside both the wine and oil is the Holy Spirit. This wine and oil will prepare you for all coming moves of God, these coming moves of God are like the fasts of the Lord, and they are like wedding fasts. The wine is Elijah wine and the oil is the Moses oil, and you can have them both by faith and through the Holy Spirit.

Nevertheless, you can have personal revival right now, you don't have to wait for revival you can have it now by faith through the Holy Spirit. Believe, become passionate, repent of anything that the Lord's does not like, rebirth the fear of the Lord, seek and pray continually. Beside, worship and love the Lord.

Furthermore, we are living in the days of the beginning of great revivals, the restoration of the revival life, we will be apart of many great moves of God, and with each move of God the next one will become greater then the last. The moves of God will overtake each other. There will be revival here and there no reason for you to go there or here for revivals will be in many places and in your place.

4.Possession Revival

Revival is to be a way of life. Revival is to be real life. Revival is to be normal. Anything that is not revival should not be normal. We can have revival always. It is time that we no longer live without revival. We should not know what it means to be without revival.

It is good to study the history of revivals and moves of God, but we are coming to a new day of revival. Where they're more then one revival at a time. When revival will go from revival to revival. Where we will no longer be without revival.

The reason why we were without revival and that revival did not remain is for reasons like for example religious, legalism, controlling, and lack of restoration. When moves of God become like this is comes to an end. Since now there has been more restoration and we even need more, then revival will come and never end.

However, those who commit sins against revival will not hinder you from having revival. Sins against revival are the sins against the Holy Spirit, and then they are religious sins, controlling sins, legalism sins, and disunity. All are sins against revival.

Nevertheless, you can have revival. If you can enter into the Throne Room by the Blood of Christ where God dwells you can have revival by the Blood of Christ, and by grace. Revival is a gift from God just as the Holy Spirit is a gift from God. You are the temple of the Holy Spirit, The Holy Spirit dwells in you, and the Kingdom of God is you. You can have revival.

In addition, we need to learn to practice the presence of God by worship, prayer, praying in the Holy Spirit, and by meditating on the Word of God, the Bible. We are to live a godly life; we are to guard the presence of the Lord by true holiness in our heart and by worshiping him.

Moreover, you are the temple of the Holy Spirit! You are the temple of God! Your brothers and sisters in Christ are temples of God too. If you love God you will love them. If you curse your brother you are cursing the temple of God where God dwells. If you bless your sister you are blessing the temple of God. If you're before your brothers and sisters you are before the Throne of God for they are the temples of God.

Apart from that, revival is the manifestation of the glory of the Lord in the Church toward the world. The Glory is the manifestation of who God is to you and the World. There is habitation revival, which is continuing revival. Visitation revival is revival comes to add to the habitation revival. We can have both. This is the days of habitation revival. Both of these are corporate revival. Then there is personal revival. You can have revival and others around you not have revival. Believe God for personal revival!

In addition, I going to talk about five kinds of Moves of God there are more then these, God is not limited. First is revival, then there is reformation, renew which is to renew a work of the Lord, restoration is to restore truth, etc. Then there is harvest this is a time of mass harvests of souls. Revival is the manifestation of the glory of the Lord; reformation is being reformed to the image of Christ. The Spirit and power of Elijah is the Spirit of revival. The Spirit and power of Moses is the Spirit of Reformation. We need both.

Moreover, there are the servants of revival. They're those who prepare the way for revival, and there are those who are called the revivalist. They are gatekeepers, they leaders of revival.

Also, what are the fruits of revival? They are repentance, massive souls coming into Kingdom of God, Right order come to the world around revival. Heaven comes to Earth. Signs and wonders are done around revival. There is restoration and reconciliation. We will see the goodness of the Lord. There will have extreme faith in Christ, and destinies are changed.

However, how do we bring revival, I mean corporate revival. First of all we must prepare the way for revival. There must be real repentance, turning toward God and breaking up the follow ground. Much intercession that does not yield until they see revival, this is unending prayer. Beside, There must be new wineskins that can hold future revivals, and we must receive the revivalist. Also, open to the Holy Spirit.

Furthermore, Revival is coming. The Lord has showing me that revivals upon revivals are coming and that there will be no end of coming revivals. Are you praying for revival?

5.Holy Spirit & The Glory of God

The Church shall become a glorious church, a church full of glory. The glory of the Lord will fill the church; then this glory will pore over from the overflow and fill the earth with glory. There are five elements of the glory of the Lord that will come upon the church and then upon the world. It is through revival that the Lord will heal the nations, but first the church has to be changed into a revival church, a church of glory. (Rev. 22:2)

What is the glory of the Lord? It is the knowledge of the Lord; it is the manifest presence of the Lord, it is the demonstration of the Spirit and power, it is revival, it is the resting glory, It is the light of Christ, and it is the goodness of the Lord. (Isa. 11:9,Hab. 2:14)

The five elements of the glory of the Lord is the water of the Holy Spirit, it is the fire of the Holy Spirit, it is the wind of the Holy Spirit, it is the wine of the Holy Spirit, and it is the oil of the Holy Spirit.

However, before all of this we have the dove, which is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit came like a dove upon Jesus, a sign that the Holy Spirit was upon Him; to the believers the dove comes upon us personal meaning revival in our lives, and I mean personal revival. It is the will of Christ for each believer to have the Holy Spirit in his or her lives mighty. We first need the touch of the Spirit in our lives before; we can enter into the touch of glory that will come to the church and then to the world. (Matt. 3:16)

The five elements of the glory of the Lord:

The Water of the Holy Spirit: water cleans and restores and brings life. This water brings a awaking toward God and the things of God. Water floods the works of darkness bring death to things that are not of God. (Jn. 7:38,39)

The Fire of the Holy Spirit: fire burns up everything that is not of God, fire put everything that of God into the fire to make pure. Fire means this move moves very fast like wildfire. (Acts 2:3)

The Wind of the Holy Spirit: the wind comes to bring many to know the Lord, wind removes that which is not establish in Him and then brings new blessings. (Jn. 3:8,Acts 2:2)

The Wine of the Holy Spirit: wine meaning revelation, wine meaning new move of God, wine meaning healing and deliverance, we are be drunk in the Holy Spirit. (Lk. 5:38,Acts 2:13-15, Eph. 5:18)

The Oil of the Holy Spirit: oil meaning signs and wonders, anointed for ministry, and anointing. (1 Sam. 16:13,Isa. 6:1, Acts 10:38)

Furthermore, The Wind of the Holy Spirit will come in nation talking movement; the Water of the Holy Spirit will come in a great awaking, the fire of the Holy Spirit will come in massive repentance, The Wine of the Holy Spirit will come in a deliverance movement, and the oil of the Holy Spirit will come in a signs, wonders, healings, miracles, and raising the dead movement.

6.Holy Spirit & The Times For Holy Rain

The Outpourings of the Holy Spirit begun at the beginning of the Church and throughout the time there will always be outpourings of the Holy Spirit. See there is one outpouring of the Holy Spirit in many outpourings of the Holy Spirit throughout time. We are to believe this, prepare, and pray for them. The Christian life is not to be without the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2:17-18, 3:19-21)

The Lord is restoring the revival life; the life of a Christian is the revival life. What it means to be a Christian will change, the way we think of what is a church and what is the church will change. Jesus is alive and well and is seated at the right hand of the Father. The proof of this is the Holy Spirit in our lives and revival. Revival is to be a way of life. (Eph. 5:18)

There is the redeeming presence of the Lord that is through the Blood of Christ, that every believer born again and born of the Spirit according to the Holy Scriptures have the Holy Spirit dwelling in them and can have the Holy Spirit upon them in power. Then we come to the manifest presence of the Lord is when the Lord will to manifest himself through the Holy Spirit in the church and in the world. This will be seen as outpourings, revivals, reformations and moves of God. (Ezek. 48:35, Isa. 64:1-3)

The Holy Spirit will come and manifest Himself in more then one way, sometimes and most times we will not understand for He does new things, always those manifestations will never go against the Holy Scriptures, Instead they will exhort the Holy Scriptures and they glorify Christ, edify the Church and promote the fruits of the Spirit. The manifestations of the Holy Spirit will destroy the works of the Devil and lead to the establishing of the Kingdom of God. In time the Holy Spirit will revel and give understand to those supernatural things of God. (1 Jn. 3:8, Prov. 3:5-6, 1 Cor. 2:10)

We are to practice the presence of the Lord in our daily life, instead of only on Sundays; this is by believing that you are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and fellowshipping with God everyday and living out your faith in Him in the real world. (Psa. 16:11)

In addition, to practice the presence of the Lord we must live the right life, a life of integrity, a life of holiness and a life of fearing the Living God. We should place a watch over our months and actions and even our hearts. (Eccl. 5:6)

Moreover, we are to hunger and thirst for righteousness, deeper relationship with the Lord, and for His manifest presence of the Lord. We are to love him with a passionate burning fire. (Matt. 5:6)

Oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, this oil is to cover us and anoint us for His service. This oil is flowing oil that keeps flowing over us and we are filled of this oil, our lamps are to be full of oil and we are to have more then enough oil. This oil is to always increase in us and upon us through a growing relationship with the Lord. Now only that we are to be filled of this oil, this oil is to overflow and touch others, and we are to minister in the outflow and overflow of this oil. Then we come to the fresh oil that we need a fresh touch of the Holy Spirit on our lives. (Matt. 25:1-13, Psa. 92:10)

It is God's will for every believer to have personal revival, and we are to pray for personal revival. The Holy Spirit is in and you're the Temple of the Holy Spirit, let yourselves be filled with the Holy Spirit and filled with the fire of the Lord. (Heb. 12:28-29)

We have enter into a new day and a new time in the church that we will always have revival and revivals will be the life flow of the Church. There will be many revivals and revivals will go from revival to revival. We will never live again without revival. (Hosea 6:1-3)

There are visitation revivals that come like fires and clouds upon the church and the world. We are to foresee, prepare and pray for them to come to the earth. (LK. 19:44)

The Lord leads the church through revival; He leads us through the pillar of clouds and leads us through the pillar of fires, for the Lord goes before His people and the sign of this is revival, and visitation revivals. (Ex. 13:21-22)

Then there are habitation revivals that come to rest upon certain areas as signs that God is among His people and that He lives with His people too, not only in Heaven, not only in us, instead in our cities too. Habitation revival is the resting glory that comes to rest upon the alters of a company of hearts and a city of hearts. We are to believe for this, and build are comminutes to be homes for God's resting glory upon us. (Eph. 2:19-22)

Therefore we are to ask for outpourings, revivals, moves of God, reformations and the rains of the Holy Spirit. We are to ask the LORD for rain in the time of the latter rain. The Lord will make flashing clouds; He will give them showers of rain, grass in the field for everyone. We are to foresee these times of holy rain and to pray them forth, are to pray for the times of holy rain, since Christ was seated at the right hand of the Father we can have the times of holy rain for we are in a always time throughout all time a time for holy rain. (Zech. 10:1)

The Lord will pour out the Spirit of grace and the Spirit of supplication upon His church and then upon the communities around the churches and then cities, nations, people groups and the world. (Zech. 12:10)

The Holy Spirit is the Lord of the Harvest, we are to pray for open doors for the Word, we are pray for the lost to come to know the Lord, and we are to pray for the harvest and the harvests, we are to pray for the finances, means and ways, we are to pray for the houses of harvest, we are to pray for labors to work in the harvests, and we are to pray for holy rain upon the fields of souls. (Matt. 9:37-38, Jn. 4:35-38)

7.Facilitators of Revival

Facilitators of revival are a group of broken hearts that can be a place to birth and to keep revival flowing and growing. Revival must increase and go beyond its birthplace into other hearts and to other cities if revival is to last and fulfill it's purpose.

We maintain revival through worship, humility, prayer, revelation, unity, living a holy life and doing the work of the ministry. We must build our life around the Holy Spirit; we must build the church around the Holy Spirit and the gifts, instead of building the Holy Spirit around the church and us.

There must a have building for the freedom of the Holy Spirit to move among us and around us with freedom, but this freedom comes with wisdom. In addition, this building for revival can grow and change as the revival changes and moves. We need freedom and wisdom to apply to the movements of the Holy Spirit.

If we try to control, if we become prideful, If we get into disunity, if we get into idolatry, and idol worship in worshiping revival leaders this could hinder and being an end to a move of God. We must pray for insight in how to maintain revival and to increase and grow in revival.

At the same time we must guard the presence of the Lord from those things, those religion, and divisive men. But at the same time we must guard our hearts that walk in love and forgiveness. Persecution can be applied and be blessing to us and aid in keeping the revival flowing.

In addition, we must maintain unity in the revival and grow in this unity. We must guard the unity that the Lord gives for revival. We must guard the fruits that come forth from revival. We must maintain unity among the leadership and the people of revival. We must deal with strife and stop divisions before they happen, we must keep envy out of our hearts. If there is division we must seek for reconciliation and make peace between those in the Lord.

Above all, it is the Holy Spirit that will bring revival and keep revival and grow us in revival. Revival is the manifestation of the glory of the Lord in the Church and overflowed into the world. Revival is the Holy Spirit among us and around us manifesting Himself to glorify Jesus Christ our Lord.

This is why we must remain humble and ask the Lord to cloth us in humility through the Holy Spirit in us. We are all new in revival, and even if we been in revival we are still new in revival. We are bound to make mistakes and must be humble to learn from them and to move on in revival. This is why we must have a heart to hear the Holy Spirit and be soft to His leading and His feelings.

