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Founder of the New Apostolic Wineskins Movement, Grace Apostolic Ecstatic Movement, and one of the founders of the Ekklesia Reformation, a leader in the coming of many revivals.
Elvis Iverson is a person of deep prayer, deep soaking, and loves the Gospel of Grace, His apostolic and prophetic call to the church first and then to the nations for the glory of Christ to raise up new apostolic wineskins, and partaking in the coming revivals and massive harvests of souls. His articles, teachings, ebooks, and books are touching many believers in many nations around the earth for the glory of Christ. 
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Since 1991 after a Divine visitation of our Lord Jesus Christ begun flowing in Word Revelation, Prophetic Revelation, Apostolic Revelation, and signs and wonders... 
 Fathering, Mentoring and Advising Apostles, Prophets, Business Leaders, and Politicians around the world...
 Ministering in prophetic visions, signs and wonders, healings and deliverances, angelic activity, and Apostolic Prayers...
Ministering to Philippines, India, Africa, Australia, Europe, Kuwait, Nepal, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, West Indies, United States, and around the world...
Lead Apostle/Pastor of Global Antioch Commission Apostles Trinity Church is a community of Home Churches with a Sanctuary… We are an Association of Churches!!! 
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