text.Apostolic Prayer For Omaha Nebraska

By Elvis Iverson

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1.Father establish the environments for signs and wonders, harvests, and revivals.
2.Establish apostolic centers.
3.Establish revival centers.
4.Establish prayer centers.
5.Establish city church centers.
6.Establish apostles and prophets.
7.Establish the new apostolic wineskins.
8.Establish the new apostolic wineskin churches.
9.Establish a great number of new apostolic home churches.
10.We pray for outpouring of home churches.
11.We pray realign Omaha to the apostles and prophets.
12.We pray for waves, rivers and outpourings of angelic realms.
13.We pray for many revivals to come o Omaha.
14.We pray for lasting revivals, continue revivals, habitation revivals, resting revivals.
15.We pray for many movements of God come out of Omaha.
16.We pray create Omaha to be a city of the apostles.
17.We pray create Omaha to be apostolic hub city.
18.We pray fulfill all the prophetic words about Omaha.
19.We pray for peace for the city.
20.We pray for missionary movements and church planting movements to come out of Omaha.
21.We pray establish apostolic Christianity in Omaha.
22.We pray realign the church in Omaha area to the apostles and prophets.
23.We pray for revival and evangelism to flow throughout the Omaha area.
24.We pray for Omaha area to be sweet and better life then all cities on earth.
25.We pray great repentance to flow throughout Omaha area.
26.We pray for reformation to flood the church of Omaha area.
27.We pray great deliverance to flood the Omaha area.
28.We pray for Divine Healing to flood the Omaha Area.
29.We pray for signs and wonders and the gifts of the Spirit to flood Omaha area.
30.Establish the church in Omaha area in the Third Reformation.
31.We pray for great increase of the flood levels of the Holy Spirit throughout the Omaha Area.
32.We pray great increase of the activities of the Holy Spirit throughout the Omaha area.
33.W pray flood Omaha area with the soaking presence of God.
34.We pray flood Omaha area with the intense presence of God.
35.We pray flood Omaha area with new apostolic wines.
36.We pray flood Omaha area with new wines.
37.We pray flood Omaha area with Holy intoxication.
38.We pray for many waves, rivers and outpourings of favor, finances and wealth to flood the apostles and prophets, and new apostolic wineskins in Omaha Area.