The revival leaders must be very carefully, wise and humble in moving and leading Revival. It is the Holy Spirit leading them in revival, and them through the Holy Spirit leading others in revival. The leaders must not control revival, for revival is not his it is the glory of the Lord, and His glory only belongs to Him and He gives His glory to no one. He share His glory with no one. All glory belongs to Him. We must go from the glory of the Lord to giving all glory to the Lord for His glory. During revival, the revival leaders must equip new leaders for revival, and equip the saints to flow in revival. We must build and use the time of revival to build the church and move in the leading of the Holy Spirit in world missions and vision.

There is a visitation revival that come and goes, and goes from visitation revival to visitation revivals, and there are visitations that birth more visitation revivals. This is the manifestation of the glory of the Lord. Now we come to habitation revival is revival that comes to rest, it is the resting glory of the Lord upon certain cities and certain companies of people.

Revival is coming, not just one revival, instead the many of revivals are coming. The Lord is restoration the revival life to the Church; He is restoration personal revival and corporate revival. The church will never again be without revival.

Furthermore, as these revivals come through these revivals the glory of the Lord will begin to fill the church and then this glory will pour out from the overflow in the church to the world, and then the world will begin to fill with the glory of the Lord. The healing of nations comes through revival.

8.From the Glory of the Lord to the Glory that belongs to Him.

The Glory of the Lord is coming in five elements the Fire of the Holy Spirit, the Wind of the Holy Spirit, and the Oil of the Holy Spirit, the Water of the Holy Spirit, and the Wine of the Holy Spirit. The glory of the Lord is revival; revival is the manifestation of God's glory through the Church to the world.

We go from the presence of the Lord to the power of the Holy Spirit, to the Glory of the Lord. We are always to dwell in the redeeming presence of the Lord, but we are to seek for the manifestation presence of the Lord. The presence of the lord bring holy changing in us and around us, we are filled with the fruits of the Holy Spirit. The presence of the Lord is more for us then through who are outside of the Lord's house. The power of God is more for the world; we are to give witness of Jesus through the power of God, in signs and wonders. The presence of the Lord deals more with the Church that brings all things that the Church needs and wants, and enjoys. But the power of God comes that we make impact the world. Now we come to the glory of the Lord, which is It is the knowledge of the Lord; it is the manifest presence of the Lord, it is the demonstration of the Spirit and power, it is revival, it is the resting glory, It is the light of Christ, and it is the goodness of the Lord. Moreover, it is more then the presence of the Lord and more then just the power of God, it is all of God being manifest in the Church to the world.

Revival is the manifestation of the glory of the Lord upon the church then to the world. Revival is a manifestation in one of the five elements of the glory of the Lord. Then what happen when we have all fire elements manifesting before us, we then have the fullness of the glory of the Lord.

The Glory of the Lord will first fill the church, and once when the church becomes full of Glory, becomes a glorious church, then the glory of the Lord begins to overflow into the world, and the world begins to be filled with the glory of the Lord. It is the will of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for the Church to be full of the glory of the Lord and the World to be full of the glory of the Lord.

A prophetic picture of the glory of the Lord is found in Ezekiel chapter one, which is a prophetic prophecy about the church in the New Testament times. It is a prophecy about the beginning and the end times and what the Church will look like. The church should never be apart from the glory of the Lord.

As God's glory begins to fill the earth, we will go from the filling of God's glory to the glory that belongs to the Lord. We are to give praise, worship, honor, and all glory to the Lord. He shares this glory with no one. Any one who tries to take this glory will be cast down in a short time. You must remember that this glory only belongs to the Lord however, certain ministers in the past wanted to control the glory for them and they wanted this glory for them self.

See there is connect between the glory of the Lord in revival and the glory that belongs to the Lord. In the glory of the Lord in revival, we must give Him the entire honor and not try to say this is our doings, or try to control the revival. This will to lead the trying to take this glory from the Lord.

To try to take the glory that belongs to Him, could hinder revival, bring the judgment of God, begin an end to your ministry, and even beyond this the Lord may allow you to go home early, in death.

Furthermore, don't hinder or stand in the way of the glory that is revival and don't take the glory that belongs to the Lord, if you do these two things, all things should go well with you.

9.Next Stage is Apostolic Revival

The Holy Spirit spoke to me during a Sunday meeting about ten African nations and Apostolic Revival. He also spoke about the coming Apostolic Revival around that same time. The revival that will come to Africa will be an Apostolic Revival. This will be a massive Apostolic Revival. I believe that ten nations that will first partake in this apostolic revival will be the ones in central Africa.

In addition, I have been speaking more then a few times about a coming apostolic wave, which will be the second apostolic wave that will be one with power and demonstration. The next stage in the apostolic is Apostolic Revival.

What is Apostolic Revival?

The Lord has giving grace and apostleship to apostles. Apostles walk in apostolic grace. This grace can lead to a release of great grace upon certain areas of believers gathering. Where you see more then a few apostles gather together in unity you will see more apostolic grace, which will lead to great grace. (Rom. 1:5)

The characteristics of Apostolic Revival are Great Grace, Great Power, and Great Fear of the Lord and Great Increase of Harvests of souls. Apostolic Revival begins with apostles, and then goes to saints in missionary movements. There are apostles with signs and wonders this is more round them, and then there is these characteristics of apostolic revival, which are outside of apostles.

The characteristics of Apostolic Revival:

Great grace is every kind grace of the manifold grace of God released in a great way upon the church and the community. (Acts 4:33)

Great Power is beyond the signs and wonders ministry an apostle has. This will be a massive power not only upon the apostles, also upon the saints in signs and wonders. (Acts 4:33)

Great Fear of the Lord is a passion, devotion, fear, and respect, honor, stand in awe, and reverence upon the church and the community. (Acts 5:11)

Great Increase of souls are massive numbers coming to know the Lord in a short times or at once under the power of the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2:41,47,4:4)

Apostolic Revival begins with apostles then goes to the saints and from the saints comes forth-missionary movements. From the characteristics of Apostolic Revival come the fruits of Apostolic Revival.

The Fruits of Apostolic Revival:

1. We will see the Apostles walking in signs, wonders, and mighty deeds. (2 Cor. 12:12)
2. A supernatural grace to plant churches.
3. A supernatural grace to plant huge churches.
4. A supernatural grace to plant training centers.
5. A supernatural grace to win huge numbers to Christ.
6. A supernatural grace to called forth wealth, etc.
7. Missionary movements of Saints.

10.Coming Revival Part One

The Clouds above me were fat with mercy in addition; I hear these words "I will fating my clouds with mercy all over the world. Then I could see the whole world before my very eyes. I can see the gathering of clouds over cities and even nations. I could smell a sweet smell from those clouds as I did my soul was fill of joy unspeakable.

Then an angel of the Lord stood before me and said come with me. I will show you what the Lord will do in the Middle East. Then we fly over the waters has we were hovering over the Middle East. The angel said these lands have many stories to tell. However, let me tell you it is now time for the Church to take ground in the Middle East. Very soon the Middle East will be one of spots on Earth that you hear of the goodness of the Lord. This is a spot of glorious happens that will be reported through the world. There will be many Holy Spirit manifestations. Christ will birth new churches in the Middle East. The Middle East will become once again the center in the Body of Christ.

Then the angel of the Lord said now comes with me to Egypt, and I was now standing in the city of Cairo in Egypt. The Lord is moving among the people of this nation. The Lord will take from among these people a people unto himself. The Body of Christ will grow in this nation. It will gain power and authority, what satan wills to keep the church down will not happen. The breaker anointing is coming to this nation in a great way. In addition, God will humble this nation and open it's heart to their true God. Great numbers will come to Lord on a daily bases in coming days in this nation.

The angel of the Lord said again come with me to the nation of Iraqi. Then we were standing in the city of Mosul in Iraqi. This nation is in the hands of the Lord. It is in his mercy what he wills of this nation. The Lord wants his people around the world to pray for these cities and this nation. God will build this nation to be blessing to other nations in this part of the world. God will change the values of this nation to fit his plans. God's will is not to destroy any nation but to save it. The Lord will visit this nation in a mighty way in coming days. There newfound freedom is to make preparation for his mighty visits. There will great turning to the Lord in this nation. The Lord will build up and increase of the Body of Christ in this nation. God will bless his people in their business in this nation. God will rise up many Christian businesspersons among his church in this nation.

The angel of the Lord once again said come with me to Israel. Then we were standing in the city of Tel Aviv. The Lord will begin a new work in Israel. His Church will be full the Holy Spirit. This nation will again be alive with the Holy Spirit. You again will see miracles from a day on day bases. You will hear of many Jewish people coming to the Lord. I will wash and heal this nation with the Holy Spirit. I will bring many people groups in the house of the Lord. This land again will become place of His anointed. Then the angel of the Lord pointed to north, south, the east the west saying what the Lord will do here will flow into the north, the south, west, and the east. The Lord will win many Palestinians to the Lord. Among the Church the Jewish and Palestinians will work hand to hand in the work of the ministry. Many Christians come to this land. However, soon many of this land will go to you.

Now the angel of the Lord said to me now come with me. We then went up, up, higher and higher into the third heaven. We stood in a place where I saw the threes of life, with fruits and leaves upon them. I saw the river of life flowing toward me. Moreover, Jesus Christ Himself stood before me in glory. He said let me open your eyes more. Then he said could I pray for your eyes to be open more. I said yes Lord have you way. He laid his hands upon my eyes and prayed, I could feel the anointing flow upon my eyes. He said see more, see the truth, see what is behind the walls, see what is behind the doors, see what is in the hearts of man, see what is in the future, see the hidden treasures, see the treasures hidden in darkness, see the hidden riches of secret places. See the invisible, see the heart of God, and understand and perceive all what you shall behold.

After He prayed for my eyes to see more, he prayed for me for a little while. Then he give a hung of love and peace. I looked and behold many others standing around me. He said these are servants like you. These are revivalists that hold keys to open gates of the Holy Spirit over the nations.

Then I saw that within his right hand was the whole World hovering. I could see the Earth moving. In addition, I looked at other revivalists I saw them too holding the earth in their right hand. Moreover, The Lord says I will restore my full glory to the earth in coming days. I will restore my glory through these elements. Which are the fire, water, wind, wine and oil of Holy Spirit. I will touch five places with each element and each element will spread to other nations. I will not release all of them at once, but one at time I will release one after another in the Nations that I have chosen to be the beginning of the restoration of glory.

In addition, I saw the revivalists and many others leaders eating of the fruits and the leaves. As they eat them they became wiser and more glorious. The Lord said to me and others standing by to eat as much as you want however, the more you eat the more you will minister to others. Your life is not your own you were bought with a price.

Then The Lord said look again upon my right hand. I saw the not only the earth but, Israel and the church. Then I hear the voice of the Father say "for God so loved the world that He give His only begotten Son, that whomever believers in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16) Have we not forgotten the bases of everything we do?

Then I was before the Throne of the Father and The Son and under their Thrones came a Running River that went to the entire World. Before their Thrones was such glory. I could see this glory and shining light. I could feel this wonderful heat upon my body.

11.Coming Revival Part Two

I see the Earth in the right hand of the Lord. I see the Earth hovering in the Lord's hand. I hear from the hovering Earth a cried with a loud voice as a lion roars. I hear this from the four corners of the earth. I hear the seven thunders sound throughout the world come forth from the Church. I see at the each of the four corners an angel. Each of these angels is holding a wind in the Earth. Then one of four angels said these are winds that control the Earth. The Lord controls the changes in the Earth. Then I heard singing throughout the world almost in every nation. Another angel at one of the corners of the Earth said these are angels singing about the mercy of the Lord, for the prophets are speaking about God's coming glory and goodness upon the Earth. Then I saw another angel fly with a bowl of mercy. Another angel at another the other corner of the Earth said these bowls of mercy are for the healing of the Nations. Then I saw another angel that I have not seen before. He had an axe in his hand. He said I come to bring redemptive judgment upon the nations. I will bring strategy judgment upon the earth. Then I saw another angel came whom I have not seen before ether, he had a hammer in his hand; I come to bring humility to that nations of the World. The I saw another angel came whom I have not seen before he had a rod of iron. He said I have come to break the hardheaded nations open to gospel. Then I saw another angel whom I have not seem before he had a bow and arrows. He said I go to pierce the hearts of nations.

In addition, the angel of the Lord stood next to me. He then said come now with me. I will show you what waits in the future. I then saw the wind of the Holy Spirit, the water of the Holy Spirit, the fire of the Holy Spirit, the oil of the Holy Spirit and the wine of the Holy Spirit. The angel said now you shall see the future. The angels then said I will tell you my name my name is destiny. I come to speak of the destiny of nations. I come to speak of destiny of God's people. I come to speak that which my Lord said to speak.

The destiny angel took me to the nation of Australia. I then was in the city of Sydney Australia. Then I saw the Lord before me. He said I would visit Australia very soon. I have keep Australia for this coming time. The Prophetic word and will for the nation of Australia is the Great Southland of the Holy Ghost. I am coming to bless this nation that through this nation many nations will be bless. Many people from around the world will come for the Holy Spirit Manifestation then coming here for some sunshine. In coming days most of this nation will come to know the Lord in a very short time. I will change my church and body of Christ in the Nation to an Apostolic Church. I will send my church in this nation to the ends of the earth. I will touch Australia and New Zealand in a very special way. Their destiny is link together. Then the Lord pointed his finger to the nation of New Zealand. He said this nation is a reformation nation. Their will be nothing left of the old church in that nation. Happy are a People who's God is the Lord.

