Apostolic Prayer For Global Antioch
By Elvis Iverson

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Supplication International Ministries



1.We pray for Divine Protection over the Flocks.
2.We pray for Divine Protection and Divine safety over the flocks.
3.We pray Divine Protection over Global Antioch Commission Apostles Trinity Church.
4.We pray active the realms of angels.
5.We pray waves, rivers, and outpourings of angelic hosts.
6.We pray send forth harvest angels and hunter angels.
7.We called for many harvests and continue harvest of souls.
8.We pray for rain of the Spirit.
9.We pray for clouds of the Spirit.
10.We pray for pillar of fire and pillar of Could.
11.We pray for intense presence of God and soaking presence of God.
12.We pray for signs and wonders, the gifts of the Spirit, the bliss gifts of God, an the Deep prophetic.
13.We pray flood us with word revelation, deep word revelation, apostolic revelation, deep apostolic revelation, prophetic revelation, and deep prophetic revelation.
14.We pray for flood of the signs of the apostles.
15.We pray good health, mental health and long life for peoples of Global Antioch.
16.We pray for household salvations.
17.We pray for peace, unity and oneness among us all.
18.We pray for great increase of Global Antioch.
19.We pray raise up missionaries, apostles, prophets, evangelists and the fivefold ministry.
20.We pray raise up Global Antioch in Omaha area and throughout America and throughout many nations.
21.Let each Global Antioch be of Great Numbers.
22.Raise up Supplication International Ministries all over the earh.
23.Raise up Global New Apostolic Resource Centers all over the earth.
24.Establish the Apostolic Revelation of Elvis Iverson.
25.We pray many waves and rivers of finances, Wealth and Favor flow to the Apostles and prophets of Global Antioch and Global Antioch.
26.We pray for each minister and each member to have spiritual prosperity, mental prosperity, physical prosperity, financial prosperity, and social prosperity.
27.We pray establish us in the thesis of the third reformation and the third reformation.
28.We pray flood us with many revivals.
29.We pray establish generational believing families.
30.We pray establish many generations of Global Antioch.
31.We pray release the hearing ear, seeing eye, prophecy, visions, inner visions, open visions and dreams.
32.Raise up and establish Christ culture, and great armies of priests and kings.
33.Lead us into the fulfillment of the Harvest Prayer.
34.Open the gates and doors to many nations. Help us go there. Establish us in many nations.
35.We pray for outpourings of many breakthroughs.

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