Apostolic Prayer For Family

By Elvis Iverson

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Supplication International Ministries



1.We plead the Blood of Jesus in the Name of Jesus.
2. We sprinkle the Blood of Jesus.
3.We speak the Blood of Jesus.
4.We speak grace, grace.
5.We pray for Great Divine Protection and Great Divine Safety.
6.We pray great health, Great Mental Health, and long life.
7.We speak blessings.
8.We pray waves and rivers of unfolding angelic realms.
9.We pray for household salvations.
10.We pray for Divine Order.
11.We pray flood us with revelation, word revelation, prophetic revelation, and the deep prophetic.
12.Let your Word and Your Spirit be upon all my generations and seed.
13.Open our hearts and minds to apostolic revelation.
14.Put my family into your purpose and wisdom.
15.Put my family into your care and visitation.
16.We pray for clouds of the Spirit.
17.We pray for rains of the Spirit.
18.We pray Holy Spirit hover over our spirit, soul, mind, brain, finances, future, purpose, devotion, relationships, career, and families; rain, soak, anointed, pour, flood, minister, care for and look after, lead and guide.
19.We pray for Remove all reproach, and renounce all curses.
20.We pray for Restoration of all things, restoration of many generations, restoration of generational blessings, and restore the hearts of fathers to the children and restore the hearts of the children to the fathers.
21.We pray for Deep repentance, Deep Deliverance, Deep Inner Healing, Deep Freedom, and Deep Restoration.
22.We pray justice, restitution, restoration, healings, and breakthroughs.
23.We pray for waves and rivers of favor, finances, wealth, and angels.
24.We pray for great spiritual prosperity, great mental prosperity, great physical prosperity, great social prosperity and great Financial prosperity.
25.We pray establish a culture of honor; honor God, honor Lord Jesus, Honor Holy Spirit, Honor apostles, honor prophets, and honor the Word.
26.Establish generational believing families.
27.We Proclaim and declare Jesus Christ is Lord over our families.
28.We pray no evil, no curse, no demonic influence, no plage, no harm, no wickedness, no evil person or wicked person, and no bad government, will come near my families.