Moreover, the Lord said I would blow my wind upon this nation the wind of glory will come upon this nation. No man, no denomination, no church, no governemt can contain this wind of glory. This wind shall rest here. This is live wind that is living and moving among all people of this nation. This wind will blow upon this nation and then blow to it's neighboring nations and blow upon Hong Kong, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. This wind will blow to all nations on earth. This wind will blow and keep blowing to all nations.

Apart from that, I will blow this wind into my servants in this nation and they shall become as the wind of the Holy Spirit in this nation, in their neighboring nations, in any nation they shall go to. This wind will blow into Sydney, into Melbourne, into Canberra, and into Perth. This wind will blow into churches from great to small a like.

Furthermore, this is the restoration of the wind of my glory restoration. I will restore my full glory to all nations to the whole earth in coming days. I will heal the nations through revival. I will fill my church with glory. I will fill all my church every part, every member with my glory. This is the glorious church of all the church age.

12.Coming Revival Part Three

I see the Lord before me we are in the city of Sydney Australia, and the destiny angel stands next to me. In the Lord's right hand is the hovering Earth. I look into the Earth. I see angels around the Earth. I see light links between them and they are joining together these light links. On of the angels that were connecting said we hold the Internet together. God is behind the Internet. This is the tool of divine connection from around the world. The Lord builds this for the Church more then the World.

In addition, I looked into the hovering Earth again and I saw Europe before my very eyes. Then I saw a great army of angels coming from Heaven going to Europe. I saw warrior angels and archangels then I saw Michael the archangel and he said we have been commission by the Lord of Sabaoth. We are going to war for Saints. We are going to war for the gates of the Holy Spirit that shall open. We are going to stand against the gates of hell in Europe. God will visit Europe with a greater impact then all moves of the Spirit before in her history. God will take Europe into the manifestations of the Holy Spirit times.

Moreover, the destiny angel said come with me. Then we were in the city of Paris France. The Lord himself stood before me. He said I would restore the water of my glory beginning with the nation of France. There will be a awaking among many churches, and many people groups, among many cities. Their will know their sins, and they will know my love. They will turn to me. This nation's destiny has not yet been set. It is in the hands of the Lord. I will move among my church. I will wash them with my water. I will rain my Spirit upon this nation for many days. I will open many eyes, I will open many ears. They will become conscience of the true God and good works. You will hear among these people good deeds done by them. I will give them big arms and big hands of love to reach out to each other's and whom ever are in need. I will fill their hearts will love for me. There will have a zeal love for me. I will fill their hearts with love for each other. You will witness such love that has not been seen before now. The only love which is greater then this is God's love and my love on the cross. This love will change nations, stops wars. Protect them from the evil one. Love is their supernatural weapon that I have giving them. There will be strong and healthy relationships among these people. They will seek me day and night. There pure prayers coming from this nation to heaven. This pure prayer will open heaven to them.

The water of the Holy Spirit will begin here in France. It will be like river covering everything. Watered all things. This water will birth life. This life flowing river. The Lord will bring life to this nation, Life, life and more life.

This revival will spread from France and cover the whole of Europe. This water will cover and bring life to the United Kingdom, and Ireland. This water will move through Spain bringing life to everything it touches. This water will fill into the nation of Portugal. This water will heal and restore Germany, and flow into Switzerland, Austria, and Hungary. This water will cleanse the nation of Italy and touch the city of Rome.

Beside, this water will cover, Greece, Czechoslovakia Sweden, and Norway. Yes this water will cover all of Europe. This water will spread to Russia and down into the nation that touch the Mediterranean. This water will spread down into Africa and cover and heal Africa. This water will flow into all nations and cover the whole Earth.

I will put this divine water of my glory, the water of the Holy Spirit into my servants in France. They will take this life force to the cities and nations around the world. They will bring refreshing to the Body of Christ around the World.

Furthermore, this is the restoration of the water of my glory to the Earth. This is apart of my full restoration of glory upon this Earth. I will restore my glory through the wind, water, fire, oil and wine of the Holy Spirit. These are the elements of my glory. I will heal the nations through revival. I will fill this Earth and cover it with my glory. I will fill my Church with my glory and rest my glory upon my church. This Church is the glorious church of the church age.

13.Coming Revival Part Four

In this vision I am standing in the streets of Paris France with the Lord himself before me, and the angel of destiny standing next to me. I since such peace coming from the Lord, and I am humble by such peace. Then I saw again the hovering Earth in the Lord's right hand. I see an angel in the hovering Earth. He says the Lord will move among the global community. He will move among these world organizations. He will anointed and rise up his appointed in those positions in the global community. He will move in these realms too. He will move among their plans. He will rise up his wise men that they will seek out to be seated in these positions. I will make those in power to hungry for the wisdom that I shall place in my servants. There will be no other place you can find such wisdom in all the Earth. Through their wisdom many things will happen. I then saw another angel and he said The Lord would move among the global economy. The Lord will rise up his own economist to give wisdom to the global economy. The Lord will rise up businesspersons who become very powerful in wealth that seated on councils of the global economy. The Church must begin to pray these world organizations and the global community. The Church must pray for these global councils on the economy and the global community. God will send his people to them, and minister side by side with others in power. Yes God will send his apostles and prophets to give council and wisdom to those in power and those in wealth.

Apart from that, the angel of destiny said to me comes with me. Then we were standing in the streets of New York City in America. Then the Lord himself stood before me. He then gives me a vision of America. I saw America as a dry forest ready for the fire. Then an angel flying above us, he had a fireball in his hand. He said I would bring fire from the sky. I will burn up the sin in America. I will burn up those things that the enemies of God. I will burn up that which stands against God and his Church. Then I saw another angel come before us. He said I am the angel of America. I saw a big rope and he ties it around America. He then had begun to pull America into a new gate. I see this open gate for America. More as the saints prayed for America the more the angel pulled America toward this shining open gate.

In addition, the Lord pointed his finger at certain cities and certain places. Then I saw seven flaming angels. The destiny angel said these are revival angels sent to America to bring lasting revival. At that time I could hear many, many, many Christians praying for America. I could feel the anointing of these prayers.

The First Angel when to a small city in the Midwest, and then place the fire of God there. It begun to burned. As more people fight the fire it grows more and burned more. This fire spreads to other cities. This fire went in everyway burning up everything it its way. Setting churches on fire everywhere. The fire burned the more at churches, and made the fire burn more, for they fought against the fire more.

The Second Angel went to a city in the Midwest in the heartland. He placed the fire there, the fire burn and becoming so powerful. I see many new churches come out of nowhere. I see many churches shut their doors within a short time. I see many turning to the Lord. I see many giving to the churches that came out of the fire and those who embrace the fire. I see mega churches come forth with such anointing and grace. I see apostle's minister will great grace and great power. Yes I see churches birth out of the burning fire. There is such a new purely for many; many, many Christians are being purified before my eyes.

The Third Angel went to another city south of the city in the heartland. I saw many on their way to the heartland city but turned back for the fire was also in their city. The fire grows in double portion and double honor. Most the city became Christians. Everyone in high places knows the Lord. I see many youth praying and seeking the Lord, I hear a teenager say this is the new thing, and it's cool. I hear such wonderful and beautiful worship coming from this city.

The Fourth Angel went to southeastern states and places the fire there. I saw such love and healing between people groups. I saw many curses breaking of America. I see the cities coming alive. I see churches coming alive. I see holiness again not only in churches but in the cities. I see hearts of many full of mercy and compassion giving themselves to good deeds not only in their cities but around the world I see a movement of good works touching many coming from this area.

The Fifth Angel went to the states and the cities from Maine to Washington D.C. and in between placing the fire in many places. I see many prayer meetings, many Christians on the streets witness about Jesus. I see the crime rates coming down.

The Sixth Angel went to Los Angels California placing the fire upon this city. I see many people groups come to know the Lord. I see youth groups coming to know the Lord. I see such holy fire upon the rich and poor, the great and the small. The fire is so hot, Burning and cleaning everything.

Moreover, as saw these holy fires they were not the color of red but gold. The fire was the color of gold. There were from the fire many other colors coming out of gold color. The Lord took the gold fire and places this holy fire in me. I cannot say with words or understanding of what is happening to me.

The Seventh Angel went to Omaha Nebraska in the Midwest, the heartland. He was a greater flame of fire then the other six angels before him. He had such holy fire in his hands. The seventh angel released and brought all the six fires together and covered the whole nation with holy fire. Then this the fire spread to Canada, Mexico and Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica and Haiti. Therefore the fire spread to other nations and to all nations.

Beside, the Lord said there are two fires coming to America. One from the sky to bring judgment to America. The other will be upon the ground to bring revival to America. I will set America on Fire and this fire will go to the nations of the Earth.

Furthermore, this is the restoration of the fire of my glory. This is the restoration of the fire of the Holy Spirit. This is apart of the full restoration of my glory upon the Earth. I will fill the Earth full of my glory. I will fill my Church full of glory. This Church is the glorious church of the church age.

14.Coming Revival Part Five

In the vision I am standing in the streets of New York City in America. The Lord himself is before me with the hovering Earth in his right hand, and the destiny angel is standing next to me. I then see into the Earth beams of power cords going around the world. I hear these words; "The Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in his wings, He shall arise with healing in his wings and beams". There shall be signs and wonders around the world among the church. God will give witness with signs and wonders, with various miracles, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This will be not just a few or a few churches, or a few Christian groups, or only in a certain places but all over. His saints the common Christian will walk in power. I look into the future and see such power like a wave of light and glory coming toward me. This will come to Body of Christ, not one member but the Body of Christ. I see these healing power beams going throughout the world. I see even Christians being transported from one place to another, this happens many times in many place. Many Ministers will go to nations through Holy Spirit Transportation. This anointing, a grace a gift giving to the Body. I see great outpouring of visions, dreams and prophecy upon great numbers in the Church. I see the Apostles give witness through great power and great grace in the nations they are sent too.

The destiny angel said now come with me. Then we were standing in the streets of Bombay India. The Lord himself appears before me. He says I am bringing my oil to the nation of India. I've heard the prayers of my people. I am coming to India in great power. I will visit their cities with the Holy Spirit power.

I will pour my oil upon Bombay and rise up many new churches. Rise up many mega churches. I will change this city through my awesome power. I will pour my oil upon the city of Calcutta and the true God will coming forth from among his holy people. I will do miracles, I will heal the sick, and I will bring deliverance and cast out demons. I will raise the dead daily. I will pour my oil upon the city of Delhi and bring healing power to my Christians to heal the sick among them. I will pour my oil upon the city of Bangalore and free my people of living life without my power. I will pour my oil upon the city of Madras and raise the dead among them. I will visit and pour my oil upon the city of Jaipur and show to their false idols my powerful healing miracle power and bring humility to their false idols. I will touch and pour my oil upon the city of Ahmadabad and raise my church to a new level of faith in me.

I will have a show down with the spirits of Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, and Animism through my power.

I will raise up many who will be like Thomas the Apostle who will walk around with faith life him, and anointing life him. You will see among them wonders of glory and power not just healing the sick but they will do great signs and wonders. Yes I will raise up a Thomas company and they will walk in the same faith, same anointing, same wonders anointing you shall see in their life.

I will raise many, many, and many from the dead. I will anoint my servants to raise the dead. I will anoint the common Christian to raise the dead. This will be one of the main works of the Holy Spirit in this move of oil.

In India you must think outside of the box. I will move and rise up ministries outside of the box. When you think of ministering in India think outside of the box.

I will cover all of India with my oil of the Holy Spirit. This wills a manifestation of demonstration of the Spirit and of power. This will be a move of signs and wonders. This will be an outpouring of the supernatural and of miracles covering the whole nation. I will visit this nation in great power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit.

Furthermore, this is the restoration of the oil of my glory. This is the restoration of the oil of the Holy Spirit. This is apart of my full restoration of my glory to the whole Earth. I will fill the Earth full of my glory. I will fill my Church full of my glory. This Church is the glorious church of the church age.

15.Coming Revival Part Six

In The vision I am standing in the streets of Bombay India with the Lord himself standing before me with the hovering Earth in his right hand, and the destiny angel standing next to me. I see into the hovering Earth, I see windows, which are big gates above the world. I see them and I see angels standing next to them. Then one of the angels said to me we are the angels who stand guarding the windows of heaven over the Earth. The windows of Heaven are supernatural gates that are open through the saints. Then another angel who was standing guard at one of the windows of heaven said the Lord has giving the church the keys to these gates. They have the power to open them or shut them. It is through their faith, prayer, obedience and revelation that they can unlock heaven.

Apart from that, the destiny angel said come with me, and we were in the streets of Rio de Janeiro Brazil and the sky above this city change into bright colors. I then saw bands of angels walking through the streets in Rio de Janeiro. Then the Lord himself stood before us. He said I would pour out my wine upon South America. Yes I will pour out my wine upon the whole continent of South America. I will make my people dunk with this holy wine. I will make this continent dunk with this holy wine.

