Apostolic Prayer For Israel
By Elvis Iverson

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Supplication International Ministries



1.We pray for peace of Jerusalem.
2.We pray for the peace of Israel.
3.We pray for the peace of all Jews.
4.We pray for restoration of the holy lands toward Israel.
5.We pray establish the church of Israel.
6.Establish Zion.
7.Establish spiritual Israel which is born again Jews.
8.We pray establish Apostles and prophets in Israel.
9.We pray establish new apostolic wineskins in Israel.
10.We pray establish new apostolic wineskin churches.
11.We pray for outpourings of new apostles wines.
12.We pray for outpourings of new wines.
13.We pray for outpourings new apostolic home churches.
14.We pray for outpourings of home churches.
15.We pray establish global church center in Israel.
16.We pray establish prayer worship centers.
17.We pray establish revival centers.
18.We pray establish apostolic centers.
19.We pray raise up the tabernacle of David.
20.We pray raise up the house of prayer for all nations.
21.We pray for the salvation of Israel.
22.We pray for the salvation of Jerusalem.
23.We pray for salvation of all Jews.
24.We pray for the salvation of all people in Israel.
25.We pray for many harvests of souls.
26.We pray for outpourings of the Holy Spirit.
27.We pray flood Israel with signs and wonders and the gifts of the Spirit.
28.We pray flood Israel with many revivals.
29.We pray for global revival for Israel.
30.We pray for great freedom for Israel.
31.We pray for great peace for Israel.
32.We pray raise up Jewish apostles and Jewish prophets and connect them with gentle apostles and gentle prophets.
33.We pray for reconciliation, unity, and oneness between Israel and the church.
34.We pray for reconciliation, unity, and oneness between Jews and the Christians.
35.We pray for unity and oneness between the church and Israel.
36.We pray for the restoration of the lost Tribes of Israel.
37.We pray for restoration of Hebrew roots and Jewish roots throughout the earth.
38.We pray for restoration of the feasts of the Lord.
39.We pray for peace in the Middle East.
40.We pray for great peace in the Middle East.
41.We pray for great freedom in the Middle East.
42.We pray flood the Middle East with many revivals, signs and wonders, and the gifts of the church.
43.We pray for many waves and rivers of harvests of souls in the Middle East.
44.We pray establish and raise up many churches in the Middle East.