In addition, I will make Rio de Janeiro drink of this holy wine. I will give this drink to Buenos Aires Argentina. I will give this drink Guayaquil Ecuador. I will pour this holy wine upon Cali Colombia. I will give drink of this holy wine to Valparaiso Chile. I will give drink, I will make dunk, and I will pour out this holy wine upon all of South America.

Moreover, This wine will spread from South America to Central America, to West Indies and Mexico. This wine will be giving to all nations to drink of and be dunk. The Lord will make the nations dunk with this holy wine.

Besides, I the Lord will bring deliverance to many, to great numbers. I will set many free from evil spirits. I will cast out and take away these evil spirits in South America. There will be great deliverances throughout South America. I will purge South America from all unclean demons. The deliverance ministry will be everywhere in South America.

Nevertheless, The Lord said to me take now and drink of this holy wine. I give you to drink of the holy wine. Be dunk with this holy wine. I will pour this holy wine upon you. I will fill you full of this holy wine.

Furthermore, This wine of my glory is being restored for this wine is apart of the full restoration of my glory upon the Earth. I will bring restoration of the wine of the Holy Spirit to the Earth. I will fill the whole Earth with my glory. The Earth shall be full of my glory. I will fill my Church full of glory; this is the glorious church of the church age.

16.Coming Revival Part Seven

In this vision I am in the streets of Rio de Janeiro Brazil, and the Lord is standing before me with the hovering Earth in his right hand, and the destiny angel is standing next to me. I look into the Earth and I saw a new church-planting movement that is greater then other church movements, and it is a new missionary movement and I see new churches birth over night all over the world. I see these churches lay with divine patterns. I see each of these churches have a purpose, a vision, and a mission statement. I see these churches are not like the ones we see today. I see that most of these churches are at lest a thousand members. However, there is a great percentage that is mega churches that are have greater numbers of members. I see between them networks, and I see between the networks that they too are networked. I see at the city level, city church networks. Then I see within metropolitan cities mega churches were more then seven. Then I see within megalopolis cities many mega churches all these churches are full of the Holy Spirit and power.

Apart from that, the destiny angel said to me; come with me and we were in the streets of Omaha Nebraska, America. The Lord himself was standing before me with the hovering Earth in his right hand in addition, the second revival angel, and seventh revival angel, and the angel of Omaha, and the angel of America. Besides, there were others functional angels standing there with us. Moreover, there were others angels standing guard. The angel of destiny steps forth and said. Now see servants of the Lord the hovering Earth is before you in the right hand of God. Then I saw among us other follow servants from all over the Earth standing around the Lord looking into the hovering Earth. I could see the Earth full of many colors. It was like the Earth was cover with the many painted colors as in a picture of art. It was like the Earth was one big masterpiece of artwork. I could hear from the colors music. It was so wonderful to hear such sounds that I never heard before in all the days of my time until now. These wonderful sounds of music, these notes and sounds were not of human nature but of divine nature. This music was not coming from any believer in Christ but was coming from the Holy Spirit. He will rejoice over us with signing. As the Lord sings many songs the saint's song them back to him. Then I smell a sweet smelling aroma this was not from man or Christian but from the Holy Spirit.

In addition, the destiny angel said that God's glory will fill the Earth and the Earth shall be full of glory. He will do this through the wind, water, fire, oil and wine of the Holy Spirit. These are the elements of the glory of God. However, they will not come wide spread at once but one at a time. Besides, they will begin in certain nations or certain geographical areas and spread from there, and they will begin not in the same areas. Each element is to prepare from the next element. Each element timetable is upon fulfillment of the tasks giving to each element. After their task is done it is not the end but their beginning for there is no end to the glory of God. Therefore the element will come apart and add to full picture of the restoration of God's glory in the future.

Moreover, the destiny angel said about each element of the glory of God. The Wind of the Holy Spirit is the nation taking movement. The Water of the Holy Spirit is the great awakening movement. The Fire of the Holy Spirit is the glory movement. This movement prepares the world for the fullness of the glory of God, which will come in the future. The Oil of the Holy Spirit is the demonstration of the Spirit and Power movement. The Wine of the Holy Spirit is the deliverance movement. After the fulfillment of the restoration of these elements they embrace and emerge but they didn't lose their momentum or purpose. Instead, they become enhance, enriched and endowment thus the glory of God.

Besides, the Lord himself said to his servants and to whom ever looks upon these words. The destiny of the church is to become filled and full with the glory of God where there is no end. Thus the Church became the glorious church of the church age. Enters into the kingdom church days, and the coming of the kingdom of God, and the second return of the Christ. Thus beginning a new beginning, for the end of days is the beginning of the new days and times.

Furthermore, I began receiving these words about the coming revival beginning in 1995 with a vision of American being a dry forest and two kinds of fire; fire coming from heaven to bring judgment and the fire coming upon the ground to bring revival. Therefore, we must understand that one person only see a little part and that we have enter into a new epic of the Holy Spirit where there will be many great outpourings, where moves of God will overtake each other. Where there will be many kinds of the moves of God. Where the moves of God will be all over the world.

17.Pure River

I see a river like crystal flowing toward me. I have been looking for some time and watching this river as it fills and overflows the valleys and there is no place it will not touch. I see people who are building dams and sand bagging but soon they will be overcome. As I watch this river, it is not far away from us. I hear a voice from above and this voice shouts like a trumpet saying, 'run to the river!' Then I hear another word, there will be 60% of the people overtaking. There will be 30% that will try to stop by being against the river and will be overtaken. There will be 10% that will flow with the river and see marvelous wonders that have never been seen before. I see a great multitude arising from the flood of the River. This river will flood many for us as God love the whole world, so shall this river covers all. This great multitude will go forth and possess the nations and kingdoms for God has given them those lands. Yes they shall disciple the nations unto the Kingdom of God. I look into the river as I fly above the river as an eagle in the sky and I see as the river is flowing that there are many moves of the Spirit.

As I am flying above the earth looking down, I come to an eagle nest and I sit down with many eagles. And they say we are protecting the river that flows to all nations. We are called to eat the snakes and the beavers that are trying to build dams. I look around upon the great nest to see many kinds of eagles. I look into their eyes to see wisdom come forth to shine into hearts and minds of others. Then I look again and I see flying around the nest hawks and birds of prayer. I feel such great unity among them. Then I look down around the river and I see other things like beavers. And I hear a voice saying those are the ones who bring divisions and they serve the ground. And then he said those who fly serve the river. And the river has come to wash away the grounds to make good grounds of the hearts of men.

Then the Spirit blows upon my wings and I fly to the beginning of this river and I see the fountain where the river comes from this fountain. This is the foundation of this river. I see upon this river a vessel of grace and upon the vessel are intercessors, prophets and worshippers and then I saw Apostles will come to meet with them often. Then I look around and I saw angels and these angels have words on their chest, 'stronghold' and after each angel was a stronghold of grace, and each angel were called another stronghold.

Then the Spirit blows on my wings again I went down the river as the river flows and I saw other rivers branch off from the river making other rivers. And then the Spirit blows upon my wings and I was taken to the end of this river and I see an ocean that covers the whole earth. The name of this ocean is named, 'glory of God,' for the Glory of the Lord shall cover all, shall cover the whole earth.

Then I was taken to the high place above and upon a Great Mountain. This great mountain was a stone which was cut out without hands and become a great mountain and shall fill the whole earth. This stone was cut out from another mountain called mount Zion, for this mountain can't be touched and it burned with fire and to blackness and darkness and tempest. And I hear another word "And if so much as breast touches the mountain, it shall be stoned or shot with an arrow." Then I saw a company of Apostles come forth. They look very mature for their age but I know they are very young to carry such authority and power. Their hair was already silver and they are full of splendor and they still have strength. They have taken of their shoes and have already washed each other's feet. Before their feet were washed, they had many hurts and bruises that come through warfare. I saw within their hearts fire and this fire consuming their hearts and every one around them. The fire is the love of God that burns in them day and night. And they spoke the heavenly voice and when I hear then I speak their voices which shook the earth and brought men and kings and all in authority to their knees and not only that they brought their faces toward the ground and they laid upon the ground as dead men. And they shake the nations of the world and brought the great powers down to the earth. Most of the time they were soft spoken but carry a big and long rod.

Then the Spirit blows upon my wings to take me above the river to see and I could feel the anger of God, and I hear another word from above "the Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in mercy. He will not always strive with us, nor will he keep his anger forever. He has not dealt with us according to our sins, nor punished us according to our inequities." Then I saw clouds formed above the river and lightning and thundering proceeded from the clouds and the sky was like the color of an awesome crystal that stretched over the river and the lands below. And I look upon and in the river and around the river by this time my eyes can see more. I saw divisions and factions and saw schisms. Then I saw men of God speaking opinions, culture norms, preferences, and feelings. Also then I saw men of God teaching and preaching interpretations and deductions. The Lord will judge those who try to pollute the river, and those that have poisoned my people. Do they not know they shall receive a stricter judgment. Then I hear a word, 'I am also God of mercy and love these men of God. I cover them with my tears, for I purify them, I will purge them; I will place them in my refiners' fire.' Then I saw Lion-heart Apostles who were anointed to do polemic preaching but these Apostles were also seasoned with grace. Then I saw where they were polluted and poisoned and those men of God stood. The river removes itself from them and they dry up. And I hear another word. " I heat dead works, the works of flesh shall not be partakers of this river." Then I hear weeping intercessors crying day and night for some to turn from their evil ways. The interpretations shall be replaced with inspiration and the deductions shall be replaced with hidden manna. And the Word and the Spirit will agree.

Then the Spirit blows upon me again. I was again upon the great mountain. I again I look upon the faces of the Apostles who gathered there. I saw upon their heads 'crowns.' Then one spoke, 'in the beginning we had no recognition and no affirmation and many of us had no spiritual fathers for no one want to father us.' And I saw upon their faces tears of sadness. And another apostle said this was not the sorrow of the Lord but of the world. We forgive them. In our beginning we had no one to help us when we went from place to place to find rest but found none. We were rejected many times. But God help us and he father us and raise our churches and ministries up. We give all the glory to God. Then I hear these word, 'pray that Lord forgive you who have done such evil, these were my gifts and my servants, pray for those who you hurt that you were to help to be healed. And bring many gifts unto those who you have added to their sufferings. And to my chosen servants I say, 'forgive and move on to greater things. For the seed in you shall be born and become mighty in the earth. I the Lord will bring seven-fold restoration and sevenfold refreshing from the presence of the Lord and give you greater and double honor then all those before and around you. ' Then the place where we were standing filled with smoke and the glory of the Lord. Then I hear intercessors praying in this mist of the glory of the Lord. Then I saw Apostles lift up their hands and move the four winds of the earth. I saw kings and nobles and men of honor and power come to them and to the church. And the faces of the saints become radiant and their hearts swell with joy and I saw waves of wealth come to house of God.

Then the Spirit blows upon my wings again. I saw another river which begins from Minnesota and flows down toward the Gulf of Mexico. The name of this river was called, 'Mississippi river.' Revival will come to all the states around the Mississippi river. Then I saw an Angel who stand at the beginning of this river and speak these words, 'let the glory of Lord fill the places where this river touches and let glory touch every place where this river flows into, even the Gulf of Mexico. And let the glory flows into all the waters where the Gulf touches. Then this angel flew toward me and landed and stood before me. Let the glory of the Lord rest here.

The Holy Spirit breathes upon me and carries me to the great mountain and a company of Apostles comes to have fellowship with me. I hear wisdom say, I am calling my apostolic networks to have unity and to see each other as friends. Sweet communion, the Holy Spirit is calling us to. Hear the Spirit say unto the Churches and its Leaders, "If you can gather as one, one in vision, one in worship, one in prayer, one in faith, you will move mightily upon the Earth". Then I hear a voice from Heaven saying unto me, " It is done. What you see here is the finish work that is in the near future." Then again I hear a voice from Heaven. This time is in the "now" --- the present truth and I saw with my eyes of my heart, a great door open unto me, an entrance will be supplied to you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Savior. Then I saw many on the earth that could not see this great door for they have not yet learned to see with the eyes of their heart. Then I heard intercessors praying and crying. Yes, God will restore the weeping anointing to this generation. And I saw many eyes have begun to open up in Churches. The more the eyes, the more we see in our Local Churches. The fewer eyes we have, the less we see. Let the fire of the Lord burn in these eyes to keep them pure. Then the voice in the present was a great thundering voice with thundering and shaking upon the earth and the heavens. Then I saw my shekels were loosed from my hands and feet and the yoke around my neck was broken and I was released into my appointed place in the earth. And I saw many ministers set free at once at the sound of the great voice from Heaven. Then I saw the appointed places for these ministers and I saw they were workers of lawlessness and deceitful workers for they have tried to take these appointed places away from the ministers of fire and glory. And with those appointed places, they laid hold of the saints and brought them into captivity. With them, they carry forth a shadow of death upon all the saints. This shallow of death was full of debts and sickness and lack, etc. And there were an image behind the deceitful workers and on this image had written, "The Church" and I hear wisdom say, "This is to mislead my people into things that are not of God." And I saw many rivers. They had no spirit in them. I saw many clouds without rain. But at the appearances of the ministers, they were now flames of fire. For once the shekels were loosed, they had become flames of fire. And at their appearances, the deceitful workers run away from the terror of the Lord. I hear Wisdom say, "Then the terror of the Lord will fill the earth in a little while. And at the same time, when the deceitful workers were fleeing away, they destroyed the image and their works of labor through the years. And at once, great glory and rain and the continual mist of the Spirit filled the whole church and the ministers of fire and glory took their rightful places in the earth. And I hear Wisdom say unto us, "My church, you need to have the vision of the earth just as your Lord has, for God so loves this world!" Then I saw again the great door and I saw around the door and inside were these angels! The ones around the door were to guard and war off the enemies to make sure those who come can enter. And then the angels inside were to help in the new changes that will happen as soon as those who cross over between the door way.

Then the Holy Spirit blow upon me again. I have begun to fly, not like the last time when I became an eagle but I fly as a man. And as I fly in the sky, my eyes and my ears become very anointed. This anointing covers my whole body and the Holy Spirit began to blow more and flew faster and faster. And the Holy Spirit blow again and I flew faster and faster. Then I saw a great army arise from the Church called "the army of restoration" and they began to cover the earth and visited every state capital and heads of state. Then I saw weapons that were magnifying in size when the Lord picked them up to war with. I hear Wisdom again say, "These are the battles of the Lord." And then I saw great hosts of angels going to war with the Saints. And I heard voices from the army crying, "Lord of Sabaoth, Lord of Host, God of War, hear our cries." I hear Wisdom says, "the weapons are the gifts of God. God is making us into weapons of war."<br>
Then the Holy Spirit blow upon me into Heaven itself and into the place of the Most High I went. And I saw a pure river flowing down to the earth. It was the river of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb. It is not just the throne of God but also of the Lamb. Some see only the throne and some see only the Lamb but now has come the time to see both. I see the trees of life on either side of the river of life. Then I hear Wisdom says again, "What are these trees here?" And then the answer came to me, "Apostolic networks." And Wisdom said unto me, "only those who have the Spirit can answer can answer the question." The Holy Spirit is calling us unto wisdom and revelation! The trees are the Apostolic Networks that God has planted and the leaves are local churches and ministries and the fruits upon them are the gifted people. And the fruits are for the healing of the nations. Then I saw the river of life flow down upon the earth. It was the river glory healing the nations of the world.

Then the Holy Spirit came upon me again and I was upon the clouds in the sky and I saw Mega Churches come forth and these were becoming Apostolic Centers to the Earth. And I saw great numbers of people gather, not just Christians but those who were not Christians. God is not limited by the four walls, but He will be in the midst of those who gather in His name. He will rest upon these centers and these centers are outputs of glory and power to the saints.

Then the Holy Spirit came upon me again and I was in the midst of many cities. These are cities in the heart of America. Then I saw new Churches overnight rise across the heart of America. Then I saw many from many Nations gather; I saw many in many cities gather unto those Cities in the Heart of America.

Then the Holy Spirit came upon me again and I was in the midst of many Cities across the World. And I saw Local Churches and Ministries at the ground root levels connecting together and I saw City Apostles over the City Church and I saw the Glory fill the City at once. I saw major Cities across the World become a Church and the City itself was a one big Church. And God began to heal these Cities in a short period of time. Then I saw Nations of those Cities change overnight.

Then the Holy Spirit took me again to the Great Mountain and I saw many "Moses"es and around each Moses were companies that were holding up their arms and hands while Joshua's and those with them fight in battles of the Lord. To each Moses, there was a company and many Joshua's. Some had more and some had few. The "Moses"es and their companies are Apostolic Networks and the Joshua's and those who went with them were Apostolic Mission mandates. And when the "Moses"es lift up their hands, the Joshua's and their companies will win.

Then the Holy Spirit took me to a place upon this Great Mountain. I saw a tent of meetings and there were many camps around this tent and I heard the prayers of many going up to the Father. And I saw the whole place filled with incense and smoke. And I looked upon the camps around the tent of meetings as the Holy Spirit lifted me above them. And I saw angels walking to and fro in the camps around the tents. The Holy Spirit blow some camps away and the Holy Spirit will join some together and the Holy Spirit will make some lager and the Holy Spirit will make some smaller. And the Holy Spirit will raise some up and the Holy Spirit will bring some in. Then I went into the Tent of meetings and this place was like a warehouse filled with gifts. It looks like a mega shopping mall. And I hear Wisdom say again, "Come and buy for free, come and eat and drink for free. For Christ Jesus paid the price of all you see and much more and everything in earth and heaven." Then I humble myself and I saw everyone there on his knees, "thanking Jesus." And Jesus then was walking among them and touching those who were on their knees and say, " release." Then the Lord touches me and say, "go now and shop." And I went to one aisle and I saw gifts that were nations and I was given a basket and I could see that many have baskets; some larger while some were smaller but no one care, for the baskets are the grace and faith and anointing each one has in Christ. There are many aisles in this Mall of glory: Aisles of Cities, People groups, Divine Projects, Neighborhoods, Comminutes, and much more.
And the Camps outside of those who were inside began to change. And those Camps became Cities on the great mountain. And each City on this Mountain was a House built by God. That made up one City. These Houses were mansions built by the Lord.

The Holy Spirit sat me down in the heart of America, the heart land of America, which is next to a mighty river, the pure river-- the river of glory. He says, 'drink of the river.' and I hear these words, ' the Spirit and the bride say, "Come"! And let him who hears say, "Come!" And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires let him take the water of life freely.' And I saw multitudes come from many cities and from many nations, and they came and came, for I heard the sound of trumpet sounding often, calling them to come.

As everyone who came to drink of the water of life, the water in them acts as a fusion of atomic energy, and as they drink of the living water, they drink more. I saw many are drinking of this water of glory. Then I saw within each of them, they become a water of life to their nations where they are from. I saw each of them change overnight and keep on changing. The more they drink of this water, the more they change even more. Then their hearts began to turn to the needs of the people they began to hear their cries. Their hearts and eyes were filled with mercy. And I heard these words, 'it's time for mercy of the Lord to rest upon my people, for they are the Ark of my glory. If mercy is not on them first, I will not put glory in them.' Then from Heaven it opens over the whole land, strongholds of darkness and men and religions fall to the ground and were broken away into dust. Angels of the Lord swept the dust away from this land. Then suddenly the glory of the Most High came down from Heaven. It was like a nuclear missile launched from God Himself and you could see that from many years in future this land would not be good for sin no longer. I saw many demons and powers of darkness packed up and moved on. These spirits never again found rest. And again I heard these words 'My will is that my people give no rest or resting place to darkness.' And at these words a praise and worship service began.

Furthermore, I saw a valley by the Spirit, a valley of bondage of every kind. I saw ministers going around preaching condemnation. God calls this 'soulish preaching.' They did not know what they were doing, for they themselves were in bondage. I saw great spiritual darkness cover this valley. Every time an anointed minister came along to minister life, the saints will complain and mummer. I then hear these words, 'mummer is an evil spirit in connection to the spirit of divination.' And every time they spoke not the words of hope and faith, spiritual darkness and spiritual blindness will fill the valley and themselves. But the Lord raises people among them. And I saw within groups were networking with other groups in giving cities. But first this unity was pastoral unity. Although they had done well, it had no breakthrough anointing. Then came the Apostles and along with them came Apostolic Unity. Some Apostles were welcomed but most were not, but they hold no forgiveness for they did not take any care of this action.

In addition, I saw another valley-- this valley was of nations who brought sufferings to the Saints and God began to link those saints with saints in the heartland. God open doors to those in the suffering nations to come and drink of the river. And even the saints in the heartland would come up with plans to bring them here to be touched for a while. And I saw many ministers who are also led to move here from those nations that will open new churches and ministries and also join with other churches and ministries. Then they had an anointing that came through their years of sufferings. The saints that drank of the river welcome them. I saw many mission groups going to those nations from the heartland.

Besides, the Holy Spirit opens my eyes even more to the Native Americans in the heartland. And I saw those carry torches of fire to set the churches on fire going from land to land bringing down walls of divisions. And the heartland began turned toward them and the walls of division between us were no more. God began to heal their lands and their hearts by the river of glory. I then hear these words 'If you don't come to the river the river will come to you, for glory of the Lord will fill the earth.'

The Holy Spirit came upon me and I was riding the clouds in the sky. I looked down and saw the army of restoration going to war against the mountainous of man, and religion. Among the army came forth the 'Grace shouters'. They were full of peace and faith. They even had the gift of faith. They walked as bold as lions for they were lions. I see them become lions before the enemies of the Lord. But they had lamb hearts. They were hidden until the appointed times. And the army stood fast as the 'Grace shouters' came forth. They were only few in numbers. The mountains laugh at them in they pride. And I hear these words 'Pride can't stand against the grace of God in your life". And at once the 'Grace shouters' began to shout "GRACE, GRACE!" And the mountainous began to melt with fervent heat. And again they shouted "GRACE, GRACE!" And the mountains began to fall apart for they were no longer a rock.

The Holy Spirit came upon me again and I was in Omaha, Nebraska and the Holy Spirit began to speak to the City and to the People. And they began to change at once. I then saw many 'kairos moments' come to in Omaha and to Omaha and from Omaha. Then, the 'kairos moments' became multidimensional and they became atomic to everything and anything. God began to birth many works of the Spirit and they needed no protection in this city for this city was a refuge for the kairos works of the Spirit. Then I hear these words, "This is the city of the Apostles. I will gather the Churches unto an Antioch Age. Omaha shall be an altar unto me and the generations to come.

The Holy Spirit came upon me and was then upon a great mountain. And I hear these words, "What I will do in your life time and in this generation shall not just be to you but to generations blessings and a generational impartation. What I am doing is not just for this generation but also for the generations to come. What I am doing shall be for the generations, for it is a generational work that I am doing.

The pure river is flowing in me, in you and in the world. The Holy Spirit came upon me and I saw an angel that brought a horse unto me. The angel said it is no longer time to crawl, or walk, or run. But ride. This is the work of grace and not man. And I hear these words, " It is done." Then I obeyed the Angel and got upon the horse. The angel guided the horse into midst of the army of restoration. And I was at this time in the center of the army and I saw the hidden warriors waiting to their appointed time. I have seen the elite of the army also in the midst of the hidden warriors. This place in the center was covered by a cloud. And I hear these words, "Hide yourself in the glory when it comes for it comes very soon." This army was strategical in such a way to protect its most important members.

The Holy Spirit came upon me and I saw a heart that was coming. This heart was a ruby. I say, ' what is this heart coming?' I hear these words, 'Be at peace and know that I have plans for you that before your time and I have already prepared them for you. This heart was a heart of destiny that has been given to each on of us, which give us our desires and wants.'

The Holy Spirit came upon me and a host of angels came around me and we rode off to the great mountain. When I got there, I saw many parties going on. I saw many drinking wine and eating hidden manna. I saw the glory of God upon their faces, and they came to me and said, ' join us, would you?' And I did. The party was like never before. The Saints should know how to put on parties.

I then saw in a vision and I saw the Internet and I saw between the computers silvers and gold blames go to and forth. This was an anointing going to and forth. I saw angels in the cyberspace going to and forth. And suddenly the number of saints increases to great numbers so then everyone else had to favor their wants and needs. This brought an anointing upon those who make stuff who think stuff up and made then work more. This brought more blessings to the world and many had jobs. And I saw this began to happen in all areas and walks of life and the sinners were blessed by the deeds of the saints. Marketplace ministries and God began to minister in the marketplace and the saints began to take over everything. They began to move into the government and moved into Hollywood. And I hear these words, 'This is just one of the fruits of the pure river'.

The Holy Spirit came upon me and I saw a City on the great mountain being built. This City is the Church, the house whose maker is God. And I saw in the City were many Mansions, and these were apostolic networks. And I saw parks and other centers. In this City were even Nations, Cities and People Groups. What you may say to this? These ones were the Church possess for the Kingdom of God. And in the center of this great City was where the river of life touched and flowed from there and flowed upon the Great Mountain down unto the earth. As the river flowed, it also flowed in the city, making the streets a river. And the saints could walk upon this river and each street was a change in the river. I hear these words, 'I have began to build my master work of the Church. I will build a house like no other in history that man could never think of. I will build a house that no one could ever copy, and even then they will never think about doing such a thing. And my glory will rest upon this City; in my house and through this house, my glory shall come to all mankind. And whatever is not planted in this City that calls me Lord shall be burnt up in the coming fire.' I saw the river turned into fire, and then I saw the river turned into wine. Then I saw the river turned into oil. Then I saw the river turned into wind. And the river kept on turning and never become stale.

The Holy Spirit has begun to say unto us in the heartland. The heartland is one of the centers for revival for the World and the Church. The heartland is one of the hearts of the Body of Christ. The Holy Spirit says unto us, 'time to build, not to sleep.' Those who sleep from their commission will be shaken. Those who are in the labor for the works of the Spirit and feel it is so hard and see no fruits, they should not give up. Your ministry is not one of man but of the Spirit. It's time to build new ministries, new churches, and new centers. It's time to prepare for those who will gather. Some of you have been called to have bed and breakfast in your homes for those who are coming; some of you are led to prepare a room for those who are coming. Some of you will own hotels and motels, and some of you will own apartments; some of you are called to own many houses for rent. With new moves coming, some will have businesses that will support those ministering in those moves; some of you will open stores and restaurants for those who will gather. Many new businesses. For the blessings of the Lord shall come in the midst of the flood of the Spirit shall many become rich and lasting wealth will my people have. Even the world will be blessed with my doings. For when I do something, it touches all areas.

I saw by the Spirit group of leaders in the heartland --- Kairos movements. The first is already in place and the name of this group is beachhead, for it is the beachhead of the movement. The second are those who are still hidden that will come forth and those are the real leaders of these movements. And the third group of leaders are those who shall be risen up by the second group of leaders. Then the Holy Spirit said the second group of leaders are in our midst but are not recognized and move among us and are very hidden. These ministers are trying to come forth, but they have been kept back for a little while until now. Some of them are being called the self-appointed apostles, prophets, pastors, and so on. But God called them and he needs not to ask who shall be called! God calls the leaders of this group the Kairos Leaders.

The Holy Spirit says that in the heartland are the Kairos manifestations. Then in them, there are the Kairos ministries or administrations, and in them are the Kairos activities. God is saying that this river that is flowing even now is the Kairos Phenomenon.

The Holy Spirit says unto us that the harvests of the Kairos phenomenon shall be a great impact in the heartland and in America and in the World, even in the Body of Christ. I saw some of the harvests before the eyes of my heart. I saw harvests of leaders, harvests of the marketplaces, harvests of the youth, harvests of sinners. I saw great numbers gathering not just in one place. I saw many numbers of people come from many cities and many nations. I saw the heads of States also come. I hear these words, 'The Spirit and Bride say COME!'
The Holy Spirit says the pure river is the river of life; the river of life is the river of glory; the river of glory is the river of Kairos moments and in this pure river are multidimensional movements going on.

18.Another River

The Holy Spirit comes upon me and carries me to the great mountain. Everyone comes here will be full of grace and truth. You can overcome the coming days by grace and truth. I see again a company of Apostles; they come up to me and begin to minister to my wounds and bruises. And one the Apostles said you could only heal others when you were hurt and wounded and then after you were healed then you too can minister. Then another Apostle came up and said, 'see the need of accountability but not without relationship, reject all accountability without relationship. You need to have accountability with own peers that walk in the same gifts. And then you need fellowship with all of five-fold ministry to learn the mind of Christ and still then you need the whole Body for the head can't live without the body.' Then another Apostle came up to me and said, ' you must be healed from your wounds in order to have true humility.' And another Apostle said, ' see the spirit of pride comes to many who are hurt and then give them false covering, so they can't see their hurts no longer.' Then Another Apostle said, ' if you can't see your hurts, you will not walk in the light of Christ with you. We can't have revelation without seeing your hurts ether.' Then an Angel came up to us and said, ' all pure rivers flow from this mountain, for this place was layed by Christ alone.' Then the Holy Spirit began to blow upon all the Apostles standing with me and they began to fly and they all turned into eagle as we fly over the valleys. And the Lord said to each one of us that these valleys will no longer be cursed and there will be no longer valleys of death but life and I shall bless these valleys. And it was like we could fly any where in the Earth. And from this place where we were in the sky, we could see the whole world. Then I saw spheres of authority and they were like crowns with wings and to each Apostle. They fly to their own crowns and to the nations.

Then I saw the Missouri River and then I fly down by the river next to city of Omaha, Nebraska and stand with some prophets and began to prophecy to the river; prophecy to the city and prophecy to central Midwest of America and the heartland. I too began to prophecy. It is very easy for the anointing was so strong. Then I was led to drink of the river and I drank of the river and I became drunk with the Holy Spirit. The river had five main tastes and they were government, holiness, grace, power and business.

Then the Holy Spirit said, ' now point your finger at Omaha and I did. Then other prophets followed my leading. And the Holy Spirit spoke through me and said, 'Omaha you shall be called the City of the Apostles. You shall be an altar unto God and Omaha shall be a habitation of God in the Spirit. The foundation of Church of Omaha shall be made up of the Apostles and the Prophets. Omaha shall be one of the last days dwelling places on Earth.'

Then the Lord said unto us that I would remove my finger of grace from certain places and at certain times. But I will place my grace over this city and it shall not move. But in the coming days, I will remove my fingers of many places for a few minutes to bring many to repentance. And I will keep doing this in many places around the world to bring many to the Lord.

And the Lord said that there are many Cities that shall be a habitation of grace, mercy and refuge and that Omaha is one of them. And these cities shall be Isaiah 60 cities where the sinners will come bring me offerings. In turn, I then blessed them. Kings will send their ambassadors and even they themselves will come in order to bring mercy upon their lands.

Then I saw many from many nations come to Omaha. I saw within Omaha many mega Churches and the City was full of Glory. I saw Omaha as a home to many Apostles. I saw Omaha as a home of many ministries. I saw that ministries go to and fro through the world to the nations that God called them. And it's a great joy to see.

The Holy Spirit again took me down to the Missouri River next to Omaha, Nebraska where there was some prophets prophesied to north, south, east and west. And one of the Prophets said Omaha is where the east and west meets. Then another Prophet said look upon the coming days over the Earth. Evil days are coming, see an Angel of God came to take away the peace of man; look again another angel comes to bring peace to the saints. Only the prayers of the saints will save mankind. Another Prophet said look again and see another angel come to open the gates of fear upon the World. I saw many people run to and fro finding no rest only in the house of God. Then again I see another angel came to where the Prophets were and said the Lord will bring the fruits of worthy repentance. This will come to the earth through the opening up of those things, which have been kept back. And the Angel said come with me for I come with a key to open up world events that come upon mankind in order to turn them to God. Then I saw another angel fly by and a Prophet said look! The angels have come to remove God's grace from mankind, for man's skills are from God and without God, they will not prosper. And another Angel flew by and one of the Prophets said that the Angel would remove God's protection of mankind. I saw then dark storms came upon mankind. And a Prophet said that the fruits worthy of repentance would come forth through those dark storms. And another Prophet said these dark storms are blessing to the saints. They will answer many of their prayers. Another Prophets said 'can't you hear the voice of joy and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and voice of the bride, the voice of those say; "praise the Lord of hosts, for the Lord is good, for his mercy endures forever?" This is the time of joy and gladness for the saints shall be blessed and shall be protected through all what are coming soon.

Then a Prophet said unto us, 'look and see buildings without substance. These buildings are only for show but inside there are no substance and they are hollow and in coming days they will fall.' And I saw gatekeepers among them pointing their fingers. Those who are building the buildings of substance and those gatekeepers will say very hurtful things and makeup stuff and try to look for bad stuff to those builders. But the Builders showed love and prayed for them all. Then one Prophet said don't fear man or any of those gatekeepers but only show mercy, for when what is mature has come, that which is immature will be done away with. And the Prophets next to me began to scream like a war cry and they kept on letting out this war cry and many others followed them. They made the gatekeepers felt shameful and they were humbled by the war cry.

Then another Prophet said those buildings without substance will not stand and those camps will join the buildings with substance, for those buildings without substance will fail in the coming days.

Then I saw Territorial Apostles come along with many and their goals are city transformation and their leadership will be persevering. The Apostles are the gatekeepers of the city, not the pastors. Territorial Prophets are the watchmen of the city. Functional unity will come through apostolic unity from territorial apostles. Pastoral unity is dysfunctional unity. We need territorial commitment among all five-fold ministry.

Reformation is coming to the Church at large. This reformation is the judgment of God upon the Church and if Judgment comes to the Church, then it shall come to the world and there shall be the reformation that reforms the nations of the world.

Then again a Prophet said look again at those buildings without substance. Those buildings walk in one gift and not in the five-fold ministry and they don't have the apostolic anointing but only pastoral anointing. A pastoral mindset is not an apostolic mindset. The Local Church will have to change to apostolic dimension in order to carry the coming glory.

The Missouri River is representing a coming move of God that flows into many nations and that will last for many years and flows into other new moves of God. What God is doing is laying a foundation in the hearts of people to bring continuing and ever increasing movements of God. God is setting up a generational momentum that last for many generations to come. What God will do very soon a memorial and a landmark for what to come. And many will say it all began here. I will build monument to my power in this land.

One of the Prophets said look in the valleys of the World. What do you see? I said back to him, ' I see many dead men laying and falling to the ground.' Then another Prophet said, 'do you know who they are?' I said no. They are your brothers and sisters of the faith that were killed by so many good Christians. These good Christians are in bed with Satan. They think they know the will of God but not. They hear not the voice of meekness but of pride and the accuser of our brethren. Then I saw a preacher comes along preaching and he sounds so good. Another Prophet said, 'do you know who that preacher is?' I said no. That preacher is Satan! Now listen to me, young man! I tell you the truth --- the enemy is within the Body. Satan hides in many Churches today. You can find him wherever you hear a lot of bad stuff about others. Satan was the head of worship and Judas was one of the 12 apostles. If you want to be great in the Kingdom of God, you must forgive; you must be humble; you must be meek; and you must control your tongue; must not listen to the accuser of our brethren. Satan lives where the religious dwell.

Then another Prophet said look at those are dead. They were apostles and prophets to be. And look at those others they had a vision for their life and look at all those others. There are all labors that those good Christians pray that God gives them. They killed many gifts of God. Then great troubles come, they will not stand for killing the ones called to help them to go through those trouble times that are coming. They will pray and pray but God said I have already given what you ask but you did not revive them and not that but killed them. Now you must learn your lesson. And the Prophet said to me see, God is teacher and He will teach you one-way or the other.

As I look around the world and I saw so many dead bodies and I can smell the rotted bodies and I began to cry for them. Those around me were already crying. Our tears began to flow and they flow right into the river. Others that were around us who listen to what the Spirit said were too crying like us. And those who did not cry with us were asking to leave out of honor for the fallen brothers and sisters. As our tears began to mix with the river, something began to happen in the water!

And I saw that there were people lying at the bottom of river. And a Prophet said those were people who are being murdered by the good Christian. But they were next to the river, so they hide under the water and went to sleep. There are a lot of sleeping giants today waiting for the set times of the Lord. And I began to see some and few of those on the bottom began to rise upon the water and they could walk in this river but only a few could do this. They were carrying trumpets with them, and they began to blow then with such a clear sound that were heard throughout the World. And many of the dead Bodies began to live again at this sound in the earth.

Then another Prophet said look now and I saw many brides waiting for their heads, and I saw many who are conceived are waiting for their fathers, and I saw many Fathers waiting to give forth seed. I saw many babies crying unto their Fathers. I saw many children without a father. And the Prophet said, 'where are the Apostles?' And I saw again another Prophet said unto us, 'where are the mothers of the faith?' Apostolic Fathers and Apostolic Mothers, the season is now upon us where we must impart to your children.

Down by the River near Omaha, Nebraska, the Prophets prophecy and see visions. One of the Prophets said look at the coming dark storms and look, for they are upon us. When will God's people learn not to play games but to pray hard for the troubling days are ahead. Then I saw another Cloud -- this is a cloud of Glory and I saw a canopy of glory covering the saints of the Most High for the Glory of the Lord shall be a covering to the saints. And where the Glory covers, the dark storms will not come near their dwelling but they pass them by. Then a Prophet said the Dark Storms are like the death angel that only by the Blood of the Lamb, that the Death Angel will not pass over you. Another Prophet said the dark storms are coming, there is no longer any time to get ready but we are to hide under the canopy of Glory. We must hide ourselves in Christ. Another Prophet said there will be many Christians that will not obey the command to come under the canopy of glory. For them the dark storms will be very hard to bear for the reason that they say why is this happening. But if they will repent of their wrong doings and turn to the Lord, God will have mercy. See God has no mercy on the hypocrites. Those who don't hear the Holy Spirit; those who don't love their brothers will go through the dark storms. Another Prophet said that God would not allow those Christians that will go through the dark storms to bear beyond what they can't bear. The angels of the Lord will protect them. And the Christians will witness to the sinners and the world in the coming dark storms.

Then another Prophet said that great glory is coming and in the great glory, there will be great grace and great power. Then I look toward the west and I saw clouds of glory coming here. Then a Prophet said that this is the coming glory. This coming glory will be greater then the dark storms. And around the coming glory and in the coming glory are great lights greater then all darkness and greater than the dark storms. And I saw multitudes of angels flying around and in the coming glory.

Then the Prophets pointed their fingers at a cloud of glory and it was hovering over a place. And the Prophets said that this is a resting cloud. There are many clouds of Glory and this one is a resting cloud. This is a place where the glory of God rests on certain location.

Then I saw a building, and I saw many angels working around this building, for they are building this building. This building is being built with revelation. What is the name of this building? And the Angel said this place is called "Apostolic Resource Center." This one is a pattern of many that will build around the world. This place is a place in which saints will draw upon and gather for support for the front lines. I saw labors from around the world come with stones for building of this building. Then I saw Jesus the Master Builder with blue prints. So I went up to talk to Him and He said it is a very good day. Things are moving as planned. Rest in the prophetic word. The great things of which you did not know you seek me. Now I will show you these things, which are upon you and they are at the very steps of your door. This is a building whose maker is God. No longer is there any time to get ready or prepare but now my people must enter in. Do you hear the sound in the land? It is the sound of the call to enter in. Be at peace with what I show you for I shall be with you throughout all the days of your life. You shall not fear of any harms coming to you for I will protect you always. Now to you and my people, it is time to get to work. Bring me those chosen stones and it is time for each one of them to be laid. There is a job of bringing chosen stones and there is a job of laying down the stones. And there are also many jobs in building this Center.

Then I had sweet communion with the Prophets and our Lord Jesus Christ and even the workers. After a while of fellowship, the eagles fly by, and one of prophets said those eagles make their rounds around the world. And one of the prophets said it is time to move forth. Then I turned back into an eagle and fly off to join the eagles in the sky.

Fly in the sky with the Eagles! It's a time to be with the Eagles; Fellowship with the Eagles; To have vision through the eyes of an Eagle; To flow by the wind of the Holy Spirit; To be wise as an Eagle; God is calling us to eagle Christians and to dominate the sky.

As we fly in the sky, my eyes could see a multitude of shepherds and Pastors. Shepherds have the Great Shepherd heart, for they shall feed the sheep with knowledge and understanding. God is calling forth places of dwelling for the shepherds that will cause the flocks to rest. I see an army of shepherds moving forth the heartbeat of the Father and the Great Shepherd. This is a new day for the pastoral ministry. The anointing that shall be among these pastors will be a Spirit of life, Spirit of Grace, Spirit of understanding, Spirit of faith, and the Spirit of love.

So many Pastors when come before God's people, they come under a spirit of condemnation. This comes from their own battles and hurts in their hearts. They need a healing and they need to love the sheep. In order to love the sheep, you must rebirth of a burning love for God. You love has grown cold but now God set your hearts on fire. And you will have a burning passion for the Lord and new love for the flocks of God. And God will bless you and the Local Churches and God will give you provision through the kings in your Local Church. And your Local Churches will be filled with new flocks. Don't forget you need to feed the sheep, feed the lambs, tend to the sheep and tend to the lambs. You are to love the Sheep and love the lambs. And follow the Great Shepherd! " Be diligent to know the state of your flocks, and attend to the herds." Proverbs 27:23

19.Signs and Wonders Movie

a.Signs and Wonders Movie

This is a prophetic word. I called this a movie sense the world will witness this in the future. The coming days in the church will be a signs and wonders.

I see a world coming. A world of the supernatural of the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus. I see a world of signs and wonders coming upon our future. However, is this our future or will it soon come to pass?

I see tears of intercession from Jesus coming down from heaven. Then once when these tears hit the ground they become apostles of power.

In addition, I then looked and I could see the northern lights. However, this was not the northern light this was the third heaven that I was seeing before my very eyes.

Moreover, I see stars with wings of eagles come down from the third heaven upon the hearts of men and women. Then these stars arose up in their hearts. This is the kingdom of God in you.

Beside, I see flying keys with angel wings coming down from the third heaven giving to those with the flying stars in there hearts. These are the keys of the kingdom.

Furthermore, this movie shall begin very soon. It is not far away. Soon this will be real. Soon this will happen.

b.Prophetic Theater

I am seated inside of a theater. I begin to watch the signs and wonders movie. The whole theater was filled with the presence of the Lord. I then see a man seated next to me. He said I don't believe in healing or miracles, and another person one the other side of me said I don't believe in casting out demons. However, behind me an angel said to both men I do believe in healing, miracles, and casting out demons. The men were filled with the fear of the Lord, and both said they were sorry of saying such things. This whole theater was filled up with people who don't believe in the power of God.

However, The Holy Spirit said I don't care no more that these people don't believe. I will no longer deal with them. My angels have been sent forth to deal with those who don't believe. You will ether believe in my power or fear the Lord.

In addition, the movie begins and I first see the people of God praying for revival. Then I see the revival angel come among them and touch them. I then see certain men and women of God preaching with such authority in the Word.

Then I see the members in the churches going everywhere saying repent, repent, and repent. I see people crying everywhere. The churches begin to fill up with people. People were coming to know that Lord in every place.

Moreover, I see a preacher going over to India. He begun to heal the sick, cast out demons, etc. He walked in signs and wonders. He first showed the gospel with power and then preached. Massive people came to know the Lord this was not planed by man instead plan by God.

Many preachers begun to obey the Spirit in India, I then see many signs and wonders all over India. I then see many others come to know the Lord. The churches were filled with fruits of the harvest.

Beside, I again see this preacher he begun to raise the dead. This becomes very easy for him to do. He was not doing this the Holy Spirit was doing this. He was only flowing in this grace.

Then many others preachers begun to raise the dead, they receive this grace from those who first raise the dead. Then I could see many dead being rising all over India.

Beside, I then see the members of churches going around and walking in signs and wonders. There was great joy in many cities in India. Many came around the world to be blessed. Many sick came around the world to be healed.

In addition, I then again see the preacher now He raises whole numbers from the dead. It was like he raises a whole army from the dead. I then see people begin their dead to him and others to be raised.

Furthermore, this anointing of power, signs and wonders, and the anointing to raise the dead begun to enter in other nations and I begun to see this all over the world. This becomes common in the lives of believers.

c.Prophetic Movie

In this vision I am in a video renter store trying to rent some videos. I then see this movie now on video being rented by many who came into this store. There was more then a few who were seeing the movie the second or third time. Even if they seen it at the theater.

The owner of the video store decides it to play the signs and wonders Movie on the viewing T.V. there in the store. After a few minutes into the movie no one could move. The power of God was so great.

I could see a man of God being transported by the Spirit from nation to nation. This man would go to nations that had not much freedom of witness. He would do this more then once and many times. This was the way he got in and out of these nations. The Lord protected him. It seem that the Lord give him a grace, an anointing to transported by the Spirit at will.

Not only I see one man of God. I could see many, many, many flowing in this kind of anointing. They go to another nation or another city by the means of the Holy Spirit. They would heal the sick and do miracles.

I could see even the members in churches do the same. The power of God become easy for all to walk in. this was a new way of life for many. Christians were being taught not only the word about the power; instead they too were being witness to by the power.

I could see the gifts of the Spirit fly down from the Third Heaven these gifts had wings. Once the saints receive them, even if they receive one of them they too grow wings and fly off to that cities and nations.

Furthermore, the power of God become nature, the supernatural become natural to the believers everywhere. Life was fill of power and the supernatural of the Holy Spirit.

d.Prophetic Book

In this vision I was in a local bookstore, I could see that this one best book being sold out was this signs and wonders movie, which is now on paper in a book. I could also see the buying of Bibles. I was so happy to see many people buying Bibles. The reason they begun to buy many Bibles is that they have witness the power of God.

Outside of this bookstore in the parking lot, I could see many praying to know the Lord. I see believers out there witnesses about Jesus and His power. It seems that in everyplace there were believers out there giving witness of Christ and his power.

I could see local churches so big with the many souls that many begun to meet everywhere and in larger meeting places. I seem that even the big churches could no longer hold the souls being saved.

I then heard from a person in the stone telling how the teenagers were walking in signs and wonders too. There were so much youth on fire, and so much after school meetings of fire and power of the Holy Spirit.

I then run into a local businesswoman who said they have prayer meeting in the morning at her office. She tells about the goodness of the Lord and how the workers are so good at their work, for the reason that the Holy Spirit is visiting their office almost all the time.

Beyond this I see a person who is in pubic office. He began to say how the Holy Spirit leads him in the people's work. He tells how the Holy Spirit shows him how to fix things in the nation.

Furthermore, as you hear these prophetic words that will soon be real to you all. You will ether believe or fear the power of God. This is not far in the future, this time is coming, and this time is not just a time instead a way of life.

20.Business Revival

I am seeing a vision of a gathering of businesspersons. This is not in the four walls of the Church. I see no pastor their at all. What I do see is Jesus standing there with them in the center of this gathering. Then Jesus Himself looked into my very own eyes. "He said There will be a great revival coming to the Marketplace" This Revival will not be like any kind, but will be like the revival of 1857 that broke out in New York City during a prayer meeting. Lead not by a pastor but a businessman named Jeremiah Lanphier however, it will be much more better and very great then what happen in 1857".

In addition, the Holy Spirit said you are living in days of many revivals and many moves of God. No longer will there be one or two. No longer will you have to wait for revival in between revivals, for revival will go from revival to revival. There will not be one moment without revival. There will not be one revival at a time but many. This is not only a time of revival, but also the beginning of the life of revival.

Moreover, Jesus said to me that this business revival would be great. However, its boundaries have been set. This revival will not go out from the marketplace. But also it will bless the local churches and the Body of Christ with growth, wealth and anointing to be successful in all areas. From within this business revival will arise Marketplace Apostles which will be the leaders of the revival. These King Apostles will teach, lead and impart anointing and grace. Beside, there will be other apostles that will minister to the business revival. This is for reason of the divine connection between apostles and businessperson in Scriptures.

Apart from that, from within the Marketplace Church will take its proper place in the Body of Christ and the World. From within this great move of God. Many territorial apostles will be birth within the Church and the marketplace Church. Therefore, we will see the City Church arise in many Cities with many Local Churches and Christian groups working together. Apart from that, I see many Marketplace Christians in great numbers setting up food panties, etc to help those in need. I see the birth of many Marketplace Networks and Ministries. In addition, I see many local churches having there own marketplace ministry. I see with the Church and the Body of Christ a new flow of financials and resources in great waves and in great rivers.

Moreover, I see this business revival last for years, and I see many other kinds of business and marketplace moves and revivals that are ether birth out from this one or is birth and comes along. I see all these moves of supernatural business and Marketplace Rivers working and networking together more then any other thing in the church in history. I see as the Business revival comes to end it will enter into another revival in the marketplace, which shall be greater, then this one, which this one shall come.

Furthermore, I ask the Lord when will this business revival come? He says it will come in your lifetime. This business revival is a kingdom revival!

21.Outside Revival

I am coming to your cities, homes and local churches. I am coming to your nations. I am coming to your lives. Yes I will bring many visitations and habitations of the Holy Spirit. No more you shall hear where is the Holy Ghost, where is the Christian God, for as you can call upon my name I will be near your heart.

I dwell in Heaven, I rule in Heaven, I watch from Heaven, and I also in the hearts of the believers. In addition, I am everywhere. I am not limit by your group or a local church. I am not limited by your mindsets. I will no longer live in the box. I will live outside of the box.

There are set cities of my glory. Places of gathering, and equipping that I will use. These cities I will call home. These cities I will bless. These cities I will rest my glory upon. However, Where ever my people are I am there. So walk in your homes, walk in your local churches, walk at the malls, walk at the parks and welcome me in. Open the doors and gates to your cities. I am not limiting by a city or nation. Yes welcome me in your people groups and I will come. I am not limit by a people group, for I seek a Kingdom People to be called by my name.

I am coming outside of you! I am coming in the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire. I am coming outside and around you. I will fill your buildings and fill your cities. Soon you will feel me and be humble before me. Soon you will walk in my will and council, soon you will see my power and glory.

22.Obed-Edom Revival

I see a revival that is beyond human control, beyond human limits, and beyond land boundaries. The word that the Holy Spirit gives me for this revival is the Obed-Edom Revival. This revival will come from home churches. The Ark of the Covenant will rest in the homes of many.

I see hot pockets all over the world. I see into third world nations many hot pockets and out of these will come revival. I Here the Lord say I will visit many homes churches. Out of these homes churches will come networks and local churches, and a greater vision for the city church will be birth. I see great missionary anointing come forth in these revivals that will come. I see great people come forth out of these hot pockets. I see giant churches birth out of these hot pockets.

We are living in a time of revivals everywhere. I see revival in homes churches birth great works and deeds. I see places where Christians have no freedom being most blessings by this revival in the home rivers. I see most of this revival will be in places where these is no fruitful churches or where Christians have no freedom. From these places will be many hot pockets. Out of these places will come these great works and deeds to the body of Christ. Out of these places will come the Obed-Edom Revival. This revival will add to the church not take away. This revival will add to Christ global plan not hinder it. Although this revival will add to the church it will teach the Body of Christ of new ways, etc. This revival will happen within three years of this prophecy.

23.Revival Life

We have come to a time that we will no longer live without revival. Revival will be a way of life. It will be normal and anything that is not revival will not be accepted. We will no longer be without power and glory. We will no longer know what it means to be without power and glory. We have come to the end of life without power and glory. Revival is the manifestation of the glory of the Lord.

This is a new age of the Holy Spirit. There will be many revivals. We will never be without revival. We will always hear of good news of revival. There will always be revivals. There will be revival to revival. The Church goes from revival to revival. There we are more then a few revivals at the same time. Revival will birth revival. Each revival that comes will be greater then the last. There will be habitation revival and there will be visitation revival. We must know the difference of them both. Visitation revival will always be greater then habitation revival and will add to the habitation revival. Habitation revival is continuing revival and growing revival.

We also must know the difference between corporate and personal revival. You are the temple of the Holy Spirit therefore you can have revival in and upon your life, and you can bring revival to those around you. For the Holy Spirit is in you, Heaven and the Kingdom of God are in you. When you gathering together there is more anointing since each one of you are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

You can have personal revival based on the truth that you are the temple of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is in you, Heaven is in you, and the Kingdom of God is in you!

Furthermore, The Lord will fill the Church with His glory and the glory will overflow into the nations and the whole world will be full of the Glory of the Lord.

24.Coals of Revival

I see a vision of the coals of revival. These coals have come from the throne room in the third heaven. They are coming from off from altar of the Lord. I see seraphim flew to the earth having in his hand a live coal which he taken with the tongs from the alter.

I hear worship before the throne room. The place where I am at is filled with the presence of the Lord. I hear this voice within the presence of the Lord. "The glory of the Lord will fill the earth. The wall between heaven and earth will fade away".

In addition, I see within a local church I see an angel standing there holding a bowl of anointing. The angel pours out this anointing upon this local church. I then heard a voice from heaven saying; "I will fill my church with glory."

Moreover, I see a vision of two caves, one is the cave of Adullam, and the other is the cave of Horeb, both of these caves are filled the coals of revival.

In the cave of Adullam were apostles who were hiding in secret by the Lord for a time, and in the cave of Horeb were prophets hiding by the Lord for a time.

I hear the voice of the Lord speaking from both caves. Saying I will lay the foundation of these apostles and prophets. This foundation will be the foundation of lasting revival. I will bring revival to many nations and to the world. The church will never be without revival. My church does not know revival yet. These coming revivals are greater and are nothing like the ones before.

I will soon call forth these holy apostles and prophets to come forth in my body and in this world. They are like nothing you know of. This is greater and better then the first apostles and today apostles. Also the religious leaders will not stand in their sight.

These apostles and prophets are God made and have been giving power and grace to do all my will, which I have commission them.

Furthermore, revival will soon be everywhere and my people will no longer put up with the lukewarm church life. This is day of the end of lukewarm church.

25.Apostolic Revival

In a revelatory realm of the Spirit the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of my heart to this realm. I see visions and revelations come to the Church. The Church shall come to a time of visions and revelations.

I see grace come down like rain. This is a soft touch of rain and this rain smells and tastes good. I see a river come through the lands this river is a river of grace. This river is moving in such a way that you can drink of this water. I see certain areas in these lands flooded with grace. What kind of grace are all this rain, river, floodwaters and water? This is the apostolic grace of our Lord Jesus Christ the Apostle of the Father.

I then see apostles full of this grace and I could see them only as a pillar of grace of fire. This grace fire was a consuming fire that this grace would consume any one around them.

I see these apostles walk and move in signs, wonders, and mighty deeds. The languages of these apostles were revelation, signs, wonders, and mighty deeds.

Then apostolic revival begun to flow and break forth, apostolic revival comes by breaking forth and taking ground. I could see that apostolic revival kept growing and increasing. I could see the finger of God behind this apostolic revival.

The signs of this apostolic revival were great grace, great power, great fear of the Lord and great increase in numbers of those being saved.

From this Apostolic Revival come missionary rivers that flowed to the nations. The believers walked in power and grace and went to the nations. I could see a supernatural grace to plant churches, I could see a supernatural anointing to plant huge churches, and I could see a supernatural anointing to plant training centers and train ministers and saints, I could a supernatural grace to win huge numbers to Christ, and I could see a supernatural anointing for wealth, etc.

I could see apostolic churches begun to increase and grow and being planted in cities. I could see them multiplying fast with wisdom and maturity. I could see apostolic unity come to the cities and I could see city transformations coming to the cities.

Now I heard the voice of Jesus Christ the Apostle of the Father saying I now give you apostolic revival.

26.Times of the Divine Wedding Feasts

Moves of God throughout the history of the Church are all like divine wedding feasts. We are now coming to a great wedding feast of the Spirit. This will be a move of reformation and revival together. This will be a move of the zone of unity and the zone of reformation coming together. This will be a move of new wineskin, with old wine and new wine coming together.

The old wine skins are never called bad or evil. The old wines are never rejected only the old wineskins are put aside, and likewise the old wines are never called bad or evil. Those who drink of the old wine say that the old wine is better. In addition, no one drinking the old wine says they desire the new wine. The new wine can't be put into the old wineskins instead only in the new wineskins why is this? For one reason this is the order and will of God, and the other reason that both the new wine and the old wine skins are preserved.

The move of God that has already begun will grow even faster. Those who feel that they have been waiting in the sidelines will no longer wait instead run with God in this move of God. The Holy Spirit is pouring out oil and water upon the body of Christ. Soon many Christians in other past moves will feel and know this oil. And soon this water that is be poured out on a certain groups in Christ this water will be turned into wine, and this wine will fill whomever wills to drink of it. This move of God that is already upon us will give birth to many moves of the Spirit!

The servants at this wedding feast must obey the head of the Church. These are servants, men and women of God of this move of God. Look first was allowing everyone to drink of the old wine. The old wine is restoration truths that was giving on another day that when it has became old now it is ready for many to drink of, so this wine is giving first to the many in the Body of Christ and so it is in this move of God. To bring all past restoration truths to the whole body of Christ; this is a move of God with new wineskins, old wine and new wine together at one set time in history.

We must understand the symbol and meaning of a wedding feast is so we can understand the heart of the Father in every move of God. It is a time of joy and gladness, a time for unity and love, a time for relationship and covenant.

Now the time has come when the old wine is already been poured out and the guest will want more wine. This will be a time for the new wine. This will be the time when the water is turned into wine. This will be a time of miracles, signs, wonders, power, and the manifestation of His glory on earth.

This wine will be the beginning of many moves of God throughout the Body of Christ and the World. The Oil is the apostolic reformation, the water is a global prayer outpouring, and the wine is revival and the wine is the beginning of many moves of God.

Now here is the key In John 2:4 He says, "My hour has not come yet." Many have been waiting for their time, and many have been waiting for a mighty move of God. Now this move will come when we are not waiting for it. It will come before the time that we think it should come. It will come out of season and out of time.

27.Vision of Global Revival

I see in a vision the earth being covered with the fire and glory of the Lord. I then hear rain begin to pour like a noise of a mighty army upon the earth. I then see great floods of the Spirit in many cities and many nations. I see great power and great demonstration in the Spirit through the saints, apostles and prophets.

I then see upon a certain number of cities around the world huge and great clouds of glory hovering over these cities and resting upon the city church of those cities. These cities are resting places of the glory of the Lord. These cities are spiritual revival dams in the Spirit to bring the waves of power and revivals to many other cities around them, and the nations of the world.

I see a generation arising upon the church, a generation of revival, a revival generation, and a people of revival coming forth to being restoration of lasting revival and the revival life to the Church. This is the beginning of the restoration of revival life to the church; this is the beginning of revivals coming to the church and the world.

I see governments being changed by the power of God, and being reformed to the Image of Christ. I see huge, great massive numbers of souls coming to know the Lord on a daily bases. I see true freedom and true liberty coming to the cites and the nations of the world.

I see great mighty rivers of signs, wonders, mighty deeds, the supernatural, demonstrations, healings, miracles, deliverances, mercies and graces breaking forth from the deep places of the heart of the Father upon the church and mankind. I see upon the church great and mighty outpourings of prophecy, visions, dreams, manifestations of the Spirit, and great manifestations of the Spirit. These outpourings will become a way of life, and will be the life of the church.

I see great pillars of consuming fire in many cities and many nations moving very fast and some moving slow. Wherever they go lives are changes, cities are change, and nations are change. They are living and power and cannot be stopped and cannot end. I then see great pillars of clouds raining God's fire and God's power, and God's glory upon cities, nations, and I see great light shine forth from the Church to the cities and nations of the world.

28.Deliverance Revival

The Lord is establishing the apostolic, prophetic, healing, miracles, raising the dead, revival, Reformation, and deliverance; he is establishing the fundamental essential stones in the church that will lay the way to change our cities, nations and the world. The church will never be without essential stones again. There is coming in outpouring of signs and wonders, miracles, great power, great grace, great deliverance, raise the dead and apostolic, and prophetic anointing upon the church in our time.

In acts chapter 19 it talks about the Ministry of Paul in the city of Ephesus. Through Paul's Ministry all of Asia Minor heard the word and through his Ministry seven churches were birthed throughout Asia Minor. In addition the Lord gave Paul a Ministry of deliverance he walked in a strong dimension of the deliverance Ministry and through his Ministry deliverance came to many throughout Asia Minor. Through his deliverance Ministry he hurt the economy of worshiping idols, meaning the economy of the Queen of Heaven. Shortly after this the apostle John came to Ephesus and moved in a awesome healing ministry and one day he walked into the Temple of Diana and prayed to the Lord asking the Lord to remove the spirit of Diana from this building, and shortly after he walked out of this building and the building collapsed, moreover the worship of Diana begun to fall all over the Roman empire shortly after her temple fall.

Today the deliverance Ministry that Paul had will again be released not only to individuals instead to the many believers. The Lord will trust certain individuals with this dimension of deliverance Ministry these certain individuals are humble and meek and their temperance of their mind can handle such a dimension of deliverance Ministry.

There will be a joining and a connection between the deliverance anointing and the healing anointing, and the deliverance Ministry and healing ministry. There is a connection between the apostolic and deliverance, there is a connection between apostles and the deliverance Ministry.

Deliverance Ministry is ground level warfare once when this ground is established in a city it will make room for strategical level warfare. Horizontal warfare must lead the way in order to open the way for vertical warfare to rise.

There is coming great deliverance to the church, and deliverance is a key to revival, and deliverance will become one of the most needed ministries in the church today. The deliverance Ministry will become common in the church.

Certain cities will be centers for strong dimensions of the deliverance Ministry there will come upon those cities great light from Christ that will draw those who have mental illnesses and those who have incurable sickness, for most sickness are cause by demon spirits.

I had a dream once of a church who had a kitchen that served those who needed a hot meal, the senior leader of this church was an apostle. There was a businessman who will come once in a while to eat at his kitchen. However certain religious people will criticize and judge him by appearance. The religious people did not discourage the businessman. Then came a day that the businessman give a good size offering to this church and the apostle and from this act; catalysts and released a deliverance revival.

There will be a connection between businessmen and apostles that the Lord is forming. There will be a connection between apostolic churches and feeding the poor and needy. At the same time religious people will try to hinder, control and stand in the way of revival and deliverance revival.

29.The Dream of the Year of 2009

In this dream of the year of 2009, this is the dream of what is about to happen, what is already happening, what will happen between this time and that time, what will happen around that time, and what will happen after that time.

In this dream every part of this dream is a prophetic word of what is to come to pass in the near future, around the year 2006 and after that, and the future.

In this dream I see a tall building in New York City, meaning landmark movement, New York City meaning the whole world, and major cities and many nations and people groups.

In this dream I see in part of this building up in the front a government agency that is called to fight terrorists, this means the Kingdom of God. The terrorists are the demons spirits. The commission of this agency is Isaiah 54:14; in righteousness you shall be established; you shall be far from oppression, for you shall not fear; and from terror, for it shall not come near you. Then I see this super agent where the fire of God was sent down from Heaven into his life, giving him super powers, and he become strong, mighty, and a giant. This means the coming apostolic anointing, and the coming apostles of great power and great grace.

In the back part of this building was a church meeting there, meaning the body of Christ, the Church. There was a huge widow looking out upon New York City. Meaning there will be a four-year opportunity from the beginning of 2006 and ending in 2009. This will be a time favor for the church. Then I see through this widow the whole city of New York was burning with fire for some time. Meaning the world will be set on fire with the fire of God, and the major cities will be set on fire with the fire of God. In this dream of 2009 meaning what was happen in 2009 was already going on for some time before the year of 2009.

New York City means also, global impact, world outreach, and global ministry that will be giving to these super apostles. In this dream I see a dream of the fire of God first coming out from the sky upon the apostles, giving them the fire of God, and super powers, meaning supernatural powers in the Holy Spirit, then I see a dream after this one in the dream of the year 2009, the fire of God coming down from the sky upon the church.

In this dream the apostle lays his hands upon the church leaders imparting vision for revival, vision of the fire of God, and to be able to receive this coming fire of God. Then the Church Leaders will not fear with human fear of what is coming.

The Lord will connect the apostles in America with the mature Church Leaders of Africa. The Lord will arise up the Apostolic Church of Africa; the Lord will rise up apostles in Africa. The Church leaders of Africa will receive the vision of revival, the vision of the fire of God, and be able to receive the coming fire of God. All of Africa will burn with the fire of God!

All of the world will be set on fire with the fire of God. The fire of God will burn throughout the world. In major cities, in many nations and people groups.

The generations of the First Adam, meaning networks of demons, curses, familiar spirits, iniquities, bondages, soulish realms and sickness, etc. will be set on fire with the fire of God and burn up in the fire of God.

What will begin soon will come to fullness and fruitfulness within four years. What will begin in 2006 will become global, fruitfulness, and fullness by or around 2009.

30.Reformation, Revival, and Unity

When reformation comes the community of the believers will be shaking, it will be trying times for unity. But again what kind of unity do we have, unity that can be shaking must be shaking so a more mature unity may come.

In reformation, we must teach that all those who are born again, are apart of the Body of Christ, and we should seek to fellowship with them and to love them. This must be retrained over and over in the coming moves of God, so that no walls of divisions arise between others and us in the church.

In reformation we must always give the right of fellowship to any believer or any minister in Christ, we must allow them to make up their own minds. We must keep the door open if they don't agree with us give them time. Reformation must not be without the love of God for the church.

When revival comes, they will be those who try to control, attack or try to destroy a revival. We must forgive them, and not war in the flesh, our battle is spiritual and there are demons working behind those who are mislead against revival. At the same time we should not hold the people who are apart of those leaders who are the leading the attack. We should seek to fellowship, to love, and give the right hand of fellowship. So that in long run we don't build new walls of divisions, instead plant seeds for unity and love.

There is unity that we can have that will not work in the favor of revival or city transformation. This is pastoral unity, this is the kind of unity that will always be shaking on certain levels, but this unity is needed on certain levels too. The unity that we need at the city level is apostolic unity; this kind of unity will lead to city transformation. Beside, when true city transformation comes, will then come true unity. We should always seek biblical unity in our cities and in the church.